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Yu Can’t Fool Mother Nature

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Grounds-crews have been helping teams win for years, last night  Dan Cunningham’s staff worked feverishly to repair the  water damage, but the game was called after a delay of 1 hour and 49 minutes. Danny might have worked his ass off fixing the wet  mess, but I’ve see County Road crews work harder filling pot holes then what I saw  in Danny’s   effort covering the field.

That  was pretty much  the take on MLB TV, specifically John Smoltz who  must still have nightmares about the 1996 World Series. The Yanks caught a break  with the torrential rains that hit like a monsoon for about an hour and a half maybe more. To  add to  the cacophony, Mama Nature huffed and puffed and blew the tarp in the same direction the Texas Rangers season has been going all  year, all out of control.

The combination hard rain falling and torrid winds blowing made the tarp to hard to handle, the result turned  Cunningham’s  infield into Lake Pontchartrain rendering it unplayable.

Joey Day Care had no problem voting the game over, SuperFly Washington is just playing out the string, and no doubt Supe  had a few hookers and some newly purchased glass waiting at  the hotel, so he was all in deeming the field “squishy” and a hamstring waiting to  happen. That  works, the Yanks get some payback from the game they lost in Baltimore thanks to Ms Nature answering  one of Buck’s threats

“I guess we kind of were owed this one after what happened in Baltimore right before the break, I feel like,” Gardner said. “It’s good. We’ll take a win any way we can get it.”

As I was watching the Yanks scratch out 1 run on a balk, then Gardner flip a Darvish mistake into  the right field seats for a 2-1 lead, it reminded me of a Tanaka outing, where he makes 1 bad pitch, it goes Big Fly, then some freak incident like an infield error, costs him another run, his offense is putrid and he loses a heart breaker.

That might have been Darvish’s fate last night Regardless of Mother Nauture’s assist,  because on display this week are two of the worst offenses in baseball in NY and Texas.

Both  teams have been ravaged by injuries, Teixeira is out again, Beltran might as well be out, his bat is slower then  Don B answering an Algebra question in high  school, and the DH spot in the order is at  an all  time low

 .212 / .267 / .374 / .641 with  12 HR’s

Judging by what  we’re seeing presently, Ichiro looks out of gas at  the plate,  and on an even playing field, either Cervelli or Headley should be batting 2nd in the order.

Cashman admitted on the Michael Kay  show if he had to  choose between pitching or hitting help, he’d grab the hitter to  replace the putrid RF stats .245 / .285 / .347 / .632 with 6 HR’s, and if Teixeira goes on the DL, maybe Murphy should come up to  replace him, while McCann  stays at  1st base.

I did hear   on the radio  Carlos Pena who  was DFA’d, by Texas as a possible back up, but he looked like an automatic out on paper, and the Yanks already have cornered the market on automatic outs. Having McCann play  strictly first base doesn’t seem to  help his offense .222 / .300 / .222 / .522, unfortunately his best  offensive position is DH .276 /.300/ .414/ .714

Cashman has a week  to turn this team into  a watchable commodity for the next 2 months.

Phelps went toe to  toe with Darvish last night for 5 innings anyway, which is all he needed to  do. He deadpanned it’s what  the team needed, a complete game. You gotta love Phelps’ MidWestern makeup, the kid has some balls, it helps liking him with the way he’s pitched recently, he could come from Westport CT for all I care.

 I would give McCann  a lot of credit for assisting him in gaining confidence in his stuff. Most of the young replacement  pitchers have credited McCann, McCarthy came out on WFAN radio and credited both Cervelli  and McCann’s prep  work on opposing hitters as a key to  their success.

You also have to love the fact Cervelli can block the 58 footers in the dirt, and his take no prisoner attitude behind the dish. He’s also on a 4 game hitting streak, 11 for 32, with 4 doubles and batting .344 / .382 / .469 in July. Under any other circumstances he’d be batting second in the order considering what Girardi has to  choose from  at the moment, but displacing Jeter is a pipe dream,  especially in July, you’d have a better shot replacing Don Coreleone with Fredo

Girardi can  win over a lot of fans who  root for the laundry if he made that line up  switch, but I  think  Sabathia will  pitch in a 2014 game before that move ever takes place. Also listening to  Cashman on the Michael Kay  show, he threw his cards on the table and mentioned Pineda will be back in August, so  that might be why  he’s looking for a bat  1. pitching 2, let’s keep in mind  he did the interview a day after the 14 inning water torture game on Tuesday night so even  a small  bat is a big improvement

Refsynder coming up  was put on the back  burner too. Cashman did mention he doesn’t need to be rule 5 protected yet, so  that gives him some roster flexibility, plus I think  they like Roberts at  2nd base, or at least the spin is Refsynder wouldn’t be much of an upgrade at  this point in his development. One thought is Cashman  will  bring up  the kid to play  right field sometime in August, if he can’t steal  a bat in the next week

One bad streak  with Ichiro looking lost  at  the plate in August will  either have Almonte up here or Refsynder…

the Whole 5

Blind on Blind the Happy Recap


Written by Sal

July 24, 2014 at 8:55 am

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  1. unexpected win, it nullifies the bad loss on Monday.. keep loading the wagon boys, the back door has no lock on it we might be able to sneak in


    July 24, 2014 at 9:06 am

  2. I have never seen the Yankee ground crew screw up the tarp in watching games for 60 years! So now they are even for the loss in Baltimore.This series has really been bizarre,with the extra inning game then this.The Yankee dh numbers are really pathetic,Beltran is certainly not helping,they desperately need to start hitting-but what happens if they don’t hit? RF is another Yankee black hole,Stenchiro is a nightmare at the plate,there must be some one some where that can play rf!!! They finally figured out a way to get Kelly Johnson out of the lineup-lol
    It was about time!!! GARDY may be breaking out of his funk right after he was bashed here-it works like a charm!!
    Big game today,need to win,Rangers now have no closer to go along with the rest of their nothing team.


    July 24, 2014 at 10:39 am

  3. hahaha hey Big D, I was thinking the same thing on Johnson, i’m just wondering when Girardi came up with the idea to pull him late then fake a groin injury

    I’m surprised Detroit went after Soria, I thought they’d strike a deal for Papelbon.. And after Soria blows a save.. Good job by Daniels


    July 24, 2014 at 11:38 am

  4. oh hell yeah Big D, shit, we almost got Gardner an All Star berth…lol

    The illusive catch is Beltran though, we can’t seem to get him over the hump.. but it’s not from a lack of trying….


    July 24, 2014 at 11:49 am

  5. We got a gift last night. Looks to me like Cashman greased all the right people last night, including Mama Nature. Phelps, again, rose to the occasion, albeit a short one. Ya gotta like this kid. He has shown poise & growth since being thrust into the rotation, especially over his last few starts. Our problem, is on the other side of the ball, which has been well documented. The present outfield is great defensively, but no thump and a black hole in right. Jeez, I wish there was a David Justice lurking under the radar. And for those old enough to remember, even a Andy Kosco or Gary Thomasson would be an improvement. I hear they’re even kicking the tires on Don B to see if he can still swing a bat! Yes, it’s that bad! Like Dawg says, Cash has a week to wave the magic wand a make it all better. I think, maybe even beyond that, with some guys under the waiver wire. Just keep watching the movie, maybe, somehow, there could be a surprise ending!


    July 24, 2014 at 12:31 pm

  6. Great stuff bondsie


    July 24, 2014 at 1:00 pm

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