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Prado Of The Yankees

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I was chopping wood the other day listening to  the old trusty AM Grundig radio when Martin Prado  hit a HR, and Glaucoma John who hasn’t had too many HR calls to schtick, went into  song and dance, and  in his best Gleason impression bellowed out,  “It’s the Prado of the Yankees”

It was so  bad it bordered on pure genius, Ma and Pa Pinstripe’s game is so defective they’ve managed to  corner the market on being exceptionally unique, and I’m a real  sucker for that  type of stuff, I lump Big Mikey 21 into  that  same category, yet another off spring of The Producers…

Anyway last night Martin Prado  did it again, a two  run Tater, then the walk off knock,  and that’s 3 wins in row, break  up  the Yanks…

Prado  is a 30 yr old native of  Maracay, Aragua, Venezuela, he’ll be 31 in October, and along with his ability to play  3  or 4  positions he’s signed for 2 more years @ $11M per. He was labeled a good clubhouse dude, and now that  we’re seeing and hearing him, it appears we have another Frankie Cervelli on our hands, another gutty  player with stones the size of boulders who puts the team  first, his running partners 2nd and himself 3rd

A week into his Yankee tenure things weren’t going so  well for Prado, they hit bottom during the 5 game losing streak  when he logged a 1 for 17 line, Blind Boy of RAB tweeted “Prado stinks but at least he stinks at  4 positions” I didn’t just  shovel  dirt on him, I broke out the Tony Soprano backhoe and dumped  a yard and a half of graveyard sand on the guy

In the last 6 games Prado  has gone 9  for 24, with 2 HR’s, 3 doubles, 7 RBI’s, the Yanks are 4 and 2 in that span, plus he’s played a very solid 2nd base in all  6 games, and for the first  time all  season  the loss of Cadillac Cano hasn’t stung quite as bad for me.

The Cano cut is deep, but if Prado  can get his game in gear, it will at least stop  the bleeding. Baseball is the ficklest of all  sports, they play  every day it seems for 6 months, and the margin for error increases, and when you have so much emotion involved as a fan the bigger picture gets clouded.

The first  2 games of the Houston  series just  about blinded our pre season delusions of grandeur, the thought of October baseball melted like a Spring snow, winning 4 out of 6 vs the Rays Astros and White Sox hasn’t really restored my faith in a Wild Card spot, but it’s a lot more fun watching players like Cervelli  and Prado  will some energy and confidence back into  the weary troops

Shane Greene had a rocky start to  this game, it was 3-0 before he registered an out in the 1st inning thanks to the Cuban Missile Jose Abreu’s 3 run Tater that  just made it over the outstretched glove of Brett the Face in left field. Right there with the way  this offense doesn’t respond you thought the game was over. Cervelli to  the rescue once again, he nursed the kid through the inning, then you watched him run over to  a despondent Greene on the bench and like a good fight trainer he pepped the kid up and apparently got him back in focus.

Cervelli has been metaphorically  worth McCann money  this season, we’re not sure how he would fare  playing everyday, and with McCann in the mix we won’t get to  that point, but the Yanks have the best back up  catcher in baseball. We can only hope Cashman  doesn’t get  any bright ideas, and because of Frankie’s injury record flip him in  a package while his value is sky high, there is no metric stat for what Cervelli  brings to  the dance

Greene got his pitches working, per Brooks Baseball, 53 of his 92 pitches were sinker, cutter, he only threw 11 change-ups, and he only subtracted 6 MPH off the fast ball , but he got a higher percentage of whiffs on that pitch then any of his 5 different grips.

When his sinker is working he’s unhittable, when his slider lays flat guys like Abreu send it on a journey of no return. It looked like he got the ball  down after the 1st inning and he kept Chicago at  3 runs, his line, only 5 innings, 9 hits, 3 runs, 7 K’s, 2 BB’s

Despite coughing up  4 singles, and 2 walks in his next 4 innings, he did manage to  strike out the side in the 3rd, and he induced 2 DP’s to bail himself out of trouble

Joey Day Care yanked him just in time and Machine Gun Kelley 1.1 innings, Betances 1.2 innings, and D-Rob 1 inning held Chicago  scoreless for 4 innings on 2 hits

Give McCarthy  gets an  assist for pitching a complete game on Thursday, preserving the big earner arms in the pen. We need Kuroda to give them length today, we don’t want to  see too much of the bull pen underbelly that’s for sure.. The Bomber pitchers picked up  13 K’s on the night, that’s a lot of missed bats.

The Bad

In the first, Ellsbury and Teixeira left Gardner at second. In the second with the bases loaded, Gardner popped out to end the inning. In the seventh, the score remained tied as Ellsbury and Prado left Gardner at second

The Good

The Yankee offense was Prado’s 2 run Tater in the 3rd, a HBP, Gardner, Jeter single and an Ellsbury double in the 5th tied it.. The Yanks had a chance to blow it open with 2nd and 3rd no outs but Texy and Prado struck out, and Bubba popped up, a very bad sequence that  called for a quick libation fix.

An Ichiro  single and Gardner sac bunt, 2 walks, set up  the Prado  winning knock in the 9th

The Don B will be in attendance today to help retire Joe Torre’s number, keep  a close eye on the proceedings, there’s a good chance the Don  will have Pa Pinstripe and Mikey Applegate kidnapped and don’t be surprised if he’s doing the MC work

I’m out on the road and will miss this one, back  tomorrow, enjoy

the Whole 9

the Happy Night Cap


Written by Sal

August 23, 2014 at 8:25 am

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  1. keep loading the wagon boys, lets get another one today

    good to see Cano and the boys whack Boston, despite it hurting the Yanks

    they have a hop in their step grabbing Castillo, let’s hope he’s not all that.. At a $10M AAV that’s a cheap date if he can play at all…

    back sunday enjoy


    August 23, 2014 at 8:27 am

  2. On Metro-North, now,,
    Ossining,, nxt stop 153rd & Rivera Ave,,
    Play Ball,,,,


    August 23, 2014 at 9:58 am

  3. that’s not the image i wanted to project Donny, your supposed to be getting out of a stretch limo, signing autographs…


    August 23, 2014 at 10:07 am

  4. Sal signing Castillo really means Bradley and Mookie Betts can’t cut it,who knows what he can really do in the majors. Prado has looked better at 2nd than rf,its pretty much put Drew on the bench where he looks like he belongs.Instead of trading Cervelli,maybe the Yanks can try and ditch McCann-lol Saw the Joe Torre ceremonies,very nice,I loved Joe,those were the days,right fellows? Very surprised Jeter not in the starting lineup today-how can he rest him today with that huge crowd there? Thats why they call him


    August 23, 2014 at 1:32 pm

  5. Dallas–agree with you 100 % on Torre. He knew how to manage people, communicate with them and deal effectively with the media. I think it was clear today based on the expressions on their faces what many of his players, especially Posada, thought of him. He didn’t need a loose leaf binder to make a decision.
    The guy they have now can leave tomorrow as far as I am concerned. I know that won’t happen though.


    August 23, 2014 at 3:11 pm

  6. hey fellas, I unfortunately missed joe day, but i did watch as much video as I could early this morning, and it was definitely an emotional day, couldn’t agree more with you both on all accounts

    If I can digress with one thought, both Joe and Hal married way up, and I’m not sure what family tree they’re growing on but Joey T has some very pretty female grandchildren

    On Castillo, the Red Sox like the Yanks missed out on Chapman, Cespedes, Abreu, and Puig, and unfortunately they had the salary flex to grab Castillo, if the other 4 are any indication, this kid might be a player

    Boston is putting together a pretty good hitting OF, especially if Craig restores his brief heyday, I’ve always wanted Cespedes so what a drag seeing him in Red, and I’m smitten with Cuban and Dominican players so anytime a touted player gets scooped up and it’s not our team, I get pissed off, but yes we don’t know what this kid can do

    Boston is colluding against secondary contracts, but apparently it’s only secondary contracts that start with the age of 30

    As for Bradley he’s lost value no doubt, I think Betts will be a very good trade chip, and just watching him play the OF there is a learning curve that might take a while, maybe longer then they wanted to spend, and Pedroia has 2nd base blocked

    Boston might be gearing up for a Hamels trade although I just checked on Utley’s contract and it reads like this

    14:$15M, 15:$10M, 16-18:$15M vesting options ($2M buyout for 2016)
    2015 salary increases by $5M to $15M with 15 days or less on disabled list with knee injury in 2014
    options guaranteed with 500 plate appearance in previous season
    if option does not vest, it becomes a club option valued between $5M and $11M, based on days spent on the disabled list in previous season
    full no-trade protection

    not sure what they do with Utley, if they keep him and work through the contract that blocks Betts at 2nd base

    Then we have the Stanton situation and Betts could be in that package, unless we think getting the Cubans ends their pursuit of Stanton

    With Cespedes having only 1 more yr on his deal, it’s conceivable they let him walk, I don’t think they can offer him a QO, and I forget why, I’ll have to look it up if I can find it, but i think I read it someplace

    Stanton has 2 more yr’s before he hits free agency, you just don’t want to see them land that guy, and they have a shit load of over hyped prospects, especially with Bogaerts not panning out yet, it’s possible he is in the mix to get traded

    I found this scouting report on Castillo

    they will also need pitching so maybe they’re set in the OF, and won’t want to pay Stanton, Cano money, and they try to make a trade instead of going after Shields, Scherzer or Lester

    thanks for the intel fellas


    August 24, 2014 at 7:50 am

  7. sal

    August 24, 2014 at 9:58 am

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