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Bryan Mitchell’s Excellant Adventure

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The Yanks ventured to  the Space Coast yesterday to play  the already anointed World Champion Washington Nationals and lost 7-6. The outcome was of course irrelevant, but the competition  for the 5th  and 6th  starters  was certainly underway.

First  up  was Bryan Mitchell the neophyte pitcher in this competition that probably includes Adam Warren, Esmil Rogers, The Reverend Chase Whitley, Kyle Davies, and Scott Baker

I can see why the Yanks like Mitchell, he touches 95 with  what looks like easy  gas, especially when the pitch  tails up  and in, painting the illusive inside corner every pitcher would love to pin point on command.

His hook has a nice downward slope to it, when he doesn’t hang it, which he did in the first inning, but lucky for the youngster, Bryce Harper isn’t in one of his mashing zones just  yet and the slugger a bit off balance didn’t quite get  it all so the ball wound up  an  easy F/8.

Mitchell’s only blemish in the 1st was a 15 hopper to  deep  3rd base for an infield single by Escobar.

Mitchell’s 2nd inning started off great punching out Willie Ramos. He set him up with  a fast ball  that  tailed up  and in, then got him chasing  on some good looking breaking pitches that  drifted down and away

Mitchell  got up 0-2 to Robinson but didn’t get the call on inside paint, and lost the Nats OFer when he couldn’t get him to bite on pitches that  were a bit too much off the plate. You could see the frustration take over his body language after he couldn’t put the batter  away, not a good sign but understandable

The shaky command continued and he lost Taylor on 4 pitches, a raw but talented kid Ward hit a grounder in the hole that  defensive wiz Private Ryan playing a bit of a shift sort of got to, he bobbled it and his peg to Noonan  at 3rd base was a bit wide and the bases were loaded.. Should have been  an out, but a bad break  for Mitchell, that said, it was his own  fault because of the  two  walks previous.

Thanks to  no DH  /  NL rules  the Nats were adhering to, the inning softened up  and Fister smacked into  a 4-6-3 DP to  end the inning. If Mitchell is pitching to  an AL team  those walks and Ryan’s misplay  would have caused a potential world of hurt, but in this case, 2 innings, 1 hit, 2 BB’s, no  runs

Thanks to  a Refsynder double, a HBP, and a Bubba McCann Long Tater, Mitchell  had a 3-0 lead entering the 3rd inning.

Mitchell got Escobar on an F/7 to open the frame..He  started Desmond off with  an 89 MPH change up that had the SS fooled, then  easy  gas at  95 that looked like inside paint was fouled off for a 0-2 count. Once again lack of commanding his off speed brought the count to 2-2, then Noonan  botched a ground ball  that  should have been a 5-3 put out but the error prolonged Mitchell’s inning.

Trying to  focus on Mitchell  was tough  with the lame ass interviews by the Nats version of Bryl-Cream Curry through out the AB’s

Desmond compounded Mitchell’s trouble by stealing 2nd base and McCann’s throw went into CF, so  man on 3rd 1 out, caused by  some terrible defense from Noonan and McCann

A beautiful change up  got him up  1-2 to  Harper, but once again lack of commanding his breaking pitches induced a Base on balls. Can’t blame McCann  and Mitchell  with  a man on 3rd, 1 out, you figure Harper is shooting for the RBI but he laid off some pitches he wasn’t gonna be able to  drive so  a great AB against a young kid with  an escalated WHIP

A pitch out bailed Mitchell  and McCann out and Harper was thrown out stealing by 5 feet for the 2nd out of the inning. A little 10  foot  nubbler that McCann  handled put 3 scoreless innings in the books for Mitchell

Mitchell showed a fast ball  with late movement that fooled Ramos to  start  off the 4th inning, but a 15 foot dribbler that Noonan wasn’t able to  grab and throw started the inning off with an infield single. Robinson blasted a 380 foot F/8 that Young made a nice play on, which made me even more pissed off that Girardi  and Cashman had Pirela playing the pasture the day before, why when  you already have 3 center fielders  a lock to make the 25 man roster??

61 pitches into  his outing Mitchell  coughed up  a hard hit single up  the middle to  end his day. Overall  a very nice outing that looked much  better then his final line. Should have read 3.1 innings 4 hits, no  runs, 3 BB, 2 K’s, but inherited runs allowed by Shreve and Ramirez escalated his Spring Training ERA to 7.36..

Mitchell ’s lack of command throwing his change up,  slider, and curve ball, could get him in trouble in the AL, especially working behind in the count. He does have upside, but I doubt the veteran player crazy GM and Manager bring him North on April 6th..

Too bad, I’d rather see him and hopefully Baker get the last 2 starting spots, more so then Rogers and Warren  who I’d love to  see back in the pen making that  trio of Betances, Miller, and Warren, uninviting for the opposing offenses.

“This is a young man with good stuff,” Joe Girardi said after the game.“It’s learning how to pound the strike zone with that good stuff and learning how to put guys away that is going to be a factor for him. I think this kid’s got a pretty high ceiling, I do. There’s stuff there.”

With Shreve and Ramirez probably pitching their way  to  Triple A, and Davies pitching his way  to  the waiver wire, the only other hurler worth  watching was Jake Lindgren, a Yanks top  draft pick and  our new hope to  fill  a spot in the pen as a Lefty with Shreve blowing his chance

Lindgren  who I’ve seen before has somewhat of a command problem too. He pitched the 8th inning against other kids and one varsity pro so  not much we could take from his outing..

He broke off a nice hook and made a nice defensive play to  get the first out of the inning.. Got up 1-2 and induced a grounder to  3rd for a 5-3 put out. The best  match up  for Lindgren  came against Espinosa a varsity player who  already had a knock in this game. He got up  1-2 on some un-hittable breaking pitches, and  at 2-2 he broke off a 90 MPH fastball on the hands for an  easy  5-3 put out that gave Lindgren  a clean 1-2-3 inning

Lindgren doesn’t overwhelm you with  velocity, but his breaking pitches have a downward slope so ground balls seem to be his weapon of choice, that  and apparently when he’s right he doesn’t give batters much to  hit with his junk not  getting too much plate.. I could see patient hitters laying off his stuff and like Robertson pitch count could limit his innings, he could also invite some trouble if he needs to get back into  a count

I’d love to  see this kid make the varsity at some point this season

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Written by Sal

March 24, 2015 at 8:17 am

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  1. good to see McCann tee off, same with Young, who also looked pretty smooth in center field

    Mitchell doesn’t seem ready yet but close, same with Lindgren

    Too bad Refsynder can’t play defense just yet, and hopefully Judge keeps putting pressure on Cashman for 2016

    Ryan is a total waste, if he can’t make the plays why is he clogging up a roster space? Now he gets a free ride with Pirela out

    Rogers is out of options so his out should be interesting, and Baker needs to keep putting pressure on the other guys…. Baker at least used to be pretty good despite him looking hittable, but maybe his junk can translate into being efficient…

    And yes from yesterday’s posts the closest Gardner should get to Jeter’s locker is the urinal… Brett the Janitor might be one of his aliases


    March 24, 2015 at 8:36 am

  2. I’m liking the attitude Re: the closer.. guys with a ton of confidence it shouldn’t matter where they pitch, finally and hopefully the game has evolved back to the past, much rather see guys with multiple innings capabilities, like Goose and the boys back in the day.. If you have a killer Loogy and a bunch of LHB’s coming up in a high leverage go for it without the meaningless save stat complicating the issue.. Saves too me are like Wins on a pitching record….


    March 24, 2015 at 9:39 am

  3. Watching the Yanks/Tigers tonight,Tigers look like they have a great offense and horrible defense. Nice base running by Noogers pal-lol


    March 24, 2015 at 7:39 pm

  4. Yeah, once Rodgers dropped that pop up, the Rookie was toast,, lost his focus,,


    March 24, 2015 at 7:50 pm

  5. Hey fellas…Actually Donny Rogers has been in the league 6 yrs he’s out of options…. good chance he blew the 5 th spot in the rotation unless they come to their senses and put Warren back in the pen

    Betances with another not great performance, they keep saying he wasn’t any better last spring.. Last spring he wasn’t supposed to be one of the top relievers in baseball, this year he’s expected to be an All Star.. Two weeks to figure it out,,or,build,his arm strength…too many banquets this winter

    Tanaka vs the Mets tomorrow….. revenge… Let’s hope Baker can make the 40 man roster

    Miller Betances Warren Wilson Carpenter.. Then either Whitley, Baker, Rogers, Lindgren pick up the last two spots.


    March 24, 2015 at 10:28 pm

  6. Kool game Flores hits the walk off

    Actually neither Baker or Lindgren are on the 40 man roster

    Good chance Warren gets the 5 th starter gig, and friggin Martin gets a spot..gotta hope Baker looks good in his next two outings

    I can’t imagine Shreve or Ramirez have made the 25 man roster

    Tanaka, Pineda, Eovaldi, Sabathia, Warren…. Betances, Miller, Carpenter, Wilson, Martin, Rogers, ?


    March 24, 2015 at 10:38 pm

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