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My first  thought looking at  the Orioles line up  was, where’s the beef? Gone are Nelson Cruz, Nick Markakis, and once again the injured Matt Welters, and JJ Hardy weren’t anywhere to be found. It’s common knowledge Baltimore owner Peter Angelos makes Fred Wilpon look like George Steinbrenner when it comes to  spending money on players so hence Buck  will have to once again morph a bunch of coal into diamonds

That  said, diamonds forming from coal is a myth, I don’t think Mother Nature has a recipe that includes coal as an ingredient in the creation of the mighty diamond, so  when PineTop Pineda took the mound last night, I thought the Bomber Ace would dominate Buck’s makeshift line-up, and he would have, except Buck  still has Adam Jones and back  from a lost 2014 season, Manny Machado

Pineda did OK  against  the Yanks 2014 nemesis,  6.1 innings, 9 hits, 5 runs, 9 K’s, 1 HR, No BB’s 5.11 ERA.. Thanks to  a pinch hit  Grand Salami by Little Stevie Drew, Pineda got the W,


Pineda blew a 1-0 lead in the 2nd when Jones singled, and Machado  and Schoop  doubled to make it 2-1. He lost  a 2-2 tie in the 6th  when Jones slammed a 2 run HR to make it 4-2, he was on his way  to  blowing the 6-4 lead Drew gave him in the 7th when Machado  and Cabrera singled. In between the two knocks, Schoop  was punched out for Pineda’s 9th K of the game

So PineTop  was missing bats, but when he missed his spots, the ball  stayed up and the O’s despite losing some offensive Iron to Free Agency and injuries can  still mash.. Jones had 3 hits, Machado, De Aza, and Joseph 2 each, Schoop  and Cabrera had a knock each to  round out the O’s offensive line

“I feel pretty good,” Pineda said. “It’s a really good game. But it’s one pitch, you know? Jones, made adjustments. My fastball’s high, and he got a homer. I try to continue to hold the game, and make a pitch.”

The Cabrera single was Pineda’s 98th pitch and his last of the game, he left with  2 on and 1 out in  the 7th inning and in came Betances who has been far  from a sure thing this season.

Betances has a bad habit of getting behind in the count, he shows glimpses of his 2014 greatness, but it’s all  the in between stuff that has made his every outing, his every pitch an adventure so  far this year

The first  batter he faced ended up  being a 2-1 single to  back up  catcher Joseph, promptly loading the bases. A De Aza force out plated the 5th Orioles run when  the stellar defense of Gregorius and Drew couldn’t turn the DP.. De Aza does run pretty good, and a combination of Drew’s throw to  2nd being a tad off line and Gregorius’ throw to  1st way off line killed the DP buzz

A walk  loaded the bases once again but Betances finally ran into  a player having a tougher time then he is having this season.. Chris Davis who has resorted back to his Texas days then struck out for the 4th time in this game to  end the threat.

Betances has so many awkward moving parts to his mechanics it’s no  wonder he can’t get them all in sync, compared to  the simple motion Bobby Valentine convinced Andrew Miller to  change to while pitching in Boston, Betances looks way out of rhythm

Davis saved Betances a lot of heartache, because before that  AB, he wasn’t fooling anybody. As a compare, Darren O’Day wiped out the middle of the Bomber order on  11 pitches in the top of the 8th

Girardi  tried to get a few more batters out of Betances,  but Jones singled and Snider walked, only a great play  by Murphy saved Betances as Jones was tossed out trying to  steal  2nd base for the only out Betances could get in the 8th. After he walked Snider Girardi  went to Miller for the 5 out save

Miller was great, nice simple motion, nasty  hook, 95 / 96 heat, he punched out both Machado  and Schoop on 9  pitches to  end the 8th. Miller got tested in the 9th but after an 8 pitch AB he punched out Cabrera. Miller got behind  Joseph 2-0, he laid a cookie fastball  to get back into the count, and Joseph hit it to  the deepest part of center field for the F/8.. Miller’s only blemish was hitting Delmon Young on the foot after putting him in a 1-2 hole.. With the tying run on first, Miller got Pearce on a 4-3 ground out to  end the damn  game!

The Yanks got 3 Taters on the night,  Young in the 1st, Teixeira in the 4th, and the Drew Salami in the 7th, that  accounted for all 6 Bomber runs

The win was huge considering Sabathia is on the bump  tonight, the Bombers will have to strap on their hitting shoes, you have to  figure Sabathia is good for at least  a 5 run outburst, and if they’re lucky he can get through 6 innings, at least protect the  pen Soup Bone, do  something positive for $23M..

Betances threw 24 pitches and Miller 28 so maybe you get a few outs from them tonight. Carpenter, Wilson and Martin will be the featured relievers along with Joel De La Cruz who is part of the recent daily shuttle from the minors to the varsity, my guess Rogers is still on R&R

I was hoping Pineda would step up and be a sure fire #1, but no Bomber starter has emerged as a true Ace.. Adam Warren (1.69 in one 5.1 inning start) a converted reliever, and Esmil Rogers (3.68) the team’s spot starter / long man have the best  ERA’s

The ERA’s after the first  week / first go  around for all  5 starters are bad..Tanaka 2 starts 7.00 / Pineda 2 starts 5.11 / Sabathia 6.35 / Eovaldi 5.06

Warren pitched decent in his first start of the season, but was forced out early with a high pitch count. The bullpen gave up six more runs after he split the game, so Warren was tagged with the loss as the Yankees’ bats didn’t wake up until after it was too late. My guess his next start is Friday against the Rays.

Pineda is the only starter  averaging at least  6 innings per outing (12.1 innings, 2 starts) with Betances looking pedestrian the set up  role for Miller who has earned the closer role is shaky at  best

Warren  back to  the pen would really help, but Nova is just  starting to  face batters and was  moved to  the 60  day DL to make room for De La Cruz, so he’s minimum  2 months away  from  helping the varsity

Most of the media buzz was generated by Gardner’s MRI and the fact his wrist is barking.. That’s a sad indictment on what Cashman has put out on the field.. Gardner is at best  a decent role player, but on this club he’s top 2 or 3. The Yanks need Betances to  figure it out and soon, and they need to get length  from their starters

It wouldn’t hurt if Gregorius, McCann, and Ellsbury can pick it up, Ellsbury is hitting a soft .296, with a .386 OBP, but his Slg % is a putrid .296, and equally disturbing is his .683 OPS

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Written by Sal

April 14, 2015 at 7:48 am

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  1. nice smoke and mirrors win, need them along the way, but how often is Drew gonna mash Taters to save your bacon

    I somehow got the Boston game on a CT radio station yesterday while working on the moms house, and that kid Betts was off the charts… jeez…

    sounds like Petit could be days away from outta here, it won’t get much better with Ryan but Petit is a waste of a roster spot, nice try Cashman but no cigar

    Can’t wait until Pirela and Refsynder are the kids earning a varsity letter… Gregorius is gonna get a long rope, based on losing Greene and he’s Cashman’s vision as Jeter’s replacement… be nice if once in a while he can earn that rope and lasso a few knocks, instead of putting it around his neck most of the time


    April 14, 2015 at 8:08 am


    Blind Boy does have his favorites, we’re patient BBoy, it’s just alarming that he’s on his third team and still only 25 yr’s old


    April 14, 2015 at 10:23 am

  3. Mookie!


    April 14, 2015 at 2:28 pm

    • Heck of a player BK… I’m in the process of getting a voodoo doll made in his likeness, you better get your fill of Mookie now, because once the doll is made he’s gonna be the next Bradley Jr….lol


      April 15, 2015 at 6:12 am

  4. Ok, that was a baseball game !!
    Alex on 3rd ?? 🙂
    Miller killin that 9th inning,
    Betances channeling “Full Pack” Stanhouse in Baltimore too lol,
    Huge Grand Salami,, who knew ?
    Loved that puss on FukBuck’s mush after Drew crushed the pill,, 😎


    April 14, 2015 at 2:30 pm

  5. I almost had a heart attack when Drew went deep! Holy Cow White! To paraphrase my favorite broadcaster. Spent many a night laughing my ass off listening to Rizzuto & White (the Abbott & Costello of TV Baseball). Pinetop pitched a decent game, but far from his best. When I saw that slider break back accross the plate to Jones, I knew that thing would need a stewardess on it! All in all, Tex isn’t doing too badly in the HR & RBI dept. And what a game from Murphy! 2 lasers right on the money to 2nd for punchouts! Liked this kid from the moment I saw him play. After everything is said & done, I believe, if healthy, Pinetop will be our best pitcher & one of the league’s elite. Jeez! 1st inning tonight & Capt Crunch has struck out 2, but gave up a dinger. So we’re behind already! Beltran & Son had a double in the 1st. We really need to get him going. Right now, he looks & moves like he’s 75!


    April 14, 2015 at 7:30 pm

  6. Loved last night Drew served Buck a drewski!!-lol Who in their right mind ever expected that to happen?
    The O’s writers gave it to Buck after the game asking why he didn’t bring in a lefty to face him.Buck said
    his lefty had pitched a lot and needed rest but in reality why bother,Drew can’t hit-lol Betances seems to have lost the magic he had last year,but managed to still hold the lead.I still think they will regret not even
    offering Robertson a contract,imagine how solid the last 3 innings would be. Tonight Yanks are getting 2 out hits but not the hit to drive in the runs.CC is a horrible fielder,not to mention extremely lazy.Normally guys would get fined for not covering the bases plus he never backs up throws. Hope the hot hitting continues-looks like they miss Arod in the lineup!!!!!!!!!!!!!!-lol


    April 14, 2015 at 7:57 pm

  7. Shane Greene has given up 1 run thru 7 innings……just sayin…..


    April 14, 2015 at 9:11 pm

  8. So, Greene wins his game and goes to 2-0. Just sayin……


    April 14, 2015 at 10:10 pm

  9. hey boys great stuff

    Cashman should be hiding under a couch, that Greene deal so far could be the worst GM move of the yr….

    Buck had so little regard for Drew he didn’t care about the book on his splits lol… funny stuff


    April 15, 2015 at 6:10 am

  10. I liked Greene from the first time I saw him. He throws hard and has good movement. Obviously, the Tigers liked him as well.
    Maybe his effectiveness will diminish as he goes around the league, like Dallas stated it did last year. That said, he’s seems healthy and has talent. More talent than many of the other Yankee starters. Gregorious looks lost and he has never been much of anything. He has a good arm and great range. He also has a cranium full of sawdust. Drew (not my favorite either) on shortshop and Refsnyder, who is not going well right now, on second would have been preferred, as Sal has suggested. Refsnyder has always hit and likely still will. When Jeter came up, the knock on him was that his defense was substandard. Not saying Refsnyder will be a Hall of Famer, but he deserves a chance rather than the other choices Cashman and his crack team made.
    Another guy who has been unhitable so far is David Robertson. But it’s only money, right? Maybe they could have gotten a shitload for Betances. I’d sign for that right now.
    Cashman always gets all these accolades. I think he stinks.


    April 15, 2015 at 7:58 am

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