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Love In An Elevator

The NFL had to  suspend one of their many thugs yesterday, Ray Rice, who knocked out his then girlfriend, now wife in an elevator.. The NFL is as wrong here as the bitch Rice was, claiming they  never saw the intel, which if you believe that  your one of the 1 or 2 people on the planet that think  the 2014 Yanks are a playoff team

Too bad we don’t have the audio of what  Rice, who had to be drunk at  the time, was saying while his girlfriend was laid out between the elevator door and the hotel hallway. The travesty here is not only Rice laying a left hook on her chin, when he could have simply grabbed her arm as she came at him during an  argument, but the teflon Commissioner Roger Goodell who  has more thugs under his watch  then the Warden at Folsum only giving him a 2 game suspension

the NFL is littered with nitwits like Rice, the real problem is he probably doesn’t think he did anything wrong, he watched his old man smack his mother around as a kid

The few thugs that are faux evolved like the Reverend Ray Lewis say no man should put his hands on a woman,

Right Ray, as long as the woman is your mother, sister or daughter, the wife or the girlfriend on the other hand should just obey my command or I’m gonna put the bitch in her place

When does the illusion of NCAA football being  a division of scholastic sports stop, and  become the NFL’s professional minor leagues?

I Can’t Believe They Didn’t Hit

Nice that Joel Sherman is alerting us that  the Bombers are in deep  shit now and for a few more years. And of course GM Brian Cashman  has found the results inexplicable.

It feels as though if this season were played out 100 times, this would be the worst possible outcome for the offense.

Cashman didn’t realize with a roster full of older players in the post PED era that guys like Beltran, Teixeira, Ichiro, Jeter, next year A-Roid, players already past their prime like McCann  and Headley, guys with no  track  record like Solarte and Ryan weren’t gonna be able to  catch  up  to  a fastball  exceeding the 94 MPH speed limit?

Not only did he bring in players who have seen their better days, he paid them like they  were still filling the back of the baseball  card with numbers worth  their contract value. Why?

So not one player saw the benefit to  hit against  the endless shifts? Teixeira said he doesn’t get paid to hit singles, no  and you don’t get paid to  hit  .224 .323 .415 .738 either dude. Don’t these guys realize a constant diet of knocks the other way where nobody is stationed to  catch the ball might have ceased and destroyed the 3 defensive players positioned perfectly in their wheelhouse on the right or left side of the infield?

“You’re always searching for ways to make things better, but as far as the routine we’ve done throughout the years, I think it’s worked in the past and you can’t get too far away from it,” Long said. “It’s like a player who’s had several good years, you don’t want to change too much and get away from what’s worked before.”

OK so K Long didn’t want to  change anything, despite the defenses making an  enormous adjustment throughout baseball  this season. The intel on hitters was vast, their stubbornness to make the adjustment to  defend against it was equally vast, so  advantage  pitcher and the defense

We also see an influx of big time power arms in baseball now, and it’s obvious the older the player the slower his bat speed through the zone, so  what  does Cashman  do, he buys more old players in an effort to  tail drag the fact he hasn’t developed  1 single home grown offensive contributor to  this 2014 team

And it’s not like some high profile prospects are knocking at  the door. Long doesn’t have Hall of Fame players either juicing or in their prime anymore, to not help  these guys make that  adjustment is borderline neglect punishable by a pink  slip, but then  again the GM is coming back and look  what he’s giving him to  work  with..

Bad Ass

To  say something is bad ass, in today’s American slang means it’s off the charts good, or is it?

Tip Your Cap Night

The Yanks lead the league in hat tipping, they bolstered that  distinction over the weekend getting shut out twice in 3 games vs the Royals. Tonight they  face hat tipper extraordinaire Chris Archer  who owns them

Somebody quick call Pete Rose or Mike Francesa, throw down the farm

I’d take the over that  we get the third shutout in the last 4 games


Written by Sal

September 9, 2014 at 8:40 am

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  1. Maybe Archer will get hurt on his first pitch, too bad the Rays didn’t trade of a cooked Koji Uehara, the boys would stand a chance tonight


    September 9, 2014 at 8:49 am

  2. Maybe if they’re still in town, we can get Bernie, O’Neill, Tino, Posada, and Matsui to play tonight. Can’t be any worse than what we’ve been seeing all year.


    September 9, 2014 at 9:37 am

  3. The Jeter ceremony was nice,the play of the team was disgusting.Losing 2 of 3 to KC,getting shut out twice,losing both games with unearned runs was hard to watch.Yankee defense has been awful all season,this weekend it was rock bottom.Greene needs to spend the offseason in pitchers fielding practice,this guy is a train wreck as a fielder-no excuse for that,the coaches need to put him to work.
    McCant went 4-4,everyone said he is on track.I may be mistaken,but I don’t think he got a hit the rest of the week.He still sucks.Perhaps the most frustrating aggravating thing was having Drew,with his .150 ba as the dh!!! How the fuck could anyone in their right mind put him in as dh?? GeniusJoe should have been drug tested immediately after the lineup was posted.I am thankful that football has started,it has distracted me from the abomination that is the Yankees.I did not even know they didn’t play Monday!!
    I thought the series with the Rays started Monday,was surprised when it was not on tv-lol When the
    home stand began,the experts said they needed to go 7-2=so far they are 3-3-not good. I am really afraid that the team is running out of gas,and may be buried even worse in the standings especially after playing
    4 vs the O’s-I hope I am wrong. GARDY is injured,Cervelli has headaches and can’t play so things are
    really not looking good.But I will continue to watch and hope for the best,this season has just been such a major disappointment.


    September 9, 2014 at 4:13 pm

  4. hey boys thanks for the run downs, looks a little bleak tonight without Prado and The Face

    Drew was the DH eye yi yi

    Archer has given up a million runs in his last 2 outings that will cease tonight

    Way I look at it the worse they do the more desperate Hal will get in the off season

    Still say the 2nd best thing at the Cappy ceremony was Mrs Hal, man she’s pretty…


    September 9, 2014 at 7:02 pm

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