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Another Hump Day In Paradise

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We Digress

Cheaper To Keep Her?

Cute girl, but you can’t be double dipping sweetheart, hopefully the dude getting the raw end of this deal, realizes he’s free and clear, some guys have to  pay  through the nose to lose the future  Ex wife, Good job by Jim

Good News Bad News

Good news for Yankees bad news for Robertson,  once Soria’s option was picked up for the $7M, and with Nathan making $10M, the Tigers have Yankee’d themselves in too much contract money for the back end of their pen. We were hoping this to be the case, there was always a good chance it would have hampered a Robertson contract especially with a pick in tow.

They also have Bruce Rondon the flame thrower who  was suppose to get the gig two yr’s ago but got hurt, coming back, just no room for D-Rob.. The real bad news is they could very easily target Miller as a late inning weapon, / LHB stopper

Not sure how Sherman got the info, but it would have been  nice if he grilled Dombrowsky on Miller, we’ll look for info maybe a Detroit publication has something

BTW notice how the Mets have taken over the baseball  chatter in NY, with just  the Cuddyer  signing the media is talking playoffs, at least Francesa and the two Met Muts in the morning are.. That is a hell of a good pitching staff, and add another team that  could go  after Miller. I’m glad Alderson is too  smart for the room, and Wilpon too stupid to actually  do it, but if they’re getting close to  thinking they have a shot, you never know

Elvis Out Of The Building

Pays to be an insider, take Joel Sherman for instance, a few days ago I thought our lovable Sensie lost his marbles when he mentioned Elvis Andrus and the Yanks have a connection. We know that Daniels inked Andrus 2 yr’s ago  to  an  8 yr $120M contract in an effort to  take him off the market. Sherman fesses up he had heard for a few years how the Yanks would just money whip Andrus when he got to  free agency which ironically would have been this season.

With the big bad wolf at the door, apparently Daniels was knee jerked into  the overpay on the disappointing Ranger SS

Probably one reason why the Yanks never took the Paint’s advice and extended Cano  for a 2nd time after 09, that one backfired, but so  did Daniels extending Andrus, now with a sub .700 OPS, and no  power, half as many HR’s as Jeter in 2014, 4 to 2, Andrus’  contract  looks pathetic  as it kicks in  at $15M for the next  8 yr’s

At least he’s not 30 yr’s old, so he has a chance to live up  to  his early hype, but let’s hope it won’t be the Yanks that find out, unless the Rangers want to  eat a big portion of his deal, the way  the Tigers are eating Prince Fielder money

That  said the real  premis of the Sherman  article is, the Yanks hurt themselves just by being themselves ? OK so if Andrus was on the market what’s Sherman  saying they  could have inked Elvis for a reasonable  rate, and hope the bright lights of NY  fix him? That makes Sensei, because a SS coming off a season like .263 .314 .333 .647  wouldn’t be worth $15M per for 8 yr’s

Then again if Andrus wasn’t locked up, he might have worked harder, not come to  camp  as a fatso, and had himself a decent walk  yr.. Then the Yanks ink him to  silly money  and he starts being a dog this season, like Beltran  and McCann… Can’t trust guys who look like the Shoe Bomber


We like to pick on Brian Cashman, at least I do, his farm  system posse hasn’t gotten it done, you wanna blame where they  draft,  have at it, that’s not a bad defense, but plenty of teams draft low and still  find or develop  diamonds in the rough.

Recently the Yanks have developed Betances, so  far he’s been a Gem, a failed starter turned weapon out of the pen.

Shane Green might be the best haul next to D-Bet, he’ll  get a rotation slot in his Sophomore season, that’s about it. Unless you want to  call Frankie Cervelli a stud, maybe the Murphy kid, I forgot his first name, John Ryan  that’s it, very Biblical, that  fits the Yankee profile, clean cut

We can  also  throw Brett Gardner in there as home grown, he’s sort of a generic brand Ellsbury, his best quality is he’s 3 times cheaper then the Doughboy. Can’t blame the Yanks for the Ellsbury / Gardner tandem, with Slugging  moving to  the back of the line, due to Sluggers being more scarce then the Northern Hairy-Nosed Wombat, the new trend in MLB is speed and defense.  We just  watched the Royals who  are now the template for such a phenomenon, or we can call it back to  the future, us old guys have already lived through a pitching and defense  dominated era

So Cashman got in on the speed and defense trend, unfortunately the Yanks have no  patience when it comes to  developing talent so our Speed and Defense cost over $200M for 2 players,  and that  has hampered the salary flexibility to grab a slugger when and if one becomes available.. Yasmani Tomas would have been a nice investment had the Yanks not been diagnosed with the fatal  disease  Contract Albatross-i-tous

Tomas who  just  turned 24 could have been put on ice for a few months, send him to Double or Triple A, or the Puerto Rican league and let him get his feet wet, or not, just  throw him into  the deep  end of the pool and let him figure it out as he goes. Maybe while he’s learning the ropes he hits a few Taters that land on the Major Deegan, you never know

Anyway  we don’t need no  stinking Socialist Cuban’s with power like Jose Abreu or Yoenis Cespedes, we have ARod, who is Hal’s 3rd baseman, he said so on Monday, too bad his GM doesn’t see it that  way.

Everybody knows A-Rod can’t play anymore, at least not without help, and Cashman made it pretty clear Tuesday that nobody is counting on him being able to play on Tuesday.

Enter Joey Day Care who is backing his clueless boss on the Arod  debacle, no surprise that Joey is Spinning for the bossman

But Girardi is certainly excited about Rodriguez’s return next season.

“Yeah, I am,” Girardi said.

That’s just  great, ARod is landing in the perfect spot, a clueless bean counting owner and the Pamperer himself, Joey Day Care. Meanwhile Cashman is playing the bad guy, again

“If I signed a Chase Headley, he would be the starting third baseman,” Cashman said on Day 2 of the general managers meetings at the Arizona Biltmore. “If I traded for a third baseman that was an everyday guy, that would be the move I would be making.”

 Go  get em Cash, I take back everything I said about you yesterday..

Cashman is still linked to  the weasel family tree, but that might be a better clan  then  the Bull Shit congregation Joey Day Care belongs too. Girardi  has rendered his  pre-game pressers, his post game camp  fire chats, his daily quotes whenever he’s around as completely wasted  ink and or airtime

Of Course  media dudes like Bill Madden who is fronting the ARod Must Die Brigade probably got chaffed when he couldn’t get  a tasty headline  morsel out of Girardi, but nonetheless  the  A-Rod Circus continues to just roll on, and on and on and on….

Thankfully the Jets won and Michael Cuddyer signed with the Mets and they’re now favorites to make a Wild Card in 2015, or we wouldn’t have gotten a reprieve from  Ira from Staten Island the Jet Mutt who goes to bed with  his Jet laundry on every night or  the ARod chatter for a few hours yesterday. Francesa was so  elated he actually entertained calls on Cuddyer on Monday, anything but Arod for Mikey 21.

Don’t worry Big Boy, your the 500 pound Radio Sports Jock  in the room, you can’t run and you can’t hide from the ARod fallout, your just  getting a brief Time Out while the NY gamblers lick  their wounds thanks to  the Giants, Jets, Knicks and Nets not clicking on all cylinders at  the moment

Bill Madden is working his fingers to  the bone trying to land that  big juicy headline that takes ARod down, go get em Wild Bill

On a serious note will Steinbrenner allow Cashman to actually pay  a competitive rate to  any solid 3rd baseman  that shakes loose in a trade, or is available in free agency? Since the Arod drama is blood on his brother Hank’s hands, Junior Steinbrenner should take the bullet, he can repay Cashman by allowing Teixeira to be the man with no substantial  back-up. There’s $45 Million reasons to  remind Cash, it was he who  begged Hal  for the money to  swipe Texy away  from  the RedSox in the winter of 2008

It got the Yanks a ring so  there is some justification, but 3 good yr’s out of 8, that’s a rough winning percentage to  swallow


Written by Sal

November 12, 2014 at 7:58 am

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  1. always nice to see the owner and his GM lieutenant on different pages, reassures there is No dysfunctional behavior going on in the front office

    Will Hal allow Cashman to ink the 3rd baseman? It’ll make Hal look like he doesn’t know what he’s doing
    that’s OK Hal, we already have that claim under wraps, why don’t you just leave the checkbook on your desk and you and Jerry Jones, take a 3 month vacation, take that little shrimp that owns the Redskins with you


    November 12, 2014 at 8:19 am

  2. Yanks traded Cervelli to the Pirates for lefty reliever Justin Miller,the only Miller they will get this off season.


    November 12, 2014 at 10:23 pm

  3. Woops!!! Its Justin Wilson-have Miller in the bottle-lol


    November 12, 2014 at 10:31 pm

  4. hahaha hey Big D, yeah I just saw that your 100% right Bye Bye Miller time after the Wilson trade oh well at least I didn’t have to go on as long as I did about Keppinger lol


    November 13, 2014 at 6:20 am

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