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 In 35 days ( Feb 20th) pitchers and catchers show up in Fla. The real  circus, the one the media is salivating over is 5 days later (Feb 25th), that’s when Steinbrenner Bros and Cashman & Levine Circus Tickets go on sale at the Boss in Tampa Fla.

This morning we’ll  focus on an ESPN article by Marchand and Matthews

A non puff piece, so  we like it, but more anonymous source quotes so  we take the content with  a grain of salt.

So  far the media continues to  mention the Yanks are getting younger and more diverse, they’ve shed payroll, that Cashman is finally retooling the team with his vision now that  the final Core 5 player is gone, and Hal  hasn’t closed the door on Max Scherzer.

Despite my  efforts to throw water on the getting younger  claim, Technically they have shed some years in a few spots.  The most glaring  drop in age has been at SS, but despite Jeff Pentland’s bravado, Gregorius is a reclamation project. That said, it won’t take an All Star to  replace Jeter’s 2014 production, and we hope Sir Didi doesn’t take this nonsense he’s “replacing a legend to heart”.  Just  play  your game Didi, it’s only the media trying to toss gas on the fire by mentioning your Jeter’s heir

We’ll pick a few quotes from  the ESPN post, but to get the full  tilt, click the link and read it for yourself

Did Gregorius

Scouts’ take: Sir Didi is Sir Defense. Everyone raves about his glove. Listening to scouts, it is apparent Gregorius is going to be slick in the field. The question is: Can he hit enough? And can he handle the Bronx?

One aspect to watch is Gregorius’ work ethic, because, according to one West Coast source, it hasn’t been Jeter-esque.

I’m as curious as anybody  RE: this kid, hated losing Greene, but I’ll  stay  neutral on the deal. I like Athletic, I like defense up  the middle, but do  we have another Gardner on our hands? Athletic yes, but the needle doesn’t move drastically

Nate Eovaldi

In order to  secure Gregorius’  services, Cashman flipped Shane Greene an unexpected breath of fresh air in 2014, a rare farm hand that shocked just  about all of us with a solid 15 games started. Basically Greene (26 in Nov) was swapped out for Nate Eovaldi who will  turn 25 yr’s old in February.

Despite never pitching 200 innings (199.2 is his most) Nate is being counted on to eat innings, and next  to Capuano and most likely Adam Warren who  we’re hearing might be jettisoned back to  the rotation, will be the only starter in the Yanks rotation  without questionable health issues

Scouts’ take: Eovaldi is a test case for pitching coach Larry Rothschild. Scouts love Eovaldi’s 24-year-old arm, which allows him to bring the octane to the high 90s. The problem is he doesn’t throw enough strikes and doesn’t have enough (any?) secondary pitches. He sounds a lot like a youngPhil Hughes. Hughes had success when he added a secondary pitch, but never could add a third as a Yankee. 

The general concern is can  this kid get through line-ups the 3rd time they  see his stuff, and can he find that  3rd pitch? I didn’t like losing Prado, but I’m all in on Eovaldi, I would have been more all in had they  kept Greene, but I’ll raise a glass of kool aid for E-O…

Andrew Miller

This was Cashman’s shining moment for me this off season, getting Miller, a dominant LHP bull pen weapon is something we all  wanted to  see the Yanks have on their roster. The closest we’ve seen  up  to now was Boone Logan, but he was a frustrating player re: consistency. In 2014 Miller brought fear to  the late innings either pitching for Boston or the Orioles.

Scouts’ take: As one scout said, if Miller and Dellin Betances pitch like they did in 2014, the Yankees will have the best back of the bullpen of any team in baseball. Miller was amazing last season, posting a 2.02 ERA and striking 15.3 batters per nine innings.

Actually with Luke Hochevar back in the KC pen they now have 4 major weapons of mass destruction, so I’d hold off on anointing D-Bet and A-$9Mil as the best  around. Neither guy is accustomed to  closing out a game, but we’re hoping talent supersedes the  9th inning boogieman aura that has turned many a good hurler into dust

I was hoping both Miller and Robertson would get signed, but much to my chagrin it was always gonna be one or the other, and Miller was cheaper, at least  that  was the spin. If Miller does pitch like he did in 2014, the talent swap favors the Yanks. If Miller can get 5 to 6 outs on occasion, nullify players like Ortiz, and be devastating on both sides of the plate, that’s an upgrade on Robertson.

Justin Wilson

I don’t know anything about Wilson, but he’s sure getting a lot of positive ink as a  young Lefty power arm. Again the Yanks went from having no impact LHP out of the pen to loading up on southpaws

Scouts’ take: Scouts really like the 27-year-old Wilson, feeling he can be a high-end setup guy. One did wonder why his ERA doubled from 2.08 in ’13 to 4.20 in ’14 and wondered if the Pirates maybe know something the Yankees don’t.

We’ve seen Cashman muff a lot on pitching in the past, he brought in two “power arms,” Wilson  and Carpenter who’s ERA’s doubled in the wrong direction. Power arms yes, but did the clock strike 12 on both of these guys? If so  the Yanks  lost Manny Banuelos and Frankie Cervelli, two  Bomber home grown kids that Cashman  finally gave up on

Wilson does look like he misses bats, but he also misses the strike zone. I’m looking forward to seeing what  all  the hype is about, the report is he’s a younger version of Matt Thorton who  was an All Star in 09, so  were a lot of Yankee players,  and lets hope Wilson has more then just  a fastball you can hang clothes on

Chase Headley

We’ve already  seen Headley, he’s a gamer, never really reached his potential hype, and he was more of a necessity then  anything else. Unfortunately he too  will be a potential overpaid acquisition @ 4yr’s for $52M, but with no up  and coming farm hands to man  the hot corner, Cashman was stuck.

Scouts’ take: Nearly every scout contacted began his review of Headley by saying he is not a star, but he is a good player. 
“He is not a carry-your-team guy, but he is a good complement,” said one scout, speaking for the industry’s view of Headley.

I like Headley, he looked solid on defense, he can  walk into  a mistake and punch it into  the short seats, and he looks like the attitude is a clubhouse plus. Can he stay healthy, and can he somehow find that 2012 stroke ever again? If so Cashman gets a star, if not the Yanks have another  OK player eating $13M per yr for the next  4 seasons, and that  won’t be easy to  flip

Stephen Drew

Drew was pathetic last  season, we’re hoping  it was Boras’ contract demands and the fact he missed half a season that jump started his putrid 2014 campaign. This is an obvious cheap $5M depth move, he can play SS if Gregorius is a bust, and he can play 2nd base if Refsynder can’t hit his way onto  the varsity

Scouts’ take: There are some strong opinions on Drew. The negative ones say he is a dispassionate player whose skills are diminished. Others, though, are willing to give him the “no spring training, no production” excuse.

General consensus from what I’ve read is  Jose Pirela will get the utility gig if he can hit at all in March. He’s more of a swiss army knife type then Refsynder, and the hope here is Drew resorts back to his 2013 OPS, and that Brendan Ryan get’s DFA’d, we’ve seen enough of his game

Beano Capuano, not in the article

Kuroda was swapped out for Capuano, that’s 3 yr upgrade in age but a considerable downgrade in ability, yes they  went from a $16M AAV to  a $5M AAV on this move, so 1 point for the Accountants, but a huge loss for the WAR moguls..


Written by Sal

January 17, 2015 at 8:56 am

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  1. Nothing much new here, just wanted to thumb through the intel and post some details and links..


    January 17, 2015 at 9:09 am

  2. Just a few notes from the afromentioned report: Hearing about Sir Didi’s work ethic is not inspiring confidence ( ie Shane Spenser). Hated losing Greene. Hope Cashman didn’t screw up another pitching move. Eovaldi a young Hughes? Uh oh, we’ve seen this movie before. If he doesn’t come up with at least a secondary pitch……we’s in trouble boys! Then I’m gonna hate losing Greene even more! Loved the Miller signing! Was screaming for that. But, they didn’t go far enough. Signing Robertson was paramount to creating the 3-headed monster that would’ve THEN given them the best Pen in MLB! Wilson, who knows? But doubling his ERA in one year, and hearing he might be a young Matt Thornton doesn’t make me feel good. Signing Drew made me think Cashman is having second thoughts on Sir Didi’s resume. I liked the little we saw of Pirela. His enthusiasm, athleticism, and bat & glove, made me want to give him a shot this year. And finally, swapping out Kuroda for Capuano (see his picture in the dictionary for mediocre) is a major regression in talent. All this is not sounding good. But I can’t wait for it to start!


    January 17, 2015 at 2:36 pm

  3. NESPN released its Sunday night schedule-the Yanks are on 3 of the 4 weeks,twice vs the sux,once vs the Mets!! I HATE Sunday night baseball!!!!!!!!


    January 18, 2015 at 12:07 am

  4. hey fellas So does Adrian Gonzalez Big D lol…

    Problem with these un-named sources Bondsie is it could be anybody, and anybody cold have a red ass for Didi or the Yanks we’re 2 months away from finding out for ourselves

    Scherzer’s market isn’t budging and it looks like shield’s market is dropping where it should be 4 for $68M would be max on that guy

    If Scherzer is still around in late March early April and Tanaka, Pineda, or Sabathia can’t go, will the Yanks offer 6 for $160M with a 7th yr vesting option? That pretty much gives him a Varlander type deal, but he’d have to earn the 7th yr

    it also puts him at a $26.6M AAV, but if he signs after the season starts the AAV get somehow skewed I think… Remember when Gonzalez waited for Boston to ink him to a new deal, the season started and the AAV didn’t kick in until the following season… I think Gonzalez’s deal was considered an extension though

    I’d have to look up some intel on the matter.. I think I’m wrong because we would have read about this from somebody… For tax purposes the Yanks are up to around $233M, that $210M Davidoff is writing is cash going out, but ARod’s AAV is $27.5M not $22M like he wrote

    Yanks are more concerned with the penalty then cash is my guess, writers should use the AAV value’s not Cot’s who pretty much only post what a guy is being paid per yr… you have to do your own math to come up with the AAV… they should insert that AAV number on their site, I’m surprised they don’t


    January 18, 2015 at 11:09 am

  5. BTW TV ain’t stupid, those Sunday night games are ARod ratings


    January 18, 2015 at 11:10 am

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