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BTW before we forget, it was nice to  get Governor Lieter out of the booth.. We get Al  doesn’t want to  bite any of the hands that  feed him, or any of the players he has to  deal  with from the media side of the fence, but he insults our intelligence when he’s in the booth shilling for YES.

Even his childhood buddy Michael Kay throws a harder punch at the YES product then the Governor does. Run for office Al  and get out of the baseball  analyst business,  take that Cincinnati Clown O’Neill  with  you

Thanks Phil

We were hoping Phil Hughes would remember how he used to pitch  in NY, and Mrs Hughes’ Son  didn’t disappoint as the Yanks got off the 5 game slide with a 7-4 win over the Twins at Target Field. Hughes is 0-2 in his last two outings and 3-4 in his last 7. His ERA was up  to  4.10 in June and he’s @ 3.95 overall as we wake up on July 4th

It’s nice to get out of Yankee Stadium where most teams take advantage of the anemic Bomber offense and the hitter friendly confines, the 2014  Cashman  designed Yankees were supposedly built to hit in the SteinBros Band Box,  but that concept was left by the wayside over the 1st 84 games

The Yanks are 18-23 at home, they’ve been outscored 197 to  142, that’s a 55 negative run  differential . RD can be deceiving, but an 18-23 record pretty much tells the story that road teams take advantage of the Stadium, a real bad sign especially with NY playing 40 of the next 78 remaining games in the Bronx.  Actually I thought that  Home / Away differential  was greater then it is, but  seeing 40 home, 38  road games was a surprise, I thought the Yanks would be home a lot more.. That said they need to  do  way  way better then  a .439 Winning Percentage in  the Band Box

Anyway  the Yanks conspicuously  scored 7 runs in this one, every one was charged to Hughes, and every one was needed despite the 3 run  differential, I have to  consider my health in this equation. Beltran  and Zelous   “10” Wheeler went Big Fly in the 5th inning erasing a 2-0 lead the Twins took off Tanaka who got the YES jinx the minute Brickhouse mentioned the Yankees are having many pitching issues especially with the latest news about Sabathia but they  won’t have that problem tonight with Tanaka on the bump

Thanks Brick, you think  maybe the rest of the league is sick of hearing how dominant Tanaka is?

Might as well take the 19 off his back  and insert a Bulls Eye.. The Red Sox were asleep  at the wheel  getting ready to sell all  their baggage with  1 year  deals left on their contracts until  they  went toe to  toe with Tanaka and knocked him out in the last round, then called him an  idiot for setting up Mike Napoli by greasing his wheelhouse with a hittable fast ball up. It brought Boston back  from the dead, but  Lucky the Cubs who  handed Tanaka his 1st ever loss  brought them  back  down to  Earth with a sweep, and they have Boston talking Sell Sell Sell  again

Last night the Twins had a BAA of .333 against,  and Tanaka pitched to  a 5.14 ERA, giving  up  9 hits (most ever) and 4 runs, all  earned, while picking up his lowest strike out total of the season 3.

He still  gave the Yanks 7 innings and he’s averaging percentage points  over 7 innings per outing. Before last night the AL had  1265 games started, and 7478.2  innings pitched,  so  just  about 6.0 innings per outing as a league average… Tanaka  who  leads the AL in adjusted ERA+ because he pitches in a band box is also  a an inning plus above league average

In a lesser concern RE: Wins and Losses, Tanaka is 2-3 vs teams he’s faced twice,  He pitched really well  vs Boston in his 2nd outing vs them, but got no  run support, and lost 2-1, last night 9 hits 4 runs, 7 innings, but he got the win  with  the Yanks piling up 7  runs.

I’d chill on the Tanaka is automatic stuff, he’s a great  young pitcher with potentially 15  more starts coming his way and the book on him getting  bigger as the season progresses. Tanaka with  so many different obstacles to  leap over will make his next  3 starts on 5 days rest, normal  for most AL bull  dog Aces, but Tanaka is used to pitching once a week, so we have to hope his workload didn’t start  to  rear it’s ugly head last night. In fact I’m hoping that’s now what  team’s think when he starts his next  few games, baseball is notorious for defying logic, and Tanaka isn’t exactly sneaking up  on anybody in his 1st  17  starts, maybe some of the pressure backs off him, but don’t count on it.

We’ve also  seen if Tanaka has his A+ stuff nobody is hitting him, but we’ve seen enough of a sample size to know he’s not gonna be  lights out every outing. After last night’s less then  stellar  outing Tanaka is now trailing King Felix, 2.10 to  2.27 in ERA and is also  slightly behind in WHIP 0.92 vs 0.97

Being neck  and neck  with the King is pretty good, but the Yankee offense is so  challenged, no  game is ever  in the books, even on Tanaka Days

Wheeling and Dealing

The Yankee offense, 3 run Tater  from Beltran a shock, Solo Blast from the Big  Ten Wheeler, all in the 5th inning. The Twins got too  close in the  6th  making it 4-3, but the Bombers scratched out a crooked number in 7th to  go up  7-4

Ichiro  walk, Wheels single, a Ryan double plated 1 run and knocked Hughes out.  Gardner singled off Duensing, a LH pitching change and Jeter had an RBI force out, all  3 runs charged to Hughes

The Twins got 1 more off Tanaka in the bottom of the 7th on a double and a single. A line drive DP stopped the bleeding and allowed Tanaka to  complete 7 innings on only 85 pitches

Betances went a quick 1-2-3 8th inning 2 K’s 14 pitches, and D-Rob  punched out the side, but allowed 1 BB, it took him 25 pitches to  close it out

the Whole 9

Blind On Blind the Happy Recap


Written by Sal

July 4, 2014 at 8:56 am

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  1. not that it matters, but the league average I posted isn’t exactly correct. Those innings pitched are for both relievers and starters,

    baseball stat had 5.9 innings per start as a league average, but I’m still looking for a better way to compute it without going through every starters game logs, that’s Elias Sports’ job to figure and Michael Kay’s job to repeat the Texts he gets from his go to mole at that stat house..

    my kingdom to have Kay’s juice

    back to the coal mines tonight with Whitley, maybe he can lull them to sleep

    No surprise that Big Man isn’t ready to make some hay, he’s gotta get it all fixed, 2016 can’t be a down DL type year if he wants that $25M to vest in 2017…take your time CC, we have Vidal, another soft tossing lefty to sub for you…


    July 4, 2014 at 9:17 am

  2. at least they go for the best player in the NL when they compare one of their over hyped prospects.. how much can we hate this franchise? countless numbers of ways is the correct answer


    July 4, 2014 at 9:20 am

  3. Well im getting close to Kay’s juice on monday Men,,,
    Going to Centerstage taping for Rob Reiner at noon.
    Im sure he will be his recent stuffy self.
    He was much more human before he found true love,,, now he is in a rush & doesn’t interact with his audience any more.
    Meathead should be big fun tho 🙂
    Ill report back.
    Film at 11


    July 4, 2014 at 2:26 pm

  4. Very happy for Wheeler,he is off to a great start,hope it continues-poor Solarte,hopefully he can get his act together in the minors and be back in September.Amazing what happens when you score runs!! Tanaka
    was not great but he got the job done.They actually looked like a baseball team last night and they are off
    to a good start 4-1 today.Notice the Rays got killed by the Tigers after sweeping the Yanks.Lighting candles for the rest of this game the way Whitley looked=lol HAPPY 4th of JULY EVERYBODY!!!!!


    July 4, 2014 at 3:47 pm

  5. Happy 4th everybody good Wins Big D.. Donny have fun at the taping


    July 5, 2014 at 6:46 am

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