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With 29th pick in ’09, #Yankees were going to take Mike Trout. He went 25th (comp pick for Teixeira) and NYY took Heathcott

The Yanks recently DFA’d, or non-tendered, as our sophisticated apologists call it, touted farm hand Slade Heathcott. In that  same fell  swoop,  they jettisoned Jose Campos, the throw in player in the Montero  for Pineda deal to  the curb too.

Of course we understand this was just  a formality,  an  effort to  make room on the 40 man roster, and there was always a very good possibility they  wouldn’t be picked up  by another team

The chance of Heathcott actually  playing for an MLB varsity is as remote as the Yanks actually finding Mike Trout available between the 26th  and 29th pick


The bigger question is  how upset are the 25 teams who  didn’t pick Trout? And where would the Yanks be if Gerrit Cole hadn’t decided to  go  to School, and why didn’t they pay him enough money to  forget being a Frat Brat? The Yanks received that 29th pick when Cole decided to pass on the Yanks and pitch in college

As expected, the Bombers resigned both Heathcott and Campos after no  team picked them up

By non-tendering Heathcott and Campos, the Yankees were able to remove them from the 40-man roster without exposing them to waivers. They would have had to clear waivers had the team outrighted or released them, and there’s a decent chance one or both would have been claimed since they’re relatively young and have potential. The non-tender was the best way to try to keep them as non-40-man roster players.

Both  kids are constantly injured, both are minor league depth, the hope for Heathcott has to be  if he plays well  enough he can  maybe see some time in the Bronx if the present out field starts to  thin out due to injuries, but in reality him showing signs of a pulse could make him an added chip in a trade.. Heathcott profiles Ellsbury and Gardner, do  they need a 3rd Punch  and Judy Out fielder?

The Yanks seem to be thinning out their own depth / farm  system and replacing them  with other team’s youngsters this off season. Gone are Claiborne, Phelps, Banuelos, Wheeler, Greene,  Cervelli and Pete O’Brien

Check  the links inside the links as the Blind Boy’s of RAB cover this stuff really well

Willie And The Hand Jive

Well it looks like recently the Don B flexed some of his muscle, the end result, his favorite #30 of all  time Willie Randolph did get an interview with the Bombers.

No doubt the Don paid a visit to Junior Steinbrenner on the matter, or just maybe,  like he has on the the rest of us, Donny showed the Bomber  owner photos that just can’t hit the bricks. That’s the Don’s version of hacking Cha Cha Cha photos BTW

Hopefully when the Don  got Kevin Long fired at the end of the season he gave Steinbrenner an offer he had to  take RE: Willie and finding a gig for the lovable and talented ex Yankee

Fingers should  be crossed, and candles  should be lit this isn’t one of those we have to interview  minorities or the Liberal Left will  come knocking with discrimination  suits. If anybody deserves to be in the Yankees dugout it’s the great Willie Randoph. So what’s the hold up  boys, it’s been a month  since Willie got the call, let’s get this thing signed, sealed, and delivered…

Water Cooler Aid

Nice job by LoHud here, although what  else is there to  write about for dudes getting paid to  do  this stuff. Chad and his posse posted what has transpired this off season Re: trades and free agent acquisitions. Whether your standing around the water cooler at  work  trying to impress the latest  divorcee who  would love to  find somebody to take her and her 2 kids to  a Yankee game, or hanging in a parking lot smoking a spliff waiting on the door to open for your favorite concert, regurgitating  this intel  will make you look and sound like Bob Costas, so  check it out

Bob’s Your Uncle

I think  we have to include Bob’s Blitz blog in our daily posts, if nothing else, the Babe Page is off the charts, so if you scroll  through the articles and can’t find anything you like, the Babola links are worth the pain, trust your Uncle,  you won’t be sorry you logged on

Today  we dropped two knuckleheads, Joe and Evan goofing on the most goof-able talking sports head in the entire industry, Mikey 21, AKA Mikey Lombardi during Football  season. Now that  Pope Francy is back on the job we might have to  tune back in,  the entertainment is off the charts priceless

How an  agent can’t land this tub of bull  shit a TV gig is beyond me. I’d be in touch  with the Comedy Channel and have Mikey signed on the dotted line in a nano  second. If the guy  who  books me can find non stop  work, imagine what he could do  for Mikey who has the type of talent only God can hand out.

You know guys have the gift when  they don’t have to  work  at  their craft, it just  comes naturally, and if anybody is the poster child for not working hard, it’s Pope Francy the First

Pot Meet Kettle


It was pretty funny seeing the ARod photo of him in a batting cage, but not as funny as David Ortiz and Gary Sheffield mentioning how tough it’s gonna be for Alex once the  season’s bell  rings and he has to face his fellow MLB brethren

Both Ortiz and Sheffield have escaped PED incarceration, but it’s obvious both Juicers haven’t fooled the court of public opinion.  I’d pipe down  boys, Ortiz seems to always escape the wrath, for some reason MLB has a force field around this phony protecting him

Sheffield on the other hand has a long track record of  strange behavior

“You know, from past experience with playing with Alex, I knew a lot of people who were jealous of Alex,” says Sheffield. “Being on an opposite team and being his teammate, you can see the venom from other players, when this guy comes up and everything he did, they didn’t like it. For me, as a teammate, you got to get behind him and support him because he’s going to have to deal with more because of that.”

Maybe I’m wrong, perhaps Sheffield being an outspoken thug in his own right, is obviously speaking from  past experience, my bad Shef..

And Shef,  they’re busting dudes who  used enhancers, not all of those guys stuck  a needle in their butt

Sheffield has admitted that he used the “cream” and the “clear” – non-injectible designer steroids – in the past, including to the grand jury investigating the BALCO steroids scandal. He lived with Barry Bonds and worked out with the San Francisco slugger in 2003 and says Bonds introduced him to what he thought were powerful vitamins.

You know what  fellas, you just  can’t fix Dumb


Written by Sal

January 6, 2015 at 9:13 am

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  1. I wonder If Mikey who was screaming for Grand Pa Tom to get fired has any words of wisdom after The Giants hired Gramps back?

    Mikey carves yet another notch in that over sized belt


    January 6, 2015 at 9:28 am

  2. A Salud Sal,,
    thanks,, you sussed out my techniques, , bravo,,
    now let’s make Willie our Bench Coach and grease the Girardi skids !! 🙂
    Send a cold dead fish wrapped in my kevlar vest to our pitching “coach” and take Mike Mussina’s temperature, next,, ok ?
    Or ????


    January 6, 2015 at 10:22 am

  3. Donny… my guess Girardi is locked in, no way he gets axed until his contract runs out.

    Cashman and Girardi will get one last ride here, they now at least have prospects that the baseball world is acknowledging as viable prospects, if they don’t pan out i can then see Cashman gone, and with the new GM we probably see a new manager

    Hal doesn’t want to spend the time meddling in baseball business, he’s hoping his present appointments pan out. Hal has as much interest in baseball as you do bedding the Red Hen

    He’s not like the old man where he had a day to day hand in the baseball operations


    January 6, 2015 at 1:02 pm

  4. Sir Diddy from Blind Boy

    Didi Gregorius is a career .262/.332/.411 hitter vs. RHP.

    NYY SS hit .226/.277/.298 vs. RHP from 2013-14.

    0 replies 18 retweets 12 favorites
    Reply Retweet18 Favorite12


    January 6, 2015 at 1:11 pm

  5. not sure why Blind Boy would get excited over this, Strawberry threw a sucker punch… yeah after nailing Tino in the back it’s too bad it didn’t land square, but still, you can’t sucker punch nobody, unless it’s 2 or 3 against 1, then watch out, anything goes


    January 6, 2015 at 1:13 pm

  6. Saw that the Yanks signed Stephen Drew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    January 6, 2015 at 10:55 pm

  7. Hey big D just heard about that on my ride home tonight, wow… Another guy
    Who can’t hit left handed pitching.. Now 8-9-1-2 in the line up are LHB’s not good

    Ryan has to be history, they need a spot on the 40 man, gotta be him I would think


    January 6, 2015 at 11:47 pm

  8. Re-signing Drew makes the trade of Shane Greene even more questionable, in my opinion. I know he’s targeted for second base, but we also need pitching, given all the question marks there are with starters.
    Maybe Gregorius will turn into Ozzie Smith. Or maybe Ozzie Nelson who had some nice kids and a great wife named Harriet.

    re-signing Drew


    January 7, 2015 at 8:22 am

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