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If you’re looking for half-full glasses, Jeter tallied an acceptable .289/.340/.320 slash line in July, and he’s just one month removed from that. He’s .320/.397/.449 lifetime in September. And he actually began lifting the ball a little more on the road.

Glass half full, glass half empty, time to put up or shut, when the rubber meets the road, the shit is hitting the fan, when the going gets tough, the tough get going, that’s what  the 2014 Marathon MLB season has now come down to, a series of idiomatic proverbs

It’s a long way  from February when we spent everyday  trying to  figure out how Cashman  and Hal  would build the 2014 Yankees 1 year  removed from the everyday tedium of reading how Junior wanted to reach the unreachable $189M payroll goal in an effort to beat  the 50 cents on a dollar luxury tax Bud and his band of merry men, all  rival owners voted into  their new CBA.

Hal  blew that concept up like a July 4th  firecracker once he came to the realization that 1. Cashman  and crew had dropped the ball on developing  cost effective farm hands, and 2. The long term contracts the Yanks signed in 2009, plus the insidious Hank  / Arod deal in 2008  had come home to roost on the dreaded back end in 2013.

No doubt Bud, Artie Moreno and the owners group slammed a Louisville Slugger  to  the Yankees knees with that Luxury Tax penalty, but in the advent of long term  guarantee contracts, a concept the Yanks were the front runners in thanks to  their family baseball business DNA  and deep revenue streams that allowed such a luxury, it was way  too late for Hal to  want to be the Tampa Bay Rays or the KC Royals

They did have a chance to be the Boston Red Sox but refused to dump Teixeira and Sabathia on the Dodgers in late 2012. Hal  and Levine could have been the Tampa Bay Rays but refused to  rip up Cano’s extension in 2011 and let their best player work  for $13M and $15M options when they  could have at  the age of 27 extended him until he was 35 yr’s old for a lot less then the $240M the Mariners gave Cadillac Cano.

Anyway that’s all  water in the basement, we as a fan base got the 09 Ring thanks to Sabathia, Texy, Burnett, the last decent baseball lives of Al Roid, Matsui, Damon, a younger Cappy , the ever present Mo Rivera, and an emerging star in Cano

2013 was the ultimate Sonny in a toll booth season, thanks to Hal’s misguided financial plan.

In 2014 Hal  threw down a half a billion in an effort to get some juice back in his slumping ratings, but unfortunately shelling out all  that  dough to  4 big ticket items left the team  top heavy with Brand names but lacking in  salary flexibility to create depth on the 40 man roster.

The plan B for Sabathia’s  obvious decline was Tanaka, 2 thumbs up, replacing Cano with Ellsbury was dumbfounding, but, they had to  do  something once  it was obvious Cano  was gonna get his 10 Yr deal  somewhere else.

 $153M for 7 yr’s  is a bit extreme, could of had him for a lot less, but whatever, they paid retail on his 2013 5.3 WAR.

I can’t speak for anybody else but I bought the McCann hype, I would have gone for Martin @ $17M for 2 yr’s the year  before, but once Hal  blew up  the budget I thought what  the hell,  we might get  3 great yr’s out of Bubba, and we still might, but it’s gonna have to  come later not sooner, he’s been a bust in yr 1

Beltran 5 yr’s ago would have been a good deal, that  was flat out bad intel  judging by the way he looks on the field, but again with Hal blowing up  the budget, you thought if it doesn’t pan out they’ll  do  what’s necessary to  replenish, but with  who in this post PED not many sluggers to pick from  era?

Mathematically the Yanks are still in the Wild Card Race, Seattle is having trouble hitting, Detroit like the Yanks are inconsistent, and like the Bombers, the Tigers are top heavy with not much  depth.  The Indians can make a run like they  did in 2013 or they  could slip  and fall. The Royals are a good young team but they’re swimming in the deep  end of the pool for the first  time so they’re an enigma too

The Bombers despite the obvious warts, have somehow managed to  run  this marathon and stay  within  striking distance of a play in game until September 1st. So  the question comes up  again, were they laying in the weeds waiting for the last 27 games where they  probably have to  win 20 of those games? Or are they out of gas and have been pushing the Yankee Bandwagon off the Interstate in an  effort to  find the illusive gas station?

“When I was younger, I always felt like I stayed strong during the long season,” Mark Teixeira said Sunday, before the Yankees closed their August with a disheartening, 4-3 loss to the Blue Jays at Rogers Centre. “I worked really hard in the offseason. I just felt like everyone else was wearing down and I stayed strong.

“But the last few years have probably been a little different. I didn’t play very much in 2012 and I didn’t play at all last year. I’m actually interested to see how I feel this year.”

Let’s hope this is the last  season Cashman  counts on Texy, next yr a back up plan needs to  be in place, not a bunch of players who have never guarded the first base pillow in their entire careers.

On Sunday, Teixeira went 0-for-4 with three strikeouts to tie the bow on a .193/.276/.307 August. Earlier this season, he at least displayed some pop when healthy. And as he pointed out himself, his career September numbers of .293/.379/.562 were compiled what feels like a lifetime ago.

It’s also obvious Jeter should be batting  8th,  but the hope is for a Hollywood ending, and he’s your #2 hitter down the stretch, he’s putting fannies in the seats and he’s deserved the pedigree treatment, next year the team  won’t be in this position on the field, any other player in baseball is in the bottom 3 in the order at  crunch  time

Jeter actually was enjoying an acceptable, if diminished, retirement campaign before everything fell apart in August. He went .207/.226/.261, stirring up more discussion about whether Joe Girardi should finally drop Jeter in the Yankees’ lineup. Girardi indicated to me during this just-completed road trip that he wouldn’t be doing that.

So  the NY Post has set the tone, Veteran Bombers could give us a September for the ages

The Marathon is in the last stretch, no more “we have time” quotes from the clubhouse, no more stock in the Girardi White House like  press conferences after an  excruciating loss, in come the last place Red Sox with only 1 pitcher that has any MLB credibility intact, Buchholz, and he pitched on Sunday. Tonight they get Joe Kelly who  was a promising youngster for the Cardinals but came east  in the Lackey deal. Wednesday  and Thursday are still TBD’s. The Yanks counter with Greene tonight, Kuroda on Wed, and Beano Capuano on Thursday

Six more games follow at home, 3 vs the Royals, and 3 vs the Rays. Then the O’s, Rays, Jays and Boston round out the month

So far the Yanks have proven to be what Bill Parcels said they  are, a 5 game over .500 average squad. They’ll have to  defy the 135 game sample size of mediocrity to make the playoffs.

OK, I’m a team player, let’s get it on


Written by Sal

September 2, 2014 at 9:13 am

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  1. Maybe the only thing Sterling has said that makes sense this season is him breaking down the last 27 games in three 9 game increments,

    go 7 and 2 in each phase.. since they can’t seem to win more then 6 or 7 in a row that somehow makes sense, and it would give them 91 wins

    Let’s start by sweeping the dirt under the rug and wipe out Boston, hopefully Pedroia is out with the precautionary concussion thing, he kills the Yanks, as does Ortiz and Napoli, and now they have Cespedes ready to hit any mistake to Westchester county

    what scares you is they are pitching guys the Yanks haven’t seen much of if at all, so we may not have to worry about a prolonged winning streak


    September 2, 2014 at 9:32 am

  2. Very strange that the Yanks did not play on Labor Day.But maybe the way they played in Toronto,it may have been a good thing.The Jays were the Yankees biggest patsies early in the season,now the Jays won their 3rd straight series vs the Yanks.Every game seems to be the worst loss,to think they are somehow going to go 7-2 is something out of crack pipe dream.They will do what they have done all season,win a few,lose a few,etc. The best thing about facing the sux is no weekend games,no FOX Saturday,no NESPN Sunday night,just 3 regular games during the week.Check out Klapisch’ article on the Yanks-he has some incredible numbers that will make you start drinking heavily after reading.I was hopeful they would bring up some exciting youngsters-if they actually have any-but they are worrying about the 40 man roster and rule 5 draft,so we will be seeing the same old stiffs being brought back again-Almonte,Whitley,Claiborne,John Ryan Johnson Jones Smith Murphy. The Mariners suspended
    Montero,maybe we could borrow him for a few weeks.The sux are garbage,they can hit,but they have no pitching at all-unfortunately,the Yanks can’t hit.Foot ball starts this week-lol I hope you guys saw the Jennifer Lawrence,
    Kate Upton/Verlander pics-much better than Yankee baseball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    September 2, 2014 at 10:19 am

  3. hey Big D, i didn’t see the nude babes, but I’ll look for them

    yeah same old farm hands agree

    also agree them starting to win 9 in a row 8 in a row is a pipe dream

    thanks for the tip on Klap I’ll dig it up..


    September 2, 2014 at 1:17 pm


    why is it Girardi’s job to drop Jeter in the line-up?

    Have Cashman and Hal join in and all 3 talk to him

    and really after the 3 new guys get on base who’s driving them in Texy, Bubba, Beltran and son? they all suck


    September 2, 2014 at 1:19 pm

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