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Yanks Baltimore Trip, For the Birds

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I don’t know is it me or does Tony have to  yank Kelley with Jones coming up, and bring in Robertson despite it being 2-2 on the road  and he’s your closer?

 Pena already had pushed the envelope sending Betances out for his 3rd inning, a move  every Yankee fan had to like, unfortunately Yankee killer Johnny Schoop smashed his 11th HR, 4th off Yankee pitching with 1 out in the 8th off D-Bet  to  tie the game at  2-2.

Once BB Gun Kelley hit the rubber replacing Betances after the  gut wrenching Tater by Schoop, it was like replacing Halle Berry with Whoopie Goldberg on your man cave  wall calendar  and BB Gun  eventually coughed up  a 3 run Tater with 2 outs  to  the O’s best player Adam Jones.

After Kelley gave up  a 2 out single to Markakis, then  walked Davis, that’s when  you wanna bring in Robertson to  pitch  to Jones the All Star  center fielder, no?  No, Tony stuck  with Kelley and the Yanks will continue to  circle the 2014 drain with their 4th  consecutive loss, highlighted by yet another dismal offensive  performance despite there being a ton of Brand names in the line-up

At 5-2 the game is definitely out of reach, this team mounting a 3 run rally with  3 outs left is a miracle for another season, but if it stays tied at 2-2……..

As it turns out with  1 out in the  9th inning Teixeira walked and Beltran  doubled off elite closer Zack Britton. Headley could only drive in 1 run on a grounder, and Drew continued to play his way out of any Free Agent considerations in NY by ending the game with  a dribbler to 1st base, to  conclude another bad but expected loss 5-3

Shoulda -woulda- coulda, has been the story of this  season, Hal did try to be his father’s son and wasn’t shy about spending his daddy’s inheritance  on upgrading the team. Unfortunately when his father held the reigns, specifically in the 90’s, Stick Michael, Bob Watson,  and the guy in the Orioles dugout last night had built a young core group of players, so  any older Brand names were just  icing on the cake, and not the main  entree.

The Cashman, Hal, Levine Yankees are built with no  foundation, the Brand’s structure has only 1 pillar left  and  it’s 40 years old.  This was supposed to be Jeter’s feel  good smiley face swan  song, expecting  Cappy to carry the team on his back and lead the troops to a fairy tale ending only happens in Hollywood

In this era of saber metric wizardry, batting average is down on the list  of “important stats”, right there with the “useless RBI”, despite the top RBI guys in the history of baseball  being Aaron, Ruth, Bonds and Gehrig. This NY Yankee team has no  qualified AB regulars with even a .280 BA. forget  any memorable RBI totals

Cervelli who  has played in 32 games has 92 AB’s, 101 PA’s is batting .293, Gardner and Ellsbury are .278 and .276 respectively, Jeter is hitting a very soft .270, with a .653 OPS, Texy the big slugger .228, with  a 767 OPS, Beltran .243, with a .299 OBP, Ichiro a part time singles type hitter .277, and McCann .238 with a sub .700 OPS.. That’s a  professionally pathetic display of under achievement.

The new guys brought in by Cashman, (who  was carried off the field like a triumphant hero by the fans and media  after the Yanks started the second half of the season 7-1), have done very little to keep  that  winning streak  alive. Headley, Prado,  and Drew have provided very good defense, but they  haven’t been able to help  propel the offense and consequently 4 straight losses have mounted, 7-10  since the 7-1 start, and the new calvary incremental enhancements look as anemic with a bat in their hands as the new core guys who were money whipped in the off season.

Last night you could see Chris Tillman  didn’t have his A stuff, he looked like Phil Hughes too me, minus the 16  curve balls and the 11 change up’s. He threw 65 fast balls, struck out 5 but didn’t get many swings and misses,  check it out. Tillman still managed to last 7 innings, only 5 hits, and 2 runs that  came on a hung breaking pitch  to Cervelli  who dropped it into  the left field seats for a 2 run  Tater.

It took Tillman 71 pitches to get  the 1st 12 outs, and only 19 pitches to get his last 9, somehow he managed to  get through the 7th inning down  by only 1 run..

Pineda  was good  for 4 innings in his 1st outing since April, but he tired and barely made it through the  5th  inning. He had great  stuff  for the 1st 12 outs, then had a very loud 5th inning giving up  a lead off double, a single, a sac fly, and a bullet that Headley laying out snagged, saving a knock to  escape the inning with only 1 run  scoring and  a very tentative 2-1 lead was  temporarily preserved

Pineda if he can  stay  healthy, and once he builds up his arm  and leg strength looks like a decent starter. If he can  extend what he did for 12 outs to  21 outs, the Yanks might have something like a decent #3 possibly a #2 behind Tanaka.  Add McCarthy and they  can build from there in 2015.. Nova and Sabathia can’t be counted on, and Phelps would be an OK #5 or preferably another bullet in the pen…Yanks need a co Ace to help Tanaka, that’s if he’s even  healthy in  2015.

Tillman had coughed up  a Drew double / Young miss play, a Cervelli HR and a Gardner single in the 3rd inning and they had the O’s Ace on the ropes. He was up  to  23 pitches when Jeter let him off the hook  bouncing into inning ending DP. Yanks had 2 on in the 4th  but Drew petered out, the Bombers had Cervelli on 2nd base in the 7th up  2-1 but Jeter couldn’t get  the insurance run  home

They  picked up  a run in the 9th but Headley and Drew couldn’t get the clutch knocks to keep  the line moving and the boys feel  short by 2 runs

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Blind on Blind Recap


Written by Sal

August 14, 2014 at 7:52 am

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11 Responses

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  1. the problem with Drew he has platoon splits, so tony was screwed with him up in the 9th facing Britton, who you pinch hitting him with?

    once Buck got the the game tied and Betances out, he had the stick, then he used it when jones beat Kelley.. Just not getting enough length out of the starters despite the accolades the replacement pitchers are getting.. once the real starters went down the offense never kicked in gear to pick them up

    The O’s don’t have great starters but they have a great pen and an even better slugging team. The Rays should stop the playoff madness this weekend and YES will have to play the Jeter swan song card for the last 6 weeks

    At least they won’t have to face Archer….so maybe there is a glimmering flash light flickering at the end of the tunnel, we’ll keep lighting candles in the wind.


    August 14, 2014 at 8:07 am


    bull shit, I have more confidence in running Betances out there then maybe D-Rob for 5 or 6 outs if he gets in trouble, Betances is facing the bottom of the order, you want D-Rob to get the underbelly sit down then face the top of the order in a 1 run game in the 9th in Camden? come on Davidoff wake up, that’s a 2nd guess if i ever read one…

    score some fucking runs off a starter who doesn’t have it, how about that???

    how about backing Pineda with Esmil Rogers, let him get you through the 6th….


    August 14, 2014 at 8:14 am

  3. Hal is guaranteeing Arod will be back but not Cashman.. how about dumping both of them

    oh wait he doesn’t owe Cashman any more money and he still owes Arod $61M plus his HR incentives

    Not that we care if Cashman is sent packing, just make sure you bring in somebody other then Eppler Cashman’s protege


    August 14, 2014 at 8:21 am

  4. Well, the Halle Berry for Whoopi Goldberg thing was classic Dawg! As for the game and it’s ramifications, a sobering night. There’s some second guessing going on, but all in all, this team was doomed because of the holes in the bats. We’ve seen this ALL year! This was no surprise. Just a different spin in the clubhouse. Last night, with a 2 game swing in the outcome, placed the final nail in the coffin for 1st place aspirations. This ain’t the ’78 Yanks! I still haven’t given up on a playoff berth, but that flame grows dimmer by the day. Wouldn’t it be something if all of a sudden these guys started hitting to the back of their baseball card? Ah, I can dream…..


    August 14, 2014 at 8:52 am

  5. Hey bondsie, yeah keep the faith,,you never know, let me do the grave digging, and back filling! I can operate a back…

    A more politically correct way to say good night Irene.. blind boy has to be careful, he’s getting paid and he need the hits


    August 14, 2014 at 11:17 am

  6. I’m still missing the point about Girardi panicking who the fuck else was there? DRob for two innings is a shoe in?

    I still think Rogers wouldn’t have been a bad option for the 6th inning
    Harper or Davidoff didn’t mention getting to the 6th inning with Pineda and Roberts maybe that’s a bad idea


    August 14, 2014 at 11:22 am

  7. Apparently Girardi panicking was the theme in the press box, espn said the same thing..maybe Rogers wasn’t with the team yesterday


    August 14, 2014 at 11:49 am

  8. MKay was surprised they were bringing Betances in for the 6th-I guess GeniusJoe did not have enough faith in Rogers or anyone else to hold the lead.Robertson was going to come in for a 4 out save,but when the game was tied,that plan was out the window. He could have had a 6 out save but I guess they did not want to push him or had too much faith in Betances.The pitchers get the blame but the real blame belongs to the offense,you cannot win major league games scoring 2 runs,its like a broken record playing every day with this team.I saw Hals comments,ripping the lack of offense,Aroid coming back-he has to say that or Aroid will sue him-lol-and waiting on deciding about Cashman.Who knows if they really will make a change-they have kept the same lousy scouting and drafting team in place for years with bad results.
    Maybe with Jeter retiring it truly is the end of the dynasty and a genuine change in philosophy can begin.
    But that is for the hot stove league,meanwhile they have to go to Tampa and figure out how to beat the Rays with this horrible offense.They should be happy one of the games was rained out,the Yanks are nowhere near as good a team as the O’s,as sad as that is to say.


    August 14, 2014 at 11:55 am

  9. hey Big D, yeah I’m starting to hear all the reports.. I’m not sure it’s anybody’s fault, they got beat by the better team…. Arod will sue him hahaha….

    thanks for the intel..


    August 14, 2014 at 2:05 pm

  10. Sweeney saying it’s not all Cashman’s fault on the Beltran McCann busts, Hal signed off on it..

    Yeah based on intel from Cashman and Eppler is my guess.. Eppler followed Tanaka around Japan for 5 yr’s or whatever it was, he pitches for Hal for 3 months and he’s out, all for $175M..My guess is Hal had the same info as Eppler so it would be wrong to think he received fallacious information on any medicals..

    I wonder what the med intel is on a guy who throws all those splitters?

    I don’t think Cashman gets fired over the McCann Beltran deals, I think Hal is pissed he has no farm system they he can either use as cost effective players or currency for a big trade like the Stanton deal that will happen in the next 2 yr’s

    Stanton will want Cano money right? that might knock Miami out of the water…


    August 14, 2014 at 4:57 pm

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