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Moncada Mania? Don’t Hold Your Breath Universe

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If we think the waters were murky trying to  decipher the hold up between OFAC and the MLB re: Yoan Moncada, now that the  is free to cash in, what team  will take the plunge on the 19 yr old super prospect  is as big a guess as where Max Scherzer was headed before the DC Nationals caved in and handed the former Tiger  star $210M

We’ve gone beyond due diligence here at  the Paint when it comes to Yoan Moncada, in our minds the next Robbie Cano, in  fact  the editor has gone to  the highest Olympic diving board and jumped head first  into  the empty Moncada concrete pool.

We’ve spent considerable time researching the Moncada journey, from his videos, to  what  the hold up  between OFAC and the MLB was, to  trying to  decipher what message  the tea leaves were telling us about teams who were the favorites to land him.

Of course the rumor mills have the Yanks as the team  to beat with Boston  and the Dodgers a close second. The Bombers are no doubt the team  that needs a talent like Moncada the most, they  have a middle of the pact farm  system,  Stephen Drew is the present  $5M stop  gap second baseman, and  Cashman  doesn’t seem to have any confidence in Rob Refsynder as the incumbent to take over the black hole  left unattended after Cadillac Cano was severely money whipped by the Seattle Mariners

Every Junior GM in cyber world who  follows the musings of prospect gurus Kiley McDaniel and Ben Badler wants their team  to  throw down  the monopoly money it will  take to land the newest Flavor of the Month coming out of Cuba. This acquisition will  require a stone cold fastest gun in the West type gambler, so if your a Yankee fan don’t hold your breath that Brian Cashman is gonna kick open the saloon doors and start shooting up the competition until it’s only Cashman, Junior SteinBoob and Randy Levine left standing with a stage coach full of American dollars ready to make Moncada the richest 19 yr old in MLB.

Stand back chumps, and make room for the newest most dangerous gun slinger in all of baseball, AJ Preller the San Diego Padre rock star GM who  pretty much  signed or traded for any Brand name that  was on the market this off season in an effort to  compete with  the Dodgers and Giants. While most of the  rumors are pointing us toward the GM’s with  the biggest coffers, I’m taking the over on the GM  with the biggest Balls, and that’s hands down AJ Preller to land Moncada

While the Yanks look to be the obvious choice, especially after they’ve already blown past their IFA budget, I don’t see Cashman  diving head first into the mysterious Cuban market.

One minor detail Bill Madden left out of his  January 31st Moncada article was the fact all of the  teenage kids Cashman and Newman inked were from  the Dominican or Venezuela, places the Yanks have a foot hold on when it comes to  scouting talent, Cuba on the other hand seems to be a mystery to Cashman.

Brian Cashman sounded skeptical of paying big bucks for Cuban talent in a December chat with’s Jesse Sanchez.

“[Scouting’s] more difficult, I think, because it’s a very pricy market for us and the tax associated with those types of commitments when it gets to a certain level,” Cashman said. “You don’t really have as good a feel on the makeup and the personal background, which is important in a bigger market. It makes those investments a little bit more risky.”

“But we’ve participated, we haven’t been included because the markets have floated in certain categories way high. In most cases, a lot of those teams have benefited from doing their transactions, but we’d like to scout a player, but also get a chance to know the player before we make recommendations at those financial levels. It’s harder when you don’t have access to get background and stuff like that.”

Actually Cashman  talked out of both  sides of his mouth in this article, unless Sanchez misquoted the New York lover boy

Before the aforementioned  Cashman quote in bold type, the GM mentioned

“We scout Cuban players extensively,” Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said.

OK so  which is it Cash, you scout extensively, or you don’t know thoroughly what  these Cuban players backgrounds are?

“Let’s Be honest” The Yanks aren’t gonna go  all out for Moncada, after striking a bonanza with El Duque,  future Cuban missiles  like  Jose Contreras, badly misfired

They reaped huge rewards from El Duque Hernandez after signing him in 1998 for $6.6 million over four years, but in subsequent years they would sign Cuban defectors who proved to be busts — third baseman Andy Morales, four years, $4.5 million, and pitcher Adrian Hernandez aka El Duquecito, four years, $4 million.

Well  they  bombed on  Igawa but that  didn’t stop  them  from  spending $175M on Tanaka!!

Yeah and they  got 136.1 innings and a bum elbow in the first year for their investment, not to mention the knee jerk signing of Jacoby Ellsbury for $153M, who wasn’t worth much more then Brett Gardner a player  they groomed,  developed and paid $52M just before he was ready to hit free agency

Despite the hit and miss on International players, the main reason I’m not gonna hold my breath on ever seeing Moncada in Pinstripes is MONEY

Not that NY doesn’t have the dough, but they  are paying 50% more then  anybody when it comes to purchasing players, thanks to  the 2014 CBA agreement, and before Moncada even hits any type of arbitration salary earnings once he makes the Show, he’s gonna cost his bonus, rumored to be $30  to $40M, plus the 100% penalty tax, so  we’re looking at  an $80M expenditure for an unproven 19 year old just  to plug him in at Single A

The Yankee farm  system would be elevated into  the top  10  with  the acquisition of Yoan Moncada, but is it worth $80M just  to  appease a bunch of numbers crunchers who  aren’t good enough to actually be Scouts, GM’s or talent evaluators for any MLB team so  they  write for prospect and saber metric publications like Baseball America  or Fangraphs?

We all want the new Yankee majority owners to  channel Old Man Steinbrenner, but the landscape has changed since

“The Boss was not happy,” Cashman said. “At that point he was not going to be denied.”

This regarding the battle for Jose Contreras

“We were smoking cigars with Contreras and drinking rum until about 4 o’clock in the morning,” Epstein said. “He told us he always wanted to be a Red Sox, and then, the next morning the Yankees offered him about $10 million more than us and we never saw him again.”

Cashman, in turn, called it “a shrewd move” by Epstein but one that backfired when Steinbrenner found out.

Who knows if this recent  CBA Lux tax penalty would have deterred George or made him even  more  defiant against  the new system, we do know that his kid Hal isn’t his old man, Junior might tell  you he wants to  field a Championship  team  at  all  costs, but his past history proves he only binges on players when existing contracts expire, and that’s not happening  for 3 years

We can only hope Cashman is laying in the weeds, re: his apprehensive approach to acquiring a player of Moncada’s stature, and  that Moncada is this year’s version of Tanaka. Based on intel, Moncada won’t be ready  to join the varsity for at least 2 to  3 years, unless he just  blows through single, double, and tripe A affiliates. Once he hits the show Moncada’s AAV will be tame compared to Ellsbury, McCann, Beltran, Teixeira, Sabathia, Tanaka, and A-Rod’s so on that level if Moncada is all he’s cracked up  to be he’ll be a bargain like Chapman, Cespedes, Puig, and Abreu have proven to be

MLB is a $9 Billon dollar business, hence the increase in what  it costs to secure top notch players, Moncada is on everybody’s can’t miss list, hopefully the Yanks exercise their financial might on this one….

From a Harper article in 2013

Here’s a look at past Cuban players Yanks signed:

Orlando (El Duque) Hernandez, RHP
THE DEAL: Signed in 1998 to a four-year, $6.6 million deal.
HE DID WHAT? Pitched six seasons with the Yankees and became a folk hero of sorts, going 9-3 with a 2.62 ERA in the postseason.

Adrian (El Duquecito) Hernandez, RHP
THE DEAL: Signed in 2000 to a four-year, $4 million deal.
HE DID WHAT? A bust who pitched in a total of eight games for the Yankees before being released in 2003. Pitched briefly for the Brewers in 2004.

Andy Morales, 3B
THE DEAL: Signed in February, 2001 to a four-year, $4.5 million deal
HE DID WHAT? Another bust who never played in the majors. So bad that the Yankees released him after only a few months in the minors. The Red Sox signed him but released him in 2002.

Jose Contreras, RHP
THE DEAL: Signed in December, 2002 to a four-year, $32 million deal.
HE DID WHAT? Didn’t live up to huge expectations, and so was traded in 2004 to the White Sox for Esteban Loiaza. Went on to help Sox win 2005 World Series and have some solid seasons in Chicago; was still pitching this season before being released by the Pirates on Thursday.

Juan Miranda, 1B
THE DEAL: Signed in December, 2006 to a four-year, $2 million deal
HE DID WHAT? Played sparingly for the Yankees from 2008-2010. Played in 2011 for the Diamondbacks; was released by the Rays in 2012.


Written by Sal

February 4, 2015 at 8:10 am

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  1. “1. How good is he? According to an American League team’s talent evaluator, who opined on the condition of anonymity, Moncada is “an exceptional talent,” a switch-hitter with power from both sides and all five tools”.

    sounds like what evaluators would have written about Mickey Mantle had there been an internet in the early 1950’s, so what’s the hold up? lol


    February 4, 2015 at 8:23 am

  2. The difference between Shields and Moncada, 14 years in age

    It’s still beyond me why pundits keep thinking the Shields market has been slow to take shape… the dude bombed in high leverage situations, he’s 33 yr’s old, and he wants 5 yr’s and $110M

    pretty simple, the team that inks this guy for that type of money will need a psychiatric evaluation

    even 4 yr’s at $18M per is crazy, or maybe they’ll defer his payments to a $10M signing bonus, then $10M per for the remaining 6 years.. Still the Yanks aren’t putting that type of AAV on their books

    maybe Preller will nab him, that’ll take that nut out of the Moncada sweepstakes, that fucker is dangerous the way he’s spending, WTF it ain’t his money, and he’s getting his 15 minutes this off season, I hope he has a back up gig ready in a few yr’s because if San Diego crashes and burns Preller will be selling pencils and loose cigarettes on the street corner in some city in So Cal


    February 4, 2015 at 8:32 am

  3. What do you do in your spare time, Sal ??? 😆


    February 4, 2015 at 9:00 am

    • this is my spare time Donny, lol I wish I had more time to do it actually, but I work for a tyrant, the master of West Hurley.. I’m heading into the video editing room as we speak.. see you later


      February 4, 2015 at 9:14 am

  4. the Daily News is asleep at the wheel, nobody cares about fluff pieces on Nova or if Betances is happy to see A-Rod, get a fucking room if your that happy Dellin…

    Get on the Moncada news boys, use your muscle and connections to get us intel on what is going on with the Cuban’s for Pete sake


    February 4, 2015 at 9:11 am

  5. Sal you are worrying about Moncada when Arod just broke up with Torrie Wilson!!-thats news!!!-lol Yanks are worried,don’t want Arod to be single again,especially in Tampa with all the strip clubs-lol I think the bottom line with Moncada is not just the money to sign him but the penalty money on top of it. We can hope the Yanks sign him,but we are not paying the freight. Now the media is saying the Yanks are heavily involved in Shields-just like they were heavily involved in Scherzer!! The vast majority of the stuff we read is total bullshit spread by some agent to drum up interest in someone! I saw on mlb tonight,the Yankee beat writer for said Yanks have zero interest in Shields!!! Its just mental masturbation,killing time until spring training actually begins and there is real or imagined news to report.


    February 4, 2015 at 10:58 am

  6. hey Big D.. hahaha I just saw the A-Rod thing, man the press is reaching… I saw Lohud’s Chad Jennings on MLBTV too, and yes he was certain Shields isn’t heading to NY, can’t say we disagree with him

    Might have to throw torri wilson in the DeflateKate match hp’s.. I read the yankee front office thought she was a calming influence on him lol… I’d hate to see if she wasn’t, I’m surprised he didn’t tell the Feds the PED’s were for her, being a former wrestler and all…


    February 4, 2015 at 7:21 pm

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