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Yanks Get Socked

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From the minds eye of  the Red Sox and their media, Shane Greene didn’t pitch his worse game as a pro, the pitch Brett Gardner went anger management on wasn’t in another zip code like Brett the Face and Joey Day Care claimed it was, the Brand names in the line-up weren’t washed up has beens, like we Yankee fans know they are, nope  their headlines are

Legally lethal: Bogaerts, Betts rake in rout

Youth served: Sox duo power Bronx beatdown

Something about the Red Sox and Shane Greene, he stinks when he sees the Boston laundry, CC Sabathia was the same way, lets put it this way, if Greene had the same stuff vs Boston  as he had in his last outing vs Detroit, the headlines in Boston  wouldn’t be so delusional.

The Red Sox have been sleepwalking most of the season, they’ve scored the least amount of  runs in the AL, that might change in the next  2 days, after breaking out that  can  of Ass Whip  on the Band Aid Bombers they’re only 4 runs away  from passing NY for the worst offense in the AL

The Red Sox aren’t as good as the 9 run explosion stated, Shane Greene isn’t as bad as his 2.2 innings, 6 hits, 6 runs, 2 BB, HBP, 3 K’s, 2 HR’s line indicates, but the Yankee offense pretty much is what we saw, sans the garbage time HR by Bubba McCann off the burnt out 40 yr old closer Koji Uehara, they  flat out are not a good baseball  team.

The NY Post wants you to  trust your eyes, and stop  whistling past the graveyard. The Daily News puts a decent perspective on the pitch that let Joe Kelly off the ropes in the 5th

Gardy Is Tardy

Home plate umpire Tim Timmons punches him out on a 2-2 Joe Kelly pitch that appears to be outside, although a replay shows it was hardly in the next zip code as both Gardner and Joe Girardi suggested.

Too me Gardner was in-between on Kelly all night, he never took the bat off his shoulder in the 1st inning strike out, 5 pitches went by, Gardner was like a hog looking at  a wrist  watch, same thing he does when he gets on first  base. Yeah called strike 3 was borderline at  the knees, gotta waste that pitch if your gonna be the new Face of the Yankees Brett.

In Gardner’s 2nd AB in the 4th inning he took a slider low and away, then missed a 2 seam fastball that  tailed back over the plate and didn’t sink, The Face fouled off the pitch, he was late on the swing.

The 3rd pitch of the AB was low and way inside, another 2 seamer, the 4th pitch in this sequence was predictably low outside after Kelly came inside the previous offering, pitching 101, Kelly got the call, Greg Maddux style, could have gone either way. The punch out came when Gardner just  confusingly flailed at  a 59 foot curve ball  that  dropped off the table.

To  say Kelly worked him over is an understatement, to  say Gardner wasn’t getting the borderline calls was an equally salient observation. The Gardzilla coup de grâce came in the 5th inning with Kelly looking for the 3 minute round to  end and his 7-3  lead still intact, while the anemic Yankee offense faked a rally.

Beltran and Son led off with a single, Bubba McCann finally used his head and laid down a bunt against the shift, plan B was to hit into  a DP, so good move by Bubba. Prado  then hit what looked like an F/7 from my vantage point, but Cespedes somehow lost his mind and the fly ball  landed next to him or slightly over his head. Beltran was closer to  2nd base then 3rd base thinking it’s an innocuous F/7 until it wasn’t, too late. Prado never looked at the runners ahead of him, and next thing you know Bubba is standing on 2nd base, and Prado  is caught in between 1st and 2nd.

The crime got pinned on Beltran by the booth, and it sure looked that  way, until  we saw the replay  and Prado was equally wrong by not watching the play and running with his head down, teams struggling do  that  type of stuff.  Eight years ago Beltran legs out his misread but those days are gone, and Cespedes has a rocket for an arm, plus your 6 runs down, great hit, but bad read  by Prado and Beltran

“Prado was looking at the ball, and that’s going to happen, that’s normal,” Girardi said. “But you also have to look at the people in front of you.”

Frankie forced a bases loaded RBI base on balls, 7-2. Ellsbury hit one on the screws but right at SS for the 2nd out. Cappy legged out a slow grounder to SS to make it 7-3, then Brett the Face came up  with the bases juiced and the fake play off run on the line

Outside paint, strike one looking, a get me over 2 seamer Gardner could have slapped to left field but instead tried to get the count in his favor and he looked at strike 1. Keep in mind Timmons had a strike zone the size of your next electric bill. Next 2 pitches way off the plate, then an un-hittable swing and miss at  an outside change up, Kelly obviously staying away  from the inner half, knowing Gardner wants to  tie it with  1 swing, and those right field seats were begging for some company

Kudos to O’Neill who noticed Gardner flying open and a bit anxious, Kelly wasn’t a good match-up  for the Face for some reason, he just  wasn’t guessing right on any of the 15 pitches he saw in 3 AB’s. He took 11 of the 15 pitches some  justifiably off the plate, some an umps judgement call.

Strike 3 was a bit off the plate, to close to  take, and had Gardner been in sync he would have wasted the pitch like we’ve seen him do  a million  times, but it wasn’t in the cards last night.

Was the pitch a ball, hell yes, was it too close for comfort, obviously yes with the way Timmons was calling the game. Did Gardner have a beef, yep, should he have checked his emotions, nope, That’s Baseball Suzyn. Inning over, and the last chance to  dance for the Bombers

Yanks Hit Their Limit

The Yanks scored 4 runs, on most nights that’s an offensive explosion, but last night Greene never gave them  a chance. Two of the four tallies came on Taters, and rocket bomb off the bat of Prado in the 3rd with the score 7-0 and a garbage time HR by McCann in the 9th, with the Yanks down 9-3 at  the time

The other 2 runs came on a bases loaded walk and the Cappy dribbler to SS, the Taters were an  anomaly, the manufactured scratched out runs the norm.

The loss put the Yanks 5 games  out of the Wild Card with 26 games left, so  we’re looking at  a 21 and 5 run for the Bombers to get to 91 wins. Soon the TV booth and the YES network talking zombies Bourbon Bob, Bryl-Cream Curry, and whatever old time Yankee icon they  drag in there to talk  about the glory days can start waxing about Cappy’s career and stop  talking about a playoff run.

By September 7th  when they hand out the Jeter patches that the team will  wear on their laundry and the fan base will  shell out big bucks for the once in a lifetime souvenir, Girardi  can  actually without trepidation state he is managing the Captain’s farewell tour and not a playoff team.

Yes sir the fat lady is being wheeled into  the Stadium as we speak, as soon as she polishes off the donuts in the green room she’ll be crooning

It Don’t Mean A Thing If It Ain’t got That Swing

the whole 9

the Fugly ReCap


Written by Sal

September 3, 2014 at 8:48 am

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8 Responses

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  1. the Yanks top 4 hitters went 1 for 15, 1 for 16 counting the useless Stephen Drew hitting in place of the Face

    gotta pin this one on Greene though, somehow if he’s on his game Boston goes quietly into the night

    we can get some payback from all the chest bumping going on in Boston if Kuroda pitches his A game and the Yanks work their kid Ranaudo, who has good stuff, cold be another tip your capper


    September 3, 2014 at 9:01 am

  2. As Bob Page used to say on the MSG newscast,”another stinker at the stadium”.


    September 3, 2014 at 9:30 am

  3. It’s gotten to the point that when I see some of these player’s faces up at bat, that I get physically upset. Much like the feeling I had for my ex-wife in the last year of our marriage before the divorce. Especially the comedy team of Beltran and Son starring Bubba McAnn. Just seeing them in the batter’s box is upsetting! Also, I posed this question last night. WTF is a Chaz Roe and why is he here and pitching in that game? Checked his stats, and still can’t see why he’s here. He won’t be here next year, that’s for sure, so why did we have to see his face last night? Why not one of the kids they brought up? How come Bryl Cream Curry didn’t bring this up during the eulogy in the post game?


    September 3, 2014 at 10:02 am

  4. Just read Sherman’s scathing column on Jeter. Seems as though he’s blaming Jeter for everything short of the plague! A very unfair article by Sherman. But let’s not forget, this isn’t the first time Sensei has gone after Jeter. This has been going in for years! Even 2 years ago, when Jeter led the Major Leagues in hits, Sherman went on and on during the course of the year about the Yanks playing a 38 yr old SS. And when would the time come for him to play another position. Even during that season, every time a slump occurred, Sensei was off to the Jeter battering races. I don’t know what it is with Jeter & Sherman, but over the last few years I believe he’s taken him to task and trashed him more than any other Yankee, including the manager. Stirring all this crap up by Sherman and others ( Always off another culprit) is a low rent way to sell newspapers. Fuck’em all!!!


    September 3, 2014 at 10:59 am

  5. Hey boys salient content per usual

    Sherman and all of them get more mileage out of nailing Jeter then say anybody else.. the NY blogs are also killing Jeter, twitter ect.. these media guys live on Twitter they have their street cred at stake and going after Cappy gets them deep rooted in internet hits

    Jeter is the lightning Rod bondsie he gets the most action, we all know it’s the middle of the order, and again even if the top 3 get on base who’s driving them home?

    I politely had to remind the Red sox fans this morning on one of their highly visited websites just how fortunate they were that Greene didn’t pitch last night like he did 5 days ago against a much better Detroit offense

    I also had to politely explain why Jeter is not dropped in the line-up or out of it completely

    It’s the bottom line, boston just gutted their team and won’t pay anybody over 30yr’s old for a long term, so they should know about bottom lines and the cash register

    hang in there boys and let’s enjoy the Caps last month in Stripes, the bashers are gonna miss him when he’s gone


    September 3, 2014 at 11:17 am

  6. RAB Mikey has his expert “take” today on everything. He goes after Jeter hard and I think he’s wanted Ichiro executed for the last two years. According to blind Boy, Gardner is St. Peter and there is no wrong that he can do. Me? I’ll maybe give Evel Knievel credit in time to come when he hits at least .280. gets more than 150 hits in a season, scores 100 runs and has more than one season with an on base percentage of more than .350. It would also be nice if he struck out less than Mickey Mantle ever did in one season. That number would be around 126 or so.
    sorry, I can’t go apeshit over a career .268 hitter with the above numbers who is also the worst baserunner for a sppedster in Yankee history. The RAB bloggers and many of the writers go nuts over Gardzilla. I heard he was slotted third in the order because he’s hot right now. Hot? He had one three hit game and gets great credit for that. Otherwise, his numbers since August are. as Mi8key 21 would scream, “atrocious.”
    And then on the other side of the river, there’s the Grandyman. Anyone looking at his body of work in the last two months?


    September 3, 2014 at 12:48 pm

  7. Nooger its not a body,its a corpse. If you want to kill Jeter for anything its charging outrageous prices for his autograph,along with all the special promotions concerning his retirement.Brandon Steiner and his band of thieves are selling everything,including game worn pubic hairs of the captain.


    September 3, 2014 at 2:11 pm

  8. hey Noogsie lol great stuff.. Has mikey 21 rolled off Grandy’s bandwagon yet lol.. he wanted him maybe he should pay him…..

    Brett the Face, Gardy another pitch just went by you, this ump wants to hit the hotel porn marathon on the Playboy channel, his strike zone is in beat the clock mode

    Good intel on the merc Big D, hopefully Cappy is cashing in for his charity’s…Wait until Aroid hits the bricks next Spring Training, the media has already admitted they love this stuff


    September 3, 2014 at 4:49 pm

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