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Right Handed Reliever Free Agent Leader Board

We can  strike Uehara  from this list, Red Sox ( @ 2 for $18M) probably projecting Robertson gets a 4 yr deal, projections I saw are  anywhere from 3 yrs $30M to   4 for $44M to 4 for $52M.

With  a QO in tow, the Yanks have the best  shot to  resign him, probably 4 yr’s probably $13M per, unless I’m reading the tea leaves wrong.

Alternative for Yanks ?

Pat Neshek

You can hear it now, Brickhouse: Well Joe what were you thinking in the 7th inning.. Girardi :  well  we had Sheky ready but I decided to  go  with Betances. If Robertson gets too  expensive for Junior I can  see Neshek as a possible cheaper set up  guy  to Betances, not my choice but where’s the money at for the Yanks?

not really, but couldn’t resist the Sheky bit

Left Handed Reliever Free Agent Leader board

The Yanks have  plenty of in house bull pen help from 4 to 7 especially if Lindgren is the real  deal. What  they need is 2 more relievers to  build the 3 headed monster that is trending at  the moment

The pick for me is Miller, no other lefty or righty is even  close. Will  the Yanks pay Robertson and Miller? They  should, especially if they  stick  with the 2nd tier Starters like McCarthy and or Liriano..

Miller will be a hot item, 4 for $32M  might be low. Soria just had his option  picked up  for $7M, Gregerson is in line for a 2 to  3 yr deal at around $6.5M

Yanks could be the first $90M over a 4 yr span back of the bull pen team, maybe if the old man  was  alive,  but my guess it’s gonna be either Robertson or Miller not both, although at  these projected prices we’re looking at  a combined $21M AAV for two  back  end relievers, not super crazy for the Yanks

Wade Davis would be cheeper but gonna be tough to get him, KC will  want  some top prospects, not even sure they’d want the Yankee kids

We’ll  cut to  the chase and post links you can  check em out and make your own  conclusions

2014-15 Free Agent Leaderboards

This link  will take you to Fangraphs where you can click on each  category at  the top  and it will  show you where the pitcher ranked from  top  to  bottom. Robertson was the best K/9 out of all  the RH relievers on the market

Free Agent Profiles


Written by Sal

November 1, 2014 at 9:16 am

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  1. I bet D-Rob would have signed 4 for $32 / $36M as an extension that could have kicked in in 2015, like the Gardner contract, now he’s gonna get $11M to $13M per


    November 1, 2014 at 9:19 am


    how is it possible a guy as astute as Maddon didn’t know he had an opt out, that makes no sense


    November 1, 2014 at 9:29 am

  3. In regards to Madden leaving, with Loggins leaving Messina wasn’t gonna hang around to do a solo act while waiting to break in another partner who he didn’t know. They were joined at the hip. And with Mattingly staying on with Friedman, Maddon wasn’t gonna hang around. I’m with you Dawg, if the Yanks are gonna try to sign a second tier starter, they need to shore up that Pen. Too many guys aren’t going to make it past the 6th inning. They need to lock down the end of the game. It’s paramount & doable to sign both “Robinson” & Miller. Now that, would be a formidable Pen! Which we need based on the current offense we’re gonna run out there. If the old man was still alive, he’d do it in a heartbeat!


    November 1, 2014 at 1:55 pm

  4. Loggins and Messina great analogy bondzini,, The strangest coincidence in many years, I also heard Maddon’s wife is a lawyer, how does he not know there is a loop hole opt out?

    the only thing I can think of maybe she’s a real estate lawyer or an inefficient ambulance chaser..

    years back I did a gig in New Orleans, for a shady promotor MFer I normally wouldn’t give the time of day to, but the money whip was too enticing to pass up, even getting half the dough would have been a good hit

    One of the hot shots in the band I was in hired a lawyer to come down and get his dough. I went street on this prick and stayed on him everyday that I was there for the week engagement.

    hot shot dude had a contract, as useless as tits on Rosie O’Donnell in that town..

    Before the last night when the real money for the week engagement was gonna roll in I got with 2 other cats in the rhythm section and we threatened to watch from the sidelines unless we got paid in full before the last night, 2 shows,

    there were no music charts, there were no other folks who could pull it off on 5 hr’s notice, not on New Years Eve when every cat in New Orleans is working, so I got the three of us pre paid, which was the deal I was hammering all week

    For some reason they didn’t come back on me, let the 3 of us do our thing, we went back to the hotel, still no blow back, got up the next morning grabbed a cab took the early morning flight on New Years Day back to NY and counted our lucky stars

    The lawyer got expenses for his client(s) that was it.. to this day I run into the cat once in awhile, he still tells me I owe him a split lol…then I give him the old, first chance I get bro, but then you gotta pay me back for the lesson you got how to get your client paid in full in the music business,so we’re even..


    November 2, 2014 at 7:02 am

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