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Football Season Is Finally Over!

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The I Overrate Kate Challenge

Rate the Super Bowl  commercials..

Sorry fellas but after watching the amazing Charlotte McKinney in this Carl’s Jr  edited Super Bowl commercial, we have a quick  turnaround and rematch from her 1-0 loss here at  the Paint. Take a seat Kate Upton, move over rover and let Charlotte take over

Spare The Rod Series

Sherman ( Joel not Richard) Stirring It Up

In the last  few days there have been Spare the Rod articles in the NY press, but it was Joe Girardi mentioning how he had a great  relationship  with A-Rod. Does anybody want to hear  anything Girardi  says? No I didn’t think  so, just  more fluff from  the Bombers manager.

Today  we find Joel Sherman, our favorite MLB Sensie, back  at it with his A-Rod is better then Headley musings.

The premiss here is Rodriguez has an ego  the size of Pete Carroll’s post Super Bowl depression after Pete OK’d one of the worst football  decisions since Leon Hess hired Richie Kotite as his GM / coach.  Richie from Brooklyn, won only four games in the two seasons he was calling the shots for the Jets, falling to 3–13 in 1995 and 1–15 in 1996 for the worst record in the league both years.

Sherman embellishes A-Rod’s considerable ego  by dredging up the infamous shot A-Bomb took  at the Captain  back in the day

This was best publicly expressed in the infamous April 2001 Esquire article in which he harpooned Derek Jeter by saying, “(Jeter) hits second — that’s totally different than third or fourth in the lineup. You go into New York, you wanna stop Bernie [Williams] and Paul [O’Neill]. You never say, ‘Don’t let Derek beat us.’ He’s never your concern.”

Of course, Williams and O’Neill were merely stand-ins for Rodriguez, proxies to make the point that he, A-Rod, was a weightlifter and Jeter was not.

Sherman  thinks Rodriguez is now super motivated to  come back with  a vengeance thanks to  the Bomber hierarchy relegating him to a back up bench player with a shot to win the DH spot.

“Let’s be honest” Cashman and Junior SteinBoob have done just  about everything in their power except hand Alex the bat boy gig to  degrade him hoping for, I don’t know what, but Sherman  ain’t buying it.

I will  admit  Cashman  and Junior always come off in the media as confident and a tad  arrogant, they usually don’t just hand out jobs, you as a player have to  earn it, (see Refsynder /Pirela ) unless there is a potential marketing ploy like Ichiro’s trek  toward 3000 hits, so  a misguided 2 yr $13M contract, and I know this is blasphemy but they  did roll over for Jeter in his final year, no  doubt out of  intrinsic value re2pect, but more importantly out of the love for the Almighty Dollar.. Cappy had a putrid OPS, but man did he ring the bell on that  cash register

Sherman’s point?

Concentrate instead just on this: Can Rodriguez be a useful Yankee to winning? Can he hit 20 homers, deliver an OPS in the .750-.800 range?

Both of those numbers would trump  what Headley is most likely projected to put up, although he did post  a .768 OPS in 58 games as a Bomber, but when you check  the link, you’ll  see it was 2012 since Chase  logged the kind of numbers that  would make his 4 for $52M contract worth  that  type of value.. Then again in this new era of decreased offense, defense has become a boon when it comes to  contract value, (see Gardner)

Sherman points out a diminished A-Rod put up  a better OPS then Billy Butler so

That mix of ego and insecurity that so often has derailed A-Rod probably now serves as his jet pack, making him want to show us all that even a withered weightlifter can outperform those guys in their best week.

Let’s hope Sherman is right, but SteinBoober didn’t just pay Headley $52M to be A-Rod’s messenger boy, although somebody has to deliver those phone digits to  the blond babes in the stands

Young At Heart ?

The Yanks took  2014 off trying to  push  their farm  system after it failed miserably in 2013, but now that A-Rod’s $27.5M AAV is back on the books, and Teixeira and Sabatha are a year older, the fluff coming from the front office and the local media pundits they have stashed in their back pockets is the team  got younger?

What  they really did is acquire cheaper help, and yes younger in baseball means cheaper, not necessarily better. The Red Sox sold that  crap to  their fan  base  in 2014 and it landed them in the cellar.. What  the Yanks don’t have is a Core ready to  take over, at least not this year, or next year for that matter.  Potentially once Beltran, Teixeira, Jones, Drew, Sabathia, Capuano, and Young are off the books we might see Judge, Refsynder, Mitchell, Bird  and Severino etc land on the varsity.

Murphy is blocked by McCann, so  will McCann  block Bird in 2017 once Murphy or Sanchez are younger and better options behind the plate? I see Bird’s value rising, I also  see him being traded, unless he turns into  a pumpkin in 2015 while playing at AA, then he’s worth  about as much as Mason Williams… With McCann here until 2018, making $17M per year, and the Yanks touting both Murphy and Sanchez something has to  give

Yes they  got younger at SS, you really couldn’t get  any older, but did they  get  better? I’m gonna dismiss Jenning’s telling us the Yanks have out field depth, Heathcott, and  Austin  are always hurt, Mason Williams has dropped off the face of the earth, and Flores is a projected 4th  out fielder

The only hope for a future out field spot  is Judge, and he hasn’t started to  face stiffer competition yet, plus he’s on Keith Law’s top 100 list, almost a kiss of death

So with the varsity a middle of the pack  team, it’s time for PR 101, start  to  hype the farm  system again,  the disclosure is the potential future core is 3 yr’s away, so  the Yanks can get away  with this type of “we’re coming” stuff the  way Boston  has parlayed Baseball American anointing their system  a top  5 in baseball, and their fan base is buying the kool  aid in cases

The Yanks could really up  the  hype anti  if they sign Moncada, then  start  to pub the 16 yr old IFA kids they purchased in 2014…

That  could possibly dull  the anxiety we’re in for in the next  3 years. The NY Yankees have turned into  the Brooklyn Dodgers, Wait Till Next  Year..


Written by Sal

February 3, 2015 at 8:16 am

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  1. I listened to Mikey 2,221 yesterday at 1 PM, then had to get busy removing 16 inches of snow, twice, once at 8 inches then do it all over again at 16 inches. Mikey was screaming about the Play that killed the Hawks chances to repeat, and what they should have done better… At 4 PM I took a break flipped on Mikey on WFAN, and he was still ranting about the same play, so in 3 hours I’m guessing he repeated himself at least 2,221 times

    Mikey will probably mail in 3 more days, of Football expetise before he has a platform for baseball, his Friday show where he’ll wheel in a bunch of old Yanks, up at the CT casino and do what he does best, talk about the glory days

    3 weeks till the full blown A-Rod circus hits the bricks… Deflategate will be as inconsequential as Mikey 2,221 telling his unwashed masses how the Hawks could have taken the Pats down…


    February 3, 2015 at 8:33 am


    Something has gone wrong in the shields camp for him to be lingering lol

    is Castrovince kidding.. he wants 5 yr’s and $100M he’s 33 yr’s old…. Shields 4 yr’s at $64M is what he’s worth

    He’ll probably get 4 for $72M or $18M per…pass if your the Yanks, tack on the 50% tax and he’s a $27M a yr pitcher at $18M per….

    Shields only makes sense if you were sure Tanaka and Pineda were gonna give you 60 starts, then you might pitch your way to 86 to 88 wins and a potential playoff spot.. and of course the Yanks need pitching, but the accountants most likely won’t budge…Best case for us is if by some miracle they’re smelling a play off run by July 31 SteinBoober might release the purse strings on a salary dump


    February 3, 2015 at 9:20 am

  3. I am not on the Shields bandwagon at all. So much more could be done with the money that would go to him. Hard to believe that he is going to have better seasons ahead of him. The thing with Arod is that we know it’s going to be a circus and then some stuff will likely happen that will still shock us.
    Sal–I also caught some of Mikey 2221 yesterday. He was non-stop on the last interception. Somewhere I read a comment that Mikey now has to work another five years for all that he lost betting on the Seahawks.
    Don’t know if it is true, but also read that Mikey now has gotten the last 10 Super Bowls wrong. Thanks for posting the Mushnick/Mikey keeper comment. It all started with Mikey’s Buddy, Mike from Montclair, who questioned Mikey about calling some of the newly signed Knicks as “keepers”. Mikey denied that he had said it, and offered Mike from Montclair any amount of money if Mikey actually used the word keepers. Mikey said it’s a word that he never uses. Of course, then roll the tape to 3 and a half hours earlier and Mikey says exactly what he says he never said. No word yet if Mikey has back the Brinks Truck up to Mike from Montclair’s driveway. Gong Show Mikey.


    February 3, 2015 at 10:00 am

  4. The Yanks actually need Alex to contribute. I’m sure he’s been roiding up ready to go in a few weeks. I hope he will be good bc the yanks don’t have shit offensively and they need him especially in a weak divison.

    Pretty Ricky

    February 3, 2015 at 2:33 pm

  5. hey fellas.. Noogsie thankfully we won’t have to worry about acquiring Shields, sounds like he’s gonna cash in on the inflated pitching market, he’d have to drop pretty low for the Yanks to be interested is my guess.. I still think an NL team would be his best option, they all seem to be going that route in free agency

    Mikey gong Show milked another shift today, still taking calls on the goal line mishap… Mikey has to make his show more interesting, I understand part of the radio premiss is involving the callers, but man he’s gotta get more experts on his show, that said

    Mikey is a comedy show, his Francesacon proved that much, so the more he filibusters the more comedy material he produces, he just doesn’t know it, he thinks he’s the number 1 authority on football or anything for that matter

    Who you gonna listen to Carl Banks or Mikey?

    Hey ricky good to see you, congrats on the new family… I hope your right, A-Rod juicing up works for me, either he rakes or gets busted, one way or another the team benefits.. And yes any added offense this group gets will be much appreciated..


    February 3, 2015 at 8:07 pm

  6. Nice to see Ricky back,he warned me he was returning-lol Lets not hold our breath waiting for the Yanks to sign Shields unless its a 1 yr cheap deal since he does not seem to be getting the big bucks he was hoping for. I would not throw Charlotte or Kate out but while Charlotte has that new commercial, don’t forget the x rated Kate photos with Verlander!! Much more entertaining than Francesa!!!-lol If you think
    talk radio has been horrible due to the Super Bowl talk,wait until they start talking hockey and basketball!!
    Its going to be much worse. 17 days until spring training!!


    February 3, 2015 at 8:23 pm

  7. hahaha hey Big D, glad to see ricky I hope he pops in now and again, or more often then not…

    I’ve heard of the Kate photos with Verlander don’t think I’ve seen them, that might change my mind

    looks like Moncada is now a Free agent.. I don’t expect the Yanks to nab him, I think they’re afraid of the Cubans, based on lack of scouting


    February 4, 2015 at 5:53 am

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