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Yanks Evo-lving ?

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Nathan Eovaldi, RHP, Yankees — Acquired in the Martin Prado deal with Miami, Eovaldi represents the Yankees’ attempt to get younger and add a quality arm. His catcher with the Marlins, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, said of Eovaldi, “At the end of the year he figured out how to throw a new pitch that is really going to help him. He throws hard and all of his pitches are hard, so this new pitch will help that out because he’s got a fastball rotation with split action.” There’s the feeling out there that Eovaldi doesn’t always listen to coaches, who believe that he has big-time stuff that’s gone untapped.

Are the Yanks starting to  evolve,  are they  starting to  realize at  some point you can’t keep  throwing retail money at 30 plus year old players now that PED’s are out of the mainstream and permeating in a new taboo  society similar to  what  we saw with the Gummy Boys  from Biogenisis fame?


The acquisitions of Sir Diddy Gregorius and Nathan the Eovaldi Express have met with mixed reviews so  far in the first  few weeks after Cashman jettisoned Shane Greene a budding young RHP to Detroit,  all  around good guy Martin Prado  and David Thousand Dollar Car Phelps to Miami for Gregorius, Eovaldi  and  33 yr old back up 1st base  / RF / DH depth / LH power hitter Garrett Jones

They  also picked up a fringe prospect Gonzo German from the Mets for what else, cash.

Are these moves no  brainers? Hell No, Sir Diddy  couldn’t even grab the D-Backs starting  SS gig, and Eovaldi’s peripherals are  putrid, despite his famed upside. Apparently Eovaldi  has a $14M arm, but a 10  cent head, and by now every Bomber  fan knows that 

While he throws very hard, averaging 95.5 mph with his fastball in 2014, Eovaldi doesn’t strike out many hitters. Even as his fastball increased in velocity with his move from LA to Miami, he still stuck around 6.5 K/9, which is far below average right now. 

The Evo Express has also had trouble with LHB’s, he gave up more hits then any other pitcher in  the NL in 2014, and there’s a good chance he could make Phil Hughes’ Yankee Stadium HR gopher ball look like Tanaka’s split finger

Lefties hit .293/.330/.438 (.336 wOBA) against him last season and .288/.350/.421 (.338 wOBA) against him in his career.

Other then  that I love the deal !

Are the Yanks getting smarter? I wouldn’t go  that  far, they  have so many bad contracts, if they  decided to keep operating in the same  throw tons of money at  their problems manner we’d be looking at  a $250M payroll in 2015.

At 50 cents on the dollar in penalties a $27M Max Scherzer AAV would turn out to  be  a $42M yearly investment, so  while the Yanks can  afford that  type of payroll, I don’t blame them for trying to nip  their past follies like ARod’s extension, Ellsbury’s $153M, Beltran and McCann’s guaranteed $130M, throw in the terrible back end on the Sabathia and Teixeira contracts in the bud

If you want to  ride in my bandwagon, I’m all for a 25 Yr old SS who  can pick it on defense,  swings from the left side, is under team  control,  and has had only 724 career PA’s. That  could also be considered enough of a sample size to pass judgement that he’s carrying Brett Gardner’s  wet newspaper to  the plate, I won’t dispute you on that  take

As for Eovaldi, I don’t have much  to  offer in his defense, I have never seen him pitch outside of a brief hi-light reel that  shows him working both sides of the plate and baffling a Met line-up. I will  admit some of the strike calls in the video look like Evo  was getting the Greg Maddux treatment but I’ve purchased into  his live arm, still  young, and his overall  excitement coming to NY

“Who doesn’t want to play for the Yankees, unless they’re Boston fans?” he quips.

Hey who  doesn’t love a kid who  wants to  throw a dig at  the Red Sox?

Cashman with no  budget  to  work  with thanks to his and Hal’s own doing, still needs to  replace what Greene, McCarthy, and Kuroda brought to  the 2014 table, and he needs to  do it with  young controllable arms, like Evoladi or old trending on the back  9, cheap innings  eaters like Capuano

The glass half full  scenario is a healthy Tanaka, Pineda, plus an achieving his potential Eovaldi, mixed in with a fading but still  serviceable Sabathia and Capuano gives the Yanks a decent rotation  to  start the season. Then we have to  hope Nova comes back 8 weeks into  the 2015 campaign, while Mitchell  and Banuelos two  young arms provide the much needed depth  every team is now counting on

Bringing up  the rear we can even  expect a few cameos from the Yanks #1 prospect Luis Severino who is rumored to be ready by 2016. The Bomber pen also looks to  be set unless Cashman  decides to  hammer out a deal  for a veteran closer like Ralphy Soriano, but at the moment we’re looking at Betances, Miller, Warren, Kelley, Wilson, Rogers and hopefully  Lindgren

The 25 man  roster as we speak 


Written by Sal

December 22, 2014 at 8:35 am

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  1. I guess just seeing young players has me excited.. Then just because your young doesn’t mean your any good….


    December 22, 2014 at 8:46 am

  2. Phil Hughes saying he is “comfortable” there is an indictment of Rollo Rothschild in my book,
    Here he was jerked around, showed little support and practicall run out of town,
    i wasnt a fan cause he didnt produce but seems like some blame is where i put it, on Girardi and Rollo, grrr.


    December 23, 2014 at 11:23 am

  3. donny it helped pitching in a big ball park, although he did have good road splits so I have to cancel that out.. Hughes had a great season for the lowly Twins, call it what you want, I think he had zero pressure on him especially with a 3 yr $24M contract, that’s giving it away for a MLB starter

    Minnesota was the worst pitching team in the AL ERA

    and in BAA ..

    Apparently he was more comfortable in Minnesota in front of 3 reporters instead of 28 in Ny, he was also touted as the next big thing in NY maybe that put pressure on him..

    McCarthy sucked in Arizona and pitched good in NY how do we sort that one out?

    Greene sucked in the minors, but was good for the varsity.. Betances developed in the majors, Robertson developed in the majors

    Burnett sucked for the Yanks good in Toronto and Pitt

    I think Rothschild gets more credit then deserved when they do good, and more blame when they suck.. Plus the real reason I like Rothschild, who has a better nick name then Larry the Stable Guy ? lol nobody..

    for that reason I hope he continues to coach here

    K Long was great when his pupils were in their prime, once they got old they sucked and he got fired

    Let’s see if the new Batting coach can fix old

    Also if you want to beat on Larry that’s kool, that’s why we have the vent unit here

    the Yanks were at best middle of the pack in pitching, no great shakes, Rothschild isn’t Dave Duncan but he doesn’t suck either, where they excelled was strikeouts..

    If you click on each of the stat categories in the links you can see where they stood in the AL pretty much middle of the pack that’s with Sabathia, Nova, Whitley, Phelps, Capuano and Nuno stinking out the place


    December 23, 2014 at 4:24 pm

  4. boys we don’t want Cueto going to Boston let’s hope Cincy inks him, but he’s gonna be looking for Lester money they can’t afford that

    all we can hope for is Cincy wants one or 2 of Swihart, Bogaerts, Betts, Owens, Johnson, or Vazquez

    they won’t give up Betts Swihart or Bogaerts but they might cough up Marrero, Owens, and one of their kid pitchers, that just won’t hurt enough hopefully Jockety won’t cave in


    December 23, 2014 at 4:36 pm

  5. Hey Blackie good one.. Check out the Tommy Castro / Delbert version that’s good too.. Merry Xmas


    December 23, 2014 at 10:54 pm

  6. Blind Boy needs to get a grip here and stop acting like one of his JR GM posters.. these players ain’t coming to NY.. Hamels really… come on dude grow up, stop playing the video games


    December 23, 2014 at 11:03 pm

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