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Happy Dog Days Of Winter

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The DeFlateKate Challenge

Now that  Charlotte McKinney has overtaken the overrated Kate Upton as Miss Paint the Black, we’re gonna find out if we can deflate Kate out of the top  10, so  today’s deflateKate challenge is, in this corner the future X Mrs Jeter, Hannah Davis.

The polls are open


We are now firmly embedded in the dog days of winter.

It’s the ugly dispirited time between the Super Bowl and pitchers and catchers coming to camp in 10 days,

The Circus not arriving in Tampa until February 24th,

both NY teams Are Done spending,

James Shields looking like he might be heading to  the West Coast,

Yoan Moncada is free to  sign, but his agent is still  sending out invitations, and if your the lucky team  you get to  spend $80M on some 19 year old kid who’s scouting report looks like a young Mickey Mantle, but with  no  knowledge of his background, he could be the Cuban Johnny Football..( wasn’t Manziel  according to Mikey Lombardi 2,221 supposed to be the next Roger Staubach? )

So poor Joel Sherman had to  write a sausage filler tweener article for the NY Post. Sherman’s article is about how the Yanks gambled on their most glaring weaknesses

The Yankees offseason checklist looked something like this:

1. Find a shortstop – priority one.

2. Improve the defense.

3. Deepen the bullpen.

4. Get younger.

5. Avoid further risky, long-term investment.

6. Protect the best of the farm system and add to it when possible.

7. Create roster depth and flexibility.

8. Put safety nets in place for the rotation.

Looks like, for better or worse  Cashman hit every one of SteinBoob’s targets, except #8..

Somehow when you loose Shane Green, Hiroki Kuroda, and Brandon McCarthy,

Your Ace has a tear in his elbow,

Your old Ace has a bum knee,

Your # 2 has pitched in 41 games since he came up to  the show in 2011,

Your projected #3 is coming off Tommy John,

The kid you traded  your best  Swiss Army knife for  in an  effort to replace Green gave up  24 more hits then innings pitched, had a 4.37 ERA in the NL, has never pitched a complete game, and is on his 3rd team in 4 MLB seasons,

And your # 5 starter couldn’t even make the  last place Boston Red Sox team  and is at best  the 13th man on your 13 man pitching staff, despite the rhetoric that he eats innings, his upside is the rotation’s Mop,

I’d say Cashman left One Big glaring weakness intact, the safety net for your pitching

Sherman also left out SteinBoob’s # 1 priority, cut the payroll.

“Let’s Be Honest” without blowing up numbers 5 and 6 on Sherman’s check list you weren’t gonna protect your pitching staff with viable depth, so  the Yanks will  head into  the season  with no  upgrade on the offense, unless you consider A-Rod and upgrade over the putrid 2014 DH production, and potentially the most vulnerable pitching staff in the Division if not the whole league

That’s the bad news,  the good news is after dicking around with  dysfunctional management decisions over the past  2 seasons we may have finally hit Rock Bottom. It took Steinboob two years to finally  get to  that point, but you can’t fault him for not trying

In 2013 he didn’t allow Cashman  to  spend any money, so  he fielded the Replacement Level Yankees, last year he OK’d 3 bad very high priced free agent acquisitions,  and one that  didn’t fully pan out, that  strapped the payroll even more then it was previous, but this year he finally may have achieved his goal of bottoming out….

With Mo  and Robertson  gone who’s the leader in that pen?

Maybe that’s irrelevant, all  we need is Betances and Miller to  not turn into pumpkins, Warren  to  stay in the pen and not moved to  the rotation, and the rest of these guys to pitch better then  they  did in 2014, because Carpenter  and Wilson both  trended the wrong way in 2014, never a good sign  for a reliever

Sherman also  forgot to mention what  Cashman  really did was equivalent to what  a finger painter would do, mix a bunch of colors, stick you hand in the paint bucket and have at it

Also, I’m wondering if Sir Diddy Gregorius, the new, younger, more athletic SS replacement may have possibly  been on the Mike Francesa diet this winter?

New Yankees Star Didi Gregorius


Written by Sal

February 5, 2015 at 9:47 am

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10 Responses

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  1. I know tv and photos add about 10 pounds to your body shape, but let’s hope the angle of that Gregorius photo is just that, a bad angle, who took that photo the Don? the dude looks like vintage David Wells with black face and a gerry curl wig on…

    I wonder if Jeter’s mother approved of Hannah’s cover photo, wow…..good luck keeping up with that Cappy


    February 5, 2015 at 9:57 am

  2. Remember that photo of Jeter when he was rehabbing that made him look like a blimp? Hopefully this is just a bad angle.Jeter has been busy trying to buy the Bills and golfing with your pal Obama. Yanks keep saying that their bullpen is a strength, but in reality they have no one with any experience as a closer,and the rest of their bullpen has very little major league experience in total innings.


    February 5, 2015 at 10:19 am

  3. hey Big D, yeah that’s the photo I was thinking about too, my guess / hope it’s the angle, and yes the pen has a million question marks, like everything else on the team

    Looks like the Capt has his hands full, or both hands full…. forget the Bills, Jeet, buy the Yanks

    lol…I have about as much use for Obama as I do any politician, which ain’t much….. except the DonB of course, he’s the exception to my rule

    I’m hoping the Don has another fund raiser soon, and he puts me in charge again, I need a new 4 wheeler with a plow, and a tow hitch for logging, my old pick up truck just ain’t acting right in this cold weather….


    February 5, 2015 at 10:40 am

  4. Moscone, I’ve tried to send you an email 3 times and they keep coming back, check your cache.. or take out a yahoo or gmail account separate from the one your using… but i am trying to reply to your last request… thanks…


    February 5, 2015 at 11:09 am

  5. I’m now convinced that Jeter’s future x wife is an alien, nobody on earth looks that good,
    no- bah- D…….


    February 5, 2015 at 12:49 pm

  6. Dylan Hernandez @dylanohernandez · Jan 31
    More than 22,000 fans at Dodgers FanFest, according to the team.

    Wow that’s twice as many fans that show up for a Rays game, and that’s when they’re in a playoff hunt


    February 5, 2015 at 1:28 pm

  7. Rumor has it that in 2 years, Bruce Jenner is going to be lookin so good that the Captain is going to give him 2 gift baskets.
    And Didi is wearing a bullet proof vest since he’s down there in his place of residence right now.


    February 5, 2015 at 1:40 pm

  8. Joba is a free agent- they should bring him back. The bullpen from ’11 that joba/robertson/soriano/rivera was excellent, they are in shambles. I am so sick of seeing pictures on the Yanks insgtarma of McCann/Beltran/Tex counting down the days to opening day. I for one have not missed that fat slob hitting into double plays like its his job. Yanks were actually better with Cerveli at C than with McCann.

    Pretty Ricky

    February 5, 2015 at 2:45 pm

  9. Boys, boys, boys! Sal has led off the proceedings today with some eye candy. This, is one of my favorite topics! But, I must disagree with Sal in choosing Charlotte over Kate. Yes, Charlotte might have a better rack than Kate ( I will have to study this further…..maybe set up a Blue Ribbon Panel) but, I believe Kate is somewhat prettier. As far as the future x-Mrs Jeter, I think she’s in capable hand(s). Jeter has 20yrs of having the best talent available. So he’s never out of shape! That Sir Didi pic had to be taken by the same guy who took Jeter’s pic last year, I hope! Hey, we need another starter & who’s going to be the closer? I don’t care how they’re down playing it. The 9th inning is different. The graveyard is full of guys who spit the bit once the time came. Until somebody does it, it’s a problem. Hey Sal, spoke to The Don, I’ll give you a call tonight.


    February 5, 2015 at 4:23 pm

  10. hey fellas funny stuff…. solid takes per usual and a pleasure to read

    Noogsie, I just hope we don’t have to include Jenner in our DeFlateKate segments… bullet proof vest hahahaha

    Hey Ricky, 1 vote for Joba has been logged in, He’ll certainly be cost effective enough for the Yanks…My last vision of him was blowing it for the Tigers, but he did have a decent year until the playoffs, maybe he’ll get an invite… DP’s like it’s his job hahahaha… never thought of it that way good point….

    OK Moscone now you and Big D have swung the vote back to Kate, you guys win, you are the Teddy Atlas of talent evaluators, I lose.. This is only going on until ST starts, then we get serious lol…

    I was in editing hell last night, didn’t get in till late missed your call, trying to finish up before we split today

    I’ll be out of town for a few days, back Sunday, I’m picking up a month’s supply of Kool Aid, nothing but fluff pieces next week.. thanks fellas..


    February 6, 2015 at 6:17 am

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