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Bye Bye Miller!

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Move over Suitcase Simpson, No Neck Williams, Charlie Hustle, Stan the Man  and Sultan of Swat, come on down Bye Bye Miller, yep good old Bye Bye Miller was Sal’s first off season heartthrob, the Big Lefty weapon who  was so  dominant you could  head out to  accomplish  some honey do chores for 3 to  6 outs  when he came into  the game, and when  you returned, the team hitting against  him would be 3 to 6 outs closer to losing..

Yeah  he was that kind of unhittable when he  was on, which seemed to be quite often in 2014

Visions  of Andrew Miller, Dellin Betances and David Robertson have been dancing in my head since August. Just  about everyday  I mentioned Miller had to be in Pinstripes, the three headed monster that  would  remind us of the late 90’s Bombers when Stanton, Mendoza, Nelson  and Rivera drove fear through the hearts and minds of every team  the Yanks faced, turning the 9 inning sport into  a 6 inning little league game

Papa Joe Torre just needed a lead by the 6th  and he could open the horse race section of the paper and figure out his bets for the day  while the aforementioned relievers took care of business. The next thing Torre had to  think about was what  to  say  at his post game presser, and who  to lay his money on for the daily horse race.

The KC Royals had the most dominant reliever corp in baseball this year so it’s not exactly splitting the Atom wanting to  have the same formula for your team, my guess just  about every fan in baseball  thought the same thing I did,  they just  didn’t obsess over it everyday

Well I can  forget that  dream as the Yanks who at points in time hide in the weeds, as stealth  as they  can be about Free Agents, then pounce on the biggest players the market has to offer to  fill  their needs, not this season, Cashman is wearing Hal’s message on his sleeve

Playing Chicken with The Train

It is the ploy general manager Brian Cashman so often uses during the season in trade discussion: 1) Aggressively make clear what you want. 2) Define a price in dollars or player return that you are willing to pay. 3) Do not budge much, if at all, from that price. 4) Be able to walk away if the price is not acceptable and move on to the next option.

Joel Sherman broke the news too me this morning with one of his best  articles so  far in what is the early stages of this year’s Hot Stove Season. Sherman has the intel on how the Yanks played this game of chicken with potential  trade pieces at the deadline for both McCarthy, and Prado and how they played the Chris Young deal that  was put to bed last  week

You could argue the Yanks are bluffing, until last night when Cash-Brenner pulled the trigger trading Fan favorite Frankie Cervelli to  the Pirates for lefty reliever Justin Wilson. I know nothing about this 26 yr old kid from California, he seems to have reverse splits where RHB’s have a tougher time against him then LHB

Per the Daily News intel  he has some hair on his fast ball 95 to 99, his K to BB  ration on was 61 K’s to  30 BB’s in 60  innings, hence the high-ish WHIP. He looks pretty good on hits per innings pitched, 49 knocks in 60 innings, his ERA increased by double in 2014 over 2013, which might not matter as much for a Reliever, Robertson is looking for Papelbon money toting a plus 3 ERA, one or two bad innings can kill a relievers ERA as we know, and they  don’t have much time to  chisel it down

 Brian Cashman talked up three young lefties in the system — Jacob Lindgren, Tyler Webb and James Pazos — but the GM said Wednesday he was still open to bringing in another southpaw for the bullpen.

“We have good young arms coming that are knocking on the door from the right and left side,” Cashman said. “But I’d be silly not to be evaluating what’s available via the marketplace, in trade or free agency, to reinforce that.”

So  there it is  in a nutshell, with Miller and Robertson both looking to break  the bank  for Closers and Set Up men, Cashman  has pretty much  drawn his line in the sand. Here’s what  we want to pay, go look for something better, if you can’t find it come on back, if we haven’t filled our needs the gig is yours, but on our terms, not yours

At least  that’s the Chicken game he’s playing right now, per the rumors, he’s made the same offers to McCarthy and Headley. My guess McCarthy might get a softer treatment then Headley, the Yanks aren’t going anywhere near Lester, Scherzer, or Shields, so McCarthy looks to be the top of the next level of Rotation guys and Liriano  will  cost a pick, Hammel will get better offers, so  will McCarthy if we’re reading the Cashman Tea Leaves right, but the Yanks really need a McCarthy type

Headley can  also  do better especially if Boston doesn’t land the Panda, but  Prado  could be our 3rd baseman, so Cash-Brenner has a plan B

This could be a 2013 redo fellas, Hal is painting that “ Fielding a Championship Caliber Team” picture not with a brush, but with a wide mouth paint sprayer

Robertson will land some place else, even if or when his market drops from Papelbon money 4 for $50M to Kimbrel money 4 for $42M, my guess Robertson would have to  fall to 3 for $36M at the most, and even that  could be too high for Cash-Brenner this season, possibly the ceiling is 3 for $33M, or maybe none of the above and we’re looking at Andrew Bailey or 1 yr deals for the next  level or two down on the reliever market

I don’t mind if Cash-Brenner  really does bring up  the kids to power arm  the back of the bull pen, it’s when he starts to  float in guys like Matt Thornton who pretty much blew it for the Nats in the playoffs, and stunk out the joint in Boston  1n 2013. Thornton was a nightmare for me, he had one pitch, never seemed to get the big outs on a consistent bases, and even though the Yanks didn’t replace him with something better, I had no problem with Cash-Brenner flipping him, and understood the reasoning in saving the $3.5M he was owed this season

So the Wilson deal is a message to Sal, you’ll be pitching the 7th  and 8th innings before Miller will be wearing Pinstripes.. As for D-Rob we probably won’t have your heart attacks waiting to happen any longer either

As for Frankie Cervelli, good luck Cisco, the kid played his ass off as a Yankee, had more guts then  just  about anybody on the 2014 Yankees, yes he was always hurt but the Pirates got a real  fire plug to  fill in for Russell Martin who most likely will be moving on to  a much  bigger contract then  the Pirates probably want to  dole out

Sounds like Murphy will be the back-up for McCann, and Romine will remain what he is, a 4A career minor leaguer / depth for the 2015 Bombers

It’s a sad day in Sals-ville, Sally boy, say Bye Bye Miller


Written by Sal

November 13, 2014 at 7:31 am

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  1. Cashman is being creative, he’s finally living the dream, he can be a real GM this yr, let’s see what he comes up with

    on a serious note, I do want to see more of this ballyhooed farm system that all of a sudden got good

    Refsynder or Pirela at 2nd base, maybe even Reynolds as a back up lol

    If Cashman holds this ground all of these 2nd tier guys will get better deals, every team has more flexibility then the Yanks, and they can’t afford the bi big guys so they’ll go the extra mile on the McCarty’s and Headley’s, that seems to be the vibe at the moment

    Man it could get fugly with Sabathia, Green, a banana peel Tanaka and Pineda, Phelps and The Reverend Whitley, maybe in June Nova

    Welcome back Alex, and thanks Hank as we ween off the Albatross-itus disease and patiently wait for 2017 to end


    November 13, 2014 at 7:51 am

  2. Your Don is looking for J. R. Murph the Surf to have a breakout year!
    You heard it here 1st, men,,,


    November 13, 2014 at 9:52 am

  3. Its going to be a dumpster diving off season,some people just can’t collect enough trash.Yanks also signed a career minor leaguer,Depaula,another lefty pitcher.Victor Martinez re signed with the Tigers,so all the columnists that wanted the Yanks to sign him can forget it.Yanks just are not going to spend a lot of money. They really should go and sign Lester but it seems they won’t-maybe if the sux sign a big free agent they could change their minds.I am surprised to read about their interest in Andrus,who is not liked or wanted here in Texas-they benched him a few times last season,he cannot hit,has regressed as a player and has an albatross contract-the Yanks have enough of those already.Even worse is the rumor they like Steven Drew-another stiff that cannot hit,especially lefties!! Didn’t we see enough of him last season? He is garbage. I realize that the Yanks have had a great run and its natural for a team to decline after such a long period of success,but it seems they are trying to cut corners instead of really making an effort to improve.I am afraid the worst is yet to come.Francesa is rumored to be going to next Francesacon
    maybe there will be a new parody made.Check out Kim Kardashians photos in Paper magazine.


    November 13, 2014 at 9:53 am

  4. Hey Dallasbomber, In today’s Post on page 3, where they always have a hot babe, courtesy of Rupert Murdoch, was a pic from the Kim K Paper layout. What an amazing ass she has. Took up most if the pic! I read the news today oh boy! Was saddened by the trade of Cervelli and it’s implications. With the players I mentioned last week that the Yanks should focus on that won’t cost an arm & a leg, Robertson, Headley, Miller, & Melky, appears to have gone up in smoke with today’s news. Yeah, I’d love to sign Lester, but they ain’t spending anything like that on a player this off season. But it seems the pendulum has swung completely the other way. Hey, I’d love to see the kids come up & do well. But so far, not many of them has set the world on fire. Prado’s best position is 2nd, but if they don’t land Headley, then Prado becomes the 3rd baseman. In that case, I’d give Pirela a shot. I liked him in his cup of coffee this Sept. But what about SS? I can’t see them getting involved with Andrus’s contract, and I sure as hell don’t want Drew. As was said earlier, didn’t we see enough of him this year? Spring traing or no spring training, the bloom is off the rose! I’d rather see Sal at short!


    November 13, 2014 at 6:48 pm

  5. Moscone-if you go on the paper website,they have the fully nude photos of her,front and back!!! She is built like a brick shit house but is VERY damaged goods-lol Another rumor floating around is Yanks looking to trade for Angels Howie Kendrick-I would love for the Yanks to get him,he can hit,and especially kills the Yanks.If they want Phelps for him,back his bags!!! Check out Joel Shermans column about the Yanks not knowing if they are in need of rebuilding or just a tune up.


    November 13, 2014 at 7:41 pm

    • Thanks for the heads up Dallas! Yeah, I read Sherman earlier. Didn’t hear about Kendrick, though. Sounds intriguing. You’re right, he always killed the Yanks. Yeah, I’d trade the $1,000 car for him. Will check out the Paper site


      November 13, 2014 at 8:03 pm


    hey boys great stuff…. I tried to check out Kim but her ass got in the way

    Sherman finally getting it, the Yanks have no idea what they’re doing ? Good eye Sensie.. It’s pretty simple they have to ween off the albatross contracts Sabathia, ARod, Tex, Beltran, and wait on Tanaka’s condition..then start up for business again in 2017, until then just keep water out of the boat and fake your a play off team, hope the pink hats come out to see ARod implode

    Yeah Howie Kendrick sounds good, 1 yr $9.5M sounds like what the Yanks are looking for, too bad he can’t play 3rd base, why would they want to get rid of him? 1 yr left, the dude rakes, they need pitching, but probably somebody a lot better then Phelps, they’re gonna want Severino or Green, or really nobody the Yanks have, maybe Betances is my guess, or they keep him

    Cashman will play the kids at 2nd base, but yeah Kendrick for Phelps lets gas up the SUV boys and drive him to the airport

    Sherman’s best point was NY doesn’t need much to replace the SS numbers in 2014, no need to go long term on anybody until the right guy comes along..

    Boras is gonna screw Drew again with this BS that he’s an elite player, $5M per is too much for him so $5M plus incentives, but he’s not an injury risk, he’s a not that good enough player risk, so what kind of incentive can you give him?

    also this Moncada kid sounds interesting, but I doubt Cash-Brenner wants to go to $100M


    November 14, 2014 at 9:21 am

    • Well, I did check out the Kim photos at several sites. Too much time on my hands? Nah, just a dog! That ass has it’s own zip code! Just enormous! The pic almost looks photo shopped. Her waist is so small, after having a kid, compared to her butt, that it looks so out of proportion. That’s a lot of cushion to be pushin’.


      November 14, 2014 at 2:10 pm

  7. It’s PS’d for sure bondsie, but the men on the job last night were smitten, me I’ll take Anna Kournikova, but hell carry on boys… woof woof lol


    November 15, 2014 at 10:14 am

  8. Loria is a scum bag 1 % er he didn’t become a trazillion-aire for being stupid, he’ll backload the Stanton contract like he did with Reyes and Buerhle, then when the opt out comes, some desperate Owner will bite on the last 8 yr’s and get stuck with ARod / Pujols #2

    Let’s hope they send Hank on vacation around that time


    November 15, 2014 at 12:16 pm

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