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Hard to Figure What’s Next

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Trying to  get a feel  for what  the Yanks will  do  this winter isn’t working out for me. We know they’re not gonna sign any Cubans, at  50 cents on the dollar they don’t seem to  want to  take a chance on unproven MLB players at a $100M cost

Hoch  doesn’t have a clue either and he’s getting paid to  figure it out, the fact he’s calling Yasmani Tomas,  Castillo, further distinguishes he has no  clue who  any of the Cubans are nor does he have his finger on what  Tampa will  do.. Then again it could be a typo that  got past his editor

Per his article Judge and Bird might be the next big hype in Bomberville

Jake Peavy seems to  be a spoke mean  for the giants despite him being on the team  for 10 minutes, but his endorsement for the Panda is interesting, still the one point he makes that  we can  all  agree with, there are already  too many high priced dogs on this team to  sign a Panda Cafard thinks 5 for $100M.

I don’t see Sandoval as a $20M a yr player not when Beltre signed with Texas a few yr’s ago  5 for $80M. That said Beltre was 32 yr’s old when he inked that deal, Sandoval turned 28 in August so I can see him getting 5 yr’s for $16 or $17M

Too  bad the Yanks  won’t go  there

Will  they  go for one of the big 3?  Hoch seems to  think  they  will, but they have as many question marks on the rotation, who knows what high priced Tanaka and Sabathia will be, so are they  gonna throw down for another potential albatross back end of a contract signing Lester, Scherzer, or Shields who  has a hideous post season ERA .  I did read he had a kidney stone that may have impacted some decisions in the ALCS

Shields is tied for 23rd in ERA among starters during this postseason (5.63) with Cardinals ace Adam Wainwright (who’s watching from home) and has allowed a .309 BAA. Between the Giants and the Royals, Shields is dead last in ERA.

Shields did beat  the Giants once this season, a complete game 4 hit  shutout and he’ll only have to pitch 6 innings tonight

Go Giants


Written by Sal

October 21, 2014 at 12:00 pm

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  1. Good start for us Giant fans..The Panda watch…big james is throwing money out the window, can’t be big game james and have a fat era in the post


    October 21, 2014 at 9:07 pm

  2. Great win.
    Shields screwed the pooch ! Ha!
    Posey runs like a catcher,, lol, thrown out by a mile, ,, but didnt matter,
    Panda & Pence came up big.
    Loved causing pain to crybaby george brett,,:))
    More tonight,,,


    October 22, 2014 at 8:15 am

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