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Yanks Go Greene

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Well   we can bank this, when the Indians give Jeter his parting gifts before one of the next  3 games remaining at the Don’s favorite all time ball park in downtown Cleveland, Jason Kipnis might not be the Cleveland player handing Cappy the swag, especially after Jeter okie-doked  him in the 8th inning on a pop up  turned  eventual  5-3 DP that killed a potential Indian uprising.

With Kipnis on 1st base following a Roberts error, Tito must of had the hit and run on with Cabrera up and Betances on the bump.

Cabrera guessing fast  ball after an 1-0 curve popped up  the heater to  18 Wheeler at 3rd base, Kipnis was running like he just  snagged an old lady’s pocket book and never looked at  the batter or his 3rd base coach, only at Jeter faking a catch to nab Kipnis running on the play, one of the oldest tricks in the book, by one of the oldest players in the game.

By the time Kipnis realized he’d been duked, 18 Wheeler caught the pop up and rifled a bullet to Teixeira, ending the 8th inning that had started with  a Gomes HR to make it a sweaty 5-3 Bomber lead with 6 outs to  go. The DP stopped the Tribe’s momentum, and despite one punch out and two loud F/9 outs in the bottom of the 9th, Cleveland’s attempt to  come back  from  a 5-0 lead fell 2 runs short as the Bombers won their 4th out of the last 5 vs the AL Central  division  5-3

Yanks Go Greene

The buzz in this one was rookie Shane Greene, 6 innings, 4 hits, 2 runs, 2 K’s, 1 BB, 1 Tater. Greene  spilled the brief  cup of coffee in his 1st attempt at the MLB level vs Boston on April  24th in relief of Soup Bone AKA Wounded Knee Sabathia, was a completely different animal last night vs the Tribe in his 1st ever MLB start.

In Boston  that  fateful night with the Yanks up 12-2 Greene was summoned to  mop  up  the game but instead he walked Bradley, got put in harms way on a Jeter error, then Bubba McCann was charged with a passed ball to plate a run. He punched out Victorino, but walked Herrera and Napoli  before being yanked by Nervous Joey Binder. The next  day Greene was in a Gypsy Cab heading West to SWB.

With the Reverend Whitley and King Vidal’s shelf life expiring, the Yanks picked up Brandon McCarthy and summoned Greene up  from Triple A to try their hand at pitching 6 innings for the varsity. Girardi understandably couldn’t, but we can  safely say Greene has earned another start in 5 days, this time it’ll be vs  the 1st place Orioles in a band box in Baltimore, that’s if Girardi  and Cashman  stick  to  the rotation numbers.

Greene looked really good, David Cone was raving about his potential up-side. From my vantage point it looked like the kind of stuff a  young kid can  build on, enough velocity (95),  enough movement on his pitches, the ball  sinks late when it’s right, what  else is there ? Now he just needs to  figure out how to  command his tools,  a minor detail in the making of a MLB pitcher, so  we should curb some of the enthusiasm until  we see some consistency

“It’s the first time you ever see a guy,” Swisher said. “He’s always got the advantage first time through the lineup. I thought second time through, we started seeing him a little better.”

Greene did look like the Tribe was starting to  size him up in the 5th inning. Santana put a long 7 pitch AB against him but the end result was a punch out on one of those drop off the table sliders or whatever the grip was. 14 pitches into  the inning Swisher got him into  a 3-1 count and launched a get me over pitch with  no bite into  the left center field seats. At 5-0 Greene did the right thing and let him hit it,  Swisher didn’t miss it 5-1.

Shows to  go you, it’s really tough  to  be successful on this level pitching behind in the count, even monsters like Tanaka get in trouble doing that.

The Tribe scored their 2nd run off Greene in the 6th, on two  soft singles sandwiched around two  ground ball outs.. Brantley hit a rocket to Teixeira that he usually gobbles up but it bounced off his glove for a home cooking single to  extend Greene’s inning. Girardi  didn’t panic and stayed with the kid, he rewarded the Binder with an F/9 to  end his night

Brooks has the pitch  breakdown

And Blind Boy has the math made easy

In  relief, Girardi got a 1-2-3  7th inning out of Huff despite Tito  throwing 2 RHB’s at him. Swisher is not having a very good season, and he’s struggling even more from the right side of the plate, .177 .290 .228 .518

So turning him around wasn’t a huge problem, result a punch out, and Huff got pinch hitter Rayburn on a 5-3 ground out. Girardi then did what  drives you crazy, he gave Huff enough rope to trip  up on letting him go  batter to  batter in the 8th instead of just  running Betances out there for the whole inning.

As it worked out Betances had to pitch 2 innings anyway, and making him come in after Gomes cut the lead down to  5-3 with a HR off Huff, made little sense, especially after the fact since Gomes hits from the right side. the loud Tater  made Betances’ margin for error a smaller window.

The Jeter, Kipnis, 18 Wheeler DP  saved D-Bet’s pitch count, he cleaned up  the error by Roberts and the 8th inning on 5 pitches. D-Bet then closed it out for his 1st ever save on 10 pitches in the 9th, so he might be good for an inning tonight, and both Warren  and Robertson got the night off

Yanks Alive with 5

The offense took advantage of a very shaky Justin Masterson and plated all  5 runs in the 2nd and 3rd innings, which in turn gave Greene some room  to breathe

2nd Inning Tale of the Tape

Bubba McCann doubles (10)

 Roberts doubles (15)  McCann scores.

Ichiro singles,  Roberts to 3rd. Ichiro  out at 2nd on the throw, Dickerson to Gomes to  Kipnis, to  Santana.

Johnson walks, Cervelli hit by pitch.

 Gardner singles, Roberts scores.

 Jeter walks,  Johnson scores.

Ellsbury almost broke the game wide open but Santana made a nice play on a bullet down the line and the DP ended the 3 run inning

3rd Inning Tale of the Tape

 Teixeira walks.

McCann singles  Teixeira to 2nd.

Pitching Change: Kyle Crockett replaces Justin Masterson.

Roberts out F/9, Teixeira to 3rd.

Ichiro  singles, Teixeira scores. McCann to 2nd.

 McCann advances to 3rd, Ichiro advances to 2nd on a balk.

Johnson hit by pitch.

Cervelli grounds into a force out,  McCann scores.

Not exactly Murderers Row on offense, but we’ll  take the runs and the Win. With the line-up Girardi threw out there, this W was a God Send. Yes the Yanks had chances to  score a lot more runs but 4-13 with RISP and 9 men left on base with 2 outs nipped that concept in the bud

Greene’s great performance for 4 innings, him limiting the damage in the 5th  and 6th innings to 2 runs, and some good relief pitching was all  they needed to move to  with-in 0.5 games of 2nd place Toronto and still 3.5 games, 3 in the loss column behind the O’s. The Jays losing Encarnacion shows you how things can plummet in a heartbeat, so theYanks are still  hanging in. It’s too  early in the week to be looking ahead toward the weekend series with Baltimore, they need to  make hay here in Cleveland first, Last night’s victory puts the boys 2 games over the .500 mark

tonight Must Win Night with

Tanaka vs Bauer

the Whole 9


Written by Sal

July 7, 2014 at 6:02 pm

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  1. Yeah so what we were hoping Whitley goes top the pen, in short spurts or as a mop he might be valuable


    July 7, 2014 at 6:04 pm

  2. Cashman was on with BigMike,Beltran not playing due to a swollen knee-bring back Soriano!!!!!!!!!!!!


    July 7, 2014 at 6:33 pm

  3. Jeez! What a lineup! Seeing it in black & white really gives you perspective. There are 2 legit guys who can hit it out of the yard. Tex & Bubba. That’s it! This lineup scares NO ONE! Except Yankee fans! Basically, a bunch of singles hitters & 2 guys that can thump. Where’s Beltran? I’d rather see him than Bubba. If we don’t get a thumper and out homer the opposition, especially at home where they’ve been egregious, this team is going nowhere! Did I mention a starter as well? This is not how I wanted to spend my summer vacation (2 weeks)……


    July 7, 2014 at 6:35 pm

  4. Egregious ????
    Really ,,,, Consigliore ???
    On a Sal blog you use $50 woids ???


    July 7, 2014 at 10:00 pm

    • Ya like that? Had some extra change, so I thought I’d use it. Lol!


      July 7, 2014 at 10:08 pm

  5. hey fellas hahahaha

    Bondsie the boys heard you were on holiday and cashed in for you last night… Speaking of extra change Yanks were seeing Greene last night.. How they made that line-up work is beyond me, but thank you Justin Masterson should be a start

    Donny you can use big words we have on line thesauruses to reference lol

    thanks Big D, didn’t hear Big Mike, didn’t know he was back working, and I was wondering where Beltran was myself until I heard it on the Telecast

    Yeah why couldn’t Beltran whine about the knee when Fonzie was here, he splits and Beltran goes on the pines? Afraid he was gonna get Wally Pip’d? Can’t trust old Mets and Cardinals I tell you


    July 8, 2014 at 6:39 am

    • Actually, not on holiday till the end of this week. So they cashed in early for me. Boy, do I have egg on my face this morning! Here I go on a tirade about the lineup last night, wondering how the hell this bunch can score any runs, and what happens? They score a ton of runs & the hits just keep on coming! Just about everyone contributed. Even Bubba, who may have found his swing, got 3 hits! And Greene looked like Koufax! I tell ya…….Baseball is a humbling game.


      July 8, 2014 at 9:04 am

  6. BTW enjoy the vacation, your boss’s loss is our gain…Donny let me know when you see Gorgeous.. thanks

    Big D I’ll try to grab the Cashman spot if it’s on WFAN I wanna hear big Mike toss Cashman those beach balls, especially now with this winning streak against shit teams.. Hey better then losing against them.. I thought the Nats would slow down Buck last night didn’t happen


    July 8, 2014 at 6:41 am

  7. Bondsie, we wear egg on our face with pride here, we call it Ream Em and Reap.. We do it all the time, we invented it hahaha..

    ream what’s going bad, usually the opposite happens the next game and we laugh all the way to the next drink lol

    gotta get out your frustrations, that’s why we set up this friendly Yankee vent unit.. so never be shy about ranting, and welcome to the Ream Em and reap posse !

    nice win and an unexpected good outing from a kid who looks like he’s pretty good, now if we can have some patience with his growing pains we might have something to build on, this years version of Ivan Nova maybe…


    July 8, 2014 at 9:23 am

    • Thanks Sal for the blessing! Yeah, Greene looked good last night. Loved his demeanor. Given a chance to grow, who knows what he might become. There I go again, getting ready for 2 eggs over easy. All based on one start! I can dream, can’t I?


      July 8, 2014 at 9:36 am

  8. great, a bad message from one of Bubba’s gurus, nice of him to let the cat out of the bag about Bubba is not being comfortable in a Northern City..

    hey we don’t call him Bubba for nothing..

    Relax McCann, NY is made up of millions of out of towners trying to make it in every job description it’s just a bigger place to play, do your thing and you’ll be fine..


    July 8, 2014 at 9:52 am

  9. lol… as one of your favorite guitar players Father’s always said, go ahead, don’t be afraid… That’s the fun part, making a prediction then hoping it pans out, baseball is a game of failures, so is the predicting business, keep grinding…


    July 8, 2014 at 9:55 am

  10. Stop Whining the obvious Kernan, come up with a solution.. Mine is Marlon Byrd, and leave Refsynder in AAA until September call ups.. unless they trade him for a pitcher…..

    Go get that big bat rental Cashman, and don’t be too picky, your not getting a young stud in this market, so go get an old war horse who can hit HR’s and not cost too much in prospects

    and for Pete sake make sure you sign the Cuban Tomas


    July 8, 2014 at 9:59 am

  11. it’s bad enough Cashman let Epstein grab Jorge Soler the yr Cespedes came out, now that kid is raking at double A don’t let this guy slip to Boston or some midwest team like Chicago you friggin ham fisted dip shit


    July 8, 2014 at 10:15 am

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