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The Cubans Are Coming

Bells tolled in celebration and teachers halted lessons midday as President Raul Castro told his country Wednesday that Cuba was restoring relations with the United States after more than a half-century of hostility.

however, said the development came with a price. Castro made a “bargaining chip” of Alan Gross, the U.S. aid worker who was released from prison Wednesday while the U.S. freed three Cubans held as spies.

“In this way, the Castro regime has managed to get its way,” she wrote in a blog post. “It has managed to exchange a peaceful man, embarked on the humanitarian adventure of providing Internet connectivity to a group of Cubans, for intelligence agents that caused significant damage and sorrow with their actions.”

Like anything this decision will have it’s pros and cons.

What  does this mean  for MLB is our  interest  at the moment, and the link provided is a  4 minute SI video that  touches on the possibilities. With the influx of Cuban talent defecting to MLB, this apparently opens the doors for more El Duque’s, Abreu’s, and Puig’s, but what  will  the ramifications be?

Will  there be an International draft? Will  there be a posting fee similar to what MLB has worked out with Japan? Will  these Cuban players just  cop  an  agent and hit the free agent market? I would think  the Cuban government will  want to somehow  cash in on the millions going to  their Cuban born players

The good news is there will be more talent to  choose from by opening the doors in Cuba, the bad news, at  what  cost? So  far the Yanks have shied away  from  the Big Bad Cuban Boogie Men, mainly due to the lack of intel on the players and the Yanks reluctance to pay the freight. Once the  major Albatross contracts ween off, we should expect  the Bombers to be players for some of the talent heading to  our shores

Let’s face it,  Abreu, Puig, Chapman, Cespedes have been  bargains but for every one of those guys there have been the Danys Baez and Jose  Contreras who  was a bust in 2004 for the Yanks, but he did help  the 05 White Sox, but apparently Jose left a bad taste in the Bombers mouth

MLB Players Born In Cuba


Off The Grilli

“I don’t see a reason why he isn’t a fit,’’ Sheffield said. “He can close and pitch the sixth, seventh and eighth innings.’’

Yes Gary he can pitch in all  4 of those innings, just not very well. Signing Grilli  would be as frustrating as the Capuano  contract. You can’t lose Kuroda, McCarthy and Greene, then  sign Capuano  and think  that  has any relevance on the team’s roster.

Grilli  was a big reason for the Pirates 2013 success, but that’s how volatile relievers can be, he totally crashed  and burned in 2014 and was flipped to  the Angels for another leaky closer Ernesto Frieri.

The 37-year-old Grilli struggled with his command this season, and was 0-2 with a 4.87 ERA and 11 saves in 22 appearances. He was demoted from his role after giving up home runs in back-to-back outings and blowing four saves 

Grilli a one time fan  favorite  was pivotal to the Pirates’ resurgence in 2013, when he piled up 33 saves and had a 2.70 ERA in helping the club to a 94-68 record.

Sergio Romo, was a much better idea but the Giants nabbed him for $7M per yr, Ralphie Boy Soriano might be the man..

Right now Betances, Miller, Warren, Kelley, Wilson, Lindgren, Rogers, and Phelps are 8  guys  for a 7 man job

Brett The Ace?

Speculation by the Blind Boys of RAB is Brett Anderson was a major target for the the Yanks, but the big bad Dodgers jumped in and money whipped the often injured lefty who  at  one time was a top of the rotation pitcher for the Oakland A’s.

The Capuano  deal  for $5M was the consolation prize, and the guess was Cashman  didn’t want to  throw down the $10M it cost to  bring Anderson in. I must  say $10M for a dude who  hasn’t pitched more then 45 innings a season in 3 years  is steep.

I’m surprised Cashman  didn’t go  all  out and offer him $12M!!.. Anyway the propaganda by YES saying it’s easier to  find a Shane Greene then it is a Sir Diddy Gregorius, is just  that, propaganda.. The Blind Boys  list other reclamation  projects the Yanks could grab as low cost  high reward types but it really isn’t that awe inspiring

The best FA pitching deal I’ve seen so  far has been Liriano 3 for $39M. Lester and or McCarthy would have been a nice signing if the Yanks had salary flex, but they  don’t, so  that BS “it’s easier to  find Greene’s then SS’s” is wishful  thinking by the Tow The line crowd at YES and ESPN ( Michael Kay)

Chris Capuano in Stripes will  attest  to  that. Let’s hope Cashman  keeps beating the bushes, maybe he can find a GM who is asleep  at  the wheel..


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December 18, 2014 at 7:27 am

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  1. After seeing what real upside but often injured pitchers are getting paid I’m starting to understand the desperation in copping Capuano.. Masterson gets a base of $9.5M, but with incentives like reaching innings goals he could make up to $12M per if he somehow manages to pitch 205 innings

    performance bonuses: $0.5M each for 185, 190, 195, 200, 205 innings pitched

    how about the Will Myers deal? good to see another potential big bat leave the division, hopefully it takes a few yr’s for those kids they acquired to figure it out

    I was excited about the Cuban deal, until I read how complicated this could be, with the potential drafts etc..It’s still coming down to having no salary flex, and hoping Tanaka and Pineda can stay healthy


    December 18, 2014 at 7:32 am

  2. I don’t see much upside with Capuano. Guys like him are a dime a dozen. 5 Million could and should have gone toward something way more meaningful. I guess Hal and the boys have to keep a bit in reserve for Arod if and when he starts reaching those 6 Million Dollar Home Run bonus clauses. The first one is right around the corner. Hank was quite the negotiator. He makes Fredo Corleone look like John Gotti.


    December 18, 2014 at 7:59 am

  3. You hit it right on the head Noogsy. The 5mm given to Capuano should have gone toward something better. What that is, I dunno. It’s amazing to watch, the one time behemoth with all the dinero to out spend everyone else to get the player they want, has now been relegated to the role of spectator. George must be rolling over in his grave. George made a lot of mistakes along the way. And there has been a lot of revisionist history concerning him the last few years. But, you know he would never allow to happen what has happened to this team. He’d be all in. As Levon used to say “Spend it all!”.


    December 18, 2014 at 9:22 am

  4. Screw the Cuban ballplayers,,, , i want the old 1950 Chevys and Buicks they have in Cuba, 1st,, 😎
    2ndly,, Cigars, plz,,,


    December 18, 2014 at 9:33 am

  5. hey boys solid takes.. thanks

    nice job by the Blind Boy’s of RAB.. this is all we need to know about our team moving forward.. Let’s just hope Tanaka and Pineda can pitch, that will be fun for a few days a week.. No big deal, we just have to ween off the bad money, maybe Arod will quit lol


    December 19, 2014 at 9:33 am

  6. Just heard that the Padres got Justin Upton,now he joins Kemp and Myers for a great outfield-at least on paper. I was thrilled to read Randy Levine saying there is almost zero chance of the Yanks signing Scherzer but still putting together a championship team-lol


    December 19, 2014 at 10:22 am

  7. After months and months of building Prado up so high that you would think he’d get a perpetual nosebleed, today it’s never mind, he costs too much and doesn’t have a position. Totally hilarious


    December 19, 2014 at 4:21 pm

  8. Hey boys gonna miss Prado, if the Yanks really thought they were contenders you don’t trade Prado, the reality is they need to get younger

    I have no idea about Eovaldi, never saw him pitch if I did, wasn’t taking notes.. if i remember, Jones was a target when they flipped Burnett, nice to have a back up for Tex, although he’s another platoon split guy

    interesting take on Scherzer, if he signs for $28M in reality it’s a $42M purchase, that’s just not smart…

    Hal should just STFU and not make an asshole out of himself talking Championship anything, he’s rebuilding, no harm in that, the fan base isn’t stupid

    the bottom line the Yanks need to ween off the bad paper, and get younger, so yesterday was another get a 25 yr old kid who hasn’t lived up to his prospect hype, his value was down, and they grabbed him with the only viable chip they had, especially since they don’t want to trade Gardner

    question is, why couldn’t they do better then Eovaldi by flipping Prado? Like why couldn’t they get something better from the Giants who inked McGehee? Or get Cashner or ross from San Diego who got
    Middlebrooks for a back up catcher.. apparently they didn’t want to part with Matt Wisler their #2 kid for a Prado

    Or maybe Cashman tried and this was the best he could do

    Hopefully this opens up a spot for A kid 2nd baseman


    December 20, 2014 at 10:28 am

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