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What happened to Stanton and Headley last night  was scary. Headley walked off the field with lacerations and will get X-rays. Prayers out to  both players.

Crush Young

With our very own mosconebailbonds in attendance  last night what looked like the first no hitter by 1 pitcher since 1958, turned into maybe one last joyful  evening for the Yanks and their fans as they  walk off on a 3 run Chris Young Ballantine Blast 5-4.. Cobb was 5 outs away  from a No-No and the ultimate Hat Tipper night by the Yankee offense when Crush Young  broke up  the gem with a ringing double.

That  was it for Cobb, in came Boxberger, and out went a 2 run bomb from Prado  to cut the 4-0 lead in half

One inning later McGee hit Headley in the jaw, Ichiro slapped a double, 18 Wheeler was the lamb chop under the lions nose and was easily punched out

Then Crush Young extended his Yankee lore with the dramatic walk off Tater

Katie Sharp @ktsharp
Yankees havent been no-hit by a single pitcher since the Orioles’ Hoyt Wilhelm on Sept 20, 1958

Peter Botte @PeterBotte
The Yankees haven’t been no-hit at home by a single pitcher since Detroit’s Virgil Trucks in 1952.

Meredith Marakovits        ✔@M_Marakovits
Jeter told team/Joe Girardi (when Girardi came to mound in 8th) that they were going to score 2 in 8th and 3in 9th and win the game #Yankees

David Waldstein @DavidWaldstein
Chris Young having himself some time in pinstripes. The man takes Cano’s shirt out of A-Rod’s locker and wins games.

The Yanks will head to Baltimore with yet  another earner on the pines as Headley will need to get checked out. Can’t imagine with  all  the first  string guys hurt how the Band Aid Bombers could possibly match up with  the stressing Orioles, but maybe there is far superior being in charge of the months outcome

Pineda was hit hard last night, his slider looked pedestrian, to his credit only 1 batter really wrecked his night Escobar, but then again it only takes one. Hopefully Pine Top  can regroup  andf finish off the season on an upswing.

the Whole 9

the Blind on Blind Recap

Thanks to Moscone for the photo, yes he is a graduate from the Don B School of Photography and Design

Jeter before getting plunked


Cappy like Moscone, playing the field..



Written by Sal

September 12, 2014 at 8:29 am

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  1. hell of a win, too bad everybody is getting hurt, means more Eighteen Wheeler sightings in today’s twin bill

    also thanks to the Don B for sending us this


    September 12, 2014 at 8:33 am

  2. Thanks for the shout out Dawg! What looked to be a historical depressing night, like so many this season, the Yanks rally for a storybook ending. After the 8th, all the rich people sitting in the seats beyond the Lonn Trost Memorial Moat, rattled their jewelry as they got up to leave. I yelled to them “Where ya going? We ‘re only down by 2”. I was hoping they’d get in their Benz’s, put on Ma & Pa Yankee, and find out they screwed up by leaving too early. And that’s exactly what happened! Very scary moment when Headly went down. I was checking out some talent in the stands when I turned back to the field and saw him get plunked. Cringing! I was just off 3rd about 15 rows back. Excellent seats! First few innings, it looked like the Yanks were gonna hit a few dingers, but the air was very heavy, and you could see the balls dying about mid-outfield. But Escobar had no problem! I’d like to thank the whole production crew and everyone in the truck for making all the media happen! Lol! And the beautiful talent in the stands who make going to the ballpark our national pastime!


    September 12, 2014 at 8:56 am

  3. Great win and great report by our new guy here. Love it. I get really pissed when people get hit in the head.
    Intentional or not, I’d like to see pitchers get a suspension for it. Getting hit in the ass or back is within reason. Up high is bullshit. The Stanton beaning last night was more brutal by far than Headley’s. Then the jackass ump said he swung. You’re not capable of swinging when you get hit in the middle of your friggin face. I saw the replay a few times. Just by reflex after he was nailed, Stanton moved the bat forward.
    These pitchers supposedly have a skill level that got them to the top rung of their craft. If they can’t perform up to that level–fuck ’em. Let them have a week or two or more off without pay.


    September 12, 2014 at 9:55 am

  4. Just saw that O’s Chris Davis was suspended 25 games for meth-Ricky played with him in junior college,
    so its really no surprise-lol Another Yankee miracle last night,are they really making a run? Met fans must be ready to jump off a bridge with Young being the hero after being so horrific for them all season!! Quick
    pitch showed Piazza’s incredible homer in the first game after 9/11,I got chills again watching it-I was pulling hard for the Mets to make it in 01. Youngs homer was incredible,not quite as dramatic as Piazza’s.
    Yankee players are dropping like flies,Jeter and Headley the latest-very tough to see Stanton get hit.
    Getting ready for the dh today,its going to be tough to beat the O’s at home short handed,but maybe the Yanks are on a roll-we will see.


    September 12, 2014 at 12:32 pm

  5. Hey boys, great takes, thanks

    Surprised but not shocked on the Davis bust, sends up a red flag on his big season last yr

    I’ll find the link, but heard he had a script or an exemption, damn we need to get 25 of those for the boys in Stripes

    gonna be very tough today, day game after a night game with all the injuries and no greenies to pep the boys up…

    Let’s hope Stanton is OK, just heard Pa Pinstripe say Headley was in good shape just needs to past a test…


    September 12, 2014 at 1:02 pm

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