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Crown’d Royals Buck Trend

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# O-For-2-on-picks

The NY Giants with  their 13 point 4th  quarter, giving them a  30 to 20  win over the Falcons will no doubt be the topic of discussion today on Pope Francy the First  and Last’s NY Radio only talk show.

After all,  the crème de la crème of Fantasy Sports Book Handicappers who picked the Tigas to  go  to  the world Series and the Angels to  give them  a run for their money in the ALCS have both been swept out of October by Buck Showalter’s  Beltway Bombers and The Grateful Ned’s KC Royals.

Who needs Lester, Verlander, Scherzer, Price, Samardijia or Hammel? The A’s and Tigas went hog wild at the trade deadline in an effort to  bolster their already very good pitching staffs but when  the smoke cleared on Sunday night it was the Buck O’s and Royals that will play in the ALCS for the right to  represent the AL in this year’s World Series.

Buck’s troops were said to have too many key injuries and no  Ace per say to  anchor the starting rotation, and the Royals per Ken Davidoff had an in-game manager who couldn’t manage to  spell Zoo if you gave him the first  and last letters, are sitting on top of the world this morning

Well maybe The Grateful Ned is perched near Nirvana with a hangover, but my guess Buck ordered in some Chinese Chow Mein and went straight to  the video  room in an  effort to  figure out how score a few more runs then his counterpart Royals before the 7th inning, when both  teams can bring in the best  bullpens in baseball to  close it out  the last 9 outs.

Aces High?

Two media pundits Sherman and Madden have now written pieces that spending a King’s Ransom on speculative Ace’s might not be such a reliable or salient move to make.

In our land of milk and honey where supply and demand rules a market’s value, in the MLB pitchers free agent pool there is plenty of supply, but how expensive will the demand be for Lester, Scherzer, Shields, and Hammel (he’s no Ace) but they will  all be free agents, and Samardijia who was traded to Oakland at the deadline will no doubt be shopped by the frustrated Billy Beane in an effort to  restore some of the farm system he traded away  for the Shark  and the bust, Hammel

If the O’s and Royals can sweep the best two hitting teams in the AL without the big stopper what’s the point in handing over 6 to  7 yr deals for 30 yr old starters that could  exceed Tanaka’s  ($153M for 3 months of work then DL’d ) / Sabathia’s $161M then  a 5 for $122M opt out now at best  a #4 in any rotation/ Verlander (7 for $180M  coming off his worst  ever season) ?

Even  the “best pitcher to  ever live” Clay Pigeon Kershaw who  was inked at a 7 for $215M rate or dig this AAV, 15:$30M, 16:$32M, 17:$33M, 18:$33M, 19:$32M, 20:$33M was mugged unmercifully by the Cards after being staked to  a 6-2 lead, when the Redbirds hung 6 more runs on Kershaw after he wilted in the 7th inning, his final line was 6.2 innings, 8 hits, 8 earned runs.

So  will  teams like the frugal Boston Red Sox who have No  Ace at  the moment try to  trade for projected Ace’s to be, who  are still  affordable? Johnny Cueto, Mat Latos, Mike Leake and Alfredo Simon can all become free agents after the 2015 season, putting the Reds in a tough spot and the Red Sox with a stacked farm system full off over hyped farm prospects could be intrigued by going that route in an effort to bolster their depleted pitching staff .

Add David Price who is a free agent after 2015 to  that mix, or this off season’s flavor of the month, a trade for Cole Hamels who as an Ace has a reasonable amount of guaranteed money and years coming his way, that’s if you consider  15:$22.5M, 16:$22.5M, 17:$22.5M, 18:$22.5M, 19:$20M club option ($6M buyout) or 4 Yr’s for $90M, but it’s really $96M with the buyout if said team  doesn’t pick up  the 2019 club option, Reasonable


McCarthy, in fact, pitched a whole lot better for the Yankees after coming over at midseason from Arizona than CC Sabathia has the past couple of years — and for a whole lot less, just as Drew Smyly pitched a whole lot better for the Tampa Bay Rays than David Price, their former ace whom they traded to Detroit in exchange for Smyly.

This theory is being explored in the Tigers-Orioles Division Series. At great expense in money and prospects, Dombrowski assembled the majors’ glitziest rotation. Baltimore’s lacks star power. But dirty-secret alert — the Orioles’ starters posted a 3.61 ERA this year (12th in the majors). Detroit was at 3.89 (21st). How deflated is offense now? That 3.89 ERA would have been third in the majors 10 years ago and led the AL by a wide margin.

Over a 162 game season having the aforementioned studs in your rotation isn’t such a bad idea, teams aren’t as ramped up, their fan bases aren’t in an uncontrolled frenzy like we’ve seen in October baseball stadiums, and more often then not, offenses aren’t at  full  strength with the plethora of injuries that have become an epidemic in MLB zapping the games stars and it’s depth at an  alarming rate

So  these “supposed stoppers” are a sight for sore eyes  if your team is on a 4 game losing streak


Watching how the Royals and O’s have dominated  with and bunch of #2’s but mostly,#3’s  could they be  reversing the trend on starting pitching value, or are they just  finding ways to fight the growing salaries in MLB and are maybe getting lucky?

That  said

Ace’s in general make the big money because they  eat regular season innings, the result being you don’t destroy your bull pen with a bunch of 5 inning starters like the Yanks rolled out there after the front line guys went down  with  injuries. Maybe finding pitchers that live in, or have the potential  to  be 200 inning monsters is an  alternative to  the Brand Name free agent $tar wars.

Also organizational philosophies that every young pitcher with 4 pitches, 2 being fast ball grips with hair on them, (97 to 100 MPH) should be groomed as starters, maybe that  concept should be revisited.

Starters might average 7 innings per game, but in many cases they’re out after 5 and change, leaving 12 to 15 outs to get from the bull pen, or can they  command all  4 pitches to  the point where they’re affective after two  times through a line-up ?

Apparently if you want to build a lights out cost effective pen, start  to  develop some of  these flame throwers at the minor league level, to be 3 to  6 out monsters, like Betances, Miller, and Wade Davis,  3  of the top shelf / un-hittable type  set up men in baseball. Teams control players for 6 years before they  can become free agents so  there’s your window to gather intel on the young guns in the minors, it will  still be a challenge to figure out what  role these pitchers should end up in,  after all Betances, Miller and Davis were all “failed starters” so  the whole process is a lot easier said then done, but that’s where a team’s farm system director, coaches and specialty instructors should be the most important

Once kids get to  the show, the teaching process should be just  about over, and the adjustment to the  adjustments  period should be in full  bloom. You never stop  learning, but if the developmental process is done right, most of the routines are honed on the farm

Anyway  the NLDS continue today  with the Nats on the brink of elimination vs the Giants at 5 PM Eastern

Bumgarner, another Ace gets a chance to reverse the Ace’s not getting it done trend for the Giants vs Fister for the Nats

After that contest the “Dysfunctional  Dahgis” meet up  with  the team  and organization that thinks they invented baseball, the St Louis Cardinals

in case you haven’t learned your lesson, Francesa has your money on  the Nats and Cards.


Written by Sal

October 6, 2014 at 8:26 am

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  1. GO SF Giants !!!!
    Fuck Buck,,,
    Freddy Patek Lives !


    October 6, 2014 at 8:37 am

  2. hahahaha.. there’s your T shirt Donny, it’s a money maker

    FUCK Buck lol


    October 6, 2014 at 8:43 am

  3. sal

    October 6, 2014 at 9:34 am

  4. Thatsa lota dinero for Miller. I like him, but 9mm per for someone who isn’t closing is a lot of fasoles! Just saw the Fuck Buck T-Shirts being hawked on TV by the various girls of the local car dealers who advertise on Yes during Yankee games. All the girls are wearing their Fuck Buck T-Shirts two sizes too small. Best rack? I’m leaning towards the babe from Bay Ridge Honda!


    October 6, 2014 at 10:09 am

  5. You guys are funny. I’d take fuck Buck every day of the week over Joe Blows. The Orioles have developed Zach Britton who was also pretty much of a failed starter as their closer. He’s lights out and is costing them peanuts right now.
    Mikey Van Winkle is always fun to listen to on a Monday after he got the whole weekend wrong. He’ll be sure to spend a ton of time on his go to ratings booster and try to incite all the Jets fans.
    Watching him head butt that microphone, which makes me laugh like hell every time I watch it, makes me think he could have been a great opponent for Bruno Sammartino, Chief Jay Strongbow, Lou Albano and Gorilla Monsoon. Mikey could have ko’ed them all.


    October 6, 2014 at 12:05 pm

  6. lol great stuff boys

    mikey comes on and says it’s no fun to kick a team in a fetal position, so i’m not gonna pile on, then he spends 15 minters piling on lol.. then keeps piling on

    he managed to skip the part where he was shut out on the playoffs…. can’t make it up

    So there is a fuck Buck T shirt? if not 2 sizes too small is a brilliant ad campaign bondsie

    Noogsie.. Chief J etc hahahahaha

    here’s my thoughts on Miller right or wrong,

    Miller is gonna be a closer I think, or he’s gonna beg to start, the guy is a freak, he was lights out with Boston and so far so good with Buck..

    The O’s gave up Eddie Rodriguez for him, that kid is pretty good..

    I can see the Tigers going in on Miller, start at 3 yr’s for $21M, I bet he gets $9M per, too much dough, yes, Yanks won’t go there, but push comes to shove I’d rather have Miller then Robinson if I had to choose

    Robinson either takes a $15M QO, or I bet he get 3 for $30M from somebody, and after you read that ESPN breakdown Robinson is is almost middle of the pack, he’s no Holland or Chapman or Britton who are all dirt cheap but one is the Cuban the other two home grown

    Miller looks like a Chapman type freak

    fantasy time imagine Betances Miller and Robinson

    Noogsie is right the best way to develop a killer pen is to develop failed starters like they did with Betances and O’s did with Britton.. I’m thinking Miller is as dominate as Britton you figure Rodney is making $14M Papelbon $14M

    ESPN breakdown

    “In reality, the Yankees have three choices: They can make Robertson an offer he can’t refuse — something in the neighborhood of three years for $42-$45 million, which would put him in the same financial neighborhood as the likes of Jonathan Papelbon and former Yankees closer Rafael Soriano. They can offer him the qualifying offer of $15 million for one year, which he can take or leave; if he leaves, the Yankees will get a compensatory draft pick.

    The problem with either of those options is Robertson would probably take them, and the Yankees have far bigger holes to fill than closer. They would be much better off spending that kind of money on a quality starter, or a shortstop, or power bat for one of the corner outfield spots.

    Or, they can do nothing — or make a modest offer that Robertson is likely to refuse — and go all-in with Betances.

    So what should they do?

    By the numbers, Robertson had a good year, but aside from his high K/9 ratio — which is what you want from any reliever, and especially your closer — Robertson did not particularly distinguish himself as more than a run-of-the-mill closer in comparison to his peers.

    He was no Aroldis Chapman, whose K/9 ratio was more than 17(!!), who held opposing hitters to a .121 batting average, had a ridiculous WHIP of 0.83 and blew just two saves out of 40.

    He was no Greg Holland, who had an ERA of 1.44 and was the least likely to blow a save of any of the 17 MLB closers who had at least 30 saves, blowing just two out of 50.

    In fact, as good as Robertson’s numbers were, they were decidedly non-spectacular when compared to others doing the same job.

    His WHIP was higher than that of 10 other closers — Koji Uehara, Holland, Craig Kimbrel, Papelbon, Zach Britton, Jake McGee, Mark Melancon, Chapman, Joaquin Benoit and Sean Doolittle — all of whom were below 1.00.

    His home run rate was a rather high 0.98 per nine innings — higher than all but 21 other MLB relievers and higher even than teammate Shawn Kelley’s (0.87). His walk rate (3.22) placed him smack in the middle of the 17 closers with at least 30 saves.

    And although his blown-save ratio was slightly better than Mo’s in 2013, there were 10 other closers, again with at least 30 saves, who were statistically less likely to blow a save in 2014, including Fernando Rodney and Francisco Rodriguez.

    And Robertson’s WAR of 1.2, if that is your be-all and end-all, was 10th among all MLB closers”.

    Just saying boys, D-Rob won’t come cheap, and it comes down to Cashman not developing players so you have to either buy them, or struggle at the end of games, and with our rotation being question marks, we need a killer pen

    maybe guys like Ramirez, Lindgren, Mitchell, or Banuelos can get it done, but if the Yanks don’t spend money Betances is all we have.. We trust Whitley and Phelps? as 7th and 8th inning guys?

    Yanks aren’t gonna spend on Hanley Ramirez or Sandoval, or Hardy, or Melky, probably not on Tomas, and maybe not even on Headley or any expensive infielder / outfielder as long as ARod and Tex and Beltran are here

    Glad Mikey wasn’t gonna pile on today lol


    October 6, 2014 at 1:40 pm

  7. Sherman has a man crush on Miller, what’s not to like Joel he’s a freak, gonna cost more
    then he’s worth, like all free agents that have a buzz…

    Imagine Miller and Betances, Robinson or Miller?


    October 6, 2014 at 10:47 pm

  8. Donny got no bull pen either


    October 6, 2014 at 11:30 pm

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