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It’s Fun Being Greene

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Greene But Good

After watching Shane Greene dominate a depleted but still pretty good Tigers line-up, A.J. Burnett for some reason  stuck in my head.

Burnett was one of the more extreme  head cases that  I’ve seen pitching in Stripes in recent years, the guy  owned the Yanks pitching for Toronto, of course they  couldn’t beat  him so  they  bought him.

For the most part Burnett was a bust, he had great  stuff and “let’s be honest” he saved the 09 World Series with his Game 2 Gem vs the Phils, but he was  a walking nightmare when it came to being consistent.

Greene seems like a nice kid, it was hard to get a finished sentence out of him during an interview on Thursday afternoon, Ma Pinstripe practically had to put words in his mouth after every question she asked him  yesterday after he pitched 8+ in the Yanks stunning 1-0  win, giving them  the Series 3 games to  1 over the Tigers

We heard about the 25 yr old Greene in Spring Training,  the Yanks were high on his stuff  which  wasn’t that  good at AAA, or I should say  the results didn’t look  promising  at  the time he came up this season for the 2nd time.

He was toting a 4.61 ERA  / 1.583 WHIP / 66.1 innings,  79 hits.. but a .714 winning percentage in 13 starts, 15 games. The Yanks were desperate for sure when he came up  to  pitch  vs Cleveland on July 7th, but the silver lining in the decision was  after a shaky  season at SWB, his last 2 games,  13 inning @ Triple A he gave up  6 hits and no  runs, so maybe a light switch  went on

In 6 Varsity starts Greene has gone 37 innings, he’s given up  12 earned runs, good for a 2.92 ERA, we’re gonna strike that  hideous relief appearance vs Boston in April off the record.

He’s averaging roughly 6.1 innings per start so   again,  and this is only in my mind, there’s a Burnett like inconsistency to his outings.

Two starts ago he couldn’t get out of the 5th inning, not to mention  it was excruciatingly painful  to  watch Greene and Boston’s Al Webster try to pitch in Fenway on August  2nd, an  eventual Bomber 6-4 win

In 2 games he didn’t last 6, both Yankee losses vs Texas and Toronto, his 1st start vs Cleveland  went a full  6, a win, his two  gems  vs Baltimore 7.1, and yesterday 8+ were both  wins. Girardi  gave him a shot to  go 8.1 before, per Joey Day Care,  he was bringing in D-Rob for V-Mart regardless.  D-Rob eventually walked the dangerous Martinez, so Joey got lucky when “Robison” induced a rally killing DP with Miggy doing the honors, then  got the 3rd out with the tying run 90  feet away from  scoring.

Greene has great stuff, so  we see the raw upside, are we sure he’s coming out every 5 days with the ability to  command? That  could be true for any pitcher in baseball so onward

Yesterday  he was predominately 2 seam  fast ball (47 of them) that  sinks, it helped that he tossed 29 sliders and the Tigers couldn’t barrel up, so his 2 best  pitches saw the light of day 76 of the 99 pitches he threw. He off set the outing with  17 curve balls, just  enough to  keep  the hitters a bit off balance. He also  had a show me change up and 4 seamer to  round out his  arsenal

Girardi said that Greene’s slider and sinker were his best weapons on Thursday, as he struck out five and issued three walks. Greene worked out of his tightest jam in the sixth, inducing Victor Martinez to hit into a double play to recover from an infield single and a bloop hit to right field.

“I knew if I just made my pitch and located it down and away, I’d get a good result,” Greene said.

I can’t wait to  see Greene pitch in 5 days, it’s always a buzz when Boston touts their Rookies, and out of nowhere comes a Yankee kid who is a foot note on an MILB blog, then  dominates in the Show. I am  gonna reserve my enthusiasm  a bit, the Tigers were without Miggy and Hunter yesterday. They lost their starting SS in game 2 but Andy Romine sort of made up  for it so that’s a wash. Not the Tigers on all  cylinders, but still a confident and dangerous crew, and with that pitching, it left no margin for error, tremendous job by Greene

The Yanks wiped out the Jays in one series and the Canadians  came back to  return the favor the next time the teams met. After the Yanks fly to KC for a make up  game they  meet the Tigers in Detroit for 3 games in late August, don’t think  this series won’t be on their mind, and that  killer 5 man pitching staff probably won’t be going anywhere by then..

How They Drew It Up

Two  2 out singles and a clutch  2 out double by Stephen Drew in the 4th inning was the only offense generated all day off Porcello, Coke, Greene and D-Rob. The Yanks did manage 9  hits off the brilliant Tiger 25 yr old righty from Jersey. It seemed sans the 4th inning every time the Yanks started to knock at the door, Porcello  turned it up to  11 and got real  stingy. Like Verlander the day before, it’s tough to  string 3 hits in an inning off these guys, so it was good to  see a few HR’s on Wednesday off Mr Kate Upton

That  wasn’t the case yesterday, Porcello has that killer sinker that can get him out of trouble more often then not.

 He got Gardner on a back breaking DP in the 3rd with 2 on and 1 out.

The Yanks started up  the grill in the 6th on two  consecutive singles by Prado  and Ellsbury, but Beltran took  the bait and bounced into  a 4-5-3 DP to destroy any hope for some insurance runs and the game remained a 1-0  nail  biter.

Once again the Bombers tried to kick the door down and  had  them loaded up in the 7th on 2 singles and a HBP, but Prado  bounced to SS to  end the threat

Nothing beat the top of the 9th  after Greene coughed up  a lead off single to Kinsler to  end his day. D-Rob pitched carefully around V-Mart and walked him. Miggy who I didn’t think  we’d see yet came up  as a pinch  hitter, and D-Rob looked like a different pitcher vs the Worlds Greatest hitter.

A knuckle curve had Miggy swinging off balance for strike one, then a cutter for a ball, the cutter Miggy rolled over was there for the taking, but somehow the Slugger didn’t quite get it and the 4-4-3 DP by Ryan took  the air out of Detroit’s sails. D-Rob then got Kelley on a bloop to SS to  end the drama.

This and That

Cervelli made some great  blocks on nasty pitches in the dirt, so  kudos to Frankie.

Gardner and Prado made great  defensive plays

Everybody but Frankie had a hit, Ichiro had 2, Drew had the only extra base knock for either team.

Cervelli made up  for his hitless day  with his stellar defense and game calling. Greene basically said he did whatever Frankie wanted in this one

Texy is day  to  day  once again with 3 stitches in his hand. Not for nothing but how the hell is this guy  gonna grip a bat  with  stitches in his pinky?

Yanks are playing chicken with the train here with no  bench per say, yesterday Jeter and Bubba were the only available players,  gotta hope nobody comes up lame here this weekend vs Cleveland or some pitcher will be playing right field

I know we wanted to  see Mitchell who is up  from SWB pitch, but I’m also looking to  see if Cashman  struck lightning in a bottle grabbing Rogers off the scrap heap. Be nice to  see him piggyback  that  3 inning outing in Boston

So  far in Stripes Rogers has pitched 4 inning, no  runs, 1 hit, 1 BB, 5 K’s BAA 0.77, might as well  keep loading the wagon see if the change of laundry flipped on a switch for the guy. He had 20  starts in Toronto to in 2013 and got bombed, this will be his 1st start  this season

Rogers vs Bauer

the Whole 9

LoHud Post Game


Written by Sal

August 8, 2014 at 8:51 am

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  1. hell of an outing, hell of a 4 game series.. shocked me…let’s keep it going


    August 8, 2014 at 8:52 am

  2. I just love that every column, every talking dickhead, every everything had three Cy’s killing us and the drift was we would be lucky tomwin one !!
    Who is laughin, now ?
    Don Butchini is,,, hate the scribes, and the Waldman’s and your big boobed Brickhouse,,
    You complain about Paulie Warrior and let her blowjob face speak ?? Lol
    Nice game their MosconeBB,,
    Save me some Good Game Karma for my Baltimore sojourn next week, please,,
    Cleveland now,,, I bought Sal a ballcap from there oncepon a Jimmy Buffett show,, rofl,,


    August 8, 2014 at 2:01 pm

  3. Sal your pals from femway declared that Mookie Betts would be seeing more playing time and the next day they sent him to the minors-lol Even the sux announcers were complaining about that!!


    August 8, 2014 at 2:20 pm

  4. lol hey fellas… Yeah Big D, they think Betts is the next Bogaerts lol….. I told those mooks they sent him back so he wouldn’t get exposed as a bust like the rest of those hot shots that came up this yr…

    Donnie lol Paulie knuckle head was much better this week, he’s tolerable when they’re winning

    Do me a favor get me Bricks autograph.. Also make sure you get there early do the tunnel, then get in for BP, I’d hang in the right center field seats try to get in the front two rows, if you get there early enough you can get a good spot, somebody mighty throw you the ball..My lovely wife snatched one from a kid lol when we went down

    She did give the kid the ball, after he cried for a few minutes big baby lol…. you can wander around the place, then go to your seat when the BP is over…. I’ll have more instructions before you leave…


    August 8, 2014 at 5:38 pm

  5. A sensational win! Can’t believe we took 3 out of 4 from CYTOWN USA! Who woulda thunk it? Hopefully, this will breed confidence going forward. I can’t say I agree with the Burnett comparison. A J was a guy with 0 confidence who didn’t know where the hell the ball was going, and panicked at the first sight of adversity! I’m excited about this kid. Saw the difference in him immediately when they brought him up for the second time. I just think the light went on for him recently while he toiled at Scranton. He doesn’t get flustered like AJ, and has shown a good moxie to compete. Looking for bigger things from him. Was very surprised to hear they put Ryan on waivers, maybe pull him back? Anybody hear what’s going on with that move?


    August 8, 2014 at 5:49 pm

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