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Jeter Scores

Congrats to Derek Jeter for eclipsing Hem Roid Rodriguez and taking over the #9 position all time in runs scored with 1,920. Stan the Man Musial is in 8th place with 1,949, so Cappy will no doubt finish 9th.

At the top of the list is Ricky Wild Card Henderson with  2,295

Capp’n Off A Good Week

With  the Yanks season just  about mathematically over, the only joy left in Mudville  is watching Derek Jeter play out his last 8 games, and so  far so  good. Jeter was getting pounded by the media for the last 2 months, and rightfully so I guess, it did look like his 40 year old body was fatigued, the BA and OPS were sinking to a below replacement level  performer.  If the team  was winning Cappy’s slump may have been masked somewhat, but he was getting zero  help  from the Chooch  Strunzo’s Cashman  brought in to  help him, so of course the media’s focus was targeted toward the brightest lightning rod on the team, the Captain.

Well  the help is still  faltering, but in the last  4 games Cappy is 7 for 17 with a double and a HR, he’s had three 2 hit games in a row, and yesterday he poked a 2 out infield single in the 3rd inning off Marcus Stroman the Jays best  pitcher.

In the 9th inning with the Bombers down by 4 runs, Brett the Face picked up  a 1 out single. Cappy then slammed a 2-1 fast ball into  the left field corner to score the Face and make it a 6-3 game. It was starting to look like a potential Hollywood ending after Janssen replaced Morrow and the Jays closer hit Bubba McCan’t to  bring  the tying run up  to  the plate.

Sounds good right ! Well actually no, with Teixeira who now officially makes Nick Johnson look like Cal Ripken out again with a barking wrist, and the fact Cashman never  brought in a legitimate replacement  for the  new Nick Johnson, it was Private Ryan who is 3 for 25 with  6 K’s this month toting the lumber.

Predictably Ryan  fouled off 4 pitches before flailing away  at  strike 3 for the 2nd out.

Up  came Crush Young and you thought possibly Young could keep  his little magic act unimpaired with either a knock to move the conga line, or what  the hell,  bring in the script writers and have Young plant one in the seats to  tie the game!

Nah that  ain’t happening either, with a 3-1 count Crush  swung at  ball  4 and fouled off the pitch. He then hit a weak  hump back liner to  2nd base to  end the party and the Yanks lost 6-3.

For a few minutes there you thought possibly this Derek Jeter magic stuff might grow some legs, but we were rudely interrupted by reality

 Beano The Yankee Killer

The Yanks actually had a 2-1 lead up until  the 6th inning, then Beano Capuano the new Yankee killer did his thing and coughed up  3 runs before Joey Day Care could remove him from the game.

After Joey Bats and Encarnacion tagged up  for a run in the 1st inning, and Beano wiggled out of 2 men on base in the 2nd inning, he actually got 9 men out in a row until the clock  struck midnight in the 6th inning.

In the fateful 6th Bautista walked, Encarnacion singled and Two Ton Deano Navarro walked to load the bases. I’m not sure what Joey Day Care was watching I was on the radio  side and Sterling was in ga ga land so you had no idea how the proceedings were going except the bases were loaded with no outs and Beano  was still pitching.

Valencia  promptly smacked the 1st meatball  slider he saw into the left centerfield gap for a 2 run double. Mayberry hit the next pitch  for a sac fly and Beano had his obligatory 4 runs on the board, the Yanks were now trailing 4-2. One out later Beano was gone and in came the Reverend Whitley

The Rev faced 4 batters on the afternoon, he walked one, gave up  a single, then got an out to end the 6th,  His prayers weren’t answered and Whitley coughed up  a lead off Tater  to Joey Bats in the 7th to make it 5-2 Jays to  end the Reverend’s pilgrimage.

Rogers pitched 1 inning gave up  a hit and got 3 K’s, Huff 1 inning, 1 hit, no  runs.  David Thousand Dollar Car Phelps pitched the 9th, gave up  a walk, a wild pitch,  and an RBI single to Navarro who just  smokes the Yanks to make it 6-2

This and That

Today Jeter gets a little bit of help in the fan interest  department with Tanaka toeing the rubber in a long anticipated outing to  see if he can still pitch.

If all  goes well, he throws 75 pitches, then gets another start vs Boston  at the Recycling Dump on Yawkey Way  sometime next weekend

Beltran is still walking around the clubhouse looking like a zombie Re: when he will  get his elbow operated on. The longer he lets this linger, the closer to Spring Training we get, the further he gets from actually earning some of the money he’s stealing from Junior Steinbrenner

Beltran who has had a nightmare season could really help  the Yanks out and just  quit like Ryan  Dempster did. And “let’s be honest”  if these guys really want to build up  some good Karma they could convince Teixeira to pack it in too, take Hem Roid Rodriguez  and Soup Bone Sabathia with you.

How sick are we hearing the YES talking heads mention  these broke down players have to be much better next season.

Don’t insult out intelligence boys, these guys aren’t gonna get better, they’re gonna get worse, you can’t fix old, and unfortunately valuable roster spots and payroll flexibility  are being wasted by the Bore 4, Beltran, Teixeira, Hem Roid, and Sabathia

the whole 9

Blind on Blind ReCap


Written by Sal

September 21, 2014 at 8:00 am

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  1. you can’t get to upset when they run Beano out there you know there is an automatic 4 handicap. Yesterday it took a while to hang the crooked number but it came faster then a florida summer rain storm
    I guess joey wasn’t ready for the typical Beano implosion

    Maybe they were hoodwinked by Beano holding the Rays who are worse then the Yanks on offense off the board

    Bryl-Cream Curry actually had the gall to say Beano was making a case for the 2015 roster after the Rays game

    Beano has given up 4 runs in 6 of the 11 starts, 3 in 2 of them.. If this guy is in the rotation in 2015 there is something way wrong

    in another 10 days we’ll be starting to look at the 2014 /15 off season

    I’m already hoping Headley gets a contract, I like this guy’s toughness, and there really isn’t any salary flexibility for a big time free agent. i’m hoping Headley either does a pillow contract or takes 2 yr’s at a manageable rate

    Cashman completely messed up the Robertson contract now he has to pay retail for him, The Yanks should probably give him a QO. that will slow down any free agent movement on him and they might be able to get him on the rebound

    If he takes the QO that’s $15.1M going against the Lux tax, not good, but they need to keep this Betances Robertson duo intact, and let’s hope this kid Lindgren is the real deal..

    Miller will probably cost closer money so he might be too expensive

    I also think some team will pony up for Yasmani Tomas and he’ll be too expensive for Cashman, from what we’re reading Tomas has a lot of power but he also strikes out a lot, plus he had either a wrist or shoulder injury that slowed him down some

    McCarthy might be a cheaper option over Lester or Scherzer who will be too expensive for Junior

    We have to hope Tanaka can rebound, Pineda can stay healthy, and McCarthy comes back.. Nova might help around June, and we also have to hope Greene and a long shot Mitchell can crack the varsity


    September 21, 2014 at 8:16 am


    Would the Yanks go 4 for $50M on McCarthy? he’s 31 yr’s old


    September 21, 2014 at 8:20 am

  3. Boston needs pitching more then another out fielder, none of their touted pitching kids have panned out, all they have is Kelly and Buchholz, plus their bull pen is shot. hopefully them acting like the KC royals or Rays will back fire on them

    the only problem, they do have the money and the payroll flex to buy anybody they want.. they only have $37M on the books after 2015.. the Yanks will owe HemRoid more then that


    September 21, 2014 at 8:24 am

  4. Sherman.. Why he stopped at Jeter is beyond me, compared to what NY has on the books with Roid, Texy and Sabathia, Jeter is a bargain

    also While I’ve always agreed Pedroia’s deal wasn’t that much of a home town discount based on the way he plays and how easy guys who play like running backs can get hurt, they’ve managed to spread out his dollars.. For a team that prints money, has tons of salary flex, Pedroia will far from kill their payroll

    15:$12.5M, 16:$13M, 17:$15M, 18:$16M, 19:$15M, 20:$13M, 21:$12M

    he might be a an Albatross light type contract, nowhere near the devastation of HemRoid,Tex or Soup Bone


    September 21, 2014 at 8:44 am

  5. I was stunned when Joey was unprepared for the Capuano implosion. It’s not as if he needed length from his starter for any reason. Lupica the Midget takes a shot at Joey the Engineer today by stating what I believe to be true–Joey gets credit when the team gets wins, and none of the criticism when the team loses.
    Dallas is also 100% correct–the hitters the team is sending up there in high leverage situations is absolutely disgraceful. Options do exist beyond Ryan and Drew, but Joey has the “what can you do” attitude. It should be automatic that anyone batting at ( or below) the Mendoza line, should never be allowed to pick up a bat in those circumstances. And Drew against a lefty breaking ball high strikeout guy? No chance–other than a walk if Cecil can’t throw strikes. This guy is not the manager the spin guys want you to believe he is.
    I am not a Lupica guy, but I also agree when he talks about Joey’s outrage at his guys getting hit when you look at the overall numbers of how many times the Yankee pitchers hit opposition batters. Among other things—Joey needs what Uncle Junior had his boys do to Chrissy in Season 1—a high colonic–because Joey is full of it.


    September 21, 2014 at 9:18 am

  6. What WE need we will not get,,,
    Cashless – gone
    All Coaches = Gone
    Girardi – jaw unclenched,,, then Gone !
    Scouts= replaced
    Minor Leagues = revamped
    Shall I continue,,,, ?


    September 21, 2014 at 11:08 am

  7. You know things are bad when we agree with Lupica-lol GeniusJoe really has gotten no media heat,Torre got a lot more for making the playoffs every year but not winning the series.Jeter having a great series vs Toronto,I’m glad to see it.Even McCant is hitting!!-lol Its incredible that most of his homers have come at the stadium,he is useless the other 81 games-lol GARDY hit homer #15,000,Yanks are still #1!!! Capuano
    can only make it twice around the order,keeping him in any longer is asking for trouble,and yesterday was the perfect example. It may be too late but at least they are winning at home,keeping the fans happy.


    September 21, 2014 at 5:16 pm

  8. Hey fellas, a whole lot of points driven home good stuff

    Thanks for the tip on Lupica Noogsie,

    Donny back up the truck…I’d keep Larry, he didn’t leave no chicken on the bone this season

    Good point on Beano Big D

    Good to see Warren get his strength back kid had a nice day

    Haven’t seen the game yet, had Ma and Pa on today, lots of company ass kissing, and a million excuses for McCan’t,She was touting the Hrs mentioned he gets about what he has now as a career average

    She left out now he’s playing 81 in Ny.. Still glad he at least might bring some confidence into next season, we’re stuck with him, gotta hope for the best

    Even ma and pa were questioning Tex’s future

    Tanaka sounded like he pitched well

    Thanks fellas..let’s gr b second place

    Yeah Ryan and Drew sucks, why not Pirela and Refsynder ?


    September 21, 2014 at 8:37 pm

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