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How bad do I want the  St Louis Cardinals to lose?

For some reason they’ve become the Midwestern version of the Red Sox in my little pea brain, yeah I’m still  a little bitter about  1964, but I temper that  emotion with the fact they  did start  to integrate the Black  ball player on that  team, and I always loved the speed game, so  that’s not the itch I can’t scratch.

And what’s not to like or  wrong with  building a team  from with-in your system, wasn’t the  last NY  dynasty built that  way? Am I that pissed off that  under the radar type guys like Carpenter, Big City Adams, John Jay, Grichuk, last night Kolton Wong are all  coming through in clutch  spots this post season?

How about them making  the play offs in 11 of the last 15 years, the NLCS 4 straight years, and winning 2 World Series in the last 8 years, if they get there and do  that  again it’ll be 3 Rings in 9 years.

When you go  to Cots Baseball Contracts web site  to  check out their books,  under the  title  2014-19 payroll obligations they aren’t paying any player to play  for another team, for instance like the Cubs had to pay Soriano  to hit HR’s for the Yanks, or the Yanks had pay AJ Burnett to pitch  for the Pirates in 2013, or  Boston has to  pay out $ 3,900,000 (annual payment to LA Dodgers through 2015) for what I call  the Nick  Punto Heist

The coup for the Red Sox is the approximately $270 million they shed in contracts. They sent some money to the Dodgers to offset that — about $12 million, according to a baseball source — but that’s just a fraction of what they saved. That a trade of this magnitude was executed at any point is remarkable, but it’s particularly notable because it came after the Non-Waiver Trade Deadline.

Now, Boston can become a free-agency force again, with prudence the guiding principle.

At the trade  deadline they picked up Pierzynski, but  Boston is paying him, Justin Masterson went to St Louis from Cleveland for a 1st round pick, OFer  James Ramsey and the Cardinals are paying the last $3M of Masterson’s contract, he’s a free agent, and at the moment locked up  in some witness protection location, Ramsey was gonna see about as much playing time with the Cards as I was, so they  flipped some excess

When Masterson  didn’t work out they  sent  under achieving Allen Craig and Joe Kelly to Boston for John Lackey, Craig has about $25M coming his way, Lackey will make just $500,000 in 2015 due to a unique clause in his five-year, $82.5 million contract that tacked on an extra season if he underwent Tommy John surgery at any point. Lackey had the procedure in 2011 and missed the entire 2012 season.

The Cardinals have an $111M payroll, no $20M contracts although Mr Wainwright in his first yr of that  5  yr $97M deal looks like  he has some injury issues, very un-Cardinal like to be into  a pitcher that has questionable health  with 4 yr’s and $78M left on his contract

So  they’re the anti-NY Yankees in that  regard, but they do  reside in the Midwest, and the fan base is very patient for the only game in town all summer long, unlike NY, the ultimate front runner town that  revolves around big name stars

Maybe I don’t like the Cardinals because they preach the Cardinal Way, like they invented baseball, but what’s wrong with that, doesn’t the kid in NY with a Gold plated shoe stuck in his mouth preach the Yankee Way?

Well our kid is lugging around a lot of dead weight

It’s the addiction to over-30 stars, already in their late prime, who’ve burned the Yankees, and there’s no way to end that cycle without waiting for their retirement. Someday the Yankees will more wisely construct their roster from the 25th man up, instead of the first man down, stressing athleticism and the ability to play more than one position.

But that’s not happening today or tomorrow. Cashman told reporters on Friday he thinks the Bombers can get back to the playoffs in 2015, but that would require younger, healthier versions of Teixeira, A-Rod and Beltran in the middle of the lineup. Not even Yankees money can make that happen.

Anyway it was looking pretty good last night for the Giants as they  overcame a 4 inning, 4 hit, 2 run outing from Jake Peavy, and somehow the back and forth lead change was deadlocked at 4-4 going into  the bottom of the 9th. The Giants came back from 2 deficits once to  tie, once to  take a brief lead, then with their backs to  the wall in the top of the 9th they  finally cracked the Cards closer Rosey Rosenthal  to  tie the game at 4-4, after a few singles and a Rosenthal wild pitch  that plated speedster Matt Duffy from  2nd base.

All I kept thinking was Brett the Face would have stopped at  3rd base and the Yanks would have never scored that  run

Then Kolten Wong a big goat vs Boston last year  after getting picked off 1st base, hit his 2nd Post Season Tater, this one a walk off to give St Louis a 5-4 win and  tie the NLCS at 1-1.

I guess I’m pissed off because Mr Wong is a year late with his heroics, and despite losing their leader Yadie Molina to  a quad or  oblique or whatever injury, the Cards found a way with Matt Adams smashing yet  another HR off of  former Red Sox prospect Hunter Strickland to put St Louis up 4-3 after 8 innings, they blew the lead but then the Wong magic to  end it

Here’s a question, when is Hall of Fame manager Bruce Bochy gonna stop using Strickland, he gives up a Hr every game and he’s always in high leverage situations? Where is the Freak?  I read he’s a swing man, how about swinging him into  some of these games Brucey ?

The ALCS continues tonight, but why? Per Bob Klapisch one of our go to pundits, Buck’s goose is already  cooked, no  way he can  beat  this KC juggernaut with Bozo the Clown  for a manager

it was obvious the Birds had no answer for all the little things the Royals are doing well this month, especially in the late innings. Scoring against Kansas City’s bullpen is an impossibility; the relievers held Baltimore scoreless in the final 3¤ innings Saturday, and have surrendered just four runs in the last 20¤ innings.

No wonder the stands emptied so fast — the Orioles haven’t led even once in this series. For the second consecutive night, Baltimore was unable to reverse the Royals’ monsoon of good karma, including Lorenzo Cain, whose four-hit game marked only the third time in club history a Royals player had done so in the postseason.

The Klapisch article is a very well  written piece, check it out.

The O’s were a favorite coming into  this LCS despite the fact the Royals have a solid young core, 7 of the 9 position players are home grown, and they have the best 7-8-9 bull pen in baseball, Buck ran away with a putrid AL East by 12 games, but he’s missing 3 important core pieces  Wieters, Machado,  and Davis, take Gordon, Moustakis and Hosmer out of KC’s line-up  and what  do  we have?

Neither team has a true Ace, so maybe having that  Big Game stud isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, although it sure feels good when Bumgarner toes the rubber for San Francisco.


Sans the Mad-Bum, what # 1 guy has dominated? Certainly not Wainwright or Kershaw, the Tigas with  their 3 headed Ace(s) are teeing it up on some golf course, Weaver and Wilson were rendered useless for Anaheim, and Lester couldn’t hold a 7-3 Oakland lead in the play-in game

The Royals do look like they’re playing an aggressive but relaxed game at  the moment. Their confidence is off the charts, they have chemistry thanks to  the majority of them coming up  together, like the Core 5 in NY once did. They ride in 1 Trailways vehicle back to  the hotel, not 25 cabs, and the small bus for  5  coaches and  their manager

Did KC  save the best  for last like all  great  teams do, or did Buck’s magic wand that  turned two  back up  catchers, a utility player 3rd baseman, a Yankee reject first baseman, a rookie 2nd baseman who has trouble with pitch selection and Five  number 3’s as starters into  above replacement level  performers finally expire?

Let’s hope not, a potential I-70 World Series will  be a tough watch, you wanna see shots of George Brett every 10 minutes? I don’t, hey Donny B, Fuck Freddie Patek and the horse he rode in on, I wanna see all X-Yankees in the Fall classic, and seeing Dave Fantasy Eiland doesn’t count


Written by Sal

October 13, 2014 at 8:34 am

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  1. another great playoff game, Francesa kills me when he keeps saying the MLB playoffs have no juice, especially in this town

    Of course not Mikey, your feeding all the fantasy gamblers and chagrined Jets fans, dangle that lamb chop in front of the hungry Tiga, and he’ll devour it

    Mikey’s picks were gone after the first round, his former co worker Mad Dog Russo’s team is striving for 3 titles in 5 years while Mikey is still pulling on Rex Ryan’s jock strap, after he sniffs it

    I wouldn’t want to get a baseball thread going either.. Let’s talk hockey instead, gotta make sure those front row seats are comped in the Gardin when the Raingins get in the playoffs…

    when’s guitar Jimmy Dolan coming on Mikey, why don’t you get him to play that big August show you run in Jersey? We know a bunch of guys in his band, Jimmy sucks, can’t play or sing, but he pays good, and he owns all the event Halls the Eagles play in, you can get a front row seat


    October 13, 2014 at 8:53 am

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