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Young and Stupid

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Young and Stupid

Well fellas it’s a done deal, Chris Young is now a Bomber, the Met 2014 bust has inked a $2.5M contract with the  deep pocket Yankees

The Yankees and Young agreed on a one-year deal Saturday, a source confirmed. The contract is reportedly worth $2.5 million plus incentives. WFAN first reported the deal.

Yawn  you say, well wake up Universe, it’s a sign of things to come for the Bomber-less Yankee outfield who now have 2 pop guns, and old musket and a BB gun to  go into  battle in 2015. Dumpster diving was suspected, but now it’s now obvious the Yanks will not add payroll to  the already overpaid but underachieving Out Field.  Wave goodbye to Melky, and  Yasmany Tomas as potential free agents, not that  either guy was expected to  draw interest from  the Yanks

What  does it mean?

It means  Cashman better hope he gets  the September Chris Young and not the 5 month Met Chris Young, because with 3 vulnerable to injury out fielders on the team, Young will get a ton of Plate Appearances.. It’s not like Gardner underachieved, in fact his decent season was better then  expected, but his 3.2 WAR is deceptive because of the metric society’s love affair with his defense. Ellsbury wasn’t terrible just not worth  $153M,  Beltran  was a complete bust, and only the most positive glass half full  person would think Beltran’s  better days aren’t Way  behind him. He’s owed $30M over the next  2 seasons so he’s playing whether we like it or not

The new Yankee hitting coach  will be on pins and needles next off season, after all   when Cashman  and Steinbrenner need a scape goat for missing the playoffs for the 3rd straight year in a row, who  do think  gets the axe this time..?

The good news is yesterday I was worried about Cashman handing Young a $6 to $8M deal, which would make a DFA tough to  swallow, but at $2.5M Young could be gone by late June if he turns back into Mr Met, not that  Cashman  will  find anybody much better, but we won’t have Chris Young to kick around anymore

Not That It Matters

By the time we roll into the GM meetings next  week in Arizona Joel Sherman will have pretty much  covered all his bases while attempting to inflict Rumor juice into  the Hot Stove Season.. He had his 10 best Free agents, the trouble D-Rob will have securing the big bucks, what  the big boys will make, etc..

Today the lovable Sensie projects where the top  10 Free Agents will land, unfortunately Yankee fans won’t be happy. Forget Lester, Scherzer, the Panda, Melky, Tomas, Miller, V-Mart, Asdrubal Cabrera, and LaRoach, but add Pinstripes to Brett Anderson’s wardrobe and I guess D-Rob has dropped out of being a top 10 Free Agent, which might work in the Yanks favor..

Maybe the dominoes fall just right and Tanaka, Sabathia, Nova, Michael Pineda, Anderson, McCarthy, Shane Greene and Luis Severino tag-team 162 games in a high-end way.

The Chris Young signing might have been sobering for some Bomber fans, but  for some  it’s now obvious the once powerful  free spending Bombers are gonna be in the Dominoes business this yr. We went from  building a Championship  team  to if the dominoes fall  right?

Hal Steinbrenner knows damn  well  painting a  picture that  he will  field a championship  team can be achieved using a very wide brush.. Outside of Pence, Posey, and Panda how many folks outside of the NL West could name the other 5 Giant position player starters?

Of course winning is a crap  shoot, I mean you roll Tim Hudson, Jake Peavy, Ryan Vogelsong, and a trending south Tim Lincecum out to  the mound every 5 days and win  a World Series, outside of Chris Russo who picked those guys?

Some dude named Travis Ishikawa hits a shot heard around the world and the Giants win the pennant, who  had that one in the office pool, or in the GM war rooms last April ? The Royals sweep the ALDS, the ALCS, and beat  everybody but Bumgarner in October, another eye opener, so who’s to  say Chris Young can’t be Travis Ishikawa, or the aforementioned Yankee pitching staff can’t help  the boys win 93 games, then find a way  to make October fun?

So Hal  is covered when he warbles  the fans deserve a Championship caliber Team in NY,  he’s not using a wide brush to paint that picture, he’s using a friggin paint sprayer.  The boy does spend money,


I’m not sure who’s  advising him who  to  spend it on, it sure as hell  can’t be Cashman, or he’d be working in San Diego  possibly Arizona, right?

We know Cashman  wasn’t all in on juicer ARod,  but how much input did he have on potential / possibly former juicers Teixeira, Sabathia, Beltran and McCann, and possibly Ellsbury ?

In 2010 Ellsbury played in 18 games before getting kicked in the ribs which knocked him out for the remainder of the year.

All of a sudden In 2011 he’s all  world, 32 HR’s, 119 runs, 105 RBI’s, a  sick .190 wRC+, and a 9.1 WAR. He never came close to  that  season  again, you think  maybe he was still using HGH, prescribed legally possibly, that  was a brutal  rib injury he had in 2010?

Or did all  that power come from not playing  in 2010.. ?

How much  strength training can  you do  with  busted Ribs? How many hours can  you put in the cage if you can’t swing the bat?

Is Sabathia’s injury history a result of too many innings, or stopping whatever  was allowing him to  be a horse? Coco Puffs right?

How about Teixeira, he’s playing like a 40 yr old going on 34, just  a luck of the draw that  you get 1 or 2 good yr’s out of 8, while  turning into  an old man at  32 ?

Beltran  got old really quick, I mean the Royals got lucky, they  actually offered him more money then the Yanks.

McCann hasn’t put up an .800 OPS in 3 yr’s and has  been  trending down the last 2 before NY gave him $4M more a year  then Yadi Molina the best  catcher on the planet, what  genius bailed on Russell Martin for 2yr’s @ $17M  but called the McCann  shot?

Hopefully not the same guy who made the Young call, or possibly might make  Brett Anderson the Yanks top  free agent rotation target  this off season.

Foot Note

Back to  the Future

Low Risk High reward, a lefty with an injury history, on a team  with Sabathia, Tanaka, Nova, and Pineda ? Sure why not, the guy  always had upside had it not been for the bug, so Anderson  would be  depth, you never have too much pitching, unless your the Yankee farm  system, then you never have any ready to be the next home grown Ace

Let me digress, maybe next year’s sacrificial lamb will be Larry Rothschild, after all look at  that  rotation, who  can’t win with those guys, and who needs Miller or Robertson to  flank Betances, we have Bailey, Phelps Warren  and Machine Gun Kelley ?

 David Allan Righetti didn’t have a stud staff and look what he did for the Giants, maybe the Yanks can pull off a trade for Bumgarner, he singlehandedly made Rags a genius, talk  about a low risk high reward…


Written by Sal

November 9, 2014 at 8:53 am

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  1. After they sign Lester and McCarthy bring in Anderson.. oh wait 50 cents on the dollar, forget about Lester, who’s the Chris Young of pitchers?


    November 9, 2014 at 9:13 am

  2. Pancik is 2nd baseman,, ha !
    NY guy,,,


    November 9, 2014 at 9:41 am

  3. donny they let Panik slip out from under them.. My uncle bob used to have an ugly bimbo on his arm every night, he couldn’t evaluate talent either


    November 10, 2014 at 6:49 am

  4. You said we couldnt name S. F.’s other starters,, i named 1, lol
    uncle bob knew it aint the meat, its the motion,, lol,,,


    November 10, 2014 at 8:49 am

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