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Bird Man Of Arizona

Congrats to Yankee prospect Greg Bird for winning the AFL MVP over the weekend. That  and 50  cents gets you 15 minute parking in uptown Kingston NY, but fact is, Bird flew into the hitters paradise league under the radar, so it’s a nice jolt of confidence for him.

As LoHud points out the Bombers had Eric Duncan

Just a few years ago, another Yankees first base prospect, Eric Duncan, was named Fall League MVP — and he was in the Fall League with guys who were on their way to being legitimate superstars — but Duncan’s career stalled when he got to Triple-A and he never reached the big leagues.

With Teixeira heading South faster then a flock of Geese, the Bombers can only hope Bird doesn’t fly South  with  them. We’ll  keep  an eye on him, the 22 yr old former catcher turned first baseman will be playing in Trenton  to  start  the season, one can only hope he ascends quickly, but reality is you don’t want to  rush him.

Look what happened to Bradley and Bogaerts, two  rooks who  were gonna bring the Angry Cousins to  the North  another ring in 2014, they  both  were putrid, but Bogaerts does show promise, Bradley is an  elite defender but hasn’t figured out how to  hit at  the varsity level

O’ Canada

Old friend Russell Martin who  was dissed by Hal Steinbrenner in the winter of 2013, when Junior went to  the mattresses on his bogus $189M effort and let the tough minded catcher go  to  the Pirates on a 2 yr $17M deal. The Yanks haven’t made the playoffs since, while the Pirates finally played October baseball after a long layoff from the post season

Martin who  was rumored to  go to  the Cubs, ( he’s not alone, for a while we read Theo Epstein was in on Lester, Scherzer, and Martin ), ended up in his home land of Canada securing a 5 yr $82M contract.

He should send Bubba McCann  a dozen  roses, now there are two  catchers in baseball  that  have trumped Yadi Molina when it comes to  cashing their pay checks every two  weeks, and neither player is in Yadi’s time zone, but Martin is at least  closer.

I had no idea Martin was even on the Jays radar, but once again hindsight becomes as clear as a bell, as the Native son goes home, and he’ll be playing for a team  that  can  really rake, plus they have probably the best  young pitcher in the division in Marcus Strohman so  the veteran leadership will make the Jays a long day.

They would need to  resign Melky if they  want to keep  that hard hitting line-up intact but this move despite the overpay is a good one. My first  thought, where was Theo Epstein, who seems to be a bridesmaid when it comes to free agency ? Last year  he was the favorite to land Tanaka, swore they  wouldn’t be outbid, but when the smoke cleared the Yanks blew him out of the water. From what  I read on Chicago ESPN, Epstein didn’t want to  go the 5th yr, and it’s my guess the fan base and the North Side media will give him a pass on not  pulling the trigger for Martin despite 2 weeks earlier sort of advocating for the Canadian backstop

“The key to thriving in free agency is acknowledging all the risks, acknowledging all the variables, staying true to some attatchment to value,” Epstein said.

The key to “staying true” is not being desperate. Think of it this way, was Martin a player that the Cubs had to have? Was he even on anyone’s radar outside the organization a few months ago?

OK so  Martin went from a huge target in an effort to get veteran leadership  for this up and coming group of rookie hot shots, to, “was he really on anyone’s radar”? Epstein will  sell  the fan base on value merit, and Martin was overpriced, memo to Epstein, free agency is like shopping retail, your gonna over pay, and the Cubs haven’t made the playoffs since 2008 or won a World Series since 1908, if that  ain’t desperate then I’m not sure what is

“And most important (is) building up your organization, the rest of your roster with impactful young players so you can afford those free agents in the first place and you can afford to miss on those free agents too,” Epstein said. “Missing on some free agents is inevitable.”

Dude your not missing on some free agents your missing on them  all. You can  take the boy out of Boston, but you can’t take the Boston out of the boy. Epstein no doubt thought he re- invented the wheel when he GM’d the Red Sox and he’s still selling his academic baseball 101 acumen to  the North Side. Like his former team to  the North, Theo is looking for the perfect 10, central  casting for the leading role as a baseball player, but that  doesn’t exist in free agency, your buying secondary contracts and the back end of deals are gonna go bad, it’s the cost of doing business

The problem with that  concept, Epstein may  run his 5 year  contract to  the last day  and never hold true on his promise to  deliver a Ring

5 years/$18.5M (2012-16)

Dude you have one more year, then  again the Ricketts family might be as smitten with Gorilla boy as Junior Steinbrenner is with Cashman, both GM’s inherited great  core players that  helped to propel  them  to  multiple rings. Epstein has managed to  build some hype in Chicago, and Cashman is starting his first yr without any of his predecessors Core 5 intact. Both franchises are family run, the Cubs will have  big TV revenues flowing soon, maybe then Epstein will  take the plunge and walk the walk on a big time free agent

If he doesn’t land either Lester or Scherzer this off season, I’d start  to  wonder if Epstein isn’t pulling the wool over  Cubbie Nation’s eyes.

Pand-monium In Boston

The Panda landed at Logan last night and he starts his let’s poke Brian Sabean’s cage tour in Boston. While the Panda fits Boston’s needs, LHB, 3rd baseman,  Ortiz’s replacement as a future DH, Sandoval’s assistant agent or manager or whatever job he gave to his brother  to keep the knucklehead off the streets warbled the magic words “Looking for Respect”

Remember Cano’s old man saying the Yanks didn’t show his son any respect when they offered him $175M.. These Latino players are code talkers, Respect = the Highest  bidder

I would bet Boston  will not want to pay  this guy for 6 yr’s @ $16M per, I mean  do  you really think  they  would pay him more then Ortiz’s AAV?

They  can put Garin Cecchini who  bats LH at the hot corner, despite Headley being on the market, he too  will  want an overpay, and I just  don’t see Boston  piling into  the secondary contract market, unless it’s a special  case like say  Stanton


Written by Sal

November 18, 2014 at 9:22 am

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  1. The NY Post won’t leave this Elvis Andrus thing alone, please fellas, they have enough problems without another albatross contract

    Daniels saying he’s in no rush to move Andrus should be the key phrase, they can’t wait to get this guy off the books

    go get some pitching, the right SS isn’t available yet, just stop gap it, and getting more on the field production then Jeter’s .256 .304 .313 .617 can be done without adding more ridiculous payroll that’s gonna stop the Yanks from adding the right fit if and when he becomes available


    November 18, 2014 at 9:38 am

  2. The Rangers are desperate to dump Andrus and his albatross contract,lets hope the Yanks are not that dumb.Yankee hot stove last night was a waste of electricity.Sal you will be glad to hear someone sent in a question(was it you????) asking if the Yanks were interested in Miller-the consensus was they was some interest-in other words,who knows.They did say the team with the most interest in Robertson was the Houston Astros-oy. I just hope they come to their senses and sign Lester even though there are reports they are interested in Scherzer,which just could be bs spread by Boras. There was an article in the post a few days ago about the future of Ike Davis,he could be available.He would be good for the Yanks,a good defensive first baseman,he could do well in the stadium.Cashman will be sleeping on the streets to help the homeless,hope he wakes up and gets the players they need to really compete next year.


    November 18, 2014 at 12:13 pm

  3. hey Big D.. lol no it wasn’t me but I would have.. thanks for the intel on Ike, I’m in on him lets get it done, not sure where to play him though with Tex here

    Houston would be paying more for Robertson then their whole payroll

    my guess he comes back after his market crashes

    I’m in on Lester let’s get him heard the Braves are talking to him this week

    if he’s smart he goes to the NL where he can really make some headway as a HOF candidate

    same with Scherzer.. and Shields

    missed the Hot Stove, your right wastes of electricity, we can get all their intel off the internet, but good that we keep an eye on it… i forgot it was on, thanks for the tip


    November 18, 2014 at 12:26 pm

  4. Yeah, I remember Duncan. He was a can’t miss kid, who missed. What’s he doing now? Loading trucks in Tuscaloosa? Wow! Heard the news last night on the latest edition of the horrible Yankees Hot Stove. Martin gets his do-re-mi from Toronto of all places! Didn’t see that coming. I still haven’t gotten over how Hal & Company botched the Martin deal the first time. Think about all the money they would’ve saved if they had signed him a couple of years ago! OY Vey! I want NO part of Andrus & his contract. I’m with you Dawg, sign a stop gap guy till the right guy comes along. Back to Yankees Hot Stove, this show is a shameless self serving enterprise. They had a decent panel last night, with Sensei Sherman, Tyler Kepner, & Brylcream Curry. But the format of the show hinders them from getting into substantial dialogue on any one topic. They try to cover too much. It becomes a series of 3 sentance sound bites that never get into the heart of the matter. They need to revamp the format of the show. Actually, I would watch the format I proposed to you Dawg, the other day! Lol!


    November 18, 2014 at 12:34 pm

  5. Hey bondsie I’m working on that local Tv show you proposed, they were receptive to flying in Big D twice a month, Noogsie and you get the car service door to door, the Don was a little more of a negotiation, they balked at the extra security guards, and the green room cameras, if the Don will down grade to just a regular limo not the stretch, I might be able to get the whole package

    We also need Big D in every week not just twice a month, so they have to up the budget, and we need an upgrade on his hotel accommodations

    Why is George King still writing about Ramirez and Andrus, neither guy is a fit, Ramirez will cost too much in chips, plus they don’t have what Chicago needs, and Andrus is fine but not at his contract price, Daniels is desperately trying to dump that contract


    November 19, 2014 at 8:29 am

  6. The Yankees already have more than $170 million committed to 11 players, including five — Mark Teixeira, CC Sabathia, Alex Rodriguez, Masahiro Tanaka and Jacoby Ellsbury — set to earn more than $20 million apiece. Six players are eligible for arbitration, which will add roughly $10 million-$12 million to the payroll if they are all tendered contracts.

    Do we really think Lester or Scherzer for $23 to $25m per yr is getting signed? Plus the closer SS and third baseman

    Poor Ny media has nothing juicy to write, better dig up more dirt on Arod

    What’s up with Francesa pounding the Giants need to tell their coach this is it? We don’t need another in season farewell tour in Ny..and can The Pope get a few baseball experts in the studio, there are millions of baseball fans that would love to take a break from the gamblers anonymous calls he caters all day long

    It won’t kill him to heat up some baseball rumors for an hour


    November 19, 2014 at 8:37 am


    This makes the most sense for Boston, and the other teams involved, can be out spent, it’s stupid for them to not resign him, on many levels


    November 19, 2014 at 8:41 am

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