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Well  that  was exciting, watching the Yanks try to  score 1 run for 8  innings after the 4 they put up in the 4th  and 5th innings. Three of those runs scored on  two Teixeira HR’s, and 1 on a McCann sac fly. Then  finally  Ellsbury buried one into the right field seats to  win it in the 14th inning 5-4.

The season  has come down  to playing out the string and it isn’t even the 3rd week in July, we haven’t even put the HR Derby on with the sound down yet  and we’re watching each  game in an effort to  fulfill our baseball Jones more then the games having any meaning.

This case scenario coming a day after Masahiro Tanaka was headed to the DL  with what  doesn’t sound like good news. At this point the original 15 day DL stint would be a God Send, it means Tanaka misses 2 maybe 3 starts, and the way he was going his outings were no longer automatic wins for the team, so  a short rest sounds like a good idea, but…

“Let’s be honest” if somebody told you on July 10th David Phelps was your best starter,  Brett Gardner was your best  player, and Cadillac Cano and Senator Granderson  were  missed a lot more then Mo Rivera, you’d have to  think something  went terribly wrong with the Yankee season or the person  who  was bringing you this information is  mentally  unstable

He’s saved our season, that’s the way I look at,’’ Teixeira told The Post before he launched two home runs in the Yankees’ 5-4, 14-inning win over the Indians. “When you start the season and you lose three out of five starters that were going to be all good pitchers, you have to have someone step up. You have to have multiple guys step up.

“Tanaka was the biggest reason we are still in the race.’’

There is no race without an ace.

The Yanks played yet another  boring  and  almost nondescript  game last night, that has been the new normal for this year’s version of the Bronx Bombers. The front office’s attempt to  bring back  some excitement to  the field and the YES viewership has failed miserably. Yes the Yanks are  still only 3 games out of 1st place, 2.5 out of a Wild Card, but that  speaks volumes about the mediocrity in baseball, at least in the 1st half of the season.

The cream  should rise in the 2nd half as injuries have taken the heart out of some teams, like the Yanks, while other squads like the A’s who  already scored help, and probably  the Tigers, Angels, Mariners, Orioles and Jays will  add some reinforcements to their  already  stout 25 man rosters.

The Yanks  have added Mike McCarthy, a professional  #5 pitcher for a rotation on a .500 team, again like going on a big game hunting trip  with  a BB gun.

With Tanaka in the rotation, every 5 or 6 days you had reason to  think  the Yanks had a good chance to  put up  a W,  until recently when  that  thought process vanished as Tanaka has looked pedestrian  after the Napoli Idiot incident at Yankee Stadium. That  was 3 starts previous to Tanaka’s worst outing of the season, one that was accompanied by what is being told to us is inflammation in and around  his elbow

Tanaka looked like a rag  arm vs the Indians, there were a plethora of reasons for his poor showing ranging from pitching on 4 days rest hampering his mechanics, to  the league starting to  catch  up  to his stuff as the book on him added pages. So the news that he was injured doesn’t come as a shock, in fact it gives you hope that Tanaka hasn’t already hit his ceiling, and that his first 11 starts that had him leading the AL with  a 1.99 ERA wasn’t a mirage.

Going into  the season the Yanks rotation was a paper Tiger to  start with, Tanaka was an unknown, Sabathia is and has been for a while now  a human Red Flag, Pineda was, is, and always will be, a pipe dream, Nova  despite his inconsistencies was an unexpected loss, Kuroda came back but that might have had more to  do  with making Tanaka feel  comfortable, he was a crap  shoot coming off a terrible 2nd half in 2013, and  his bad 2013 2nd half has continued throughout his 2014 campaign

Yes on paper the names excite you, but each pitcher had question marks, so  far Tanaka was the only surprise, he was better then  advertised until June 22nd, now he can be added to the already  crowded MASH unit.

Beltran  has been an unmitigated disaster, Soriano never regained his 2nd half 2013 form so he was a wasted roster spot once Beltran  was rendered useless as an out fielder,  and McCann wasn’t as advertised. Johnson was a bad signing especially with Mark Reynolds ripe for the picking this winter. Roberts was this year’s cheaper version of Youkilis, and Ichiro has been fine, he’s a 5th out fielder being counted on to start a corner position, which is OK for a .500 team, but not a contender

Ellsbury has been good, not $21M good, and not Cano good, but the best of the position player acquisitions, he’s been part of the solution  not the problem, Teixeira has been better then I ever expected him to be, and you can  throw Gardner and Jeter into  that mix too.

Solarte  for a short while, Tanaka, Ellsbury, Gardner,  Teixeira, Betances, Warren  and Robertson carried the Yanks to  a 46-44 first  half record with 4 games left before the All Star break.  There is still a good chance we hit Monday  with a losing record considering we get Phelps tonight, then Kuroda, Greene and possibly Whitley  going against  the Orioles over the weekend.

Boston  has already cashed out, they DFA’d Pierzynski, and are looking for the best  return on Peavy. They’re  either gonna trade Lester or extend him here soon, and Lackey if he can  bring back  a good double A outfielder with up  side could also be flipped, Boston has to be  looking at  a Michael Brantley type haul  for him

Lackey actually would be a more attractive acquisition then Lester for a contender, his contract has  him working for a league minimum  in 2015, or you could give him a short 2 year  extension. Lester if he hits the free agent trail, is  staring at  a 5 or 6 year  deal  worth $125 to $138M so he’s a bona fide rental. My only concern on Lackey would be, after a blazing start to  the 2014 season he’s given  up  23 hits and 16 earned runs in his last 3 outings, that  might be a red flag on the older war horse.

The Yanks were gonna have a tough time finding replacements at the dead line, so these injuries now to Gardner and Tanaka, throw in the recent Beltran mishap, the loss of Sabathia for the season, and the general  day in day out mediocrity of all  the role players makes you think it’s better to  figure out how to get Refsynder jump started, float in Pirela, insert Almonte, let’s get Ramirez back  up  soon, even on a shuttle basis, and try to get some value for Cervelli in case you want to make a deal over the winter

  I think  trying to fix Humpy Dumpty for the cost of potential  future talent would be a  wasted and misguided effort..

Phelps vs House tonight

the Whole 9

Blind on Blind, the Happy Recap


Written by Sal

July 10, 2014 at 11:34 am

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  1. I didn’t think that game would ever end. Thanks to cousin Vinny he put anybody crazy enough to watch it out of their misery….


    July 10, 2014 at 11:47 am

  2. That was a torturous game to watch! Don’t know how O made it to the end! Thankfully, we were rewarded. Yes, things look pretty bleak right now, but I think you’re painting a worse picture than what we gave. I’m an eternal optimist. I always think they’ll find a way. But the Tanake scenario scares the bejesus out of me! The shop be sinkin. But, maybe Tanaka only misses a couple of starts and Mushman pulls a couple of rabbits out of his hat before the deadline. I can dream, can’t I?


    July 10, 2014 at 12:42 pm

  3. Even the mlb network commentators said the game would never end! Ellsbury is to be congratulated!!!
    David Cone was in rare form last night,asking why Wheeler started vs a righty then was pinch hit for by
    Johnson;then actually noting Stenchiros lack of power saying he only has 5 extra base hits-its about time!!
    I also wondered why they did not have Stenchiro bunt when Roberts singled in the 13th-but then,why was
    Roberts batting 5th-lol Johnson should have been dfa’d instead of Soriano,dropping Brantleys foul ball in the last inning was pathetic.Now Beltran is on the 7 day concussion dl,bringing back Solarte.There is a lot of garbage on the team they just made Soriano the scapegoat because the Cubs are paying his salary.
    Just heard Tanaka has a partial tear of the ligament,will be out 6 weeks rehabbing-oy


    July 10, 2014 at 9:09 pm

  4. hey fellas.. good stuff

    Hey Boys what are Thornton and Miller doing on this team….? What’s Miller doing on SWB? If they can’t send up somebody better then Miller, sell the fucking team and get in the insurance business for christ sake….


    July 11, 2014 at 1:39 am

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