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Yanks Run Out The Clock For A 6-5 Win

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This  is something the Yanks used to  do, or something most teams would be afraid they  would do, bring in some Big Guns for the stretch  drive,  the missing pieces for a Championship  Season.. Unfortunately Cashman’s puzzle to  a Ring was dumped on the floor and scattered everywhere, there might even be a few missing pieces, so  while he’s on his hands and knees looking for those illusive fits, Billy Beane struck  while the iron  was hot and positioned his team firmly atop  of the AL ladder

Oakland and Billy Beane  must be tired of hearing yeah good GM,  but they  never won anything, so he hands over  3 top prospects for 2 of the best  pitchers being flipped this trade deadline. Also noted, the Cubs remain MLB’s  ultimate farm  system, all  this while they try to  sell their fan base how good their prospect  system is, sort of what Boston is doing, hey Theo Epstein  taught Ben Cherington  well

The Yanks never had a shot at  either Samardzija or Hammel, judging by what Epstein got back, in projection anyway, the Yanks don’t have that  type of prospect in the minors, and Betances wasn’t going anywhere. Beane still has Samardzija who he can offer arbitration to and keep, then  offer a QO after next  season and get prospects, or he can  rent him  for this year  and trade him this winter, hoping to  get  his injured starters back in place in  2015, along with some decent prospects in a Shark haul

Hammel is a free agent and will be affordable yet over paid on the  open market, the best  value for him is right now in the pennant run. This looks great on paper for Oakland, but they just  painted a huge bulls eye on their back, no more little  engine that  could, they have to win it, and Beane has no more excuses, Beane is now driving the AL Muscle Car, let’s see if he can  finally make it over the finish line before he crashes into  the boards.

Break Up The Yanks

Looks like both managers started the wrong pitchers yesterday, with Whitley pitching his new normal,  and  Kyle Gibson the ultimate box of Minnesota Chocolates turning in a dud thankfully because

When Gibson is on, he’s nearly unbeatable, but when the right-hander doesn’t have his best stuff, he gets hit hard and has a tough time getting through the early innings.

Gibson, who fell to 7-7 on the season, has a 0.93 ERA in 48 1/3 innings in his seven wins and a 13.16 ERA in 26 2/3 innings in his seven losses. He’s also thrown 20 scoreless innings in his three no-decisions.

In contrast David Huff and I’ll Puff Your Inning Away  was lights out in relief,  (3 innings, all  goose eggs, sans a 3 in the  K column) of the tremulous Chase Whitley. You could  safely say  the Reverend Whitley  is hanging on a thread to  stay on an MLB roster, that  would be  as salient an observation  as  saying Kim Kardashian’s  wide body lower half is one hell of a spread …..

As for the Twins, “let’s be honest” nobody in Target Field was gonna mistake Kyle Gibson  for Bob Gibson, 2 innings, 6 hits, 6 runs,  5 earned, but they  got 4.2 innings of 3 hit, no run pitching from  Sammy Deduno. Sammy held NY in check until  the Twins chipped away at a 5 run lead and it took a grinding effort from Huff, Warren, Betances and Robertson to  hold off the charging Twinkies for a much needed 6-5 win

Whitley was terrible again,  3 innings, 8  hits, 4 runs, please, enough of this guy, at least Nuno  can eat  5 innings  and change before you have to call in the calvary, Whitley is the proverbial lamb chop under the lions nose

The Yanks held on to  a 6-4 lead in most thanks to Huff’s performance. Working on fumes Warren pitched 0.2 of an inning in the 7th, he left with a man on 2nd base and 2 outs. Betances got the last out then pitched the 8th, but he too has to be on somewhat  shaky ground being called on to  save Cashman’sd bacon just  about every day. A lead off single a HBP put D-Bet in a world of trouble. He got a line drive 1st out, but Eddie Nunez led a successful  double steal then  scored on a ground ball  to make it 6-5.

Teixeira robbed Escobar of a game tying knock or Betances would have been charged with  blowing the hold. D-Rob punched out the side in the 9th  but not before Suzuki  had you biting your finger nails after he picked up  a rope 2 out double. Parmelee who  was hitless on the day, which made him a candidate for being overdue  looked at  call  strike 3 on the black to  end it.. D-Rob has gotten  6 K’s in his last 2 innings, both saves

Again some short sighted work  by Cashman  not extending Robertson, letting him get to Free Agency gives Mr High Sox  not only hope, but some leverage gathering a  nice sized contract despite Closers not being valued like years past, this kid can do  the job everybody thought was gonna be impossible. Mo Who?

The Yanks picked up  all  6 runs in the 1st two innings then went into  a 4 corners stall like tho old North Carolina Tar Heels under Dean Smith… In the first  inning:

Brett Gardner triples (6)

Brian Roberts doubles (12)  Brett Gardner scores…

  •  Mark Teixeira doubles (6)  Roberts scores
    Beltran  a sacrifice fly,  Teixeira scores.
    In the 2nd inning:
    Cervelli doubles (3)Ryan out on a sacrifice fly, Cervelli scores.
    Gardner walks.
    Roberts hits a ground-rule double (13)  Gardner to 3rd.
    Ellsbury singles Gardner and  Roberts scores.
    that  was it…
    Nice Win, very shaky starting pitching, hard fought relief pitching, and thankfully the clock  ran out of time.. Teixeira’s play  probably saved a win, once the Twins tie that  game the momentum is totally in their dugout, and D-Rob is rendered useless unless the Yanks can  somehow score off the Twins closer.. We know how all  that  works out for this offense, they  were done scoring runs after the 2nd inning, if you can’t hold a 5 run lead then  tomorrow’s another day
    So is the life of a .500 team that has to  scratch out every run and has only 2 top of the rotation  hurlers
    Phelps vs Pino  today
    the Whole 9

Written by Sal

July 5, 2014 at 9:07 am

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  1. Nice win as we whistle past the graveyard while Cashman crawls around on his hands and knees like an old junkie combing a dirty rug looking for that 1 last particle of Coke to snort

    Out for the day making donuts, see you in the morning… enjoy….


    July 5, 2014 at 9:20 am

  2. Man, I can’t believe Beane pulled this off while everyone was sleeping. You’re right. This IS the type of thing the Yanks used to do when they were going for the Ring. Now, who the hell knows. Yesterday’s buzzer beater was excruciating! You just KNEW, the Yanks weren’t gonna score another run, while the Twinkies kept chipping away. I’ve seen this movie before, too many times. All you could hope for was that they’d run out of innings. And that’s what happened. Whitley’s stock has been plummeting, he’s right behind Slammin’ I Solarte for heading out the door. And, if that isn’t enough, we now hear that Cap’n’ Crunch, who visit’s Dr J on the 14th, could have his career in jeopardy. His season could be over, and they’re talking about the possibility of microfracture surgery! The hits just keep on coming. Jeez! I’m heading for the bar…..see ya there!


    July 5, 2014 at 11:22 am

  3. There is your crowd favorite, Girardi’s boy
    Frankie the Arm!!!!
    Theeeeee Yankees Looooose !!!!!

    But we had ” good at bats”

    Friggin assholes


    July 5, 2014 at 7:02 pm

  4. hahahaha.. Bondsino!!!! good to see you

    you and the Don R spot on.. I missed this Yankee classic, I was seeing Red all day lol…… checked in once on the radio it was tied,. found out late this morning 2-1…

    Heard Phelps pitched good, does’t every body but Whitley and Nuno in this era of no offense?

    I wasn’t that upset at the CC news, not him on a personal level, I hate when any athlete, musician, just anybody in general has to move on because of injury..

    In CC’s case he’s made more money then 3 Czars combined, he has a beautiful family a loving wife, and diminished skills, but, $71M guaranteed dough coming his way, if he’s done for good he’ll miss out on the 2017 $25M payday.. but if he gets back to being a $23M #4 in the rotation and stays healthy in 2016, add another $25 to $71.. $96M, or they can buy him out for $5M in 2017

    we can safely say he has $76M guaranteed in the bank no matter if he marches or fights

    I’m no Ryan Dempster fan, but maybe CC should think about pulling a Dempster if he can’t go, despite him being DL’d the money doesn’t come off the books, I’d say roughly he has $24.5M as an AAV… $122 for 5 was his last extension…..That’s a lot of dead money

    Baseball needs to revisit this type of stuff, the MLBPA can stick to having their clients get paid, but why should it go against the cap? with drugs out of the game buying old players is a thing of the past, everywhere but NY, specifically the Bronx.


    July 6, 2014 at 6:35 am

  5. Frankie C forgot to pull the pin out of the hand grenade before he cut it loose. Of course the day before he cut a Twins rally short with a laser throw to second for an out when the Twins had a first and third situation.That is all forgotten now. Plus he can hit and is probably more of a threat than McCann.
    Soup Bone Sabathia can now make a lot more soup with his useless and Fred Flintstone size Brontosaurus and deteriorating wheel.
    Joey The Spin is, at least, fun to watch after these games. Maybe soon he goes after Meredith following a tough question and she body slams him.


    July 6, 2014 at 7:25 am

  6. Holy Shit !!!!
    I forgot Sal’s Birfday !!!!
    Sorry Uncle Knuckle for a Head !!!
    On da Road I always remembered thin momentous day!
    Many Happier Ones in the Future,,, Broski !!
    Maybe a W ???
    Love ya Bro thanks for destroying My Life !!


    July 6, 2014 at 11:10 am

  7. hahahaha pull out the pin hahaha

    hey fellas funny stuff… I mentioned to a red sox fan this morning after he mentioned Frankie blew the game, but the way I saw it once I watched it was, they got 1 run in 11 innings off Pino, and 5 of his buddies out of the the pen.. Frankie is the least of our problems….. but that was hell of a hand grenade hahahahahahaha

    Donny I cancelled my birthday this year, and every year moving forward, good lawyers can do that type of stuff for you….so there’s nothing to celebrate, but thanks for the shout out……

    Red said to say hello, she was hoping Bondsie could show her some wrestling moves and you could stand, watch, and referee lol


    July 6, 2014 at 12:48 pm

  8. Sal happy birthday!!! Watching the pregame,the Yanks traded Nuno to the DBacks for Brandon McCarthy,
    dfa’d Soriano and brought up Billings. Never a dull moment,just dull ballgames.


    July 6, 2014 at 1:35 pm

  9. Yeah db– watching too – did ya notice that YES spelled the Ol’Perfessor’s name wrong in a promo ???
    Stengle right??? ,,, not Stengal ???!!!
    Good hitting today but Kuroda having his usual mid-innings struggle.
    Hope he holds- only 80 pitches so far,,,
    Ellsbury having a Game.


    July 6, 2014 at 3:59 pm

  10. Fuck Red
    Skeevy lice-ridden beeeeyatch
    Lay with her ya get fleas or worse
    I see no humor in her existence – None !
    May she die a slow painful death with me holding my thumb on her breathing tube.


    July 6, 2014 at 4:01 pm

  11. Stengel sorry Casey !!!


    July 6, 2014 at 4:03 pm

  12. hahahahaha don’t like her Donny ….

    Hey big D thanks bud.. Yeah I had no idea Nuney got traded until Ma Pinstripe mentioned it I was on the radio side, and they did say Fonzi got DFA’d I wish them both good luck

    McCarthy supposed to be a ground ball pitcher, lets hope a change of scenery is the answer he’s got a 5 plus era pitching in the NL

    Friggin Kuroda it must be really hot out there he couldn’t get through 6 with a 9 run lead, at some point somebody has to give the pen a rest

    eye yi yi

    wondering if Cashman has a bead on an out fielder now with Fonzi gone.. I still say Marlon Byrd might come here and hit some HR’s

    he has 17 taters strikes out a lot but 17 Taters would lead then Yanks.. in 188 chances he has 1 error .995 fielding % for what that’s worth.. better then Soriano.. he has an .802 OPS, most of that in slugging , .315 OBP.. but he can hit the ball far… Yanks would have to pay him what’s left on $8M this yr, and $8M for 2015, then a vesting option based on AB’s in 2016


    July 6, 2014 at 4:32 pm

  13. fucking girardi is he kidding us using Miller, he’s the worst pitcher in the Yankee system, is Ramirez still up?

    And why is miller even on the team

    at 9-1 Sterling chuckled and said well if the Yanks lose this one it’s a colossal meltdown so we have to hope the Orioles lose so we pick up a game

    Girardi needs to get Betances in this game then Robertson and stop fucking around for christ sake


    July 6, 2014 at 5:03 pm

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