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The WWF(AN) Part 2

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Craig Carton the  WFAN morning Shock Jock who  tries a little bit too hard to live up  to  that  Shock Jock Label, unlike the early days of Don Imus who was a Natural  at it, decided he and “Booms” needed a little bit of  this Ratings Love that  has been circling around WFAN and ESPN, took sides in this  Neutered Cock Fight between Blow Hard Mike Francesa and Bomber broadcaster / YES / ESPN simulcast  talk  show host Michael Kay, AKA Mikey Applegate

Carton came out of the closet yesterday to back Pope Francy, obviously a WFAN Boiler Room type gang bang against the hated ESPN, despite Carton being on record as not liking  our lovable Mikey 21

“Listen, even though Mike Francesa and I don’t get along, never have, never will, I’d put Mike Francesa’s career against Michael Kay’s any day of the week. Anyone would be fortunate enough to have the length of service and success that Mike Francesa’s had.”

If Carton  wants to  talk the past,  compiled resumes, and ratings for an AM radio  signal  that  trumps every other Radio signal on the entire East Coast, so  you have to  tune into WFAN by default, yes Francesa has been there done that.


Francesa’s show even for a Sports Junkie like myself is an unlistenable program in the Non MadDog era of the bloviator’s career.

“Let’s be honest”  the Pope  made his bones  in the early days of Sports talk radio after a bunch of TV commentators tried to  cop  ratings on new sports r radio format but fell  short, despite no  competition   in the  24 /7 sports radio industry.

Finally  the WFAN  suits teamed the combination of a St Johns  Nerd / CBS intern lackey for Jimmy the Greek (Francesa)  with  a free spirited, uncensored, unhip geek  Chris MadDog Russo. Throw in the advent of Imus in the Morning, the real  ratings grabber, and the station took off. The 10 AM to 1 PM shows were, (and still are) nothing more then  an opening act for Russo / Francesa tandem, one a Yankee fan (Francesa), one a Yankee hater (Russo), the hyperbolic behavior of Russo gave the show some panache, while Francesa gave it some stability with his studied school boy approach to sports journalism

Francsea used to  get the coffee and was a boy Friday for the big talents on the CBS sports broadcasts set, so  when he warbles about  going back to his days with CBS, his unwashed masses think  he was actually part of the on air talent. Francesa didn’t climb the ladder until he accidentally picked Seton Hall  to make the final 4 in 1989, and they  actually went to  the finals losing to Michigan

Even the blind pig finds a mud puddle once in a while

A choice between Kay  and Francesa  is  like picking the lesser of 2 evils, they both have  warts, but by default you have to  check in with them on occasion. I can’t get the ESPN FM signal  where I live, and they’re no longer on  1010 AM, I’m not privy to  wireless or a computer on most days so ESPN is out for me unless I happen to be working in the studio,  then I flip it on as elevator music or a frivolous din in the background

With the Giants and Jets both sending dreck into  battle every Sunday, the endless filibustering of Jet bashing and the Giants inability to  move the needle this season has made the station an AA / GA  meeting for disgruntled Gamblers, with the Pope dishing out the sermons, this  after Beningo runs his bafoon ladened Jet, Met, Ranger, Knick act for 3 hours previous to  the Pope’s oration at 1 PM

Boomer and Carton are totally out for me, especially with  the amazing Rob Bartlett still  going strong  as Imus in the Morning funny man on ABC AM. That  show hits  at the same time slot as Boomer and the Carton

Once again Francesa apparently was noshing on his three day old stale Jet entree when another legend in his own mind Mike from Montclair roped him into commenting on Kay’s now day old diatribe against  the Pope

Much better entertainment then Mikey 21 trying to be a football pundit.

Francesa obviously feeling slighted because Woody Johnson actually treats Francy  with no  respect, the way Francy treats his callers, or anybody for that matter that isn’t linked to  the 1%. The end result is Mikey 21  hates the Jets with a passion.. Francesa might be “numba 1” in his mind but the NY hometown  football team wants nothing to  do  with  him or his supposed high ratings

If Jet fans want to hear beaten  to  a pulp  Jet intel  straight from  the horses mouth they have to  take their ears and eyes someplace else, that has to  really irk  the Pope

On the baseball  front,

It makes sense that  things won’t get done quickly, especially with Sandoval looking for 6 yr’s and over $100M, that  will knock the Red Sox out of the mix, and make Headley a target  between NY  and Boston, and most likely another mystery team  or two.. Headley is sitting pretty thanks to  his 2 months in NY..

McCarthy will be another over pay and slow process thanks to Lester and especially Scherzer being too  expensive for Boston. I still  don’t see Shields going to Boston on a 5 for $100M contract, they’d be better off signing Lester for Greinke money or around 6 for $148M, and they  don’t seem to  want to  do  that

Boston  will be in the mix for McCarthy, Liriano  and Hammel the same guys rumored to be in NY’s crosshairs, so boom  up  goes the price, Liriano  will  require a pick.

Boston  could also  swap  similar contracts with Cincinnati in a Cespedes for Cueto deal, the rub there could be both players are rentals. Cincy really can’t pay  either guy long term, and Boston might not want to  give Cueto  a long term  deal despite the fact they  can  afford to  do it

Per the rumor from Dave Cameron, the fact Cueto  can get a QO after 2015 and Cespedes can’t, Cincy might ask  for  a Red Sox kid pitcher like Renaudo to  even out the QO thing.. Cherington likes to hang on to his young home grown pitching prospects so  that’s a tough  call and Cameron might be off with  this one, but Cincy needs the slugger, Boston needs the pitcher that  doesn’t cost Lester, Scherzer ,Shields type money and years, so  a very reasonable rumor in my mind

Alexi Ramirez is an interesting rumor

The rub here isn’t the $10M Ramirez is owed, it’s what  are you giving up  for a 33 yr old SS that could be here for 2 yr’s if you pick up his option.. ?  He’s a much better hitter then Drew, but with a thin SS market Chicago  will  want a prospect, I’d hate to  see the Yanks cough  a good one up

According to the report, the White Sox are in need of starting pitching and would look for it in a return if they trade Ramirez. The report mentioned Noah Syndergaard and Rafael Montero as possible options in a deal.

This could stop  the rumor in it’s tracks, the Yanks don’t have a Syndergaard, and should be reluctant to  give up  a Montero  type for Ramirez

As we get closer to  the D-Rob deadline, does it make sense for him to  not take the $15.3M? His market could crash  after all is said and done..

My preference if he takes the QO is to  offer Miller, Wade Davis type money, or 3 for $24/25M and do it quickly. Then try to grab Robertson on the cheap 3 for $27M once his market crashes thanks to  the QO and the general consensus around the league that  closers aren’t valued as high as  say  a Papelbon type 4 for $50M deal

If NY insists on filling the rotation  with  a bunch of number 3’s then building the pen might be a necessity


Written by Sal

November 7, 2014 at 9:38 am

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  1. Mikey is a pisser he wants to compare resumes and pay checks, but mikey your boring now.. He has this fascination with the past, like Arod was a great player this guy was a great signing for 3 yr’s, or he and the Dog made radio history

    none of that matters today, Thin Lizzy and Black Oak Arkansas were big once too…Now there’re working in 200 seaters for chump change, their Tribute bands make more money then they do, the tribute bands can play better

    he’s not really simulcasted, per Kay the YES ratings are now better, and “let’s be honest” Mikey is a running joke in the media, the fact he has the only game in town on the strongest signal, it’s a no brainer his radio ratings would top Kay’s

    plus Mikey is a gambler, and the NFL is littered with gamblers so the shoe fits, but lets not confuse the issue, selling content, and that content actually being good are two different things. 50 Cent sells content, so does Jay Z, is that stuff any good?


    November 7, 2014 at 9:44 am

  2. Sal—-funny stuff. Bob’s Bitz has the top ten Mikey lies listed–along with awesome photos.
    One hilarious comment I heard Mikey make and now it’s all over the internet–it was in response to those who criticize him and he was meaning Kay, Boomer, and Carton—-Mikey said “Three things—resumes, longevity, ratings, paychecks.”
    Mikey has Jason Pierre Paul for a math teacher.


    November 7, 2014 at 11:09 am

  3. hahahaha hey noogsie, yeah I heard that on one of the links, forgot about it when I wrote this thing,, thanks for bringing that up, a special mikey moment, it’s not bothering him but he gets all flustered in his retorts

    I’ll check the Blitz stuff, sounds good, thanks for the tip

    Mikey made it to Friday where the football content plays itself, but that was a pretty good few days of messing Mikey’s hair….


    November 7, 2014 at 11:17 am


    i imagine the Yanks flexed their money muscle and gave Bailey a nice taste even if it’s a minor league contract

    Bailey a NJ kid looked cooked while pitching for Boston, maybe a few yr’s off get’s his game back in order, or maybe not, worth a shot, adding potential depth


    November 7, 2014 at 11:29 am

  5. here’s the Bob’s Blitz joint, funny stuff, good photo shops too.. thanks Noogsie..


    November 7, 2014 at 11:33 am

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