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The Clueless Mike Francesa’s Mohegan Sun Yankee  Fund Raiser Show

Only Mike Francesa can  go  from Mikey Lombardi, to Mikey Hoops Weiss, to Mikey Auerbach, to Mikey Palmer, to Mikey Lasorda, to Mikey Orr, to Mikey Secretariat

Somebody told Mikey the Yanks have a few prospects so  he grilled Gene Gin and Tonic Michael on some of the kids, who Gino  might have seen, in between belts at  the local pub

The Fund Raiser also had Brian Lover Boy Cashman the Bomber GM

More BS and fluff from both Francesa and Lover Boy as they opened with  the boring news dropped by the Boston Globe’s report that the Bombers and A-Rod will have a sit down… A waste of 10 minutes and 32 seconds, before Cashman got to  the business at  hand, the auction

At 11:23 Mikey gets down  to  business “the Cuban player” somebody told Mikey about, lol  and Shields… So they made headlines for the non  Bomber fans that  the heavy lifting was done, nothing new that Shields isn’t coming to NY, and “the Cuban player” was never once mentioned

The fluff continued about the health of Tanaka, Pineda, Sabathia, Teixeira something the internet has covered for 4 months while Mikey Lombardi  was on the radio killing the Jets, and telling NLF GM’s and coaches how they  should run their programs

Mikey kissed the Yankee’s ass by saying how the first  4 yr’s Sabathia has already  earned his contract.. Come on Mikey, the only problem is, Sabathia came on board in 2009  and he leaves hopefully after 2016, but his vesting option for 2017 looks very achievable so  a potential  5 hideous years that  chew up $24M a yr, a minor detail Francesa skated over

Eovaldi was brought up and how painful it was to  trade him for potential  upside.. Mikey kept mentioning a SS but no name..Cashman kept reiterating how much  flexibility the Yanks now have, but if his top  3 pitchers go  down, which are all  distinct possibilities, what’s plan B ? Capuano?

It’s obvious the Yanks don’t want to  start Refsynder’s clock, so  enter Drew, Refsynder might be the Paint’s favorite prospect story, enough good things can’t happen to  this kid as far as I’m concerned

Mikey actually read about Judge and Bird so  those guys were also on his notes.. International money spent was a topic, Mikey continued to  serve underhand slow pitch  softballs for Cashman  to knock out of the park, he never applied pressure on how  or if the Yanks are gonna go  after Moncada, not that  a slick GM would show his hand, but Francesa never addressed the issue, is Moncada on the Tanaka level Re: interest?

Mikey pretty much  always asks Cashman  the same questions but here he tactfully hands his listening audience the same presents, only with different wrapping paper..

Mikey did hammer Cashman on how many wins the Yanks haven’t gotten in the last  2 years, and Cashman  did drive the Yankee bus over Hal Steinboob by mentioning he was never allowed to  flip  players the way Boston has done over the last  3 years

20 minutes of David Cone is always a good spot, Cone always has metrics at his fingertips, so he can  back  up his expertise on a few levels.. Cone still gets paid by the Yanks so he’s obviously kept the glass half full.. Who knows about Tanaka, Pineda, and Sabathia, but Cone managed to keep it positive.

Cone likes Eovaldi’s arm, will McCarthy lightning strike twice for Larry the Stable Guy?

Can Betances close? Who knows, but what Francesa never grilled Cashman about was not signing Robertson made the Betances high leverage innings  a thing of the past…High leverage 6th,  7th,  and 8th innings should be in good hands when Miller and Warren pitches, so  the Yanks might still be OK in the pen. Providing Warren  doesn’t get moved to  the rotation and if Carpenter and Wilson don’t keep  trending the wrong way, another gross miss by Francesa

Cone is obviously worried about Sabathia’s 4 seam  89 MPH leaving the park  at a regular basis. Can McCann, Teixeira,  and Beltran be a viable middle of the order?

Somehow the Cone interview drifted to  the Mets pitching staff, on a Yankee show????

Mikey did slip back to asking Cone about Pineda, again nothing new, Pineda is a top of the rotation  talent, if he stays healthy, then more A-Rod nonsense

Bottom line, the Yanks have more questions then  a White House press core…


Written by Sal

February 8, 2015 at 9:12 am

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  1. I loved the Refsynder article, the kid is now my new favorite prospect….As Big D mentioned, at least they were talking baseball, too bad it was fueled by a fund raiser, and that Mikey never dove deeper then the same stuff / fluff we’ve read a million times on the internet

    the whole thing reminded me of a high school pep rally, the ones we used to have on Friday’s before the big football game on Saturday, or Thursday’s before the big Friday night hoops game. I guess every team has the same approach toward their product so a bit harsh on my end…


    February 8, 2015 at 9:23 am


    As expected the Dodgers are now the favs to grab Moncada, as the Accountants that run the Yanks really don’t seem to be in the gambling mood this winter, and the Dodgers despite blowing 2 of the 3 Cubans they signed know he’s a can’t miss probably based on better scouting, and ownership isn’t cold turkey stopping paying big bucks to can’t miss youngsters, not to mention eating a bunch of Kemps salary

    That’s ok I’m into not blocking Refsynder , as much as not getting Moncada will hurt the farm growth


    February 8, 2015 at 11:21 am

  3. I hope you’re wrong, Sal. Just read my daily mail from MLB, and they rated the 5 teams most expected to be in on Moncada. The level of interest was rated by the corresponding beat writer for the respective team. Based on a 1-10 level of interest, the Yanks were rated 9, and everyone else was either a 4 or 3. This isn’t an exact science, but it appeared that, based on the beat writers opinion, the Yanks were the team most likely to land the man-child. I hope they’re right on so many levels. We need this kid! Maybe they can surprise everyone into thinking the Yanks aren’t the behemoth they once were…….and then pounce! Just like Michael in The Godfather. When they all thought the Family was terminally weakened by the death of the Don. Then Michael pounced, and made his mark by killing the heads of the 5 Families, and re-establishing the Corleone Family supremacy. And, was in church when it all went down. We can do this! Maybe it’s time we sent Luca Brasi up to the offices of Hal (We’re always going to field a Championship team) and help him find his wallet!


    February 8, 2015 at 1:08 pm

  4. Scones…I think McDaniel and Ben Badler are two cats who deal exclusively with prospects, especially International free agents, so we probably should take that into account, for it’s worth I don’t know..

    Beat writers do have anonymous sources.. the Dodgers really make a lot of sense, they just seem to have more of a B-line to these kids with the two busts and Puig.. Plus Donny Baseball and Friedman went to scout Moncada, the Yanks sent a bunch of stunods who seem to never get anything right, based on what their farm system looks like


    February 8, 2015 at 1:48 pm

  5. You’re right about the stunods evaluating prospects. Just check the rap sheet. I’m going with my heart here instead of my head. I understand they can’t add to the varsity payroll, but this about the future. All this will take is money. And the Yankees print it up daily from the Mall In The Bronx & their other avenues of revenue streams. This is a chance to make a bold statement about coming back from the abyss and building the next REAL championship run. Even with the penalties initionally involved, over the long run it’s a move, I think, they have to make. With where they’re at, I don’t see how they don’t make this bold statement.


    February 8, 2015 at 2:52 pm

  6. Just an observation. The last few days, the NY Post has had a plethora of articles on the Muts, and next to nothing on the Yanks. There was no breaking news on the Muts, just coverage. And today, the back page has a lead story on Harvey’s return from TJ surgery being no sure thing. Doesn’t appear that there’s equal coverage on the home town teams. Maybe they greased all the right people! Lol!


    February 8, 2015 at 3:29 pm


    Scones…Yeah the Mets have a buzz with their starting pitching, tell you what that’s gonna be a tough weekend when they meet in the Subway series, that’s a hell of a young pitching staff

    The Yanks really have to wait on the ST results minimum, but really the month of April, it’s almost impossible to read what the Yanks are.. I know teams have if’s, but the Yanks have 5 starters with If’s, everybody in the pen but Miller and Warren, are If’s, Betances will be in a new role, so that’s an if

    an if on 1st, 2nd and SS, and an If in right Field.. the only cats with stability are Gardner, the Doughboy, Headley, and McCann can’t be any worse, but i guess he’s and If too, of course A-Rod is the biggest If….


    February 8, 2015 at 4:35 pm

  8. Just read the article on the “ifs”& top prospects. All that makes this move on Moncada a bonafide neccessity! Got to get into this now. As Hagen said “If we don’t get into this now, we risk the other Families coming after us, not now, but 5, 10yrs from now.” I don’t want to hear that the Dodgers, ultimately signed him.


    February 8, 2015 at 4:49 pm

  9. You guys make great points. My feeling—we need a new and fresh “face of the franchise.”
    Nothing would be better than a 19 year with ability and potential as great as “the sky’s the limit?”
    We sure as hell don’t have one right now.
    They’ve wasted so much money, particularly in the last decade so what the hell is the difference now?
    I am still scratching my head over the Ellsbury contract. Who else wanted him at those numbers?
    And Sal–you are on the money about Soup Bone Sabathia and the remaining money owed him. If fatso thinks he’s already earned his contract, and Sabathia does nothing more from here, that means that his “earning years” were paid to him at about 50 Million a year. Mikey can be so off base. And with a girth like his, he shouldn’t even take a lead when the pitcher is in a windup.


    February 8, 2015 at 8:33 pm

  10. Noogsy, you’re preaching to the choir! They HAVE wasted so much money over the last decade, so what’s the problem spending on a potential new “Face of the franchise”? It’s not like they don’t have the Do Re Mi! Jeez! They wasted 40mm on Igowa alone! They should be banging down his door!


    February 8, 2015 at 8:55 pm

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