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If 210 was 131

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When Jimi Hendrix wrote / sang, “if 6 turned out to be 9, I don’t mind”, I got it, the hippies like me were gonna do  their thing, and the suits could shove it where the sun don’t shine…

When Max Scherzer signed on the dotted line in Washington I assumed it was a face value deal, a $30M AAV for 7 yr’s, minus the flexible, and questionable 7% NPV  decrease in money value, so  yeah by 2021, $210M won’t be worth $210M, that’s understandable, but still  not  bad work if you can get it

Tough to  slip  anything past  anybody in this digital era, and Dave Cameron at Fangraphs sort of beat  the Wall Street Journal to  the punch evaluating this latest Scott Boras creation that had headlines blaring Max Scherzer signs for 7 yr’s, $210M

That’s Kershaw value, and he’s not worth it either, but in reality Cameron breaks down the deferred money’s value, which is unprecedented RE: MLB contracts.

I do  believe it may have been suggested to  the Yanks to  partake in  some sort of deferred payment plan that  would have eased the pain on A-Rod’s $275M, but there is a good possibility the MLBPA stepped in, or would have nixed it had it come to  fruition. My guess, that needed to  be done at  the time A-Rod’s contract was inked… Where was Randy Levin or Lonn?

Anyway it’s easier to  read the link then have me explain it, not that I could,  but what  transpired in english, is Scherzer’s deal based on NPV rates will be worth $131M after 14 years,  that’s equivalent to 7 yr’s for $170M if the Nats paid Scherzer a flat AAV rate for the 7 yr’s he’s under contract…

I think all  we need to know, I do  believe the Nats get charged a $30M AAV,


They’re still  a ways off from having to pay  a Luxury tax, so there is no need to  trade any of their upcoming Free Agents, something the media is hell bent on selling their readers here in the next  2 weeks.

The Boston hacks keep  writing articles about landing one of the extra top of the rotation pitchers the Nats have now compiled, but they  don’t want to  give up any of their top  4 prospects to land him, and they  shouldn’t for a 1 yr rental

They keep using the Jeff Samardjia deal  as a reference

These are the players going from Chicago  to Oakland, I can  see where the media can connect the dots, let’s hope Rizzo doesn’t get crazy and hand Boston Jordan Zimmermann

Again the media running wild on the Nats trading Zimmermann, why? What  return are they  getting for a rental that  could help them  win  a Title in 2015?.. The Nationals aren’t in any Luxury Tax penalty debacle, and trading their 2nd best  starting pitcher lessens their chance in the Post Season. Not every team has a Bumgarner, so depth will be key


Written by Sal

January 20, 2015 at 8:59 am

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  1. Just don’t hand Boston an Ace Rizzo, make em hurt


    January 20, 2015 at 9:16 am


    Giants have a 2nd baseman, maybe they wanted to see if he could play 3rd base


    January 20, 2015 at 9:19 am

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