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Who  said Nice Guys finish Last?

Leo the Lip  would have of had to  eat his own  words after witnessing one of the greatest World Series performances of all  time by Madison Bumgarner who  appears to be one of the nicest, most humble, and soft spoken unassuming Super Stars in baseball

Five innings of 2 hit shut out relief work,  2 days after a 117 pitch complete game shutout in Game 5  to  save game 7 of the 2014 World Series, is a Herculean effort in this baseball era where innings limits,  pitch count, Tommy John Surgery and across the board Joba Rules for pitchers rule the modern  game

If you happened to  break  away for 3 and a half hours  from the never ending Gino Smith  denigration, or the  oppressively tedious John Idzik tar and feathering that is now a constant din on NY’s WFAN Radio, you witnessed a phenomenal sporting event for what a specific younger generational  demographic is calling a “dying sport”

We should all be $8 Billion dollar failures,  we wouldn’t have to lick our wounds, we’d have the wherewithal at our disposal to  hire somebody to  do it for us.  Last night the guy they call MadBum put the sport and his team on his broad shoulders and carried it to legendary status. The star pitcher and his team   are now the the  proud owners of 3 World Series Rings in 5 years

I’d have to  say  that  3-2 nail biter trumped Gino Smith, Michael  the Dog Catcher Vick, and the Jet’s performance this week, but the frustrated gamblers that lost shekels betting  on the Thug FL  will no  doubt still persistently bombard and dominate the content we have to listen to in what  was once  the greatest of baseball  towns

I remember the Koufax game 7 on 2 days rest  vs the Twins. Koufax pitched 9 innings, 3 hits, no  runs, 10 K’s, he walked 3. Once the Dodgers grabbed the lead, Jim Kaat  didn’t stand a chance, and was removed after 3 innings, charged with 5  hits and 2 runs,  that’s all  the great Koufax needed

Anyway the Panik DP in the 3rd inning is right up  there with any of the great World Series clutch plays, gotta give Crawford Co-Star  billing on the turn and throw. Also have to be grateful  we now have instant replay, it overturned the original  safe call.

The Escobar bunt, that  we later found out was done on his own, may have been misguided, although the very next play was another nice defensive catch  by Lopez on a ball  that looked like it had trouble written all over it. Then Cain was just  flat out spooked by Bumgarner after pitch one of his AB in the 5th was called a low strike. Bumgarner then went upstairs with heat  and Cain was helpless as the game looked to  really speed up on the young man in Royal blue laundry

With the game knotted at 2-2 Michael Morse delivered a single to  right field off of  the hard throwing Kelvin Herrera to plate Sandoval who  had led off the 4th inning with a single, went to 2nd on a Pence knock, went to 3rd on an F/7 and then unlocked the MadBum cage when he scored the 3rd run to give the Giants all  the margin they needed, 1 run for the North Carolina native’s heroics

We do have to  remember that what Bumgarner did was the exception and not the rule, there were plenty of “Aces” in the playoffs but Lester, Scherzer, Verlander, Price, Tillman, Shields, Strasburg, Wainwright, and Kershaw,  fell  short in big spots. The Royals went toe to  toe with 5.2 innings of work from Herrera, Davis, and Holland, and they  were 90  feet away from a tie game  after Blanco pulled a Bill Buckner in center field and played a Gordon F/8 into  a single, then a triple when the ball  scooted past him

There are a bunch of great  articles today, I’ll  drop  the MLB links. I’m sure the two Cities home town publication have endless feel good stories embedded in their sports sections. For us in NY it’s on to Hot Stove , and we’ll  try to  avoid the endless ARod bait the media is chomping at  the bit to  start writing


the Whole 9


Written by Sal

October 30, 2014 at 9:12 am

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  1. It simply doesn’t get any better then last night


    October 30, 2014 at 9:13 am

  2. Arod is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    October 30, 2014 at 10:10 am

    • So is Big D lol…good to see you D, I was getting ready to shoot you an email, just to make sure your OK….

      Roll out the red carpet for Hem Roid


      October 30, 2014 at 10:13 am

  3. I’m with you Dawg on all accounts. The performance by Baumgarner was one for the ages. The Koufax game, as you said, was probably the greatest, I watched that game as a Yankee bystander as my baseball world fell apart. Little did I know as a 13 yr old, that it would be another 11 yrs till we got to the Series again. Who gives a crap about the Jets. With what went on previously, the place to be was right in front of your set tuned to Fox as they tried to bury the game with endless chatter, stats, and incessant waste of time sideline reporting. If I ever see or hear Erin Andrews again it’ll be too soon. The same for Rosenthal and that ridiculous now tie. As an aside, boy that Davis is nasty!!! Back page of the Post today, the body isn’t even cold yet, and they’re already drumming up all the A-Roid BS now that his suspension is officially over. I’m ready for the Hot Stove season. I want to see how the Yanks are going to get out of this mess!


    October 30, 2014 at 10:13 am

  4. hey Bondsie, yes that was a fun game.. We’re still at odds over the Andrews babe….but I get the disdain, so no chance she would have you eating out of the palm of her hand if she winked at you?

    we can put her on a Brickhouse diet if you want to fatten her up some

    I’m hoping we get Heidi Watney in a trade, that’s really hot stove


    October 30, 2014 at 10:17 am


    we don’t want to see the Panda in boston, Sabean needs to resign him.. Boston can easily outbid NY for Headley


    October 30, 2014 at 10:20 am

  6. Chase Headley (Profile)
    Some relevant information regarding Headley:

    Has averaged 610 PA and 5.1 WAR over last three seasons.
    Has averaged 5.0 WAR per 600 PA* over last three seasons.
    Recorded a 4.4 WAR in 531 PA in 2014.
    Is projected to record 3.9 WAR per 600 PA** in 2015.
    Is entering his age-31 season.
    Made $10.5M in 2014, as part of deal signed in January of 2014.

    I don’t see the Yanks coughing up 4 yr’s at $56M for Headley, I don’t see Boston doing that either


    October 30, 2014 at 10:27 am

  7. Sal I have been fine,just not enamored with the WS,waiting for it to end.Sherman had a column on Arod today,
    just waiting for the Yanks to get going.


    October 30, 2014 at 11:40 am

  8. that’s what I was hoping Big D, great

    Francesa is killing me, Who didn’t know Hudson sucked and was only a figure he’d starter, and yes Affeldt did a great job, but the key was 5 brilliant innings from the Bum… Affeldt gets the win another reason why wins and loses on a pitchers record is a silly stat in this era of specialty pitching

    Giants aren’t a dynasty why Mike because they’re Mad Dog’s team ?

    Another brilliant take from Pope Francy, is that the Giants don’t win without Bumgarner lol…. you can’t pay for that type of handicapping

    Pope Francy doesn’t understand deception, why they were swinging at high fast balls, you think the game sped up on those Royals kids ?

    At least were not beating up the Jets in the first 20 minutes… 7th game on the road, 3 rings in 5 yr’s who cares if it’s not labeled a dynasty, the Yanks 1 ring in 14 yr’s


    October 30, 2014 at 1:21 pm

  9. no wonder Francesa has a job, you hear these callers, then why would anybody want to call this pompous jerk just to get run off the air?


    October 30, 2014 at 1:32 pm

  10. Sal–the guy you’re talking about is just getting worse by the day. He talks about Bumgarner going down as having one of the greatest pitching performances ever in the World Series, yet he mispronounces his name time after time after time. There are not 2 a’s in Bumgarner.
    Then—he’s done with the series in an hour, which is about 4 less than he would spend on a Jets rant.
    Coming–Breeder Cup picks. Are you shitting me? What percentage of hard core sports fans give a shit about hearing that nonsense? The answer–as you well know–hard core gamblers.
    I still say he doesn’t finish his contract.


    October 30, 2014 at 2:24 pm

  11. hey Noogsie good to see you, Pope Francy was on atoll today lol… I did hear he was ready to handicap the Cup.. Imus had him pegged the other morning, he said he loves Francesa and will always be loyal to him but the guy really sounds angry, unhappy and pissed off, why take callers if your gonna yell at them

    you know this Fox thing is killing him.. If he’s getting ratings it’s because people like to hear train wrecks.. If he would just be a host get cutting edge experts, guys he can’t step all over on all the sports he’d have a good show, but him filibustering everyday is a drag, unfortunately I have to dump him after a while, it’s gotten so lame

    he should just go to the NFL Network and get it over with, he’s a starfucker and they have the biggest ratings, that contract could be on a slippery slope for sure, although he says he will honor it, if his ratings go South I wonder if the buy him out?

    I don’t know what his ratings are they might be good, lotta knuckleheads in his audience, and that signal is pretty strong, he moves the needle by default, strong signal no competition, I don’t think Kay has the juice either…but they’re trying hard ….


    October 30, 2014 at 3:40 pm

  12. Sal he still has very good ratings for the radio show,much better than MKay. Being pre empted angers him especially since MKay is on daily,just like he was on YES,plus he lost his Sunday morning tv show on YES with the move.He did not negotiate the deal,corporate CBS did-it is very strange,CBS put Doug Gottlieb on its network(same as Boomer/Carton) instead of BigMike.I have had the misfortune of watching some of Dougs show,and it is horrible.CBS uses it to shill for all their shows,and Gottlieb is a left wing asshole who must have photos of some boss with a farm animal.


    October 30, 2014 at 6:00 pm

  13. hey Big D, thanks for the clear up..So Kay with 3 guys in the room and all that ESPN dough backing him and he can’t get a foot up on Mikey? That show from the few times I’ve seen the tail end is more LaGreca then Kay, LaGeca is annoying.. That show is unwatchable unless they have a baseball heavy line-up for me.

    I’m not aware of a CBS show, is it TV? Doug Gottlieb I’ve heard his name doing those short spots but never saw his show, pretty bad you say….

    We need Mikey to stay on the air, the other FAN guys are so boring they’re not worth getting riled up about, Mikey on the other hand is a lightning rod.. Bad teams in NY over the winter is tough at least we have Mikey to pick on lol….


    October 31, 2014 at 7:41 am

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