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Will The Yanks Max Out?

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Well  the Yanks left the Winter Meetings with more holes to fill  then they had Monday  when Cashman  and his posse invaded San Diego..

Before all the hoopla kicked off this week in SoCal, Cashman  for some reason depleted his already  Swiss Cheese pitching staff by trading a “Young” power slider, sinker,  6 years of team  control pitcher for a SS with platoon splits, and slick  defense,  no it wasn’t Stephen Drew for 1 yr it was Derek Jeter’s “heir” from  the Netherlands

Didi Gregorius who  will be a project for whatever hitting coach the Yanks decide on, or maybe we should say  whatever hitting coach wants the job, So  far every candidate has walked away from taking on this Mess in the Bronx

I’m not gonna harp on Gregorius, today, that  ship  has sailed and with Chicago signing Adam LaRoche, David Robertson, and trading for the Shark,  trying to  land Alexei Ramirez was most likely off the board, but I’m wondering if Chicago  would have taken Greene for Ramirez before they  pulled the trigger on Samardzjia and “Robinson”?

Again, Ramirez would have cost $10M per for the next  2 seasons,  that  used to be milk money for the Yanks, it’s now a reason to  say  good bye to  a player. The paramount reason for Hal Steinbrenner locking down the Yankee coffers this season starts with Alex Rodriguez, it permeates to Mark Teixeira, and with CC Sabathia’s shoulder just  fine, it’s the rest of his body that’s breaking down, his 2017 vesting option of $25M looks to  be as safe a bet as Al Sharpton showing up  at  a White on Black crime scene

Sabathia  will  no  doubt be owed $77M over the next 3 yr’s,

  • 2017 salary guaranteed if Sabathia 1) does not end 2016 on the disabled list with a left shoulder injury, 2) does not spend more than 45 days in 2016 on the disabled list with a left shoulder injury or 3) does not make more than six relief appearances in 2016 because of a left shoulder injury
  • no-trade protection
  • perks: suite on road trips

ARod $61M for 3, and Teixeira $45M for 2,  thats the $183M Albatross hanging around the Bomber’s neck

Throw in Tanakas suspect elbow @ $22M per for 6 more yr’s,  the Doughboys extreme overpay of $21M for 7 yrs,, the miscalculated Beltran 3 for $45M contract, the misguided 5 for $85M McCant deal, and the Franchising of Brett the Face at  4 yrs $52M and you have what looks like some extremely bad decision making by a front office

Yeah the Yanks got a ring 6 yr’s ago, but the Dodgers came calling for Teixeira and Sabathia before they  went to Boston to relieve them of their financial burden and the Yanks never even  entertained flipping Tex and CC, so  now they have to  feed 3 extra chickens that have come home to  roost, plus the half Billion in suspect contracts they  shelled out for last  season

Now we know why McCarthy is in LA, Lester  and Robertson in Chicago, Cruz and Cano in Seattle, and Kemp in San Diego. Might as well  throw in Tomas in Arizona, Melky to  either Seattle, Baltimore, or KC. On a lesser scale, just  for my own satisfaction, I’m wondering why the “best run franchise” in baseball the St Louis Cardinals thought it was a good idea to  sign Mark Reynolds but the bumbling NY Yankees who need backup  at 3rd and 1st base passed?

Anyway we’re in the aftermath of a wasted week in SoCal, I watched some of Yankee HotStove last night, and it didn’t take long for the panel to  dis McCarthy, a pitcher they  all  anointed as the next coming when it looked like he might land in  the Bronx. Now the $12M AAV pitcher who  tossed a sub 3 ERA as a Yankee was way over priced at 4 years.

What  did anybody expect as soon as he hit free agency on a high note?  I had to laugh when Bry-Cream Curry said a 2 for $25M was the max for McCarthy, once he hit the open market he was an automatic 3 for $36M, Friedman the Assassin made sure nobody was gonna mess with that  sinker /cutter and gave him 4 for $48M

Yeah  yeah  the shoulder, we get it,  that’s fine, I guess only Andrew Friedman and a few NY Yankee fans thought McCarthy was worth  the money. Brickhouse picked up  the tow rope from Bryl-Cream Curry and reminded the YES fandom how bad McCarthy was in Arizona, ( 5.01 ERA) and how old he was (32)..

She left out he ate 200 innings between NY  and Arizona and she brushed by his 2.89 ERA in NY or the 82 /13 K to BB differential, 8.2 KO/9, the 70.5% strike rate, the 52.4% ground ball  rate, or the 3 WAR which isn’t bad considering Teixeira was worth 0.8, Jeter a -0.3, Sabathia 0.1 and Beltran  a -0.5

I’m not saying they  should have gone after McCarthy @ 4 yr’s, it’s the character assassination by the panel  that  stuck in my craw.

The panel who consisted of Brickhouse, Bry-Cream, Bourbon Bob and  Shoe Polish Klapisch  also promised this is no  way  the Yankee team  that  will hit the field in April, it can’t be can it?

I digress, but whoever told Klapisch to  stick his head into  a bottle of black  shoe polish should rethink that move

So as we wake up  this morning, the Yanks not making a splash at the Winter Meetings is the big news. The media is wondering how Junior Steinbrenner can  say he’s fielding a Championship  team when his depth  chart at  the moment looks like a 4th place team  at best, and the good players are coming off the board at  an  alarming rate.

Yes if it was 2008 /09 the Yanks would be an offensive juggernaut, but it ain’t, and they’re not

 John Harper the SNY shill / Yankee hater is here to  help  us through this nightmare with his fine article that  states If the Yanks don’t land Max Scherzer you can  forget any playoff appearances by this band of rag tag over the hill  over paid bums..

Harper joins the, “no  way McCarthy was worth  4 yr’s $48M” crowd, then he questions the viability of Tanaka, Pineda and Sabathia’s health. I’m just  wondering if those 3 guys don’t pitch to  their baseball  card and the offense doesn’t hit  to  their 2008 /09 baseball  cards, how is Max Scherzer gonna propel  the Yanks to  the promised land?

I guess Bumgarner did it, but they had Posey and Pence carry them  through  the regular season and Pence, Sandoval, Crawford, Panik  and a cast of grinders get them  through the playoffs, the Yanks had Brett Gardner, and if Pineda, CC and Tanaka pull up lame, who’s Max’s side kick?

Do  we want Scherzer,  of course, who  doesn’t want Scherzer, are the Yanks gonna pay him in excess of a $25M AAV, plus get depth in the in field and bring in a closer too?

No I don’t think so  either,

What’s Scherzer gonna do if Tanaka, Sabathia and Pineda don’t  eat  at least a combined  total of 580 innings? If Steinbrenner is willing to  hit the $245 /$250M payroll mark, and bring in Headley, pay Romo or Soriano I say  let’s get Scherzer wrapped up for $180 to $200M

How does that  rejuvenate ARod, Teixeira, Beltran or McCann..? How does that  turn Ellsbury into  a bonafide $21M AAV player? If Steinbrenner and Cashman  really believed the Half Billion  Dollar posse was gonna  hit into better luck in 2015 wouldn’t they have gone harder at Lester, and figured out how to keep  depth in the rotation instead of trading for Gregorius…?

The Yanks are gonna be patient, that’s a first, although they  were patient in  2013 and won  more games then they did after  the knee jerk spending spree in 2014, so maybe we’re onto  something

If Scherzer is still  around in a month and ticket sales are dead, we might see Max in in pinstripes,

or we might see cheap  seats on Stub Hub and  plenty of arm and leg room inside the Mall on Rivera Avenue. Parking will be easier,  the hour and a half train ride from Upstate NY to  the Bronx will be more comfortable, there won’t be any lines when you want a beer, a slice of frozen pizza, or some left over Jeter merchandise

Just think how much  work  you can get done while the game is on at a low volume, creating that mellow elevator music din in the background of your man  cave while the Jays, Orioles and Red Sox pummel David Phelps, Chase Whitley and Brain Mitchell into 6 ERA’s

Yes we went from the Bronx Bombers to

 “reinforcement and diversify”

Which is fine, time to  rebuild it fellas,  in the words of our very own Noogsie from the  08 days, landing Scherzer would be like delivering a pizza with an 18 Wheeler at this point, but  we all  agree, you never have too much pitching, and with all  the bad contracts, what  the hell is adding one more?


Written by Sal

December 12, 2014 at 8:22 am

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9 Responses

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  1. That YES panel was in damage control last night, they better figure out how to do that every week


    December 12, 2014 at 8:38 am

  2. Good catch on the YES crew. Along with Kay and a few writers, so far I have listened or read them coyly disrespecting Cervelli (who can’t stay on the field and used PED’s), Robertson (who was not worth the money), Greene (who was a 15th round draft pick and who knows if he can keep a small sample size going), and McCarthy ( who should kiss Larry The Stable Guy’s feet and was almost released before the Yankees got him). Then of course, last year it was Cadillac Cano who was such an anti-Christ that Bald Vinny and the Crew embarrassed him with a fake role call shout out–only to boo the piss out of him.
    Blind Boy Axisa had an interesting comment recently—saying that the White Sox now have the 2 pitchers who were the most successful minor league Yankee pitchers in the system over the last 6 or 7 years. Quintana had a 10-2 record at Tampa and then they did not protect him. He has since had 3 solid seasons at Chicago. Now we need 2 starters? Greene should still be here. 95 with movement and sink never goes out of style. But that’s just me.


    December 12, 2014 at 9:15 am

  3. Cashman said that he inquired about Porcello and Miley but was rebuffed.Coincidentally,the same thing happened to me when I called Kate Upton-she was busy washing her hair.How can you make a trade when you have nothing to trade? How can you sign a free agent if you don’t want to spend money? But
    the Yanks are still building a championship team-lol I have been watching the hot stoves this week,listening to all of Sweeny’s reports,even watching mlb network,I think everyone is surprised the Yanks are doing nothing.Now the crew on YES is like Pravda,parroting the party line.Now McCarthy is an
    injury risk since he signed with the Dodgers,how dare Headley get an offer for 4/$65-don’t they know its not in the budget? The Yanks are becoming the Mets,its disgusting and pathetic.


    December 12, 2014 at 9:23 am

  4. hey boys solid takes, thanks… I hate being negative, but i had to get this off my chest… onward through the fog

    I’ll try to dig up some positive energy

    Yes I saw that tweet by Blind Boy Noogsie too bad they gave up on Quintana

    And Cashman talking about Porcello and Miley was funny stuff to read Big D, if we knew he doesn’t have a prayer in a trade what makes anybody think he didn’t know it.. I doubt he ever looked into those guys, why embarrass yourself to other GM’s? but it sounds good in the press

    thje problem with YES is content hits the bricks way before those guys even think about their next production so they aren’t fooling anybody.. Francesa still thinks his 1 PM radio show breaks stories

    I had MLB TV on this week and Twitter had the stories broken at least an hour to 2 hours before they would commit to it.. I understand twitter you get away with suspect content and those TV shows have to make sure they’re not acting like ESPN, but technology has surpassed TV and Radio to the point of almost extinction

    I did enjoy Bobby Shoe Polish who I like as a reporter and respect his pitching takes, pining for Scherzer, that can’t hurt, for now…

    I’m not opposed to a rebuild, wish they would cop to it though


    December 12, 2014 at 11:44 am

  5. I hate to be negative, too. I will always root for the laundry, but right now I do not care for the decision makers. Kay wants no part of Scherzer. But is it really Kay saying that, or do the brass give him cue cards?
    The Arod Gong Show will keep us entertained starting anytime now.


    December 12, 2014 at 12:01 pm

  6. congrats to noonan, cashman depth, are kind of pick up.. dec 12th will forever be known as noonan day here at p the b

    Noonan, 25, spent the season in Triple-A and hit .237/.282/.303 (51 wRC+) with three homers, a 24.1% strikeout rate, and a 5.9% walk rate in 406 plate appearances. That’s bad. Noonan had a huge camp in 2013 and made the Giants out of Spring Training only to hit .219/.261/.238 (36 wRC+) in 111 plate appearances during the regular season. He was 32nd overall pick in the 2007 draft. – See more at:


    December 12, 2014 at 1:59 pm

  7. hey noogsie, we better keep pouring coal on the fire then lol…

    Kay has blisters on his hands from towing the company line..

    what kay should say is if hal is gonna crawl up in a fetal position because he has to buy his way out of this mess, then let’s pass, but having Scherzer would certainly boost my YES ratings every 5 days…


    December 12, 2014 at 2:04 pm

  8. Boys, solid takes from all. I also hate to be negative, but jeez! They really invite this shit on themselves. I too watched Hot Stove this week. The best thing that can be said about the shows this week was the tremendous amount of cleavage Brickhouse showed off on Tuesday. Plunging neckline & the bra she wore must have been designed by Grumman. That thing had pullyies & weights lifting & separating those melons to a new high! What a depressing week! Watching other teams making moves and the Yanks acting like the Mets! Keep hearing how they have a plan, we’ll see, but right now this is miles away from a “Championship caliper team”.


    December 12, 2014 at 3:01 pm

  9. hey bondsie lol you trying to say it was girls night out this week?


    December 12, 2014 at 3:48 pm

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