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If the Giants and Jets were playing a football  game outside my  living room window, I’d draw the shades, that’s how interested I am in the NFL,

In fact you’d see the Don B at a Democratic fund raiser rally before you’d catch me watching that Miami / Jets game last night, my guess, the NY media is starting to feel the same way. As Noogsie pointed out yesterday the NY Sports world has hit the skids, in fact the buzz across the board in all of the major NY Sports is sinking faster then a Ship that just slammed into an iceberg

 I do  know from  having to  sit through the agonizing non stop NFL  dribble coming from every Radio Jock on WFAN, the only thing left in this 2014 NY football season for both teams is whether the Giants and Jets will be in a battle for uber coach Jim Harbaugh, who  from my understanding will be traded for players or  picks by the 49er’s  at the end of the season.

Both NY teams will  no  doubt be looking for scape goats to  their abysmal seasons, and the axe will  find Grand Pa Tom and Rent a Rex Ryan’s neck here in the next 2 months, if not sooner

With the Mets making the Tampa Bay Rays look like the LA Dodgers RE: spending money, and the Yanks seemingly back to  finding religion once again by curtailing their strength, the mighty free agent dollar, I’m  guessing Joel Sherman, Marbles Feinsand and now John Harper had to throw some Emeril  Lagasse  type “Bam” into  the NY Sports gumbo by dropping or creating rumors the Yanks are now in on Andrew Miller, David “Robinson” and the newest Extra Extra BS is Harper’s article , the Yanks are  interested in Max Scherzer and could pass on D-Rob

Damn Harp, why not just  throw D-Rob into  the mix and trump  all of the over the top  fabrications Nicky Two Finger’s has been throwing down this Hot Stove Season ?

With Scott Boras tangled up in Bryce Harper’s pissing contest with the Washington Nationals could a rumor that Harper is coming to  the Yanks be far behind?

Anyway we already know Junior Steinbrenner is up  to $177.6M in guaranteed money for 11 players, now add the $25M for Max, the $13M for D-Rob and the $12M for Miller and Junior’s payroll will be up  to $227M for 14 players. Too much?  OK so  delete “Robinson’s” $13M and we have $214M for 13 players, throw in the benefits package and we’re back up  to $225M

Hal Steinbrenner feels the payroll is too stretched with long-term risk to keep piling on. Consider that, for luxury tax purposes, the Yankees already have 11 players signed for $177.6 million in 2015. That is before adding the approximately $11 million each team is charged for items such as insurance and pensions, or dealing with an arbitration case or filling the shortstop position or trying to keep David Robertson or Brandon McCarthy.

So if we all  think Dumb and Dumber Two will sport  close to  a $240M payroll I say yeah let’s start the party!!

The Yanks could get lucky and in week one of Spring Training CC Sabathia  finds out he can’t land on his right leg thanks to  a destroyed knee, or maybe he can’t push off of his left leg and becomes this yr’s Ryan Dempster. Alex the Great falls down and can’t get up  thanks to having hips that makes my 93 yr old mother look like prime time Emmitt Smith, that’s almost $52M in AAV off the books

At least Obama Care would be good for something as both Albatross contracts would be just  about paid off by insurance companies, freeing up  badly needed payroll flexibility. The hat  trick would be Teixeira finally quitting on his stool and collecting disability for his 100 or so nagging injuries that keep him out of the line-up every season now

OK so because none of that is likely to happen we’re back to the  reality of not really watching the Yanks go hog wild this hot stove season, but the headlines are good for a laugh. Throw in the constant din of Mike Francesa telling his unwashed masses how the Giants and Jets should rebuild and we have a day  full of comedy central

The problem:  for the Yanks to  actually be a championship  caliber baseball  team  and not Arod’s traveling circus, Dumb and Dumber Two would actually have to jump up to  a $250M payroll, or the 3 aforementioned albatross contracts would seriously need to be disability cases, if not, the 2015 NY Yankees are  an unmitigated mess

The Yanks top  3 pitchers Tanaka, Pineda, and Sabathia are all question marks, in fact every pitcher in their rotation is a question mark. The back 5 Greene,Phelps, Whitley, Nova and Mitchell all have some upside, but only Greene and Mitchell have the stuff to  be #3’s in the rotation. Nova is coming off Tommy John and he was an  enigma before the injury so he could never be counted on.

Yes adding one of Lester, Scherzer, I’ll even toss in Shields and McCarthy, and while we’re at it throw in Liriano who  hasn’t pitched over 161 innings since 2010, look to be almost a must have for the Bombers

Oh Shit, I forgot about 3rd base and SS, no problem, they  have Ryan, Prado  and one of Refsynder or Pirela.. Hold on, they need to  help Betances in the pen because the depth  chart right now is Betances, Warren, Kelley, Wright, Claiborne, Banuelos, Burawa, DePaula, Pinder, Ramirez and Campos

This is really getting complicated

I have no problem with Hal stopping the madness and just  avoiding all  the albatross overpays on the retail market and marching Cashman’s farm  system into  the 2015 battle, let’s see what  they have. Maybe throw Man-Bam into  the deep  end of the pool and see if he can  channel some of that upside we’ve heard about for 4 yr’s, it worked for Betances, maybe we’re in for a surprise

Lindgren might be a stud, so might Burawa, Lindgren would have to be added to  the 40 man

It’s sexy journalism having the NY Yankees plopped in the middle of all these endless baseball  rumors, as we know in a NY minute Hank Fredo could come to  work  with his trusty ball peen hammer firmly embedded in his brand new  Home Depot tool belt.  A quick text directed at Jenny Steinbrenner to open the room where George’s piggy banks are hidden, and Bam just like that, $250M in revenue appears at Cashman’s finger tips

Something has to  give here, either the biggest sports market in the world is going on a 2 or 3 year long sabbatical or the Yankees deep pockets and the Mets 4 or 5 young pitchers are gonna save the day

Freddie and Jeff are out of dough, so it’s up to Dumb and Dumber Two, can they possibly keep NYC from becoming Buffalo ?


Written by Sal

December 2, 2014 at 8:40 am

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  1. love the Scherzer rumor, poor NY media must be at their wits end, although everybody loves a good drama and the NY sports teams are certainly heading in that direction…


    December 2, 2014 at 8:51 am

  2. not many big LHB sluggers left in the AL East, but 2 of them Ortiz and Davis kill the Yanks, with Miller that ends the Ortiz domination.. Plus the Yanks keep Miller away from McCan’t, Gardner, and Ellsbury if he lands in Boston Baltimore or Toronto


    December 2, 2014 at 6:11 pm

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