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The Sunday Prayer Meeting

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Spare The Rod

Today  we open our Spare The Rod series, we want to  get ahead of the pack, because as soon as Deflategate becomes more of a flat tire then  a bonafide controversy, the media will turn it’s lonely eyes to  you Alex.

And the way  these clowns are chomping at  the bit to  get at #13, ( 4 of the 10  articles on the NY Post Yankee page were A-Rod stories)  the A-Rod circus could easily trump  Cirque du Soleil as the most dramatic mix of circus arts and street entertainment.

Unless Alex can’t play!!!

Then despite Hal  owing him $61M plus the potential $30M in bonus money, I can see Rodriguez going via the Alphoso Soriano  route, down  the DFA road, with the Yanks eating just  about all of the $61M remaining.

It’s good to  see old Billy “ Pour Me A Double, No Ice ” Madden out of the Scott Boras Free Agent  predicting business and back with the let’s trash A-Rod posse. Apparently Alex’s request to  sing “Kumbaya, my Lord” with the Yanks was snubbed by the Steinbrenner family and  their YES men, so  fire one Re: your in the prison yard alone chump,

“Let’s Be Honest” the sooner Alex proves he can’t take the abuse or physically play  the game, the Bombers are gonna try to get out from under that $27.5M AAV that is just  crippling the payroll  structure

There is a possibility the  HR bench marks that kick in those $6M bonuses, could be in jeopardy if the Yanks can prove the marketing bonus money is now at  risk  thanks to  the PED scandal, those accolades are now off the table. I can  see a judge voting in favor of the Yanks in this regard.

Hey Al if you want to  talk to  the Yanks convince the MLBPA that  your waving the $30M, then sit with the boys and sign off on the waiver. If the MLBPA had any scruples they’d agree

Francesa Con

It was a slow weekend, the 2nd biggest  story next to Tom and Bill’s Excellent Adventure was our very own Mikey 221’s Francesacon, which  turned out a 1,000 Francesa fanatics at Irving Plaza.

This event, now 2 yr’s old, is further proof that Francesa is more of a SNL Comedy bit, then a go  to sports analyst. Of course that notion  obviously escapes the Sports Pope, he really does fancy himself as the Numba One sports authority on everything sports, music, politics, law, and current events.

In reality, Mikey through no  conscience effort of his own, is a 5 and a half hours of  comedy central 5 days a week.

I seriously doubt any of the 1,000 Francesa Heads attending ever dropped 1 penny on a take of his,  or they  wouldn’t be laughing as hard as we saw them on Saturday

They sit, listen and wait for the Big man  to put his foot in his mouth, which he does on a daily basis, turning his rants and predictions into what  has become a cult following. Where Francesa  separates from the pack, he doesn’t realize what  a comedic side show he really is.

Mikey’s event raised  supposedly a lot of money for charity, so he had to  reluctantly play along.. Good job by the lunatics who  held the event, and yet another stellar performance by the Big Man  himself, funny stuff

More Sources

Blind Leading the Blind

I wanna thumb through the Blind Boy’s of RAB’s weekly chat and see what out favorite GM wanna be’s are up  to this week

Q… Let’s say the Yankees sign Yoan Moncada. Where/when does he get slotted in? And what effect do you think his signing has on the farm (and, perhaps, their availabilities in trades)?

A... Seems like High-A is the consensus for his starting point. He’d take over as the top prospect and likely push the Yankees into the top ten farm systems.

Q… With the next FA class stacked with pitching do the Yankees spend big money on a FA pitcher after this upcoming season? If so who?

A... Fister will be their target. I don’t think they’re going to make any huge six or seven year signings for a while.

Q… over under
Teixeira 139.5 games played, Beltran 24.5 home runs, Didi .249.5 batting average, Tanaka/Pineda 54.5 combined starts

A… Under, under, over, under.

Q… Does Ellsbury have any trade value? If they can shed his salary and move Gardner to CF it is easy to find corner OFs.

A… I’m sure he has some and if the Yankees can trade him, they should. A 110 OPS+ in year one of a seven-year contract doesn’t scream “this is going to go a-okay.”

Q… Why are you so sure that A-Rod is cooked? Just a feeling or based on the majority meaning of scouts etc.

A… Just a feeling. He looked pretty done at the end of 2013.

Q… The idea of Judge replacing Beltran, Moncada at 2nd, & Bird (to a lesser extent) replacing Tex.. makes me very excited for the future. If they pan out & sign Moncada. That would give them more $ to invest in SP’s. Judge/Moncada gets me very excited…you?

A… I agree. I’m excited that there’s a clear path to playing time for guys like Refsnyder, Bird, and Judge within the next two years. They won’t all work out, but I think the Yankees will give them a chance.

Q.. If the Yankees had the chance to rid themselves of either CC’s contract or Tex’s, who’d they choose? I’m guessing CC at this point.

A… Yeah I think CC too since he has that vesting option.

Q… You’re obviously really pessimistic about A-Rod this year but I’m curious what you think the BEST case slash line is for him in 2015?

A… 270/.340/.420 or so.

( those aren’t “cooked” numbers Mike so  which is it, his he done or not?)

Q… which is more surprising – that the Yankees haven’t added a top starter or that the BoSox haven’t?

A… Red Sox. You’re going to spend nearly $200M on Hanley and Sandoval and then send out Clay Buchholz on Opening Day?

( If Tanaka and Pineda can’t combine for more then 54 starts, where in the AL East  are the true Aces?)

Q.. How many starts do you think Tanaka will make this year?

A… I’ll say … 13.

Best Part of this chat  was some kid pointing us to YouTubes  of  Yankee prospects



Written by Sal

January 25, 2015 at 8:37 am

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  1. I think Blind Boy is confused, I’d sign up for 270/.340/.420 from ARod in a heart beat considering we got
    230 /.290/.372 /.662 from the DH spot in 2014.. A-rod’s OPS alone would be .760

    the DH spot also hit 18 HR’s drove in 63 RBI’s, so 20 Hr’s 65 RBI’s? not worth a $27.5M AAV but that’s not cooked
    Teixeira .216 / .313 /.398 /.711/ 22/ 63 now that’s cooked


    January 25, 2015 at 8:49 am

  2. Funny stuff, Sal. Telling sign to me is that Arod wants to apologize and the brass tell him don’t bother–we’ll see you in spring training. He has become a leper. Blind Boy predicts 13 starts for Tanaka? That’s like 2/month. Wouldn’t Tommy John surgery have been better if this holds true?
    Mikey 221 must feel as if he’s a conquering hero, coming back to the masses after being the first man to apply a figure four grapevine to Michael Kay and win the North American Championship Belt. I think the last time Mikey exercised, Jack LaLane was alive, well, and doing a tv show.


    January 25, 2015 at 9:57 am

  3. hey noogsie…..hahahahaha figure 4 grapevine hahahaha the old buddy rogers move

    If Hal puts Jenny in charge of the ARod stuff, Alex will never get what he wants from the Yanks outside of their $$$ obligation, never piss off a woman with money, brains and power, man it gets ugly fast…….


    January 25, 2015 at 10:12 am

  4. Ellsbury has less then zero trade value, no GM or owner in their right mind would latch on to that contract

    he’s now at 6 yr’s for $132M with a $21M club option or a $5M buy out, so the Yanks are on the books for minimum $137M for the next 6 yr’s

    If they want to trade Ellsbury based on how he wasn’t much better then Gardner stat wise, they need to make him a $16.5M per yr player

    they would have to eat $35M of that deal, it’s very Prince Fielder-ish where the Tigers are swallowing

    Prince Fielder: $30M, to be paid 2016-20

    So yeah eat $35M and put him on the block, but that’s still adding about $5M per to their AAV, but they get out from the back end of the deal…

    At least Cano can be a good DH at the back end of his deal, Ellsbury is gonna be an old Gardner making $21M per.. can’t run, can’t throw, can’t slug, can’t steal bases, hell of a job Boys, hell of a job…


    January 25, 2015 at 10:27 am

  5. So true on Ellsbury Sal–and the kicker—he’s injury prone.


    January 25, 2015 at 10:52 am

  6. Newsday had some good videos,including one on you tube of Francesacon-he said he is bringing the real mad dog next year-lol Yanks are trying to make Arod so miserable he just goes away but he can’t take a hint!! The circus poster are going up,the commercials being shown,get your tickets for it now!!


    January 25, 2015 at 1:52 pm

  7. Hey Big D, a few weeks ! lol

    Here’s the Newsday article with the videos funny stuff


    January 25, 2015 at 5:07 pm

  8. This picture gets bleaker by the minute. Looks like we’re going to be wandering in the desert for the next couple of years. Funny stuff Sal! The Doughboy contract is really gonna bite us in the ass sooner than we think. This is a pivotal year with him. Usually it takes a year for the big free agent to find his sea legs in this market. If he doesn’t improve from the average status of last year……we’s in a heap of trouble! Arod appears to be alone in the prison yard and can’t get a sit-down with the warden. He looked done at the end of ’13, but wouldn’t it be a helluva story if he somehow had something left and pushed Headly with his performance?? That would be something nobody expected! Including me! But would make a great story!


    January 25, 2015 at 8:27 pm

  9. Hey Bondsie, a healthy Tanaka and Pineda will go a long way in easing our pain, so would signing Moncada…but yes time to ween off some of the bad paper I agree


    January 26, 2015 at 6:06 am

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