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Well it’s now official, the crème de la crème of Fantasy Sports Book Handicappa’s Mikey 21 has been shutout, as the Mad Dog Russo Giants outlasted Mikey’s last MLB playoff  pick the Washington Nats in a nail biting 3-2 win, taking the NLDS 3 games to 1

So Mikey’s teams went a collective 1-9, the Tigas and the Angels were tied at the hip, “eitha team could win, but because the Tigas had bigga Stahs, they  were Mikey’s chalk to  dance on the big stage, unfortunately both teams were swept.

His Nats pick did better, they  actually won a game, but they were no  match  for the gutty  gritty Giants who  were able to keep  the  stacked National line-up buttoned down except for Bryce Harper, who if the Nationals don’t like this kid’s attitude, send him to NY.

Unfortunately for us here at  the Paint, the Dahgis were also  eliminated by  “America’s Team”  just  ask their obnoxious fan base, the Cardinals, so Donny Baseball once again becomes a bridesmaid not only as a player but as a manager. Donny got 6 phenomenal innings out of Clayton Kershaw, but working on 3 days rest, once again at around 90 plus pitches, Kershaw ran out of gas and gave up  a huge 3 run HR to Matt Adams that  sunk the Dahgis 3-2

Donny Baseballs top of the order and his lack of a weapons out of the pen killed him

Pay attention Cashman, your no  pitching Guru, do  what  you do  best, go  buy Miller and Robinson, save money on Betances and 4 other kids..

I’m not sure I agree with Sherman, I wouldn’t make Warren  a starter, if you don’t beat him up over the long haul, he’s a tremendous weapon for an inning, and if you don’t have to  call on him everyday you might keep him fresh

The Yanks aren’t going in on Tomas, so  why not spend the money on two  relievers, 3 yr deals, and start  the pen domination  with Miller, Betances, Robinson, and Warren.. Then maybe the lefty kid Lindgren and Thousand Dollar Car Phelps or the Reverend Whitley, that leaves one spot open, and 5 of the 7 are on team controlled contracts..

Probably none of that happens, Cashman will  continue to look  for diamonds in the rough, so expect Claiborne, Phelps, Whitley, a dumpster dive for LHP’s out of the pen, and maybe no Robinson … It’s 2013 all over boys, why not, they won more games spending no money then throwing down a half billion, I can  see that being their M.O.


Written by Sal

October 8, 2014 at 8:19 am

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  1. what great games, can’t wait until Friday


    October 8, 2014 at 8:23 am

  2. I don’t think Kemp is happy in LA and I think he wants out. I would really like to see them target him. He is worth giving up something good for.
    I saw a brief clip that someone called up Mikey and asked him “how ya doin, Sleeping Beauty?” Kay killed him, too.
    I also feel badly for Donnie Baseball. He may be gone. Joe Blows always gets a free pass.


    October 8, 2014 at 9:18 am

  3. I am looking forward to the day Harper is in pinstripes!!!-hopefully. Somehow using starters on 3 days rest after not doing it all season never seems to work in the playoffs-its what Bobby Cox did with the Braves all the time.Kershaw may not be the next Koufax,but he is following Don Newcombe,the Cy young winner that never beat the Yanks in the WS.The Cards were near the bottom of the league in homers,then homer their way in the NLCS-go figure. It was a bearded Matt Thornton that was the game loser for the Nats,but it was
    the reliever that followed him that really sucked.The qualifying offer for this year is now a little over $15 million,up from last year.


    October 8, 2014 at 9:53 am

  4. hey fellas good to read from you..

    Noogsie the Red Sox fans were scouting out Kemp beginning of the yr when he was still coming off his DL, and his value was down, there were thoughts that LA would eat some of his deal, my guess they didn’t want to eat that much money and stuck it out, and it paid off for them

    heres his contract: 2015:$21M, 2016-19:$21.5M annually so he has 5 yr’s $107M left on his deal.. that’s probably cheaper then what Tomas is gonna cost.

    Kemp just turned 30 in September, he’ll be 35 at the end of his deal, that’s not a bad contract if he stays healthy

    I wonder if LA would love to dump his contract, it might be easier then trying to get somebody to take on Crawford 15:$20.5M, 16:$20.75M, 17:$21M– $61M for 3 yr’s

    or Ethier–15:$18M, 16:$18M, 17:$17.5M, 18:$17.5M club option ($2.5M buyout)= 3 yrs $52.5M, they won’t pick up the option so add on the $2.5M buyout, so he’s guaranteed 3 yr’s $56.5M

    they have the kid Pederson and Puig cheap, then the 3 monster contracts, and if Stanton becomes available they have room for him but they need to get rid of one of those out fielders

    it may not take a lot of top prospects to land Kemp, just pay the freight, gives LA some salary flex because unless they eat a lot of money Crawford and Ethier are albatross deals and un-tradeable

    Headley.. Heyman thinks it could happen, maybe he heard something

    Big D Door Matt Thornton is the type of pitcher I hope Cashman avoids, he should be able to develop a kid that’s better then him, a 1 pitch wonder

    Yeah it was Barrett that threw the Wild pitch, Williams yanked old Door Matt after the 2 singles, he looked a lot better in Nats red then Stripes too me, a waste of a potential $7M..they paid close to $3.5M before flipping him

    I mean Cashman should be able to develop a pitcher to do what Thornton did, although reg season, in 11.1 innings he gave up 10 hits and no runs for the Nats, that’s pretty good….Too bad he messed up at crunch time, he had a 33% of his inherited runners scored

    I checked and Miller had 31% of his score

    Not that Cashman got anybody better once he traded him

    they have him next yr for $3.5M, I guess he’s a descent Loogy was my thought but he had better numbers vs RHB

    his slash in Sept /Oct .333 /.412 /.400 /.812 but he gave up no runs

    RISP for the season 15 for 48 .333 /.412 / .400 / .812

    One good thing i noticed about Thornton, other then him being in Washington, in 64 games 152 plate appearances he gave up No HR’s

    Let’s hope the kid Lindgren is as good as his hype is


    October 8, 2014 at 8:30 pm

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