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Yanks Circling The Drain

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“It leaves us in a pretty big hole,” Yankees manager Joe Girardi said. “Basically, we have to win every day. That’s the bottom line. We have to win every day. I’ve said all along, we can’t worry about the other teams if you don’t win. And we have to win every day.”

Pretty soon Joey Day Care can  stop  telling bedtime stories during his YES post game pressers, because the math will thankfully eliminate the 2014 Yankees. Afterr their 4-3 loss to  the Rays the Yanks have 20 games left, they’re 5.5 games off the pace for the last wild card spot, and with a 73-69 record they need to  go  17-3 / 18-2 to get to  90 /91 wins

Here’s the dealio

Oakland is 81-63,  with  18  more games  they need to  go 9-9  to  reach 90 wins

KC is 79-64, with 19 more games  they need to go  11-8 to  reach  90 wins

Detroit is 80-65, with  17 more games they need to  go  10-7 to  reach 90 games

Seattle is 79-65, with 18 more games they need to  go 11-7  to  reach 90 wins

Toronto is 75-69 with 18 more they need a 15-3 record

Cleveland is 74-69 with 19 more they need a 16-3 record

The Bombers need a 17-3 record in their last 20, they’re 4-6 in their last 10  with  a -27 run differential. The Bombers are only 3 runs better then the worst  run scoring team in the AL, Boston, for that  bottom dweller distinction, so Joey Day Care will need a new mantra at his post and pre game pressers  with-in the next  week. By the time the Yanks get done playing Baltimore it should be over mathematically the way  they  can’t score runs

Not How They Drew It Up

The big buzz last night was the useless Stephen Drew being thrown out at  the plate in an effort to  score the 4th and tying run of the game.

Joey Day Care argued the plate was blocked and it was, but after watching the MLB TV crew break  the play  down, you could see Hannigan was to  the side of the dish until  the ball’s direction legally allowed him to  locate in front of the plate. The only play  was to Pete Rose / Ray Fosse the Rays catcher, but Drew made a futile effort to  slide around  Hannigan and he was out by a wide margin

“Just an error in my judgment, and I take full responsibility for it,” Thomson said. “The ruling really doesn’t come into play, because for me it’s all about when he’s going to get the plate and when he’s not going to get the plate, whether the catcher is blocking it or not. [Hanigan] had the ball in plenty of time, and that’s my fault.”

Don’t worry about it Robbie, they  got 1 hit in the last 4 innings after the 2 run explosion in the 5th, and a Doughboy Tater in the 4th, and if you think Maddon wouldn’t have figured out a way  to  score the 5th  and deciding run, I have a snow blower with  no  drive shaft to  sell  you for $500 bucks

He-Brokey Kuroda

So much  for Kuroda and extra rest  and him making a stronger push  down the stretch, he only went 3.1 innings, coughed up 9 hits, 4 runs, K’d 5, no BB’s, 1 Tater..

A good job by Huff, Reverend Whitley, Rich Boot Hill, Rogers, Outman, MG Kelley, and D-Rob in relief of  old man Kuroda, they  held the Rays who  are equally putrid but not quite as anemic as NY’s offense scoreless for 5.2 innings

So  the pen did give the Bummers offense a chance but Jeter, McCan’t, Beltran and son, the useless Teixeira and Headley went 1 for 18, with McCan’t the only knock from that over the hill  gang

It wouldn’t be as daunting if Cappy was taking his gang with him into  retirement, but next year AlRoid joins the Mighty Geritol’s, McCan’t, Beltran and Son, and Timeshara in over $75M in wasted Steinbrenner money. Al Roid’s AAV is actually 27.5M, and all he needs is 6 HR’s for his 1st $6M HR bonus to kick in, so Hal  will be paying out over $80M on that decrepit bunch of has beens..

Throw in the useless Sabathia, that’s another $23M, if Tanaka can’t go add another $23M on top, that’s roughly $126M in bad paper.. The Orioles who  are running away  with  the AL East under Buck Showalter have a $107M payroll…

And Cashman  and his whole posse still have a job, incredible…

Does it really matter who’s pitching tonight? No I didn’t think  so

Little Beaver, AKA Gardzilla, The Face of the Franchise is likely out for the season. Put him on the DL boys why look  for trouble and injure him further

the whole 9

Blind Boy went to  a birthday party so here’s the LoHud post game


Written by Sal

September 10, 2014 at 7:48 am

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  1. the good thing bout watching these games is you can get other stuff done while the game is on

    If Kay says the Yankees have to start to hit soon or the season is over one more time I’m throwing the wife’s Tv out a window…….

    At this point Paulie Yuck-fest telling bad jokes might be more entertaining


    September 10, 2014 at 7:58 am

  2. Joey Day Care,,, best name ever,,

    2014 NY Yankees – most depressing Team since,,, ?????

    Horace Clarke,, a nation turns its lonely eyes to you,,,


    September 10, 2014 at 8:52 am

  3. McCan’t, Timesharea. I love these names. It softens the blow when I read how putrid they were the night before. And yes, it’s easier now to get other things done while these games are going on. I just have to make sure I’m not near any sharp objects! Actually, Paulie was very funny last night. When the camera panned to catch an older woman wearing a Yankee jersey with “21” on the back, Paulie said “Hey Ma, where ya going?”, the whole booth cracked up. Yeah sure, 18-2, 17-3, we can run that right off. No problem!


    September 10, 2014 at 9:40 am

  4. It was Empty the Bullpen Night at the Stadium,only Luis Arroyo and Ryne Duren didn’t pitch.They are past circling the drain,they are no longer listed in the standings for the wild card.Hard to blame Thomson,I have seen guys who were called safe then called out and guys who were called out then called safe,no one knows how the blocking the plate rule works.Plus how many times have they left runners on 3rd that never scored? Stenchiro had 3rd base stolen,Drew swung,lined out into a dp-was there a missed sign or just bad luck? No one asked about that,they were all worried about the play at the plate.Time to say sayonara to Kuroda after the season,no more old guys,he was not good last night,usually has problems vs the Rays.The Rays are 6-1 at the Stadium!!! Remember the good old days when the Yanks always beat the Rays? Unfortunately they are gone.Mosconebailbonds is right,
    O’Neills comment was the highlight of the night.


    September 10, 2014 at 10:28 am

  5. I’m am actually glad you guys find some humor in the way O’Neill conducts himself. Personally, I think he is a first class jackass who believes he’s privileged. I wonder what his wife has had to contend with over the years.
    Joey Day Care is a great name for him. It’s even more to the point when you listen to him throw around some of the juvenile nicknames he has given to his players—-“Cervy”–“Texy”–“Gardy”–“Phelphsie”–“Ichy”. and more.
    Cashman, girardi and the Owners want a bunch of Boy Scouts on their team. Unfortunately, they still haven’t mastered the task of rubbing two sticks together. They have little fight in them.


    September 10, 2014 at 10:51 am

  6. hey fellas good to see everybody, great takes all around,

    O’Neil was starting to get pretty good for a few games, he was sticking to hitters and pitchers tendencies, but now that the season is swiftly moving from the toilet to the septic system, he’s fallen off the wagon lol

    Leiter and Yuckfest might drive me back to Ma and Pa Sterling

    Mikey21 is diving head first into this Ray Rice debacle lol.. The NFL is in a Crisis!! hahaha

    Mikey said the same thing about MLB, this isn’t the way they should represent themselves…Please big boy they’re both sleaze bag Corporations, nothing they do should ever surprise you….

    Beats Mikey breaking down offensive lines and defensive schemes

    Mikey said Granderson had a terrible year but he got a bunch of clutch hits, he’s still trying to justify that contract

    .218 / .320 / .376 / .696 that’s actually worse then Beltran, sans the OBP


    September 10, 2014 at 6:02 pm

  7. BTW Bonds, since your new.. Noogsie gets the publishing on Gardzilla, Big D on McCan’t, and Steve Sommers Timeshara, I just get a performance royalty


    September 10, 2014 at 6:09 pm

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