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It’s a damn  shame when the young lady throwing the ball  back after an Eddie Encarnacion  3rd inning Ballantine  blast looks better then  your $175M Ace, but that was the case as the hard-hitting  Blue Jays were further empowered by the Yankees newest Junk-Baller, Masahiro Tanaka in a 6-1 opening Day  thrashing

Tanaka rolled for two innings before his junk betrayed him in the 3rd inning when  the Jays quickly struck for 5 runs off the what appeared to be a pitcher that had more of an issue with  command and location  then velocity

Unfortunately the Bomber offense was just  as bad as Tanaka, after a pathetic 3 hit afternoon, the highlight of their day might have been the Alex Rodriguez introduction, that was about as thrilling as it got for Hal’s Championship Caliber Team, and their subdued fan base

The only offense came in the 6th inning when Brett the Face hit a 3-1 pitch into  the right center field seats, and if Brett the Face, a glorified role player is gonna be your best offensive threat, your in big trouble

Anyway  the offense isn’t supposed to do much  this season, so  3 hits 1 run wasn’t all  that  surprising, the desolate feeling that  came over Yankee Stadium occurred  after it was obvious what Tanaka has become after the terrific first 14 games of his Yankee career in 2014 made us all  think  this kid was the real  deal

He claims the elbow doesn’t hurt, his bosses keep  saying he’s fine, so what is it then?

Has the league figured him out? It was obvious after seeing the Brooks Baseball  graphs his 4 seam fastball  was his 3rd best  pitch, a very hittable 94 MPH clothes line offering that MLB hitters could just wait on, then  demolish at a .333 clip.

Now he doesn’t throw it anymore, why? Because as he claims “it got hit”? Or did he abandon it because he can’t seem to  dial  up  the velocity  thanks to his elbow tear?

It didn’t help  that Pedro Martinez had him sized up as physically impaired  after watching his last Spring training start vs a predominately Double and Triple A Twins team. Pedro didn’t like his velocity or the fact his pitches had no  crispness to them, so a gleaming red flag was already flying at half mast for what is obvious the key Yankee link to  a positive season

“I’ll be brave enough to say he’s not completely healthy right now,” Martinez, an MLB Network analyst, said five days ago on SiriusXM’s Mad Dog Radio.

Tanaka’s first  inning was stellar, Reyes was made to look foolish on nasty breaking pitches, and Bautista was also flailing away at pitches that kept him off balance, so  two of the first  3 batters went down on swinging strikes

Encarnacion a great  fastball hitter was too far ahead of some mid 80 MPH junk, and Tanaka’s dominance continued with his third punch out to  start  the 2nd inning.

On the 20th pitch of the game Donaldson down in the count 0-2 grounded to  3rd base for out number 2, and the overly aggressive Jays were playing right into Tanaka’s game plan.

The string was broken  when Navarro hit a 3-2 two seamer to Headley who  tried to  bare hand the pick and blew it for the Jays first hit..  The shift on Navarro  didn’t help Headley who had to  range to his right, but couldn’t quite get there. You could see Tanaka trying to paint with his fast ball in this sequence but he wasn’t quite hitting the glove

Tanaka got Pompey on a hard hit F/ 9, to  end the  2nd inning, but his trouble was just  beginning.

A very hittable fastball, up,  went down the 3rd base line for a lead off single to  start  the 3rd inning.. Tanaka fresh off the number 8  hitter smashing his offering, then  walked the number 9 hitter on 5 pitches, only 1 of the pitches hit it’s mark, a 3-0 clothes line fast ball that  was an  obvious take all  the way

A botched throw by Headley on a Reyes sac bunt opened the flood gates for the Yanks as the Jays took  a 1-0 lead. For some reason Teixeira didn’t  come off the bag to  at least  keep  the runners in place, instead there were runners on 2nd and  3rd with no  outs

Martin who hit .360  with RISP last  season poked a 2 run  single that beat  the shift for a 3-0 lead. Bautista got fooled on a slider  for an F/7, the pitch was up so Tanaka temporarily got lucky. His luck ran out on a 2-1 fastball up to  the powerful Encarnacion  that  got way  too much plate, a BP fastball that like most of Tanaka’s pitches in the 3rd inning missed location, only this one landed in the seats

The Jays took a 5-0 lead, and that seemed insurmountable  based on how inefficient the offense appears to be. Tanaka struck out the side in the 4th inning but he sandwiched the 3 K’s with a single and a walk. Tanaka hit his pitch  count and his day  was done at 82 pitches, so  a line of 4 innings, 5 hits, 5 runs, 2 BB’s, a HR and 6 K’s

“He was probably throwing it between 87 and 90 [miles per hour] — that’s more than hittable,” Jays center fielder Dalton Pompey said,

It looked like his pitches, specifically his fast ball  grips just  weren’t hitting spots, and that  seemed to be  his biggest problem,  that  and when he got behind in the count he became a pedestrian back of the rotation hurler.. The Red Sox after destroying Cole Hamels yesterday have to be chomping at  the bit to get to this guy next  week

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April 7, 2015 at 7:24 am

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  1. at least Martin looked good so one positive on a disappointing opening day

    funny or sad how after the third inning Ma and Pa got real quiet….. Tough day in the Bronx, maybe linda can relight the fuse on Wednesday


    April 7, 2015 at 7:38 am

  2. DVR’d the game, stayed away from the score, & watched it last night. About the best thing you can say about yesterday was that blue dress that Brickhouse was wearing! The girls were busting out of that thing! As far as the game is concerned, it seemed like a continuation of last year. Albeit, the only difference was that Arod has joined the circus again. And Arod looked decent. But it again was the usual subjects. That anemic middle of the order. And boy, did Tanaka look pedestrian. Not a good way to start the season. Man, you could feel the air come out of the balloon right through the TV. Hopefully, Pinetop can set things right on Wednesday. A night game on April 8th, wonder what the temperature will be???


    April 7, 2015 at 9:29 am

  3. I was so excited for Opening Day but this team has no offense. Gardner who looked inept this spring had 2 really go swings and hit a HR and Im glad Arod did well #forg1v3 but since when is Drew Hutchinson 2001 Curt Schilling?????????? Very upsetting to lose but the way they lost bothers me more b/c its the same shit different toilet from last year.

    Pretty Ricky

    April 7, 2015 at 11:46 am

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