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$63M doesn’t buy as much on the free agent market anymore. Ervin Santana cost $55M, Nelson Cruz $57M, Victor Martinez $68M, Yasmany Tomas $68.5M. Those are guys that are 2-3 WAR players who will be declining during the duration of those contracts.

Enter the era of Cuban sensation Yoan Moncada who at age 19 is now the Boston Red Sox #1 minor league prospect, in  a system that is already highly touted by all  the publications  like Baseball America that  do  that  sort of thing, and all it cost the Little Engine That Could was $63M

So what  were the Yankee front office people who  wouldn’t allow Cashman  to spend $64M for a super talent thinking?

 Well prospects are a risk, at one point in time Delmon Young was a #1, Jesus Montero  was a #3, neither player cost $63M, but despite the lofty  expectations, one player so  far  has been a bust the other a fringe DH

So there is a risk involved with prospects

Let’s take Chase Headley a proven MLB player who  the Yanks just  guaranteed $52M for 4 yr’s,  or $13M AAV, add in the Luxury Penalty at 50% and it gives us an idea how expensive it really is to  secure just  a decent player on the decline in free agency.

Of course Headley will  contribute to  the Yankees right away, Yoan Moncada would have been a $63M investment into  the Bombers future, something the Yanks are delinquent at developing. The timeline for Moncada is starting him at Single A in 2015. If all  goes according to plan he’s at Double A in 2016, if you don’t want to start  his arbitration  clock, he’s a late September call up in 2017 at 21 yr’s old.

By the age of 22 he’s pushing somebody out of a gig on the varsity, from that point you have 6 yr’s of team control. Now that Moncada  has  blown away  the record signing bonus ( Strasburg $15M)  in the history of MLB, we’ll have to place him on a Mike Trout plateau RE: value purposes. Trout received a signing bonus of  $1.215M

At age 19 Trout played in 40 games,

At age 20 Trout’s clock started and he was a monster .326 / .399 / 564 / .963 and 168 OPS+ making league minimum. By year two he was considered one of the top  2 or 3 players in baseball, and again the Angels paid him league minimum. Enter his third season and the Angels gave him a raise, he was now making $1M.

With his arbitration knocking, the Angels extended the best player in baseball to  a 6 yr $144M contract that  doesn’t kick in until 2015, and it’s backloaded so  they’re on the hook for $5.25M this season. Jacoby Ellsbury at age 30 was given 7 yr’s $153M…

I’m not comparing Moncada to Trout as players, but what I am doing is pointing out how behind the 8 ball  the NY Yankee front office is when it comes to building a system.

There is no AAV attached to Moncada on the MLB level, the NY GM and his baseball OPS department, per rumors that my guess will hit the bricks in next few days, wanted to spend the money to  acquire Moncada, but apparently the Accountants that  now run the Yanks wanted to put a bit more profit in their coffers.

It’s no  secret the Mall on Rivera Avenue simply Prints Money, so  any notion  that the Steinbrenner’s are now standing in line at a local soup kitchen with the Wilpon’s is about as truthful as Alex Rodriguez’s next press conference, so no, they’re not out of money.

Is it fair that Moncada an unproven Cuban, playing in a country that  has No drug testing could be a $63M bust, so is  the risk  reward  at an  elevated status ?  Of course, but for a parallel expenditure, (Chase Headley )  what’s the risk that he trends South quicker then a flock of Birds in late November?

Should we turn our backs on IFA talent because All American college baseball players have to pretty much  jump  through hoops with, compared to  the Moncada deal, paltry signing bonuses?

Maybe, but when did professional sports start to become fair and balanced?

Exactly, it never has, nor will it ever be…

The Boston Red Sox, the NY Yankees, the LA Dodgers, the Detroit Tigers, the San Diego Padres would give Kim Jong-il $20M per yr if he could put fanny’s in the seats, throw a wipe out sinker or put up  a $168 OPS+

Hal Steinbrenner had a chance to take the stench of Alex Rodriguez out of the NY air, replace the already  boring daily A-Rod drama that a blood thirsty  media is filling their back pages with, and excite a fan  base that has loyally subsidized the baseball proceedings  in the Bronx since 1922..

 Instead Junior Steinbrenner elected to bid just  enough money to lose what  would have been the best prospect in their system, and the incumbent to Robbie Cano, the only Star  player they’ve developed since the mid 90’s

On February 23rd, Hal Steinbrenner officially  became Fred Wilpon,  but enjoy those Andy, Bernie, Jorge, Willie, Thurm tributes folks, lap up  all  the daily A-Rod circus drama that is a total  distraction from  what is transpiring on the field.

The Steinbrenner’s aren’t enshrining All Time Yankee Greats, they’re disgracefully separating you from your hard earned cash, by riding the coattails of an era gone by.

That  said, Hal will  stay  true to his word, he’s certainly gonna field a Championship  Team this year, unfortunately they played in the 90’s..

We weren’t asking the Bombers to add to  the dysfunctional set of circumstances created by A-Rod, Sabathia, Teixeira, Beltran, Ellsbury and McCann contracts. We understood  the reasons for not going after Scherzer, Lester or Shields, we just  wanted to see them  take a step  toward building the next Core, but they  elected to put the money in their pockets and not back on the field, not to mention they  were embarrassed, once again, by their biggest  rivals, the Boston Red Sox….


Written by Sal

February 24, 2015 at 7:01 am

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  1. I’m so upset about this latest Yankee blunder, that I can’t even talk about it. Sal, that last paragraph said it all. Yes, there was great risk involved signing a 19yr old prodigy, but the potential upside for the future was too hard to pass up. Hiding under the umbrella of being fiscally responsible, this is the same team that gave Kei Igowa 40mm. And how did that pan out? The Sawx went to 31.5mm, the Yanks went from 25mm to maybe 27mm. You mean to tell me that the Yanks fell short by 7 to 8mm in this deal and held their hands up and said no mas! They worked this kid out 3 times, everybody loved him, and for a little more dinero he coulda been a Yank! In a system that hasn’t produced a major talent since Cadillac Cano (Bret the Face you don’t make the cut), it’s astounding that they would let this rare opportunity slip thru their fingers. George was a lot of things, but he recognized opportunity when it came to only money (ie Catfish, Reggie, Goose, etc). This was an investment for the future, but as George would say “They spit the bit”. And for further ignominy, they let the dreaded Red Sawx eat their lunch. This ain’t your father’s Yankees! Sal, my heart & thoughts are with you today.


    February 24, 2015 at 9:36 am

  2. Moscone–your comments are on the button.
    Hal, Hank, the whole family and all of his front office cronies will always make wheelbarrows full of money. That’s a given. Besides gate receipts, they have a sure gold mine with TV money and merchandising.
    That said, as long as these guys are pulling all the levers, I have no confidence that they will win a championship anytime soon. To your Igawa debacle, Moscone, I will add Carlos Beltran.


    February 24, 2015 at 1:06 pm


    hey fellas spot on takes, couldn’t agree more

    and thanks Scone, I felt a lot of prayers and positive thoughts today, we’re all in a better place now

    Good job by Blind Boy laying the whip on the front office.. Yanks appear to be a laughingstock thanks to this blunder, they can’t even spin the misstep correctly… They ain’t getting younger, their getting dumber


    February 24, 2015 at 4:04 pm

  4. Nice rack! She could clean my driver anytime! Too bad she wasn’t at Daryll’s House last Friday!


    February 24, 2015 at 4:24 pm

  5. Hey Sal–with our parents gone, it’s a new phase of life for us. Now we’re the elder statesmen. I’ve had a lot to live up to. I’m thinking it’s the same for many others, coming from families with strong and loving parents.
    I did read Blind Boy’s article. Rarely have I seen him that negative and downright pissed off with ownership.
    Now I am reading that for the first time ever, the Yankees are adding names to the numbers on the back of their uniforms. WTF? At least that’s what is being reported at Bob Blitz. Could be a spoof, but doesn’t seem so by the way it was reported.
    Can you imagine the new marketing doors this opens up? Official game jerseys, complete with players’ names. Every sports memorabilia junkie has to have one of those before he goes to the next home game.


    February 24, 2015 at 4:32 pm

  6. Hal Steinbrenner has the Yankee fan base in complete turmoil.. His over the top insistence on cutting payroll, while he continues to find ways to gouge money out of his faithful fan base is bordering on unconscionable… His misguided spending, for all the wrong reasons, has put a lock on the coffers, and we the fans will suffer

    he has enough corporate pink hats to keep a trickle of revenue flowing, but we get the short end of the stick with an old team on the field, and not much hope in the farm system… Moncada could have ignited confidence back in the Baseball OPS people

    knowing when to spend to get the juices flowing and when to lay back is an art, and Hal hasn’t proven he can accomplish that feat in 6 years

    again they spend for all the wrong reasons, in 09 they had money off the books and a new stadium so they went hog wild, looking for a quick fix…they missed the playoffs in 2013, Boston won a ring and they spent wildly on brand names but not necessarily strategic or salient moves, more or less a misguided effort to once again quick fix a flat tire

    this year they blew a chance to really get younger by letting their biggest rival grab the best young Cuban player.. The fact an IFA draft and not free agency is right around the corner this was the last chance to pluck a stud by using their strength, money, and they blew it…


    February 24, 2015 at 4:45 pm

  7. hey noogsie, the inevitable has finally arrived so true are your words of wisdom brother.. Wow names on the backs, we’ll find that link and have the boys check it out

    Scones next thing I fear Noogsie will be giving you golf lessons… that is a pretty good link, I had to go into damage control, we needed to get our minds off of this front office

    Moncada who? lol….


    February 24, 2015 at 4:52 pm

  8. bubbaband

    February 24, 2015 at 4:53 pm

  9. Donny the Yankee front office should be furious, but for the wrong reasons, they could have taken A-Rod off the back pages for a few days, and blew it.


    February 24, 2015 at 4:56 pm


    From my Cali bro,, 😎


    February 24, 2015 at 5:02 pm

  11. Just read that link concerning the uniforms. That, is the final straw! How in the hell can they fuck up this timeless tradition which has separated them from just about every team! This is the height of audacity! After screwing up getting arguably the best Cuban prospect in years, now they turn their attention at pissing off the fan base even MORE, by changing the time honored tradition of “no name……of course”. I plan on calling the Organization if this is indeed true, and give them a good piece of my mind. This is beyond egregious, this is a travesty!!! If true, I would hope the fans would deluge them with calls, letters, tweets, & emails voicing their outrage!


    February 24, 2015 at 5:12 pm

  12. Two things guys—I hope that the Bob’s Blitz thing with names on the back iis a joke. I haven’t seen it any other place, so I am hoping so.

    More importantly–Holly Sonders—she has been a personal favorite for several years. One guy on the Golf Channel– Eric –somebody—fell in love with her, got fired from the show, and ended up marrying her.
    She was a college golfer, and some of the stuff she used to wear on the show made what she was talking about unimportant. I think this guy Eric–was married to someone else at the time when he took up with Holly.


    February 24, 2015 at 7:00 pm

  13. hahahaha Eric just couldn’t help himself.. I love that story

    Good point Noogsie on the names, It probably would have been all over the back pages is my guess, still it’s a real funny scenario, and glad we posted it, my guess it might have been talked about..

    What’s next those Freddie Davi softball uniforms like every other team has…..


    February 25, 2015 at 7:15 am

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