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Junior and Hank Fredo Steinbrenner Star in The Bronx Is Burning, Again


Again, Robertson publicly admitted he would have signed an extension during last offseason at a “discount” for non-closer money.

Well done, negotiators.

The Non Kool Aid Bomber  Web Sites apparently have sided with us on the obvious  notion that whoever is advising the front office for the NY Yankees should just  stop it..

As a fan base we’ve been forced  into not pay attention to  one word Joe Girardi or Hal Steinbrenner warble in any interviews, their incredulous stance on ARod is an insult to their fan base’s intelligence. Girardi  is excited to have ARod back and Hal is fielding a Championship  team, but he’s not spending much  more money to  do it..

Do  yourself a favor and click  the video inside the Hal fielding a Championship team link.

Cashman who  at least went public with ARod isn’t being counted on to be his everyday  hot corner item, either didn’t get the memo from Junior Stein, or with a new 3 year  deal in place, rendered Hal’s stance on Rodriguez to be so wrong that unlike his boss, he couldn’t look the cameras straight on without at least speaking the obvious

Where Cashman loses me is with his take on Beltran  and Son

Beltran--and-Son“I think right now, we’re kind of settled in the outfield unless something surprising happens in the case of a trade, which I wouldn’t anticipate,” Cashman said as the annual three days of General Managers Meetings began on Monday at the Arizona Biltmore. “So I think we’re currently pretty well set with our outfield.

I have no concern about [Carlos] Beltran’s health.

The only thing I can  think of Re: this complete fabrication on Cashman’s part is ARod was never his idea, they had gotten  rid of him, or maybe could have inked him to  a much less insidious deal  when he opted out in 2008, but Hank Fredo Steinbrenner decided to play Father Know’s Best and just  handed  Hem-Roid #13 $275M for 10 yr’s plus HR incentives, and he did all this when Rodriguez was 33 years old

  • $30M marketing agreement based on home run milestones ($6M each for reaching 660, 714, 755 and tying and breaking major league HR record)

Of course Hank Fredo didn’t know despite drug testing starting in 04, that ARod was  juicing, or if he did know, he no  doubt thought the status quo would remain and the rampant PED use throughout the league would continue to be hidden in plain sight, maybe be considered as one of those unwritten baseball  rules

Anyway, good chance Cashman is tail  dragging the tracks that led to  signing Beltran  for 3 yr’s and $45M, which like the Teixeira deal  was most likely his doing, basically blocking any chance to upgrade the  $200M Punch  and Judy’s that  already exist in Center and Left field with a potential  slugger like Yasmani Tomas or Melky Cabrera

I will  admit AL Champions the KC Royals also offered Beltran  a contract, rumor stating it was for more then  what  the Yanks had offered Beltran  and Son, but Beltran  wanted to  always be a Yankee and the rest is now history. Talk about the concept, a series of things have to go  right to  be a winning team and luck is one of them, KC is thanking it’s lucky stars Beltran dissed them

Billy Top Shelf Madden

has sobered up long enough to 1. lay off ARod for one day and 2. he’s come to  the conclusion that maybe the Yanks should build the back of the bull pen, because that’s how the Royals and Giants got to be the last 2 teams standing, plus he noticed the Yanks no longer have any stars in the line-up

Madden opines if Dumb  and Dumber aren’t going to  bring in a stud SS, Tomas, Cabrera, Lester or even McCarthy, then at least close down the last 3 innings

Bringing back David Robertson is the key piece to contending for Bombers next season, as star-laden lineup no longer the need as Royals and Giants prove in 2014.

Good thinking Billy, nice to  see you paying attention. Billy doesn’t elaborate much, but the way we’ve looked at it for a few months now is with Robertson looking for Papelbonish money 4 yr’s $50M, how about  they  ink Miller who  really can’t ask for closer dough, for the simple reason he’s never closed out a game, but he is a weapon and probably  can be had for 3 yr’s $27M..

Once Robertson’s market crashes, we might be looking at him dropping to 3 yr’s $11M / $12M, or just pass on D-Rob altogether and ink one of the 5 other “closers” on the market for a 1 or 2 yr deal

Jason Grilli (38)
Casey Janssen (33)
David Robertson (30)
Francisco Rodriguez (33)
Sergio Romo (32)
Rafael Soriano (35)

Cashman won’t want to  do  both Robertson and Miller, he thinks Wilson who if you check out his line can’t find the plate with a GPS

4.20 ERA / 3.62 FIP / 3.88 xFIP and walked 4.50 BB/9

and the youngster Lindgren can handle the LHP out of the pen job. Fine, but Miller gets both L and RHB’s out, and your trying to  tell me neither Betances or Miller can’t get the last 3 outs of a game?

Wilson will be a Rothschild project that  we all hope pans out, but suppose it doesn’t?

D-Rob who does miss bats,  and made everyone forget Rivera in 2014, is still  down on the food chain Re: MLB closers. Forget the skewed saves stat, check out the other peripherals, and Robertson, especially with  a draft pick in tow, isn’t worth nearly what he’s asking for, at least in years

The rumor mill  has Miller getting 3 for $24M, that’s half the money Robertson is asking for, and Robertson isn’t twice as good as Miller, in fact Miller is a beast, and combined with Betances would be the best  1-2 punch this side of Herrera / Davis, now add Robertson and your on par if not superior to the Herrera, Davis, Holland, trifecta

Building bull pens is a crap  shoot, GM’s don’t like to hand out big money for pitchers who only throw 60  to  70 innings, we get that  starting pitching is more valuable based on value for innings pitched, but when you can get elite weapons for a 3 yr span, it might be a good idea to  abandon the old school  value system on relievers, the game has changed and specialty items like Miller should be the exception

Especially if  Dumb and Dumber aren’t going to ink  the Lester, or Scherzer’s of this years free agent class in an effort to  bolster the huge question marks that  surround Tanaka, Sabathia, Pineda and Nova.. I’d toss Greene into that question mark  area too, and we’ve already  seen what Phelps and Whitley are


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November 17, 2014 at 8:18 am

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  1. I’m fearing Cashman might think not only is his Out Field set but he’s done with bringing in LHP for the pen

    the good news is not one peep has come out of his mouth about Miller, he’s either not interested thinking here’s my chance to be a genius GM and build my very own Frankenstein 3 headed monster, or he’s laying in the weeds on Miller

    I mean shake some sense into me if I’m thinking Miller at 3 years isn’t a decent deal for a team with more money then brains

    the case scenario we have to ponder is will Hal close the check book on Cashman Re: Headley or any other player who would be their full time 3rd baseman, after all Hal saying Hem-Roid is going to play 3rd would make him look pretty silly if Cashman inks Headley or any other professional hot corner item

    Prado to 3rd and the kids to 2nd base is a nice Bubba Crosby type story, but they can’t be serious and think Prado will play 162 games as their 3rd baseman / 2nd baseman / spot out fielder

    The down side is signing Headley would keep Refsynder and or Pirela from getting a chance, unless Prado goes on an extensive DL stint and I’m dying to see what these kids can do


    November 17, 2014 at 8:37 am

  2. Forgive your Don’s ignorance but dont ya have to score one more run than the other guys to win, in baseball ?
    Who ya gonna call,,, Beltran? Texeira ? McCann ???
    BATS please ???
    Big Booming BATS ????,
    Sheeeesh,,, 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠


    November 17, 2014 at 8:44 am

  3. Love the pics & graphics today! You’re preaching to the choir, son! I’ve been saying all along, build that 3-headed monster in the bullpen. Especially if you’re not going to spend the do-re-mi on the Lester’s & Sherzer’s of the world. I’m with the Don, I’d love to see some big bats come in here, trouble is, they’re ain’t much around. I’d love the Melkman, but that ain’t happinin’! The thing is, if we can see all this, how scary is it that Junior & Mushman don’t.


    November 17, 2014 at 9:15 am

  4. hey boys.. I think they see it, but those financial commitments are skewing the thought process, those contracts have to ween off

    the only big slugger on the market is an unproven Cuban and he wants close to $100M which would be worth the risk if they didn’t already have albatross contracts blocking where to play him, they’re not sitting Tex or Beltran or Arod of Sabathjia because they stink, Hal has to get value we’re stuck

    If we want a big slugger or biggish type slugger try to grab Justin Upton who will be too expensive for Atlanta as a 2016 Free Agent

    I’d put up Gardner, Sanchez, and Greene for him, but then your gonna have to pay him $18 to $20M as a Free Agent

    that might nix it, plus they have this inexcusable hard on for Gardner


    November 17, 2014 at 10:14 am

  5. According to MLBcom’s Peter Gammons, the Blue Jays have signed free agent catcher Russell Martin for “[Brian] McCann money.”
    McCann got a five-year, $85 million contract last winter from the Yankees. The Cubs were reported to be the favorite for Martin on Sunday night, but Toronto’s front office apparently upped its offer and won the sweepstakes. The 31-year-old catcher batted .290/.402/.430 with 11 home runs and 67 RBI in 111 games this past season for the


    November 17, 2014 at 12:24 pm

  6. Martin 5 yr’s $82M That means what for Two Ton Deano Navarro, he only makes $5M per and can really rake

    Theo Epstein is ready to sign all these guys, what the fuck you waiting for hot shot, Epstein thinks he’s gonna get somebody to give him a hometown discount

    msade me laught last yr when he said nobody is gonna take Tanaka away from the Cubs.. in himnd sight he was smart not to spend the money but still, he shouldn’t say stuff like that

    there is so much money in baseball it’s scary.. Come on Hal sign Lester or Scherzer and Miller bro Bald Vinny will pay the freight


    November 17, 2014 at 1:07 pm

  7. The Jays have quite a few good young arms. Strohman is on the edge of being special. I think that’s what the Martin signing is all about for them. As a team, they can hit. If their pitching develops, they could be good.


    November 17, 2014 at 1:52 pm

  8. hey Noogsie I love the Martin signing, they brought home a Canadian son, and Rogers Com has more money then Fort Knox.. I’m with you on Strohman, might be the best pitcher in the division.. I would think they look to trade Navarro

    Yanks get Young, the Cards get Heyward, Miami the first $300M player, money just burning holes in owners pockets…


    November 18, 2014 at 6:41 am

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