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Houston Blasts the Yanks

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The Bad News

Last night the Yanks were 1-9  with RISP, you can make up  for that  type of non clutch  hitting by slamming a few Taters, especially in a ballpark that usually leads baseball’s park factor page in that  stat, and you play 81 games there, so where’s the beef?

One of the Half Billion Dollar Bust Twins Bubba McCann finally found a cookie he could devour, Bubba put the barrel on it, and in the  4th inning, the Yankee catcher gave Beano Capuano  a 2-0 lead with his 14th HR of the season, a two  run  shot off the human Scrabble board Brett Oberholtzer.

Bust Twin number two  didn’t fare as well, per usual.

Mr Met, Carlos Beltran went 0-3 on the night, and in the 8th  inning with the game knotted at 4-4 Ellsbury the streakiest player to  ever suit up in MLB,  led off  with a single.  Texy struck out, but in the process  the  Doughboy stole a base off Fields/Castro, on the throw, the ball hit him in the leg and with 1 out Jake was standing on 3rd base, so  the Astros had the Yanks right where they  wanted them, in a clutch  hitting situation

Unfortunately the word clutch is an  anomoly when it comes to  this 2014 Bomber squad, especially for the mercenaries in middle of the order, or they  wouldn’t be on the Yanks, they’d still be on  the team’s that  didn’t want to pay  them.

Anyway, Beltran had a shot to  give the Yanks the lead going in the 8th inning, but what has become an all to consistent interval, Mr Met hit a ground ball  right at  the drawn in infield, the SS playing 2nd base thanks to  the Bo Porter  shift fielded it and threw out Ellsbury by 15 feet, for the ultimate buzz kill.

The one player  who has gotten hot recently, Martin Prado, ( 6 for his last  11) who  we now like, lol..then followed with a knock, his 3rd of the game, that’s the kind of untimely hitting .500 teams usually fill  the box score with, we’re numb to it by now, in fact we’re shocked when  Beltran  actually earns his $45M

Our guess, and we’re not splitting the Atom here, is the contact play  was on during the Beltran AB. Might as well  go play in traffic, when you see a car, run right at it, then try to make contact, that’s pretty much how that play looked from my perch in the captain’s chair..

The Good News

I’m not sure if a Beltran knock and a 5-4 lead gets it done last night, D-Rob pitching the 9th inning left his game at  some charity event on the off day and he decided to  serve an all or nothing power hitter  with 29 HR’s, now 30, a HR Derby meatball  on a 3-0 count in a Band Box with an open base to  work  with….

“Robison” got the first batter he faced out on a 1 pitch F/7, then he walked 2 straight batters before clearing the runway  for Flight #30

All  you heard was that loud crack of the bat as Chris Carter who  was working on a Platinum Sombrero sent one in flight, it flew business class, complete with  free drinks, a flight attendant, and frequent flyer miles to make it 7-4.. Twelve pitches later, a 1-2-3 bottom of the 9th  against the legendary Chad Qualls the Yanks were in front of the media with their book of  baseball  cliches,

“Those bullpen guys have been operating on a pretty thin line,” manager Joe Girardi said. “Tonight, we weren’t able to get it done. But David’s been about as good as you could be.”

“You know that he’s swinging there,” Girardi said. “You can’t just groove one.

“We’ve got to score more runs,” Mark Teixeira said. “We’ve had two-run leads, but to get a two-run lead in the (fourth) inning doesn’t mean much. You’ve got to keep adding on.”

“I thought we hit some balls pretty decent, but we didn’t get too many hits,” Girardi said. “Prado got the lone hit, I think, with runners in scoring position. I think to win you have to do a better job in those situations.

There were some questionable balls and strike calls by the home plate ump throughout the game, but if you can’t put away  a team playing for 4th place Texas bragging rights while your trying to  stay in a pennant race, then your looking for trouble in all  the right places, and D-Rob found it.

This and That 

How about those Houston Astros who  should be called the Houston Colt 45’s, “let’s be honest” they profile as an expansion team.

They’ve almost doubled their payroll from $26M in 2013 to $50M in 2014…

Despite the no names in the line-up, they do have an All Star 2nd baseman, and last night they were without their big slugging star  rookie George Springer.

They  rank 3rd in HR’s in MLB, tied with Toronto with 141 Taters. The $200M Yanks have 111..

The Yanks have a payroll that  is 4 times what Houston is running out there, further proof that  the secondary free agent contract market is like buying land on a sink hole lot in Fla. Missing the playoffs two  straight years especially with the mulligan 2nd wild card slot in play, this solidifies that poor management decisions by the Hank, Hal, Levine three stooges remake has cost this franchise dearly.

Case in point, instead of ripping up Cano’s 2008 extension after 2011 when the  team  friendly 2 year club option kicked in, they  gloated about having team  control over baseball’s best  slugging 2nd baseman, and their own home grown star. So instead of locking him up in 2012 until he was 35/36 years old, they lost him to free agency in 2014.

Of course a 10 yr deal for a 31 yr old isn’t sound business, I’m not advocating that  move, but the extension or lack there of, is just  bad business in this era

Cano  would be the legit threat and offensive presence  in this line-up, not Beltran, McCann or Teixeira who have all put their primes in the rearview mirror

The next  gaffe will be losing Robertson to free agency, instead of beefing up  the reliever corp and having both Betances and D-Rob, they’ll try to patch work the pen in an effort to get D-Bet the ball in the 9th inning.  Or they might give Robertson a QO, either way your  losing him or paying him $15M for 1  yr, yet  another home grown  star  they might let walk thanks to  some real  antiquated business decisions….

Ellsbury and Prado had 3 hits apiece, Prado is looking very good recently

Gardner, Jeter, Beltran, and Headley went 0-15, Texy and Headley struck out 6 times

The Yanks were 1-9 with RISP, they left 6 men stranded with 2 outs

Seems like the 1st casualty for the Scott Procter award, which  comes with a plaque in centerfield, and your own day, goes to Adam Warren, the kid fought hard all  season but it looks like he could use 10  to  15 days off

The Yanks have a chance to  continue the fake playoff run if they  can  wipe out the mighty Astros in the next  2. They  sit 8.5 behind the O’s for the division, and 4 behind Seattle  and Detroit for the what is becoming the illusive play in game

The Yanks have 4 games left with the Royals and 3 games left with the Tigers, no games left with Seattle. They have 8 games left with the O’s

You decide on the season’s outcome…

the Whole 9

Blind on Blind the Happy Recap


Written by Sal

August 20, 2014 at 8:52 am

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10 Responses

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  1. the losses aren’t tough anymore, they’re like dawn and dusk, except a bit more predictable…..

    The Yanks gave up 7 runs last night, I’m wondering if D-Rob takes the mound with a different mindset had Beltran delivered.. ?

    Or maybe if they could have cashed in with 2 on in the first but Beltran couldn’t get the clutch hit

    Ichiro on 2nd base but Jeter and the doughboy don’t deliver in the 3rd

    After the 2 runs thanks to the Prado double, Prado is on 2nd base with one out and nothing from Bubba and Headley

    and then the famous 8th inning when Carlos Roll Over struck again

    if they would have come through on just 2 of those occasions, maybe the Astros quit on their stool

    maybe tonight… if they don’t have a headache


    August 20, 2014 at 9:00 am

  2. No Heart on this Team except Cap.
    Dellin, then 0


    August 20, 2014 at 9:37 am

  3. Same thing every game,ground hog day at the Stadium.No sooner did Flaherty say they needed a shut down inning from Capuano,the Astros scored.Capuano pitches just well enough to lose.The Astros sent up a lefty pinch hitter with 2 on and the score tied,the perfect time for GeniusJoeLaRussa to bring in his lefty specialist…….but the Yanks lefty specialist was salary dumped to the Nats,leaving Huff and Hill so Warren pitched to him.And promptly gave up a single which Stenchiro compounded by playing bocce with it for 2 runs and 4-2 lead.Just another piss poor night at the plate,hard to win with everyone batting .235 McCann homered,so he is done for the week,probably get an 0-fer tonight,then sit Thursday in the day game.Beltran is just killing this team,they shoud just shut him down and let him have surgery,how many times can someone not come through? Robertson fell victim to the dreaded closer in a tie game scenario,even Mariano had problems.Robertson did the job in Tampa,
    but he is always a heart attack waiting to happen.The Astros are not as bad as people think,they are capable of
    scoring runs,unlike the Yanks.Sherman had an article comparing this team to the 95 Yanks but those guys could at least hit.Vaccaro had an article what would George do-interesting and funny.You know George would have a cow
    with the lack of hitting,at least it would be more entertaining in the papers.


    August 20, 2014 at 11:09 am

  4. lol

    hey fellas

    No Heart Donny, or too hold, yeah, no heart, lets stick with that….fat cats.. good eye.. gotta throw Frankie in there with Betances, he’s good to go in the gut department…

    One reason they didn’t like Cano, they thought he was a cruiser with no passion

    you almost wish this bunch were cruising, but I think it’s as simple as they’re just not that good… not one guy in that line up keeps any pitcher up at night, they can all be pitched to

    one reason Tampa hasn’t done well, it’s my guess Longoria hit the skids this season for whatever reason and with him and Myers off their game they’re as soft as the Yanks

    Melky is up North trying to carry the Jays with Encarnacion out until recently.. Francesa had to eat shit yesterday on Melky, too bad a real Melky fan didn’t get on the phone, coulda smacked Francesa silly, he used to kill the Melk man

    even the Scrubs in Boston have Grand Papi who 2 or 3 times a week juices just enough to wreck a game but not enough to show up in his piss, so he sucks to 3 days a week, you just have to catch him at the right time…

    Big D brilliant rundown, I love it.. Genius Joe LaRussa / the bocce ball tourney hahahahaha


    August 20, 2014 at 1:37 pm

  5. friggin Calipari was ready to tell a Joe B Hall story that would have been great, and Francesa just cuts him off with some BS that he saw being a sideline reporter for CBS..

    the guy just can’t STFU during an interview


    August 20, 2014 at 3:18 pm


    These guys wanted to trade Cano last trade deadline for prospects. Lester was traded for Cespedes.. which makes sense get the slugger for the guy you don’t want to pay, but now they have to either extend Cespedes or pay him after 2015

    they don’t have the balls to trade for Stanton, give up 3 top prospects then pay Stanton $250M for 10yr’s

    knowing Cano is a rental for 2 months, I wonder what the Yanks would have gotten for him?

    unless the team was gonna resign him as a free agent, it probably made no sense to give up top of the line kids

    Sabathia yielded Michael Brantley back in 08 from Milwaukee, but he was a PTBNL lol…, they wanted LaPorta first and foremost

    In addition to LaPorta, a former first-round Draft pick and a fabulous power hitter at Double-A Huntsville, the Brewers gave up Triple-A left-hander Zach Jackson, Class A right-hander Rob Bryson and a player to be named later. According to reports, that player could be reigning Brewers Minor League player of the year Taylor Green, a Class A third baseman.


    August 20, 2014 at 3:28 pm

  7. Mikey Doubleday, the Shark will destroy the Mets today lol

    Mikey pay attention if Jeff Samardzija was any good they wouldn’t have traded their best power hitter for Lester

    Billy Beane may have screwed up his reputation this season, no more movies Billy… He traded his best prospect Addison Russell for Samardzija and Hammels they both have stunk, and they can’t hit anymore without the Cespedes presence in the line-up

    Man I’d love to see them crash and burn….Handing Boston Cespedes was an outrage lol…

    Mikey ought to get into the travel agency business, his best attribute these days is mapping out vacations, that and breaking out his shine box for rich Arabs and White Collar crooks at the race track..

    he is quite entertaining though, it’s like that movie The Producers where it’s so bad people think it’s good

    Mikey became a sensation, he thinks it’s because of his insider knowledge, no mikey your the King of Comedy….

    Didn’t i hear him say all the faux mikey guys will be at Bar-A? that’s priceless, I have to say that will be a good show…

    big D they have a billy Joel tribute band playing not the guy withy the wig hahaha I think you mean South Side Johnny ?


    August 20, 2014 at 4:31 pm

  8. Beltran out of the line-up with a bad elbow lol… Too bad they made him play or he faked playing he’s killed the offense and now they don’t have a replacement, not that they were gonna trade for a power bat at the deadline

    that Cespedes deal is looking better and better, I hope Boston doesn’t extend him and sign Castillo


    August 20, 2014 at 4:34 pm

  9. Yes Sal it was southside johnny,that gidrool with the bad wig.I read somewhere that Castillo cannot sign until the end of the month,he may not be eligible for the post season.All the fake Francesas and the group from Francesacon will be at Bar-A and he will do the ice bucket challenge-I just want to see his hair messed up.Now Beltran is out with a sore elbow! This team just careens from one crisis to another.


    August 20, 2014 at 6:53 pm

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