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RIP to our very own Victor Ruzzo, a man way  way too  soon  gone at the age of 59.

One of the nicest men you’ll  ever find in the snake infested music business. He left behind a wife, a sick mother, 3 beautiful girls, and a grandson, that’s all just  wrong..

Kernan from  the Post

had his spies out in FLA, and more shots of Alex getting ready. I read reports from Newsday via a fantasy baseball  site lol  “a source”mentioning Alex stating it’s Headley’s job to lose, I think Marcus bought his circus tickets on EBay and wants to get the party started before the Tents even get set up, slow down Marcus, the show will be here in 5 weeks.

Valentine’s Day

Apparently Bobby Valentine is good for something, it was the former Boston skipper that helped fix Andrew Miller’s delivery, and from that point on Miller became a weapon

I guess nobody ever said Valentine didn’t know baseball, he just  didn’t know how to manage modern players 10 yr’s removed from his last managing gig

The Blind Boys of RAB were chock full of content yesterday

Also on their board was evidence Robbie Thompson was a gambling man at 3rd base, and he lost more often  then not. You know what,  based on how bad the Yanks hit in clutch  spots, I don’t blame Sub Machine Gun Thompson for waving them in

Something I would waste my time reading and even  bookmarking was the SWB projected 2015 roster. One thing the Blind Boys do  a good job on is flushing out the farm system.. A lot of these guys will  no  doubt find their way v to  the Bronx, as baseball has turned into  a battle of attrition even more now then back in the day

Too  bad they  don’t have 50 man  rosters

That’s all  the time I have this morning, back  a little later


Written by Sal

January 16, 2015 at 8:21 am

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  1. I’m all in on ARod, he’s a fuck up, but he’s our fuck up.. Good to see him working his ass off, and he better be ready to back up Headley, their alternative is Ryan… also last yr the DH spot beyond sucked

    Spare the Rod .. it’s a win win, if he can’t go they get their money back, if he can go he has to be better then Soriano, if he’s not he might pack it in


    January 16, 2015 at 8:56 am

  2. Before Prado was flipped this was Blind Boy’s breakdown.. made a few adjustments… later I’ll do the math but i wanted to get the basic numbers posted.. I have a feeling Davidoff’s payroll numbers were off

    UNDER CONTRACT Players: A-Rod ($27.5M), CC Sabathia ($24.4M), Mark Teixeira ($22.5M), Masahiro Tanaka ($22.14M), Jacoby Ellsbury ($21.86M), Brian McCann ($17M), Carlos Beltran ($15M), Brett Gardner ($13M), Chase Headley ($13M), Andrew Miller ($9M), Chris Capuano ($5M), Chris Young ($2.5M), Brendan Ryan ($1.67M), Esmil Rogers ($1.48M), Jose DePaula ($510k) –

    Martin Prado is owed ($3M), Garrett Jones $5M

    ARBITRATION-ELIGIBLE Ivan Nova ($3.3M),, Michael Pineda ($2.1M) Eovaldi I have to look up but my guess about $3M

    Conservatively assuming $600k each for Betances, Gregorius, Warren, Wilson, and one of the backup catchers — –

    $12M in Benefits

    BONUSES (up to $10.825M)
    Players: Alex Rodriguez ($6M with six more homers), Chris Young (up to $3.825M based on plate appearances), Chase Headley (up to $1M based on plate appearances)


    January 16, 2015 at 11:00 am

  3. Sal, if we’re talkin Wise Guy movies, yeah, Good Fellas is right up there. Along with Godfather 1&2. Also, Casino & Donnie Brasco. After that, I think there’s everything else. No doubt Machine Gun Thompson had a bad year. But it’s worth noting that the Yanks were near the top of the list from 2010-2013. So I don’t think he got stupid in one year. No, I prescribe to your theory, that the Yanks were SO bad scoring with runners in position, that he had NO choice but to send someone at the risk of getting thrown out. Who the hell knew when someone else would get a hit! Think back to all those moments………when EVERY day here, we would lament their inability to hit with a man on 2nd or 3rd with less than 2 outs! Hell! Even with 2 outs! It was exasperating!!! Torture!! And finally, after reading the payroll hierarchy here, and seeing Capuano listed at $5mm, I got sick all over again! We coulda saved that money and put Donny out there & get better results! No disrespect Donny! WTF are they thinking!


    January 16, 2015 at 11:54 am

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