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Handicappers Ball

Hopefully all the Fantasy Football League participants, Lottery Scratch Off Dreamers, and just gamblers in general who throw down shekels on the NFL were able to break  away  from  the hot and heavy playoff baseball  action yesterday  afternoon long enough to  get famed WFAN Handicapper Mikey 21’s picks for this weeks NFL games in the

“League, where they play………………………. for Pay”, unlike the NHL, MLB, NBA, WNBA, MLS, ASL, and CFL where they play for fun or pass the hat  then split the take like a New Orleans street band..

I don’t know about football, but if you hung on every word or waited until he wasn’t dozed off at  the mic, Mikey 21, AKA Pope Francy  the First and Last, the EF Hutton of sports handicappers finally got in the MLB win  column last night.

In shocking fashion,  the “Dysfunctional LA Dahgis” behind the best pitcher who ever lived, Clay pigeon Kershaw, blew a 6-2 lead with 12 outs to  go after the St Louis Cardinals who of course invented baseball, hung the proverbial snowman (8) runs on the Clay Pigeon and Pedro Baez in a fateful 7th inning

Down by 4 runs, The Dahgis did try to make a classic Tinsel Town comeback attempt, scoring 2 in the 8th, and 1 in the 9th, they  also had the tying run on 3rd base with Yasiel Puig up,  but flame throwing closer Trevor Rosenthal, the 8th St Louis hurler of the night punched out the excitable Puig to  end the Hollywood drama 10-9

On The Bored

Up to  the Cards win,  Mikey 21 had been shut out, the Tigas his AL pick to go  to  the World Series are now down 0-2 after the Buck O’s turned in a dramatic 7-6 comeback  win off the putrid Detroit bull pen to sweep both Camden Yards games. Things could turn  on a dime as both Division  winners head to Detroit’s larger pitchers park for game 3 on Sunday where Miggy Gonzalez for the O’s will  face David Price

Manager Brad Ausmus might want to  think  about using both Verlander and Sanchez  or possibly Rick Porcello in relief if Price can’t get the ball  to closer Average Joe Nathan, who isn’t a sure bet either, but obviously Chamberlain  Soria and to  a lesser extent Phil Coke aren’t the answer as both Gas Can and Soria have been lit up like roman candles in the 1st two games

Mikey’s pick to play in the World Series from the NL the Washington Nationals lost a nail  biter 3-2 to  the gutty and resilient San Francisco Giants, Mikey’s former partner Mad Dog Russo’s heart throb..

My guess Mikey couldn’t tell you 3 players on the Nats outside of “Speilberg” the pitcha, Harpa the slugga, and he might know Jason “Vic” Werth, the guy with the hair and beer’d that one of his kids likes, but that  doesn’t stop the Pompous Pontiff from anointing them  the games best  team.

At least that’s what Mikey reads from the pundits that publish  their takes on ESPN, YaHoo, the Sporting News, The NY Post, the Daily News, and MLB, or possibly he had a brief phoner with Omar Minaya is inside scooper.

Guitar slinger Pete Gammons was trying to break  down the Nats this week on the Pontiff’s show but Mikey insisted on cutting off  6 String Pete mid sentence in an effort to show Gammons just  what  an astute  and well  versed baseball man he is by  regurgitating what he read on his iPhone while being driven to  work by his trusty chauffeur Julio, who probably also  drives Mikey’s wife to her Golf lessons at a 5 star Marriott

As for the Royals / Angels Mikey read Anaheim is the best offensive team left in the elite 8, but stats aside Pope Francy just  has to look at the names on their roster and his eyes light up. Trout, Hamilton, Pujols, Weava, and “Elite closea who is better then “Robinson”,  Street”, and despite the Angels losing their best pitcha whoever that might be, the Angels are a lock over the upstart Royals

Per Mikey the Angels are the best  team in baseball, but the Tigas have a few more stars, Miggy, V-Mart, Scherzer and Verlanda so they  were his pick. If the Royals do  close out the Angels at home Mikey will find a way  to say he knew all along the Royals were the  younger better team, he was just  rooting for Mike Scioscia because they’re both Italian, they’re both named Mike, and they  both have knee injuries from sports injuries.

Scioscia from playing with the Dahgis for 13 years and Mikey from sitting with his knees bent and BSing about sports behind the mic for 25 yr.’s. Still knee pain is knee pain, and Mikey is one of the boys having  been around the leagues for “a million years”

Remember he picked Peyton Manning to beat  the Seahawks in the SuperBowl, but he knew all along the Hawks were the better football team, especially when the game wasn’t even competitive

In this KC /Anaheim game The gritty Royals with the manager that  can’t manage in game situations

 became the first club in postseason history to win three straight extra-inning games when they put away the Angels in 11 innings, 4-1, on a steamy 93-degree Friday night.

This was an old fashioned pitchers duel with Rookie Yordano Ventura going 7 innings, 5 hits, 1 run, 5 K’s against a team that  can hit.

When the Yanks were classified as having pitchers duels this season, it was against  anemic offenses, so more of an offensive misfire then great pitching, but Ventura, Davis, Frasor, Finnegan who  held off the A’s in relief, and the brilliant Holland closing it out were almost untouchable

The Angels matched up  with unsung pitcher Matt Shoemaker, 6 innings, 5 hits, 1 run, 6 K’s, followed by Grilli, Smith, Street for 2 innings, and finally the Royals got to Jepsen when Hosmer who has been on fire (.429) in October belted a 2 run Tater in the 11th  to make it 3-1 KC

They  added an extra insurance run after Gordon walked stole 2nd and scored on a Sal Perez knock.. Holland then closed it out punching out 2 in a 1-2-3 bottom of the 11th

Credit the Royals and their manager who  can’t manage in game, with intel on Trout (.000), Pujols (.125) Hamilton (.000) Kendrick (.111)  making the heart of the Anaheim  batting order  a collective 2 for 34

Ain’t winning that  way  boys, and if Trout wants to be the next Mr November, he better make an adjustment and fast his Angels are on the brink of disaster.. Closing it out will be tough for the Royals,most of the time it usually is, but these guys seem to be playing with the Baseball God’s money on the table should be a fun Sunday…


Written by Sal

October 4, 2014 at 8:47 am

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  1. I’m actually confused if Mikey picked the Tigas or the Angels to go to the Series lol…

    I know he went with the star studded line-up, in both cases, i think he picked Miggy and V-Maht who has had a “sensational” season

    i did read where Seattle might go after V-Mart, McClendon was his old batting coach in Detroit and they were as bad DHing as the Yanks.. V-Mart with Cano and Seager, and the M’s are in this season, man I thought they’d go after Cespedes in a trade or wait until he becomes a free agent in 2016, but V-Mart makes a ton of sense

    out of the office today back tomorrow enjoy…


    October 4, 2014 at 9:00 am

  2. The kid from Kansas city–Ventura–got it up to over 100 mph. wow. And then there’s Joba—looking like a crash landing in the very near future.
    Sa–the rest of your stuff is hilarious—Mikey had the whole microphone stand shaking. And as Dallas pointed out–the connection now with Bald Vinny and the Arod T-shirts—it shows just how arrogant Mikey can be. I see a crash landing there also.


    October 4, 2014 at 9:24 am

  3. You got it absolutely right, Dawg! Your take on Mikey was spot on! He’s always been such a pompous ass. Dismissive, rude, and arrogant. KC could do their Cinderella thing all the way thru. Wouldn’t that be something. The network would commit hari-cari if that happened! Lol! See ya tonight Dawg


    October 4, 2014 at 12:47 pm

  4. Great Giants-Nats Game!
    Too bad Rags aint our pitching coach,,


    October 5, 2014 at 9:34 am


    you might be right donny, look what Buck and Dave Wallace did with a bunch of # 3’s and 4’s in their rotation

    Maybe teams don’t need aces, just good pitching coaches and a baseball lifer like Buck at the controls

    Noogsie and Bonds, I received the mikey photo with the T shirt last night, thanks Bondsie for that, I have to find it on line, that’s a classic… Nice win by the Dahgis and Giants, 1 more and Mikey’s NL world Series pick is kaput, just like his TV career


    October 5, 2014 at 9:57 am

  6. Boys I have 2 words for Andrew Miller, Ka Ching….if he stays a reliever I bet we’re Upton 3 yrs 27m

    If it’s Robinson or Miller, Miller looks like the better option

    “He was no Aroldis Chapman, whose K/9 ratio was more than 17(!!), who held opposing hitters to a .121 batting average, had a ridiculous WHIP of 0.83 and blew just two saves out of 40.

    He was no Greg Holland, who had an ERA of 1.44 and was the least likely to blow a save of any of the 17 MLB closers who had at least 30 saves, blowing just two out of 50.

    In fact, as good as Robertson’s numbers were, they were decidedly non-spectacular when compared to others doing the same job.

    His WHIP was higher than that of 10 other closers — Koji Uehara, Holland, Craig Kimbrel, Papelbon, Zach Britton, Jake McGee, Mark Melancon, Chapman, Joaquin Benoit and Sean Doolittle — all of whom were below 1.00.

    His home run rate was a rather high 0.98 per nine innings — higher than all but 21 other MLB relievers and higher even than teammate Shawn Kelley’s (0.87). His walk rate (3.22) placed him smack in the middle of the 17 closers with at least 30 saves.”


    October 5, 2014 at 7:11 pm

  7. Mikey won’t be talking much baseball tomorrow, Tigas Don’t make it out of the ALDS lol…..


    October 5, 2014 at 7:29 pm

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