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Andy’s Gang?

No disrespect to NY Post writer Dan Martin, but if the Yanks signed Andrew Bailey to  replace D-Rob, then as the great George Jones would say, Things Have Gone To  Pieces..

Boston  already  went this route when they  went on the cheap and  traded Josh Reddick ( tough name if your a kid in my trailer hood)  to Oakland for Bailey, and  it started a chain of signings that  didn’t pan out. Bailey is injury prone, and this isn’t the same Bailey who  was lights out early in his career for Oakland.

Boston then  traded Melcncon, another Cashman and Cherington gaffe to Pittsburgh  for Joel Hanrahan and he bombed, finally they lucked into Koji Uehara and the rest  is history, sort of like Roberetson  blowing a lead that  allowed Jeter to perform his magic in his last game at Yankee Stadium.. sort of

Bailey should be nothing more then depth, a Machine Gun Kelley type at best, not the Bomber’s 2015 Closer.. This is a minor league contract, so not even the Yanks  have to be thinking Bailey is the answer

Anyway Miller should be secured as soon as possible, before Detroit adds to  the $10M they owe Nathan and the $7M option they just picked up on Soria, or Boston  goes against  the grain and signs Miller back

Young At Heart

It’s a shame with Melky Cabrera and Yasmany Tomas on the market the Yanks are messing with the no  doubt cheaper Chris Young, who was a bust for the Mets, but he hit a robust

 .282 .354 .521 .876 with the Yanks, 3 HR’s, 10 RBI’s , he was 20 for 71, 11 of the 20 hits were for extra base,  he had 8  doubles added to  the 3 Taters.

Young had knocks in 14 of the 23 games he played in for the Bombers, but he did most of his damage in a 6 game span September 9th to September 13th, when he busted out a 10  for 21 streak  with  3 HR’s

He did get 4 hits in the final Boston  series, but he struck out 16 times in 71 AB’s,  best I can  figure that’s a 22.5% K/rate.. Never trust Spring Training, April or September stats?

Depends how much Cashman  pays him, but I’m gonna put the 50 cents on the dollar penalty on a back burner and say  the Yanks should be looking at  a slugger like Tomas or just  a flat out good spray hitter to  all fields, the switch hitting Melky who  can be had for a Gardner type contract is my guess

You Won’t See these Guys No More ?

Baseball America put out a list  of Bomber Minor league Free Agents, picked it up  and we poached it for Paint the Black.. The most prominent  names on the list as far as my knowledge  are Scott Sizemore, and Zoilo Almonte..Almonte has had  plenty of cups of coffee with the varsity. Not sure if he should get a really long look at  being the 5th out fielder, kept as minor league depth or flipped

Also not sure why Antoan Richardson isn’t on the list, maybe because the Yanks out righted him? I don’t know, but if it wasn’t for Richardson’s speed on the  base paths,  Jeet  doesn’t write his fairy tale ending at Yankee Stadium

Neutered Cock Fight

Forget dumping a bucket of ice over somebody’s head to  raise money, you wanna cash in for charity, let’s get it on, Michael Kay vs Mike Francesa, give them  specially made 30 ounce gloves, 1 minute rounds, and Away we Go

OK they  can wear head gear, after all  we don’t want any broken jaws, that  would impede their day  jobs, but I guarantee Levine and Trost wouldn’t have to  fabricate the Yankee Stadium attendance  numbers, this bitch would be sold out


Of course Mikey 21 the sports pope said he himself doesn’t get upset when he’s pounded in the media, per his pompous-ness’ retort on the Michael Kay brouhaha .. everybody is just jealous of the Numba 1 blabber mouth


 it sounds to me like Mikey got a red ass over some caller who  wasn’t sure what  sports talk show he was watching  in the early days of Francesa being booted from his long tenured YES  simulcast gig.. Mikey, the guy was looking for answers, he didn’t care if you of Kay  gave it to him, or worse he was just  trolling you, at least you were awake at  the time

Come down off your throne Francy, most of the intel  you dole out on a daily basis can be found on the internet, a simple google search gets it done in this era, your not bull  shitting the unwashed masses in the late 80’s early 90’s anymore.. Your lucky to have a gig on radio for 6 hours everyday, and  if you weren’t there, somebody else would be, WFAN is the only game in town

The ratings wouldn’t be much  different, and remember all  the pundits that  come on your show, are paid spots, WFAN has a tasty  budget, in fact  too bad there aren’t more paid spots so we wouldn’t have to  1. listen to  you take down uninformed callers, and 2. we could listen to  you be a host, not the judge and jury on subjects you read about, but have never really participated in

Thanks to Noogs for turning me on  to Blind Boys of RAB’s twitter account, I had no idea he even had a twitter account, it’s pretty good..

little tid-bits of scattered intel float your way

Mike Axisa @mikeaxisa · Nov 4
Tanaka: 136.1 IP, 123 H, 47 R, 42 ER, 15 HR, 21 BB, 141 K in YS Shoemaker: 136 IP, 122 H, 49 R, 46 ER, 14 HR, 24 BB, 124 K in Angel Stadium

Mike Axisa @mikeaxisa · Nov 5
Tulo hit .340/.432/.603 (171 OPS+) with 21 HR in 91 G this year while playing elite defense. When healthy, he’s 2nd best player in the world

Too bad Tulo  can’t stay healthy, now that’s what I call  a replacement for Jeter


Written by Sal

November 8, 2014 at 7:54 am

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  1. football weekend, my guess the baseball news starts to heat up after Monday when the QO’s are all in


    November 8, 2014 at 8:06 am

  2. Not one Yankee earned either a gold glove or silver slugger award.Betances is the only one mentioned for a post season award,possibly rookie of the year-I voted for him on a mlb network poll.I did not know they were looking to sign Young,to me it would be another mistake,like Stenchiro,signing a guy who had 2 good weeks but sucked the rest of the time.I just don’t think they are going to sign big dollar long term free agents,although they should do everything they can to sign Lester,he is exactly what they need. Sal it is
    football time,very few people even have baseball on the brain. The stuff between Francesa & Kay is good radio business,keeps them both in the news,especially at a time when both football teams and basketball teams suck.


    November 8, 2014 at 12:49 pm

  3. Amen to that brother! Fransayso can’t hide behind his BS as he did in the late ’80’s & ’90’s. Info is just a google away. Too bad you’re in a place where it’s hard to get a signal. In & out of the car all day, I switch back & forth from the Pope to Kay. If Mikey isn’t talking baseball I switch over to Kay, in the hope he is. Actually, Kay is not a bad listen if he’s talkin’ baseball. He gives the callers respect, and let’s them make their point. Not like his highness. And when Fransayso was egged into giving a retort by a caller, he went on his own rant about Kay, without mentioning his name, but never answered Kay’s points. He just went on about not thinking about anyone’s critique cuz he was numba 1 in ratings & money. A real putz! When I saw the article about the Yanks possibly signing Young I got physically I’ll. This guy’s best yrs are behind him. Yeah, he caught fire for a few games, but was a total bust for the Mets, and I never trust stats from Spring Training & September call ups. With a desolate number of power guys available, the Melkman would be a perfect fit for the outfield. He sprays the ball all over & has some pop in his bat. He, Miller, Macarthy, & Headly are the guys they should go after as reasonable signings. As well as Houdini.


    November 8, 2014 at 4:00 pm

  4. hey Big D, good to see you… Capuano too I read, maybe they’re gonna save some shekels for Lester by going on the cheap, they are obsessed with former Red sox players

    let’s hope Cashman doesn’t give Young like $6 to $8M like Alderson did.. then he’d be hard to just DFA

    Beltran is killing their OF budget, and no way can they expect him to play everyday but, he’s blocking another expensive signing

    Yeah football season will dominate everything, I need MLB XM satellite Radio, it’ll chill me out lol….

    And yes Kay and Francesa are probably on the phone this weekend figuring out how to make the next ratings splash, you right it’s good show biz

    No NY NFL teams to obsess over, the hoops teams aren’t that good, we need a few good baseball blockbuster trades to put the Jet and Giant fans out of their misery


    November 8, 2014 at 5:09 pm

  5. I agree with Moscone about Melky. The only people who think he can’t hit and that he sucks are Yankee management and many Yankee fans—including many blogging sites.
    If they sign Young, it might be worse than the Beltran signing.


    November 8, 2014 at 6:38 pm


    Hey bondsie, and Noogsie, Melky will be very reasonable, it’ll cost a Pick, which could kill it for us..and I’m afraid with Arod coming back Cashman might not want to reunite the 2

    The other problem I see with an out fielder that they have to pay, they’re already paying 3 guys, usually the 4th and 5th guy is working cheap, plus they’ll no doubt have Prado to plug in, Refsynder is also an out fielder

    It comes down to Beltran being the speed bump, unless they trade Gardner for pitching then try to sign Melky

    I also wouldn’t mind seeing what Atlanta wants for J Upton, he’ll cost after next season, but he would be worth it.. I go Gardner and Severino for Upton, would hate to lose the kid pitcher, but, sluggers are tough to find

    If they sign Melky then they don’t have to lose anybody but a late first rounder

    Good stuff boys


    November 8, 2014 at 7:20 pm

  7. Done deal fellas, $2.5M with incentives for Young… the 5th OF spot will be either a kid, or low risk, ladies and gentleman our championship OF, 3 injury prone players and Young, nice job Cashman and Hal…thanks not a slugger in the bunch


    November 8, 2014 at 7:47 pm


    MCCarthy gonna wait to see what the big boys get before he commits, yanks tried but no dice, probably same with Headley

    If Sandoval goes to Boston that would free up Headley for the Yanks who after seeing the Young move leaves little doubt they’re diving for pennies

    Boston will meet with Sandoval next week


    November 8, 2014 at 7:58 pm

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