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Phils Mug Mr Rogers

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Mikey Madness 

I haven’t had the time to  listen to Mikey, but with  the NCAA Tourney starting I can only imagine the pomposity spewing from  da microphone

When Mike Francesa, noted Pentagon-adviser and meteorologist — Hurricane Sandy, he ruled, will be a spritz — authoritatively stated the snowfall on March 2 would be the last of this season, he was right.

What lesser meteorologists have forecast for Friday is not snow, but Francesa Flakes.

More glory to Almighty Mike: He continues to take himself seriously as a genius among geniuses that no one has been more colossally and comically wrong — and more often — than he. Or is it He?

This week, his usual magic: He chose the biggest favorite on the early NCAA Tournament board — Manhattan by 8 ½ points over Hampton — then pretended to know enough about both teams to make a strong, know-it-all tout: Manhattan by a “double-digit” blowout.

The usual. Manhattan didn’t cover. Didn’t even win. Hampton, by double digits. Another deposit in the “Lost Tapes Warehouse.” Oh, the weather outside is frightful …By Phil Mushnick

Francesa is the only guy  I know who can possibly cover every sport and arrogantly pass along the assumption that he giving you the intel needed to be your own expert,  and he’ll  get pissed off if you dispute his take..

He does admit to knowing nothing as about hockey, but those Garden box seats are much to much  to  give up  so he brings in the experts to  goose Guitar Jimmy’s events at the Garden, and lo and behold he doesn’t interrupt the interviews..

Now with College Hoops front and center, my guess you heard at least  100  times yesterday  and all  week  for that  matter how entrenched he is with the College game, and how 40 years ago he was  one of the CBS on air  savants.. In reality he was getting copies made of the show’s itinerary, running out to grab the coffee and picking up the donuts for Jimmy the Greek  and the rest of the CBS TV crew

Mr Rogers Neighborhood

As an MLB starter Esmil Rogers is one hell of a long man out of the pen, the soft tossing righty has a decent hook, but an ordinary fast ball and his upside possibly could have already  come and gone, so I’m sure the opposition will be  chomping at  the bit when and if Girardi pencils him in as the 5th  starter in another month

“I tried to pound the zone, got behind in the count and had to pay for it,’’ said Rogers, who gave up a run in each of the first three frames. “This is one of the best springs of my career.’’

Yeah  don’t worry Ezzy, Cashman has 3 or 4 more guys like you to  throw into  the scrum, no  wonder Girardi  looked like he would have rather been  riding the exercise bike last night.

It’s not awe-inspiring having Rogers, Whitley, Baker, Davies and a real long shot Mitchell as the incumbents.. This doesn’t breed much  confidence in having a 6 man  rotation. Warren by default might be the most attractive 5th / 6th starter

That makes David Carpenter’s ascent even more important, last night he did have 1.2 innings of scoreless pitching, but he also  walked 2 while

Jose Pirela might have run into his Kryptonite, the breaking ball, he appeared lost on one last night. Also he blew a chance in Center Field, looked like he got a good read on a fly ball  but it just popped out of his glove.. I tracked back his last 10 games to March 7th.. He’s been in a slump in his last  5 going 1 for 9  with  3 K’s, the previous 5 games he was raking at a 7 for 12 pace with  3 K’s..

Somewhere in between is the real Pirela

At least Girardi  is trying to get him on the 25 man roster, with Ellsbury down he might make it as a back up left fielder.. I do  see the need for solid infield defense, really can’t afford to have shoddy D cost hurlers  their pitch  count.

Seems  on a few occasions bad defense had a domino affect on  pitchers closing down  an inning

At some point Beltran is gonna get exposed as a DH playing right field, it could get ugly with 2 bona fide DH’s eating $42.5M AAV

Stephen Drew has found  somewhat of a stroke at the plate, he smacked a double last night, had a HR the night before, a knock and an RBI on St Paddy’s Day, so  3 of the 5 hits he’s had came in the last 3 games, we’ll  see if he’s starting to  see the ball better, the Yanks could use his 2013 production, at least vs RHP

Yanks Phils Box

Camp Notes 

As the competition for the  5th  and 6th  starter jobs continue


Written by Sal

March 20, 2015 at 7:52 am

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  1. Shreve got mugged to last night, I was hoping he’d be one of the 7

    Funny how Curry was trying to wax Shreve with his pitching lines are unique rap, and Flash shot him down mid sentence

    Curry continues to annoy, but I’m sure he’s securing his gig with Levine and the boys

    Rogers just looks so hittable it’s not even funny, with all the live arms in baseball can’t Cashman find a few to slip into the back of the rotation? Greene and McCarthy come to mind, damn payroll

    I am digging Gregorius at SS for his defense, the kid has made some nice plays, but once you get to the bottom of the rotation you start to wonder if it was worth it

    doesn’t look like Greene has been that good this Spring'R'&sectionType=career&statType=2&season=2015&level='MLB

    McCarthy either'R'&sectionType=career&statType=2&season=2015&level='MLB


    March 20, 2015 at 8:03 am

  2. Rogers is someone released by the Jays that the Yanks picked up,trying to turn him into a starter-you can polish a diamond,you can’t shine shit!!! He could be a middle reliever,but watching the game,all the lefties
    hit him.Greene started out great with the Yanks,but as the season progressed and more teams got a look at him,his production went way down,the Yanks got rid of him at the right time.Gregorious is young,needs to be playing every day,has been hitting righties,who knows about hitting lefties.Drew has gotten some hits lately so maybe he is coming out of his coma.Pirela is this years Yangervis Solarte-who is doing well in San Diego btw-so maybe they will keep Ryan on the dl or throw him in the garbage and keep him on the roster.Next game on tv is vs the Mets on Sunday,CC vs Harvey!!! A MUST WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-lol


    March 20, 2015 at 11:31 am

  3. hey Big D, so fear both McCarthy and Greene have not been good, of course we have to wait until the real games begin but so far it doesn’t look like a mess…

    i just hope they keep Gregorius in all the time at least for a while, it’s not like Ryan or Drew can hit LHP either

    only way Pirela can get better is to play 2nd base so there are options if Gregorius can’t hit LHP at all, move Drew to short he can’t hit LHP but at least you have Pirela

    Sunday is Harvey day.. not looking forward to Harvey and deGrom facing our heroes


    March 20, 2015 at 12:17 pm

  4. Holy shit yanks mugged Simon and the Tigers.. Even ryan got a double, Ref a tater, Pirela a double or triple

    6-0 shut em down Warren


    March 20, 2015 at 1:30 pm

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