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Hot Stove Season Opens Today

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Father Mo

Rivera was at it again yesterday, shilling for his old bosses during a break  from spreading the word of God, and hoping to pick  up  a few shekels for the underprivileged , a good cause, so  congrats to  the folks who  take the time to help out, the Stars who get greased, and the underlings who  do  the heavy lifting but go un-noticed

Mo  of course doesn’t think Hem-Roid Rodriguez will be a distraction  for the Yanks in 2015, apparently Mo  doesn’t read the NY or National publications. ARod is covered in the media as rabidly as the Ebola, and until  yesterday  the boy hasn’t been anywhere near the game thanks to his yr long vacation. The media is chomping at  the bit to use Rodriguez as a lightning rod, in fact it would shock me if every Sports publication didn’t have a new “ARod Department”

“I don’t think it will be a distraction,” Rivera said. “He paid his dues, he paid his suspension and he’s legitimate like the rest of the league. Hopefully he comes ready to play and does well for the team, because he has a contract. He has to be there for the team and hopefully he does well.”

He has a contract alright, and hopefully the $27.5M AAV doesn’t keep Cashman  from getting the OK to  spend on a legit 3rd baseman, like Sandoval or Headley. The last time Mo jotted down his thoughts he took  a poke at Cadillac Cano. It was in his book so I can’t say he was shilling for the same dudes who named an Avenue  after him, but it was ironic that close to  the book being released, the blurb about Cano went viral, it all looked pre-meditated, but it may have just been coincidental

The Yanks were in the process of letting Cano  walk, and it really did reek of Character Assassination, a move right out of the Boston Red Sox plays book

This guy has so much talent I don’t know where to start… There is no doubt that he is a Hall-of-Fame caliber (player). It’s just a question of whether he finds the drive you need to get there. I don’t think Robby burns to be the best… You don’t see that red-hot passion in him that you see in most elite players.
Later, Rivera expounded on Pedroia, a star at the “top of his list” of players he admires.

“Nobody plays harder, gives more, wants to win more, ” Rivera wrote. “He comes at you hard for twenty-seven outs. It’s a special thing to see. … If I have to win one game, I’d have a hard time taking anybody over Dustin Pedroia as my second baseman.”

If Mo had to  win one game this yr I wonder which guy he’d take? The “Twitchy Midget” who seems to get hurt every season and has had one nagging injury after another since he inked his 8 yr $110M contract or Cadillac Cano who  was 1 game shy of carrying perennial losers the Seattle Mariners into  the playoffs?

Caddillac: .314 .382 .454 .836

The Twitchy Midget :.278 .337 .376 .712

In fact Cano  trumped Pedroia in just  about every offensive category

Anyway I can’t blame Mo for his ARod quote, he’s backing an old teammate, I like that despite me thinking it’s complete bull  shit. The media will sandbag  a lot of folks into saying something about the Hem-Roid, and it’ll be taken out of context, or inserted in just  the right paragraph to  create hyperbole. Hopefully they  get it out of their system and ARod just  blends into  the unwashed masses like the rest of us, but don’t hold your breath


Welcome to  the Hot Stove Season where the Yanks turned up  the heat  last season in an effort to get back to  the playoffs. Despite dropping  a king’s ransom on players they  finished 1 game light (84 wins) of their  non spending 2013 off season. You can’t fix old, and the Yanks middle of the order while too young to  cop  that AARP discount  at restaurants and all  you can  eat  buffets,  Teixeira, Arod, and Beltran don’t inspire to be much better then  what  we saw in 2014, declining numbers on the baseball  card,  but rising costs on the payroll, and with paying 50 cents on the dollar in penalties the payroll matters in NY, I think…

Yeah Teixeira and Beltran might hit camp  healthier then what  we saw in 2014, but the long grind will have them sitting more often then playing despite eating up $65M in AAV. For the record, the Astros had a $50.5M payroll in 2014, that’s for 40  contracts.

 They  finished with  14 less wins then  the Yanks, so maybe we can’t lump  the two payrolls in the same sentence, but the Royals went to  game 7 with a payroll that  equals ARod, Teixeira, Beltran, Sabathia, and Ichiro.

Needless to  say  no matter how many homer / kool aid articles we read about any of the aging but unproductive former Super Stars and how they  can’t wait to get back and are in good shape, buy that  Bridge in Brooklyn before you buy that Crap

Cashman will have to  work  around the payroll  sinkholes, which means he needs a ton of guys on his roster that make minimum MLB wage ( $500 Large). Or not,  maybe 2 yr’s of dark stages in October inspires Junior to  go hog wild and he  trumps the Dodgers $230M

Cashman gets yet another Mulligan on his unproductive Farm system that isn’t producing the next Bomber Core Group, forget the core 4 or 5, we don’t even have a Core 1, unless you consider Brett the Face the start of the next Big Core movement in NY

We posted the newest Latin Connection a few days ago where the Bombers went about $16M over their $2.5M  IFA cap, throw in the penalties and the boys are probably around $30M in expedetures in an effort to  boost the farm system

Most of those kids are teenagers and 3 to  4 years away  from making an impact, that’s  if they  don’t bomb like most of Cashman’s crop has in the past. The most we can  expect this off season on the open market is a back-up plan for Hem-Roid at  3rd base, a starting pitcher to  fill  the Kuroda hole, and the Yanks need a weapon in the back of the pen to  compliment Betances.

We’ll  stick  with those targets   for the moment, getting help in the out field probably isn’t happening, there is already  too much money allotted for that crew with the Face, the Doughboy and Beltran and Son  eating up just  about $50M in payroll, unfortunately  not a slugger in sight Re: any of those 3 guys

Boston already  struck  first in the Bull Pen wars by resigning  their closer Koji Uehara, they  gave the 40 yr old 2 yr’s at $18M.  Last we saw, Uehara was burnt out and getting clobbered in every outing, apparently they  think that  was nothing more then a speed bump, or they  really expect Robertson and Miller’s market to be just  too  stupid to mess with.

We also  dropped the Fangraphs Crowd, 55 free agents and what  that  community of  JR baseball GM’s and their mentors think  will be the AAV’s for this yr’s Free agent crop.

Robertson is on tap  for 3 yr’s $30M, Miller 3 yr’s $24M, Uehara was slated 1 yr $8M, so  they missed on that one big time.

They had Headley 4 for $56M, $14M AAV. I can’t see Headley being offered any more then Prado  money or 2 for $22M by the Yanks, maybe throw in some incentives, but with Sandoval expected to get minimum Beltre 5 for $80M type dough I don ’t see Boston  going after the Panda, although they  should. And I don’t see the Yanks going there either although they  should, Headley might be high on Boston’s radar, and they have more salary flex then the Yanks

The Yanks no  doubt will  give Robertson a $15.3M QO, so  that might chill  some of the interest in him throughout the league. If Detroit doesn’t money whip Miller beyond what  the Yanks will  want to pay, Dombrowski  or whoever shoots that  down should be fired, I doubt the owner Mr Pizza minds throwing his money around for that  still illusive Ring

Wade Davis might be shopped, as we know that Royals pen will  start  to infringe on their payroll, with Herrera, and Holland getting  arbitration raises and Davis having a $7M option they need to pick up even if they grab the option then look for a haul in some sort of trade. The Royals and their 150 mile radius fan base can’t afford to have 20% of their payroll  allotted to  the pen, I don’t think. Maybe there is a new school of thinking after watching every Ace but 1, Mikey 21’s newest talking points  play toy the “Baumgarner” falter in October

Amazing how this blow hard talks sports, is the self appointment Sports Pope but he has no idea the names are Robertson not Robinson, and Bumgarner not Baumgarner.

It’s the the MadBum, Mikey, not the the MadBaum…


Written by Sal

October 31, 2014 at 9:38 am

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  1. Boston and cherington are either back on their genius horse or trending into ga ga land with this Uehara deal

    That said they have more money then just about anybody and they might start to spend, or the Uehara deal was meant to look like they’re gonna start to spend their enormous revenue in an effort to chill the Nation who has to be red after finishing 20 games under .500

    We’ll see what they do for a starter, I doubt they want to trade Bogaerts, Betts, or Swihart their hot shot future catcher for Hamels who has the type of contract they like 4 for around $96M left

    I wonder if the Yanks make a play for Lester, they’ll have to go a lot higher then Boston to land him

    Or will the Yanks try to land McCarthy at 3 for $36M, 2 for $30M, 3 for $45M ?

    I don’t want to see them trade any prospects we need a new core that comes from the farm, that’s how they built the last Dynasty, and just buying secondary contracts ain’t getting it done

    The Yanks need a SS too, I almost forgot lol… Drew or Cabrera on the cheap before they go big with say Hanley Ramirez..?

    Lowrie will be a free agent too, he can hit, but he’s a butcher with the glove


    October 31, 2014 at 10:00 am

  2. Another brilliant handicap call for Mikey 21 the Knicks need to beat the bulls because they have no shot at the Cavs on opening night lol

    or maybe it was the 2 met mutts at 10 AM that said it, i think they all said it

    too much Giuno boys not enough diversity, get a Jet Met Golf show if you wanna hog the sports airwaves, leave the National sports lines to the experts, try getting a few of them on your shows BTW, a lot better then the constant disgruntled gambles chiming in, and the blow hard bafoons hogging the best radio signal in 10 surrounding states


    October 31, 2014 at 10:12 am

  3. Me, I like Davis as a weapon for the pen. His stuff is just plain nasty!! Yanks have so many holes to fill and onerous contracts to carry, it’s hard to know where to start and how far they can go. And so much of their decision making falls on what A-Roid can do and not do. But they won’t know that until Spring Training! So what are they going to do? I guess we gotta watch the movie to find out.


    October 31, 2014 at 3:19 pm

  4. hey Bondsie.. Davis will require a decent prospect, lucky for us Boston went with Uehara, and will try to make the Mujica contract stick.. good chance they move De La Rosa to the pen too

    Also lucky they still think as an organization bull pens can be put together easily, and cheap, which works well for the Yanks they’ll stay away from the Robertson miller type deals


    November 1, 2014 at 6:38 am

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