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I bet Jim Boeheim who is starting his 39th season as Syracuse University’s men’s basketball coach was happy to  hear the Pompous Blow hard Mikey 21 AKA Sports Pope Francy the First  read his new book Bleeding Orange while he was watching the Election  returns on TV, at least Mikey didn’t say  he read the book while he was watching “every NFL game” on Sunday

Sounded too me like Old Mikey who  fancies himself the smartest dude in the room rendered Jimmy B’s book inconsequential enough to just breeze through it, grab  enough talking points to get through  an interview, the same way  he breezes through baseball, basketball, and hockey content in an effort to know just  enough to  fool the dopes that  call him, and  the poor bastards like us who have to listen because it’s the only game in town on free AM Radio with the largest  signal  to  reach the unwashed masses

 Finally some ARod news with substantial legs hit the bricks instead of the useless TMZ garbage the media outlets  have been cluttering the sports pages with since the end of the World Series.

  The Bomber Hem-Roid finally admitted to  the Fed’s in January  that he used PED’s acquired from Tony Bosch, something he vehemently denied when he soft landed on Francesa’s Show last November.

We get wanting the ratings, we also  get why Arod went to Francesa’s show in the first place, he knew Mikey would toss him a plethora of softballs allowing the besmirched former star turned A-Rat to slam enough of those cookies out of the park,  even Barry Bond’s 762 would be in jeopardy in one afternoon.

You want ratings Mikey, then  don’t lead off your show with Election  talk, nobody cares what  you think about the elections. With the advent of yesterday’s blockbuster news nobody cared about the Knicks game either, and finally not one listener in WFAN’s signal range cared about Mikey’s filibustering Jim Boehiem’s book in an effort to  avoid the 500 pound Gorilla in the room.

The Ratings Buzz wasn’t any of the aforementioned topics, far from it, it was the obvious  ARod coming clean  story, and the fact Rodriguez used Francesa’s vast airwave signal and his incessant love affair with not only Rodriguez but any iconic star as his soap box, a disingenuous and premeditated move by A-Rat when he  flat out looked the Pope in the eyes and lied to him on the air, and Francesa let him get away  with it

Mikey said he knew all along there was a possibility Arod wasn’t telling the truth, and his job was to ask the questions, but “ Let’s Be Honest”

it was as clear as a church bell clanging  on a lonely street that Mikey was double dipping, yes he was gonna get ratings, but even more prevalent was him  sucking  up  to  a Big Star. Mikey not too long ago donned a Bald Vinny hashtag ARod T shirt, was that  a  fashion statement Mikey or  just more Star fucking for ratings?

I was on my way  to NYC with a group  that has no interest in Mikey  or ARod, so I missed everything but the opening and maybe 1 or 2 segments while  on my way  to meet my transport, but this morning I saw the news, Oh Boy…

Some of the Best Radio / Sports TV I’ve seen since MadDog left the YES / WFAN airwaves

This is the Pulse of what’s going on, not Francesa’s delusional and now back pedaling stance on ARod’s recent confession or Francy’s intent to  fluff the pillows

“Did I know there was a strong chance A-Rod was lying?” Francesa asked on the air Wednesday. “Yes.”

That doesn’t exactly jibe with what Francesa said to A-Rod last November.

“Listen, they (MLB) accused you. They said they had mountains of evidence. They said they could prove you did worse than this,” the Pope preached. “. . . You know how I feel. You’ve gotten railroaded. I don’t know if you’ve done steroids again or not, that’s your business. You’re stating here now that you’ve never done anything. You should be fighting this tooth and nail. . . . I would’ve been outraged long before this.”

This is What Junior Steinbrenner has to  do and anything less then waving goodbye to  Rodriguez would be an out and out travesty to not only the Yankee fans, but the baseball  fans everywhere in the world, this guy needs to be Gone ASAP, and along with him disappearing so  should his contract

For the last time, and for the point-missers who are still looking to blame somebody other than Alex Rodriguez for his problems and the sniveling way he’s dealt with them: Baseball didn’t do this to him. He did it to himself. And when he finally got in a room with the feds, he caved like it was a big moment in most of his baseball Octobers. It is one thing lying to Katie Couric about steroids on “60 Minutes.” The feds take it much more personally.

Junior you have a $500M baseball operating expense, you know what,  go into  the 2015 /16  and 17 seasons with $439M, you’ll  survive

A Yankees source told me they could break even financially with a $500 million payroll expenditure (including luxury tax), so this minor league free agent expenditure is still a trivial amount of money for them, though it would be less trivial for a small market club.

As for Francesa whining that baseball shouldn’t stoop as low as they  did to  secure the intel on this lying fraud

Sometimes you have to swim through feces to get to  the bottom of the cesspool.

MLB did what it had to  do because this wasn’t a witch hunt, there wasn’t any specially designed bullseye on Hem-Roid’s back, there was just the truth that needed to be extracted from the extrement to uncover what  was going on

Should Selig, his owner cronies, the MLBPA, and MLB itself  be exonerated from  the Steroid era, hell no, they’re as guilty as sin in this situation.

Should the media pat itself on the back for now burying Arod, Bonds, Clemens, or any player that used, absolutely not, they cashed in just like MLB and the players  did, as both  entities rode the wave in an effort to secure the almighty dollar

As for ARod, he’s been granted immunity from Federal prosecution, fine,  he didn’t kill anybody, he didn’t Ponzi scam anybody’s life savings, he didn’t do  anything that MLB didn’t know was happening


Does Junior Steinbrenner want this circus to  continue?

It goes against any of the faux Moral Issues the Yankees and baseball  preach on a daily basis. Hem-Roid might be protected by Federal law but in the People’s Court he’s as guilty as the day is long, and  he’s making the Bombers  look pathetic by dragging him to Spring Training, and worse  allowing him to  don the greatest uniform in all of Sports


Written by Sal

November 6, 2014 at 9:08 am

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  1. Mike Kay was exorcized during his diatribe, that was really good stuff

    I seriously hope Francesa doesn’t get bounced, the show has turned into one of the most boring listens imaginable, but the fall out is still second to none

    the Yanks are getting what they wanted with Arod, taking the heat off their broken baseball team and putting it squarely on Rodriguez..

    the Yankee brass aren’t dopes, they hire enough media specialist to keep them up to speed on how to operate, Rodriguez in the mix has to be a premeditated move to shift the fact they’re in deep shit in terms of providing the fan base with a Championship team

    ARod, Tex, and Beltran as the middle of the line-up, Sabathia making a kings ransom and Tanaka a huge question mark, McCann an $85M bust, the Doughboy being paid like an elite slugger, and Gardner as their face, you gotta be kidding me

    I’d keep this Fraud around as the whipping boy too


    November 6, 2014 at 9:46 am

  2. How do you find the time to write all this analysis, Sal ?
    I know yr “better half’s” honey do list, bro,, lmao,,


    November 6, 2014 at 9:46 am

  3. Hey Donnie, I think he solved it by bringing her into the family business. Sal does an incredible job! Don’t know how else he could get it all done. I think MLB needs to investigate!


    November 6, 2014 at 10:07 am

  4. Two sides of the same road traveled. When you look at the careers of A-Roid & Jeter, they both cover just about the same time period. Both started their career’s with a lot of hoop-la. But each took a different fork in the road. Both were great players, but they each took a different route to get there. And now that the news has come out, by his own admission, we have closure on what everyone has suspected all along. Very sad. A-Roid succumbed to his insecure demons throughout his career. And in doing so, missed out on being lionized as Jeter has been his entire career. Ain’t that a kick in tge head!


    November 6, 2014 at 10:25 am

  5. hey fellas.. Donny my wife is now managing me as Bondise alluded to, she’s managing to end my career by saying no to 90% of the calls that come in, lol

    this was a quick analysis, on my ride to a from working for the 1% last night… I formulated my plan, then quickly put it together before honey got to the office…. It’s called 4 hours of sleep a night, plenty of time to chill once the grim reaper comes calling
    You spend all of your free time burying Democrats, me I like to follow baseball,

    Bondsie…good report, ARod got screwed by MLB, so did all the players who were busted, but as far as i’m concerned the laundry comes first, and he’s putting a huge dent in the end game, time to take his multi millions and ride off into the sunset, he and his family are set for 5 lifetimes, and he still has his health

    the saddest part of Rodriguez for me is that $27.5M AAV that’s cutting into the self imposed budget

    Jeter played clean, Arod not so much, getting caught was on him, no remorse for the Lightning Rod from me..If your gonna play against the rules fine I have no problem, but don’t be stupid and get caught, and if you do, man the fuck up and move on


    November 6, 2014 at 3:25 pm


    Nice alternative to McCarthy, but it’ll cost a pick.. Boston can’t lose a 1st round pick so they might be the team that inks this guy


    November 6, 2014 at 3:31 pm

  7. It all goes back to Brother Hank, the Marlboro Man. Arod opted out–the Yankees said that if he decided to do that—sayanora. Then Hank stuck his beak in and the rest is history.
    Another Arod report today, saying Arod pissed on cousin Yuri’s floor to mark his territory. this comes from Yuri’s wife. I agree with Sal 100%–if they don’t get this maniac out of here, it’s going to be a soap opera to end all soap operas day after day after day.
    As far as Mikey 21 goes—there are plenty of You tube clips which clearly show how much of a liar he is.


    November 6, 2014 at 7:24 pm

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