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The Livinos

Well  the Master Plan  worked again as the Bombers took  a commanding lead over 3rd place despite being 4 hit by David Price and the Rays in a scintillating  2-1 loss.

40 year old Derek Jeter picked up  2  of the 4 hits on the night, while 4 through  8 in the line-up got close to  getting hits, but decided it was better to  go 0-17, and possibly lull the Rays to  sleep, but they  just  fell  short by 1 run, and will  try to perfect the same concept this afternoon, hoping the short turn around will leave the Rays a bit  more tuckered then last night

 The Bombers did try to  score a run  conventionally in the 4th inning, against  their better judgement, but what  the hell, and since most of the  Pink Hat fans were watching their smart phones and not the game,  the hometown boys in Stripes figured nobody would notice or care if they  accidentally drove a few runs home with  base hits

 After an accidental  double by Jeter, $153M man Jake Ellsbury immediately dribbled a single to  center field, but he didn’t dribble it far enough to  score Jeter who led off the exciting inning  with a sound you don’t hear much from the home team at Bomber games, a loud crack of the bat.

Have no  fear,  $181M dollar man  Mark Teixeira popped up to  right field field, he made sure it didn’t go  far enough to  score the Captain, why? Because he’s perfected that  technique with  endless hours of BP monitored by hitting Guru Kevin Long. Fonzi Soriano  then  struck out, another  tool in Fonzi’s bag of tricks that K Long has helped Soriano  perfect to  a T

Ellsbury after conversing with  base running expert Brett Gardner was picked off trying to  steal  a base, but he put himself in the middle of a rundown, and just like they drew it up, the ball hit him and Jeter scooted home with the lone run, it was a brilliant move by Girardi, Ellsbury and give Gardner an assist for coming up  with the concept..

Gardner told Brickhouse Marakavits he wants to  try out the new approach himself the next time he gets on base, probably in the next  2 or 3 games, but for him to pull it off the batter has to have at  least an 8 to  10 pitch AB so he can  size up  the pitchers move, it’s really all  timing the speedster explained….

Joe Girardi  said it’s how they plan to  score runs here moving forward. This game isn’t easy  but it is surprisingly tricky, and if guys don’t want to  hit, you really can’t force them to  do it. Next  year  the Livino’s will make sure they insert that  hit  clause into  the next  Half Billion  Dollar Free Agency crop, and we’ll keep  spending money until  we get it right

“It’s more surprising for sure, because of the names that you’re writing in the lineup card,” Girardi said. “Last year we used a lot of different players through the course of the season; guys that didn’t have big track records or they probably wouldn’t have been available to a certain point. So it’s more surprising.”

Anyway the Red Sox were beaten by the Cubs again  and they  have scored 1 run in the last 18 innings so  the Yanks really didn’t see the urgency or the need to  win to  stay  ahead in the race for 3rd place in  the AL East.

With a commanding 6 game lead over the last place Rays, the Yanks will once again pantomime playing baseball in front of 46 thousand people who have nothing better to  do,  and an  extra $500  bucks they just  want to, or need to, piss away.

The pantomime  comedy  is a matinee at the Mall on Rivera Ave,  the staged performance will  start  at 1:05 PM, promptly…

The Red Sox are 4 games behind the Bombers so waiting until Masahiro Tanaka pitches in 2 days gives them plenty of room  for experimentation as Girardi  tries to reinvent more new and exciting ways to make America’s favorite pastime  the sport of choice over 120 minutes of no  scoring in Soccer, Tennis in England, The NBA off season, the NFL training camps, summer beer softball leagues, and Lower East Side Bocce Ball  tournaments .. enjoy

 the Whole 9

the Blind on Blind Happy Game Recap


Written by Sal

July 2, 2014 at 8:03 am

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7 Responses

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  1. I’d say that was a new low, but these guys have more tricks up their sleeves, and we have 81 more games to go to hit the below bottoming out level

    go get em Vidal, stop the bleeding, or let it just flow free an easy and put this team out of our misery


    July 2, 2014 at 8:13 am

  2. Hideous to see Jeet & Ellsbury smiling in the dugout in the 9th.
    Sorry but if im unhappy I want them to care too & not be reminiscing about Cap’s 40th Birfday party on their off day.
    We wait all cold long winter for our Summer Baseball and they give me this dreck ???
    Go Mets lol


    July 2, 2014 at 8:53 am

  3. The Mets are worse-lol They need to do something just to shake things up,maybe bring up the rookie,just can’t keep going on like this,the team is headed for the toilet.Sal at least you don’t have to worry about the sux,they are just as bad,losing 2 to the cubs at femway!!!-lol


    July 2, 2014 at 10:55 am

  4. Sal–love the photo. I remember it from time gone by with some other Yankee Greats. Cashman looks especially dapper. No wonder he can attract such outstanding chicks such as Louise Meanwell. One columnist (was it Harper) wrote about how Joey was ready to explode last night in his post game presser.
    Vidal Sassoon Nuno as our stopper today? Who would have ever “thunk” it, as Casey would say.


    July 2, 2014 at 11:11 am

  5. Waited all day- avoided radio tv news to watch tonight.
    Crappy play
    No heart
    No leader
    No fun
    No personality
    No clue
    Listening to Kay & Leiter you need subtitles from that drivel
    Fuggedaboudit !!!!


    July 2, 2014 at 9:52 pm

  6. hey fellas.. yeah noogsie we had the Jobanos, I used this photo for that spoof, I’ll dig it up, one of my all time favs

    hang in there Donny, this team needs a transfusion.. go into every game expecting nothing, so you don’t get frustrated when that’s what they give you

    old team no spark, and bad pitching, unless there is a quick turnaround, they’ll be the biggest embarrassment in baseball history finishing last with this payroll

    the Triple Rays with all their replacement farm hands look better, but it’s mostly because they can throw decent pitchers at you, even when they dip into their 7th and 8th starters.. that’s the difference

    Yeah Big D, the Mets are worse, too bad such a potential to grab baseball and the NY teams are making people just turn away

    How Cashman still has a job is beyond me, it has to be for old time sake

    Wheels has been called up, probably Solarte goes down or the DFA Soriano


    July 3, 2014 at 5:05 am

  7. Great photo! especially Hank! he looks perfect! No question, it has been ugly. I’m a day behind, so at this writing, they’ve won 2 in a row. Wow! Tanaka, not at his best, get’s bailed out by Beltran’s 3 run blast and the newest infusion for 15 minutes, 18 Wheeler get’s his first major league hit, a dinger, after spending 8 years in the minors! What a feel good story. The other feel good story, Solarte, was sent down to find the magic, again.
    Hopefully, the hitting continues on the upswing.
    I’m the eternal optimist!


    July 4, 2014 at 7:21 pm

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